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Stormproof Your Life, Part 1 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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April 6, 2021 8:00 am

Stormproof Your Life, Part 1 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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April 6, 2021 8:00 am

Understanding what Jesus taught about building our lives on a solid foundation; what it means to be a new creation in Christ.

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In Matthew 28, 20 right before he ascended to heaven. What Jesus and his disciples. And surely I am with you always, even until the end of the age just a few minutes. Pastor Paul Sheppard will share today's destined for victory message storm proof your life. It's a great reminder that we are not alone during life's challenges. But before Pastor starts his message.

He's been kind enough to join me here in the studio no pastor of the last 12 months of taught us anything it's that storms even pandemics are going to touch our lives.

Many listening today are dealing with the effects of a terrible time in our world and our heart. Of course goes out to them. So today we've a great resource wanted to share a word of encouragement and how we can learn to navigate the storms of life.

Absolutely. In Matthew seven and I know most Bible readers are very familiar with it. Jesus talks about the fact that there are two different ways you can build your life, and he says you can build like the guy who built his house on the sand or you can build like the guy who builds on the rock and the fact of the matter is I'm trying through this series and through this resource this month to help people understand storms are inevitable and some people see that as as unfortunate. I don't know that I do. Jesus just stated it quite matter-of-factly. He said storms are coming, I noticed this time when I was putting this booklet together. Jesus didn't hit anything about.

If you live right. You won't have to worry about storms. You know when I hear people preach like that like what Bible are you are you preaching from Jesus said storms are coming. He said the storm going to blow on both types of houses.

The difference is the impact it has. And we will build right where going to see the ability of God to keep us even in the midst of storms like what were all going through in the time to prepare is before the storm comes absolutely, absolutely the best time to prepare for any wars in the time of peace and the best time to prepare for storm is right now because even if you're in one now you need to retrofit and make sure your life is built firmly on the rock, who is Jesus Christ because more storms are coming. But his plan is for us to endure and survive through them such great advice pastor and we want each of you to get this booklet built on a solid foundation's a great companion guide to the messages you be hearing all this week. It's our gift to you by request for your generous gift today.

Call 855-339-5500 to make your gift over the phone or mail your gift to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. You can also make a safe and secure donation from our website. Pastor sometimes short-lived when you are centering the will of God. Let somebody know if you're going to a personal storm right now. Do not allow the enemy to suggest to you that somehow God have forgotten about you or is leaving you on your if you are going through a storm today. God is right there with you, and he'll help you make it through. But there are some practical steps you can take Pastor Paul Sheppard with today's message storm your life-six do not be the same is not mocked. Whatever that shall he also reap. And sometimes we have reap the harvest that we have some if you make wrong choices are going to get wrong consequences, and God. We bought that storm and I live.

But the good news when you will when you listen to you about this area of my life doing things the way you called me to do some of this when you get into that place of agreement.

The Lord takes you where you are even place you shouldn't be and he will all things together for good, making God wants you and then forget it. God about this to you to bring me through and to bring me but the fact of the matter is that many storms in your life that are not the result of your sewing wall harvest. They are not the result of not walking in faith or not walking in obedience, sometimes short-lived when you are center in the will of God.

Let somebody know if you're going to a personal storm. Right now the enemy to suggest to you that somehow God have forgotten about you or is leaving you on your own. Some of us are going to personal storms. I know what that's like for the year following my 50th birthday. I said to many calls to me. I said this has been the first year circumstantially most challenging year of my life going through all kinds of storms but God always has his people covered somebody put in for you when you don't even know what people are going to meet during the course of that challenging time and said Pastor God is put you on my heart and I find myself praying for you every day and some have come with the word. One person came up to the Lord showed me that the enemy has waged against you hate what you're doing is throwing everything using other people try to discourage and I was going to that very thing. At that time have a way of having you in prayer when you're going through the worst of you storm some personal storms and your family. Some of you are going to start with your kids or grandkids and you set a good example and taught the word of God and modeled it by the way you live, but that's no guarantee that your family members will take some storm some time and some of you could say I'm going through with my kids and maybe a couple of right but some of you will see the way to live in opposition to the way you taught them how to live and going crazy just making all kinds of poor choices and compound for choice on top a poor choice and you're going through family trouble. Some of you had a spouse just walk away never seen it like it's happening these days.

