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Exalting the Lord's Name

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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April 29, 2021 8:00 am

Exalting the Lord's Name

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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April 29, 2021 8:00 am

Understanding the significance of the names of God and worshipping for who He is.

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I will let you know that the only child made her way the Lord your God is your provider, your comforter, you're very present help in a time of trouble, blessed be his holy name Lord welcome to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard, senior pastor, destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont California a great message for you today explore some of the names of God with those names have signified down through the ages what they mean for you and me along the way. Pastor Paul encourages us to let go of everything we hold dear dedicate her life to him and him alone so that he can bless us. Beyond all we can ever imagine. Today's message is straightahead but member though, you can stop by Pastor anytime your recent Destin for Victor messages on demand. That's Pastor you can also subscribe to our podcast podcast by heart forever. You get your question on Pastor Paul. Now C shares today's Destin for Victor message exalting the Lord's name and where I am now know that Abraham and Sarah were given the task before God change their name to Abraham when he was able and I want you to get up back in chapter 12. I believe it is a place where I'm going to show you and Abram got up and went and bought began to follow this God and so over time tested him and said I'm going to make our nation out of you. A man in his 70s by the time you get to the point where God is telling them is going to have a child, son, and through seeing the nation to be blessed and you know what happened. They put their brains in God's business and decided that we can come up with that salt will him because had they said this is the God of power that he's got no problem baby no problem at all, but the name of God you make this decision.needed help, so people like us decide we need help. The powerful God. That's what I got new health care Dave Hagar to her husband so that God could not.

If I give you this young woman listen to God why Wally about how he's going to what he said why not just say let's let him. Why would cell woman. Do you know I'm not a woman so that he and God can come up with about five days I was out all the pretty things so that you and God is not the word somewhere, with almost no well somehow I'm the one right here on down because they came up with this child trying to find promise came up with this mill but that wasn't what God said and so years later when it comes hundred and 99 and Sarah is pushing 90 she's 89 God says now y'all are ready to make you fail the test before when I make you a promise. The promise is going to be fulfilled on the basis of my power, not your ability to pull something off and so they finally got in sync and came up with Isaac. This child a promise and then years after that, when the boy is in his teens.

In all likelihood, we get to Genesis 22 and it says the Lord tested Abraham and he said Abraham I want to take your son, your only son, because at this point is real and Hagar had been put out. But God said because your child, and God loves us so much he will bless the mistakes we made when we get back in sync with his purpose. God will bless you after you repair after you get strike it out please I could. I know I will be on your heart.

He said don't take that make a nation out of him, and the conflict that were dealing with in another part of the sons of Ishmael and let me tell you something, God said, I will raise up a nation. But now this your only son, Isaac.

I want you to take him up on the mountain and I want you to sacrifice him there. Now what God promised you that see the mace and then he tells you to sacrifice the village because when God blesses us.

He doesn't bless us us he blesses us for his namesake and reread many pics and byproducts all blessing but to make sure that we don't take the blessing Marcel now and then you'll see God bless you buddy. You because he wants to make sure you know your husband is not yours. Your wife is not yours. Your job is not sure money is not yours.

Your career is not yours. I'm not sure I take what is mine in another direction. I tend not to.

So he said I want to take him up on the mountain and I want to sacrifice the take them up on the mountain and at one point in the trip greeted in Genesis 22. Isaac says father we have the word we have the materials to build the altar for sacrifice, but we don't have the Lamb. Where was the Lamb and Abraham looked at his son and said, my son, God will provide the lay in a moment came when they built the altar and placed towards their the moment came when Abraham had to take his son and placed him on the altar finding moment in Scripture because here you see not only the unconditional obedience of a man was determined to follow God, but to find the unconditional compliance of the son of the promise.

