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Enjoying the Favor of God (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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May 27, 2021 8:00 am

Enjoying the Favor of God (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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May 27, 2021 8:00 am

An examination of the message God gave John for the church at Philadelphia. (Included in the 7-part series You’ve Got Mail.)

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The word favor are just using subgoals letters to let you know something about when God gives them favor. First of all, giving them fruitfulness. You're listening to Dustin for victory with pastor Paul Shepherd, Senior Pastor destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont California. Thanks for making this part of your day. Favor is the undeserved benevolence of God's sovereignty and goodwill toward his children. God chooses to show kindness even when we have an earned today. You'll see how God gave favor to the church in Philadelphia, the sixth of seven churches to whom God sent messages to the apostle John. Along the way, you will be reminded that he often grants favor to you and me as well stay with us here or stop by Pastor to listen on demand.

That's Pastor now for the book of Revelation hears Pastor Paul, today's destined for victory message enjoying the favor of God is not better. We did not have me ministering in a lot of pastor's conference event and teaching leaders in the body of Christ around the country and one of the things I see that I'm being used of God to do that help people understand Lars necessarily be fruitful fact of the matter. If not every church is called to grow large now. I don't understand that maybe the reading, unless your exploding growth.

God is not really working through your something is wrong with your ministry. Not necessarily so. The matter is, God is called some charge of the grow large because the large church can have a certain type of impact they have the size, budget, and they have the size that they had the numbers of people who can run different ministries and certain churches.

God can bless them in significant ways. As a result of, but the fact of the matter is that God has called to be neighborhood or community church is not large, but God still said I want you to be back in a matter is God's people too much to make every church large call. Some people would never let you disciple them in a large church there turned off by the numbers they just freeze when they see a whole lot of people and they would work their way into the life of the church and learn how to become fully devoted followers of Christ, therefore kind of churches that are large and healthy churches that are large and unhealthy churches that are small and healthy churches that are small and unhealthy.

In other words, size is not necessarily a factor as to whether or not your healthy because you can be a healthy small church can be a healthy large surgeon that ought to be our goal to be full. However, God called I know what it is. The pastor every size from 34 now all the way up to thousands and growing rapidly, but the fact of the matter is I'm here to pronounce bigger is not better, bigger, God gives you a call in the grow large as he has called us, he told us were going to win thousands. I don't know how many thousands more are coming. But how many other he wants us to reach were going to work and were going to proclaim the gospel in trust God that he will bring those people into the kingdom, but that's our calling. We have grace to be a large growing church that maintains our focus on biblical priorities so that we can remain healthy with making sure people have opportunities to get in the community and the small groups in the ministry team and connect with other people so that you can be a true part of the family of God, and not just come into a mass of people. When a church is large and healthy. They make sure that there are ways that you can get connected with other folks because church is about community, but the fact of the matter is that some people will never come to a large church soon as I see numbers they are turned off, so God raises up healthy smaller churches where you can go parking will be an issue pulled right up next to the first job in California pulled and pulled right there take a few steps manually in and some people like it that way. That's the way they rolled. They don't want to feel like they going to a stadium when they going to return them appreciate all that walking and what have you. So God raises up small churches that can reach them. They have limited budget and limited numbers of fellowship. But if charges will connect with one another in time with pastor. The much smaller churches in my area we have lunch together and talk about the kingdom of God together because we need to be connected with another buyer has somebody made a smaller environment to a friend who will help teach them to become fully devoted followers of Christ is the way it ought to be. It's about fruitful.

It's not about success in terms of numbers we care about numbers. God cares about fruit, loves people and so he will call some churches the grow large and some the grow very small, and as he takes you to different levels of what is called to do the right I now have the grace to lead this size church were there was a day when we could even imagine raising a couple hundred thousand dollars was up a test of our faith will never get. We're trying to build our personal facility. The whole budget for the facility will cost 600,000 and look astronomical to the handful of people couple hundred of us and we believe and for raising hundreds of thousands of dollars over and above the times and we were stretching out they believe in God but he was faithful, and he blessed us to do it. Okay, hundreds of thousands these days is multiplied dollars but guess what, the same God who sold as he was faithful when we will believe in him $600,000 in the same God we serve the budget of the first church I came to the hauled charts budget for the whole year was $60,000 when they first called me to be capacities and on budget $60,000 would believe in God to help us raise that this year. Your salary don't come out of God help in the razor Jesus Lord, I have a wife and two children.

Jesus help us now, and he blessed. He told me I will restore Walkabout.

When I got to California I thought walking by faith I had to learn to believe God every single month.

Absolutely true. Every month I had to believe got remote. There was too much month at the end of the money but I found out that if you'll just be full. God will bless you, this definitely will be a stand for access access by opening the door in front of them.

He was giving them access to something you know when you open a door. Once you unlock the door and opened it.

It gives you access to whatever is beyond that and God said to this church, I'm going to give you access to something have to spell out what it is. It applied to them.