Where does it take you to think why these people more you know have a little seven year itch or whatever the older want those early marriage problems are not people that know these days people 2025 35 years and just up and walk away.

You look around and you thought somebody you will going to grow old with and spend your years together suddenly said I got a different plan for my life and and out of your walking around an empty house wondering what in the world happened, how did this take place.

Storm has come into your life. For some you're experiencing financial storms. These are storms that hit you right in the pocketbook and you're trying to deal with making ends meet and believe God to get you through challenging financial times, jobs that you thought you could count on our suddenly drying up companies laying off in major numbers. That's why God speaks to those issues of our lives, and I've been thinking as I've been watching the country go through such financial turmoil and things like we have seen in this country in a matter is the word of God has been speaking to us about it the whole time and I was reminding myself the other day what God says in first Timothy chapter 6 verse 17 that's why God told Paul to write to Timothy and say these words command those who are rich in this present world not to be again to put their in well which is so uncertain what to put their trust in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. Command them to be rich in good deeds and command them to be generous and willing to share in this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a foundation for the coming age so that they may take hold of life that is truly life the fact of the matter is what God has been telling us all along and what you have in your portfolio and, as I begin and think what you know I'm not that many years from retirement, and Lord nodded, talking about how the stocks are just plunging and that's why all of the folklore, what have you are telling you don't look at the bottom right now to discourage you but I'm planning to retire at some point and is going in the wrong direction. My statement came in the mail the other day and I will open it up and heard my head with the mantis and I just pulled it right back up. So I don't feel I've been discouraged. I got enough to deal with not only, and then I remind him to put my trust in you. I will believe you to get me through believe you that you will provide for I need some of your going through financial challenges. Storms have come into that area of your life as a society.

I see some storm clouds gathering as a society. I believe we are about to experience an America. Unlike we have ever known as America is now beginning to move fast down the road, denying our Judeo-Christian roots and deciding that we are a nation that doesn't need God has brought us to where we are, seasons, clouds gathered and I don't mean to be a naysayer and if you don't believe this. You don't have to but I see some things that are about to shake off their reroute as a nation be set for decades. Within the last generation of children who got the benefit of not only having teaching in my chart, but we read in public school last generation. In the early 60s.

I can remember an assembly in public school we would recite a proper, but in those same years folks were deciding that we got all the Bible and they decided that separation of church and state meant no mention of God in public life and they completely dishonored the intentions of the founding fathers for personal agenda and decided that Bible reading is unconstitutional and slowly Bible out of the schools and they took prayer out the schools and now that going after one nation under God does want to be one nation and they forget being indivisible and that going systematically after the consensus that used to hold the fabric of this country together things that were always statements have now become questions as everything is up for grabs and we decided there is no moral compass. There is no Norstar so everyone decides what is right in the Bible has told us for centuries that all of the wrong thing will go away were only about halfway through today's destined for victory message with pastor Paul Sheppard, senior pastor of destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont California if you love listening to destined for victory. We know you'll enjoy seeing some of Pastor Paul's best video clips you can subscribe that you two or visit pastor for details and links to all the social media that's pastor Paul again hears Pastor Paul and the rest of today's message storm proof your life. So I see some start clouds gathered on one hand, I think it's going to serve to be a hidden blessing on another you know why because the church is either don't have to be the real church we don't have to quit playing church and be genuine followers of Christ people I love God, and we don't have a little petty religious agendas.

We are going to be the people of God and I believe it's going to be a blessing because where sin abounds grace does much more about and we will walk in Christ will seek God because I like to shine all that much brighter. As the world around us moves into deeper darkness when experiencing some societal storms. It's becoming unpopular to follow Jesus. Now, it used to be almost as bad as they and everybody from Chris and they fill out forms and most of the people in our nation declared themselves to be Christian is no longer popular to be a follower of Christ, and so we see some storms gathering but I want to let you know the storms are not an indication necessarily that something is wrong in your life. Do not allow the enemy to tell you that storms come from a variety of reasons. They come because we live in a fallen world. This is all we are passing through here Jesus in place for you to come and receive you on the myself, that where I am, there you will be also. This is not our home. This is our temporary dwelling place and we live in a fallen world creation itself is Groening awaiting redemption awaiting the time when God will make right everything that is not wrong. We live in a fallen world. You have stores because we live among fallen people sinful people all around us. Don't blame terrorist activity God's hatred of nation against nation, and family against family and region against region.don't blame that on God because God well if you believe in a loving God. Why so much evil because people refuse the knowledge God will so you got understand we live among fallen people back in 2001 when some of our Christian leaders were getting on radio and say this is the judgment of God will do a certain extent.