When you're looking at Isaac in Genesis 22 you're seeing a really good type of Jesus Christ because like Isaac Jesus and his life down and Isaac was willing in that moment to lay is like that strong boy hundred and 1350 mountain determined not to be sacrifice to do about this man in the compliance of the and Isaac gives himself better understand what's going on but he gives himself and Abraham lays them on the altar and raises a knife, no doubt thinking in his heart.

I don't know why in the world, God would do this.

But God is going to raise him up because he made a promise about this boy. And so it's mine to obey and it's God's to do the rest. And when he rises the intent to sacrifice his son speaks out of heaven, and says don't do it. I was testing you and you pass the test that I want to let you know that now that I know you have not even when you only child for me. I'm going to bless you and unbelievable ways. Tell you what you've been struggling with holding thing that God hasn't for you and your future.

And after that moment the Bible says Abraham declared that placed a hold genre. The Lord will provide me tell you something. Whatever it is you need in your life you will provide.

Because what God did was he gave them around.

He looked over on the side of the mountain there with his horns call in the bush and he said there's a sacrifice where God is the vision of God is when God gives you a vision God gives you vision when God lives. God by God will never lead you where he will not take care of you and so all you gotta do is get in his will.

When you get in as well. It's the safest place in the world rather be's will because I know he will meet every need and he will supply all that is needed. God will provide. I will somebody to know that you can rejoice because you serve a God who pulled by its we know, we may see that is found in 1717. You'll find that he is a hope in the city and here's what was going on there.

The children of Israel come out of Egypt across the Red Sea and now they are finding themselves under attack from the kites when you come out of send, don't be surprised when you find that you have new enemies because we don't wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the lemurs of darkness spiritual wickedness in high places and when you decide you're going where God wants to take you decide to go to do everything to stop you and the tides come out against the children of Israel, but all the panic because this battle really is not ours is the Lord do is get up on the top of the mountain. Lift up the staff of God in my hand and he sent just want to going down into the valley and fight some fighting men and you and I let the staff because this really is not by words as vessels and God is go to war against them in the staff represented the presence of God in their midst. And Musee means banner now better in Scripture, it had to do with the mining Army stay with us the second half of Pastor Paul Shepard's message is coming right up.

We want to thank all of you who support testing for Victor with your prayers and financial support, gifts that help Pastor Paul share the joy the gospel message with a growing audience destined for victory is supported entirely by friends like you and today as we continue to face some tough challenges. Your support is more critical than ever.

So please prayerfully consider making a gift to destined for victory. Give online safely and securely from our website. Pastor or give us a call at 855-339-5500 again. Her phone number is 855-339-5500 God has many names. One of them is Jehovah Nissen which means the Lord is our banner was that mean for me and you. Let's find out by rejoining Pastor Paul for the rest of today's message exalting the Lord's name went and in today's world because many sports teams develop a mascot around the idea it was to represent our work with the USC Trojans my daughter down there when the game was money I'm paying me strength of their power and God said no. He said the Lord is your banner your banner when you come out against you, one that steps out there problem here is missing becomes against you, he's not coming to get you against the Dodgers or we have to learn that God is missing. He is our banner. Now that you are fighting a all, let me help you. Now you can have a carnal battle and get down to find it for you but if you are about the business of doing his will.

If you are living your life to please him and the enemy in the midst of that comes against you as you are seeking to please God, God will fight the battle because it really is and shall battle when you are in sync with God's enemies. Problems are God's problem don't challenge God's challenges.

He steps out and says I am the one that will give you and the staff up the staff of God and God's presence in their midst and whatever you say you sold Democrats running and they were being pursued by just one the fighting men of Israel, but whenever he got tired and dropped his name right in 1705 Joshua never wanted you guys chasing them. And when Moses on the mountain so as always I keep down thank you have any power. Somebody who's gone down in their mind and you mistreat up with you because you so so this really about me you can talk about me not liking me, God, you got a problem on your we got help the situation. One down one side. Most of them got on the other so that he could hold the staff and keep them up to all every battle you I will let you know that he is one more shalom shalom.