But the fact of the matter is, by principle applies all about when God gives his favor to you people to give you access to something if you'll just seek first the kingdom of God. The Lord will give you access to all found that to be so. As I walked with God He knows how to open up doors for his people and to bless us with access to some things that you have been wanting God to do for your life.

All you gotta do is beat him and please him in the way that this church. And he says I will give you access to something you remember in the Old Testament story after story that could make this point in your Bible. I often reference dose of one of my favorite Old Testament because my mom can you imagine becoming the second in command in the country. In Egypt, and you're not even an Egyptian talk about sex was sought out by his brothers so country. He becomes a man's house rice through the blessing and favor of God becomes the chief ballet that man's house that man's wife starts trying to subdue them character and resist the subduction all this trouble, he gets charged with attempted rape, which was a lying charge and in jail for years for a crime he did not commit. But the favor of God was only me anyway within the circumstances, trying to figure out whether God is favoring you. Sometimes all hell is breaking out in July, but the favor of God is resting on you and he's just waiting for an appointed time. We can give you access to something years later after he has been a blessing.

The people in jail.

He is interpreting dreams for the Butler and Baker the Baker's committee was going die in three days, but the bump was meant he was going to restore his job and he would once again serve the federal and Joseph asked him when you get back into the house. Would you remember me to Pharaoh. But you know what happened.

The Bible said got all about you will be right back with more of today's destined for Victor message from Pastor Paul Sheppard to listen to any Pastor Paul's recent broadcasts.

Be sure to stop by Pastor any time to listen on demand. That's Pastor or you can contact us for prayer for make a safe and secure donation to the ministry online. If you live long enough, someone will let you down, maybe even someone you care about. The question is how we respond. Here's Pastor Paul with the rest of today's message enjoying the favor of God mad because some people have let you down. Some people have forgotten all about you matter in the long run. Remember you are care for you God resting on your life. That's all that matters. And he had to wait two more years after the Butler got back to working for the Pharaoh. Two more years before the fullness of time came. But I love that when that day came that fellow had his dream couldn't interpret it and he called all the folk in his kingdom normally interpret dreams. My mom had a word and they have the Butler standing there next to him.

Suddenly he remembers Joseph was saying and he's standing all all live in the Bible and will interpret children.

There is no getting Joseph comes up interpret the dream you know the story. The dream meant that there will be seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine and word of wisdom. He said to me to make sure to stall up in the years of plenty, so that you can thrive during the years of famine and Pharaoh said well if that's the case, and I'm going to need someone wise to oversee this massive project and he looked at Joseph, a Canaanite felon just got out of jail. Long-term prison Egyptian Lynn and said you are now second in command in Egypt. No one is greater here except me. Listen, if God gives you access. Only time will tell what he's going to do for your life.

He blessed with bless them with access. The B stands for dictation vindication. You will notice in the passage that he said that some people of the synagogue of Satan with all that earlier in our study references Jews who fought vehemently against the church of Jesus Christ who did not vehemently that Jesus was the Messiah. And so they're called in Revelation a synagogue of Satan because they were up all God and oppose the Messiah and fought against the church and he said these people have made your life hell. He said, but I'm going to bring them to a place where they come fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you. Listen favor sometimes manifest itself in vindication. That's why you gotta keep on loving people and don't get bent out of shape over your haters is a par for the course when you're doing anything good to have some people don't like you like what God is doing in your life that some people just A big time attitude. Do not try to get through this life without haters. You can't make it everybody likes you to be good and worried it everybody likes you and me that you're not doing I'm not God, to make some really honest when finally start rolling the ball up in the back of the that means you're up to something good. God is beginning a good work in you good enough to make some people nervous and jealous and they start sending emails back and start twittering and tweeting about all that old stuff that's what you want you want to get to a place where people are because God is doing something in your life. Now you know more about trying to make this point. Now live in peace with all men to be trying your best to be friendly and live in peace with all but just know that you're doing that some people are going to present what God is doing in your life.

But here you find out about it. People who have been plotting against you and hating you in making your life hell.

He said I'm going to bring him to a place where they have to acknowledge that I have loved you never now then you see God vindication.

I've seen that happen in my life and ministry and you'll see it happen in your life that God will bring some people who work very hard against you for a while they will realize subtly that if God be for you, who can be against. Gotta vindicate something that's why you should fight your own battles don't get mad don't get upset don't lose sleep over your enemies never let them see you sweat over to God.

Keep on doing what you're doing and trust God for the day and time when he will bless you with vindication favor also means the old stands for opportunities. He gave them fruitfulness access, vindication, and number four opportunities opportunities.

God bless you with some unexpected blessings you have been blessed the clear blue God just show up. Never saw it.