God uses things like this to speak to people and God knows we had a national altar call that we I'm going to church about church they were flocking in the church is that week like in record numbers and we got to preach the word of God now passes then when I did I said well we will have them, show telling the truth. I never forget the Mercury News center reported to our church and they said we want to send and find out what he will be saying and then what have you. And so they sent a reporter and a photographer to our church and about three other churches in the Bay Area for a story they were going to run following day and so they came in and I was preaching. I preached a message entitled, an American tragedy and biblical perspective, and I talked about what I'm talking about now, which is that this was not the hand of God, and I mentioned the fact that some of my colleagues on radio and TV say that this is God's judgment against America golf going to use it to speak to me about what this is the action of God, did not mean that they use planes as missiles and knock down buildings living by the law of God. The plan of God and salvation in Christ that would never have such a hard to do anything like that. The more reason I know is not judgment, because God has decided he is sick of America. God had decided the judge America, don't you think we'd all get away with three buildings and about 3000 people being destroyed and tomorrow so this was hardly judgment because people don't live according to the plan of God understand storms come because sinful people live in a world and storms come because sometimes God will use them to show us that we need to beef up a life of faith and trust. That's what Jesus did in Mark chapter 4 begin at verse 35 when Jesus said to his disciples over to the other side and way to get there with the get on the boat, the Bible, so they got on the boat's mother both went with them and they began to sail across the sea of Janessa Rick going to the other side, and the Bible says while they were sailing off squall came up sudden a major storm hits them, guess what Jesus knew the storm was coming.

And yet he's the one who said let us go to the other side.

He wanted them to understand what I want you to understand which is designed to keep you from going where God is taken.

Sometimes God will use us as an exam to help you see where your faith is or is not. Sometimes the challenges are going through in your life to show you got your self in trusting God, believe you to get me through this and the storm came up. The Bible called it furious. And yet Jesus when they looked around the way busy.

He was in the ship taken on why because he was all God at all man in this human body. He was still the God who was in control and he said I need to rest his body sleep sleep all sleep is a blessing. I'm telling you when you appreciate when you mad, take a nap and don't want to sleep talking about you, take a little nap so much sometime you just said you cannot do a good job you looking forward to when you get back in when you get something will be back with you, and I was back. I will not leave you know you will sleep can be a blessing.

Jesus was sleeping. They went got them as the Lord, don't you care that we're about to die like that you said Lord look like you don't even care what I'm going through all yes he cares. The fact that he is not up and running around your life.

In that moment, given you daily words and all of doesn't mean the Lord doesn't see what's going on is using it to let you see what you and in his own time is going to do in your life. What he did for the disciples that day he got up from his nap and went out there. The Bible says he rebuked the wind and the ways you said about God. Deliverance is only a one way all I know like you're about to be slop passage came up all taken down by that storm and almost but God is the one making sure that almost doesn't take you all the way under God. But I'm going to make sure that my grace is for you. I want to let somebody know you like you almost done. God is holding you and he said I'm going to in my own time. I'm going to speak to your wind and your waves.

He would puke them, told them the calm down pretty quiet and instantly the word of God said that storm ceased and they were amazed at the authority that Christ let you know he's the same today and he has authority in your life you will learn to anchor our lives in him we will discover that our God is able to help us storm our lives.

Thanks so much for joining us for this message. Storm proof your life to find out more about the destined for Victor ministry or to contact us for prayer to find out how you can get the companion booklet goes along with today's message. Be sure to stop by our website Pastor that's Pastor Jesus said you are going to build on the rock if you like to be solid and the will of God. He said you must understand that it's not enough to hear my word.

You must then make the decision them into practice, that's tomorrow in Pastor Paul Shepard's message storm proof your life. Until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. In Christ, you are destined for victory

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