That means that means God is my peace if I know Scripture in Judges chapter 6. When did it has been selected to be the leader of God's people against the massive alliance of the enemy is completely unqualified, but God sent an angel to let them know it's not about you is that your chosen dentist trying to explain why he is disqualified on the list in my family all that stuff and got perspective. Your mighty warrior and your challenge is to see yourself the way God sees you. And so the angel was there ministering to him and giving him divine instruction and he says well let me prepare something for you in honor of your visit and in the course of doing so he gets the patient that this is a divine meeting. This is one that comes from the presence of God was standing here. I've seen the Lord and he got dicey and reverent. They understood that God is not just somebody around the corner so casual with God you understand Jesus to teach us to have a personal relationship, but doesn't mean you weren't God is not around the block when you want to start when you want to know the King of Kings and Lord of lords by the angel spoke up and said no worry peace beyond you guys not going kill you simply had to kill you and because of that encounter. The Bible says that Gideon declared that Jehovah shalom God is my peace I tell somebody that God wants to be your piece when you are that you are going to die. God wants to be at peace because you're not going anywhere till he's ready for you when you think that whelming God wants to speak peace because there is nothing going on in your life.

There is no challenge that is greater than the God you serve. Once you understand that you don't have to worry very little emotion because worry produces nothing good happens, you figure that out in your life at this point, nothing gained from worry because not only will resolve our problems.

This general problems now. I got trouble problem gone on in my body now I can't sleep well and when I sleep well sleep all night and got tired it could be some things on your heart that you control when you need to give them to take your problems because they can do something about this, please found out and study the Scriptures that peace doesn't come just from God to you.

Peace is an exchange offering get peace until you give him problems or challenges adopt your struggles I can skip to the Bible says about anything but about everything got a thank you to God in prior the peace of God which passes all understanding, will keep your heart and mind to Jesus Christ. It's an exchange offering happy for you.

Do you want to do so yet you go to Gravois to give your problems is no know you have to trust God with your stuff. Trust God with your spouse does God want your job.

Trust God with your money. Trust God when you are missing. Trust God with that big decision you gotta trust them with you is because you will not get until he gets the problem you missed that. I can say again you won't get the peace until he gets the problem and it's a divine exchange but Gideon found that you don't have to worry when you serve God because God is the beginning and the end he knows what he started.

He knows when it will be done and in the meantime, the devil can pronounce all he wants but God is going to have the last say no challenge in your life will reflect the final outcome of your life. It is God who began the good work in and he will bring it to completion this out there so much Margarita. I just wanted to wet your appetite you study the Scripture when you come across the names of God look into them because they all reveal something about the God you serve annual praise and worship him to get to know who we want to hold up all the guns that righteousness on the come across them in Scripture.

May Jesus save you may not know because it seems to all the beauty of the gospel is this. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. He made that sacrifice, not because of our goodness.

But in spite of our badness so that anyone no matter what they've done to matter how lost they might be can only find salvation in the hereafter. But can have the abundant joyful Christian life in the here and now you need prayer today. Visit Pastor click contact us and let us know how we can pray for you and why you there online. Be sure to ask for pastor Paul's monthly letter of encouragement. Yours, at no cost or obligation to hear something else for you. A booklet from Pastor Paul called built on a solid foundation know we can avoid life storms, but with God's help we can survive in built on a solid foundation. Pastor Paul tells you how to build your life upon the solid rock of God's word so that you can emerge victorious no matter what life throws your way. That's built on a solid foundation. A booklet from Pastor Paul in our gift to you today by request for your generous gift to Destin for victory. Just call 855-339-5500 or visit Pastor make a safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift to a suggestion for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. Again, the address Destin for victory.

Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 people by meeting their needs. When Jesus did people Jesus people really hold them please leave them in better shape than he found them. People will be known as Paul others. That's tomorrow. Would Pastor Paul Shepard's message representing Jesus everywhere we go.

Until then, remember he who began a good work and you will bring it to completion in Christ, you are destined for victory

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