Comment picture. What a blessing because you've been seeking first the kingdom been thinking the blessing Bible gives us the privilege to pray for blessing, but really it tells you to see the kingdom and seek his righteousness and benefit of the things you maybe God will hook you up at the Paul Sheppard version of Matthew 633 unexpected but my woman in second case you remember she was a married woman who I'm sure desire to actively desire, perhaps even pray to be a mother but for many years that prayer went unanswered. So what did she do she stayed focused on doing the will of God which you will see the prophet Elisha come through town and noticed that he didn't have anywhere to stay. She was a woman of me. She had money. She told her husband honey let's build house an extension on our house so that this man of God can have somewhere to stay with it comes the town. What's he doing she's focusing on the kingdom instead of sweating mad at God. He never did answer my prayer to give me a job. He noted talking about me in the marketplace knowing a disgrace to be a madwoman and not bear your husband a child, especially a son, and they put all the blame on the woman. They didn't understand that it really what her issue best to be by don't have time to go into that summary all feel me know. I can tell you filming they really want her issue this year was where brother man.

So now so anyway she nor the will of God to build is extensional now, in the manner God is free to come and then have somewhere to stay when it comes down one day by the Holy Spirit. He says in his cervical that woman, she'd been so kind to us, what can we do for her and Windows 7 asked the question she so focused on the kingdom you can tell she's no longer worried about the fact that she's never had a check so when the question is asked what can be done for her. She can't even think of anything. She said well I have a home among the people.

In other words is all good God blessed me. The sermon had to go back and tell it like what she says you can think anything, but I know that she doesn't have a chat and you know husband old and anymore request at that point Americo I think you got your opportunity and the Lord came into Elisha's mouth and he said tell that woman this time next year she'll be bouncing a baby boy and just as God said it was renowned and got open up a door of opportunity for you will just bless you in an unexpected way. Finally, VR stands for rest rest. He told this church. He said certain things. What trial they're going to be tested will be tested, he said, but because you've been true to me. I'm going to keep you from the hour of trial something will let you rest while other people sweating through when working through them and dealing with this trial place where I give you perfect rest where you all removed from the trauma and the severity of that something every now and then God will bless you with his favor in the form of risk had gone just let you rest during a time of turmoil. Everybody else losing their mind. Everybody else trying to figure out what in the world is going on everybody else trying to see how they can survive economic tough times. Everybody else's is fighting and fussing and clambering and all but God has you in a place put you in the Joubert with his hand and he said no thanks you leave something when my daughter just let you rest season that normally you be losing your mind everybody else around you is sweating and going through changes but God is keeping you in perfect peace and I tell you what that kind of risk is golden because it's not just the rest of your body. If the rest of your spirit. If the rest of your mind, your emotions, your very soul is at rest not been troubling you because your trust is in God, your expectation is from him and you are Jeff. She let out Jesus name. And I want to let you know. You might not be popular.

You might not be in the what if you're living to please God. If you're truly work. He says I'll bless you with and I'm believing God that as you continue to be faithful to you will enjoy the favor of God.

Thanks so much for being here for today's destined for victory message enjoying the favor of God before we let you get on with your busy Thursday Pastor Paul Sheppard joins me from a studio in California pastor earlier this month reminded us of the importance of honoring our mothers by sharing a special two-part series in praise of godly women tell us why those messages might be more important in our culture today than ever before. I think affirmation and honor for mom's and mother figures is somewhat difficult to find these days people seem to be so preoccupied with themselves and their plans and their future that they don't look backwards and see that if it weren't for mom's and mother figures. They would not be where they are. So I'm hoping to help people rediscover the value of honoring and affirming moms and mother figures. You know the proverb says, who can find a virtuous woman. Well these days.

I kinda think the better question is who can find a kid or a dad who has sense enough to praise the mom and no we really got to understand that she plays an invaluable role. Even people who had challenging relationships with their moms or mother figures need to realize God use them in a significant way to get you to the place even if you think you're living so much better and you have so much higher set of values or whatever. You never had the chance to show that if they hadn't gotten you to the place where you could be better so we need to honor moms. I'm hoping that people will really get that and they take advantage of this month's resource if you miss those messages or if you'd like to hear them again visit Pastor to listen on demand in praise of godly women aired from May 3 to May 6. That's Pastor and speaking of mothers and mother figures who had a positive influence in our lives.

Pastor Paul is a special gift for you this month.

Yours for your generous donation to Destin for victory is a booklet called traits of a virtuous woman based on Proverbs 31. The booklet was written to honor mothers in particular and godly women in general. It's a penetrating look into some of the most important traits. All women should embody in a great companion guide to pastor Paul's messages earlier this month. Again, it's called traits of a virtuous woman is our gift to you today by request for your generous gift to Destin for victory. So, call 855-339-5500 or visit Pastor to make a safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538.

Again, our address is Destin for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 member that when the Lord sends a word like this correction of admonishment. It is not a word of condemnation. God is not come to mean he is trying to rebuke and discipline. In fact we just read it. He said it's only out of my that I'm rebuking that's tomorrow in Pastor Paul Sheppard's message the church that made God sick until then. Remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion in Christ, you are destined for victory

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