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Keys to Effective Prayer

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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March 29, 2021 8:00 am

Keys to Effective Prayer

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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March 29, 2021 8:00 am

Developing a prayer life that is meaningful and effective; using "P.R.A.Y." as an acronym to give you prayer reminders; based on 1 Thess. 5:17 and other passages.

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The first is God continually. The second is proclaim you are in him. When you think of the. Pray then think about praising God continually think about proclaiming who you are in him. You may already know who you are, but do you know who you are in Christ hello and thanks for stopping by for this Monday edition of Destin for victory today. Pastor Paul Shepard begins a two-part message about prayer to help you remember the key steps to an effective prayer life who use the acronym PR a Y as you heard just now. The P stands for praising God continually and proclaiming who you are in Christ. Today's message is straight ahead so stay with us if you can visit Pastor to listen anytime on your schedule. That's Pastor you can also listen to the podcast of A podcast or wherever you get yours now there's Pastor Paul.

Today's Destin for victory message keys to effective prayer. First Thessalonians 517 says pray without ceasing, that your next cliff note, pray without ceasing. Last time we looked at the phrase before it rejoice evermore will rejoice always. Some translations say we talked about making the choice to rejoice.

Now we want to look at this phrase pray without season and I've named this message, please effective prayer.

I preached a lot of different series over the years will continue to preach them for as many more years of the Lord blessed me to be a preacher of the word because we got. I help people learn how to play and play well and so what you have here is keys to effective prayer. That's what I want to share with you in these moments keys to effective prayer.

Now I realize many of you did not come from a Christian background merely people we are discipling these days brought in a home where you went to church every Sunday where Bible reading was normative where prayer was normative. I realize that. Thank God that you're following the Lord now or you more seekers. Thank God that you're investigating the claims of the gospel.

Now don't feel the least bit funny that you don't come from a Christian background because it's our job as leaders in the body of Christ to disciple you to bring you alone in the things of God. And so I want to help you develop a prayer life that is both meaningful and effective, and in this particular time of preaching about prayer. There's a way I want to do it. I'm going to take the letters PR a Y and just give you for helpful nuggets that will ensure that you can build a prayer life.

Here's why that's important because no government prayer background you say well why would Paul say pray without ceasing wind where will somebody pray all the time. I'm glad you asked. There are four categories of things that'll just help you keep in mind why prayer is important and how effective prayer can go for in your life. Let's start with the P the P stands for two things that I want to encourage you to think about as you think about developing a prayer life. The first is praise God continually, and the second is proclaim who you are in him. When you think of the PN pray and think about praising God continually and think about proclaiming who you are in him. Now why would I praise God continually because that is something that people who have walked with God. Down through the ages learned to do. For instance, you can recall if your Bible reader that David said in Psalm 34 one. I will bless the Lord, how often at all times piece I will bless the Lord at all times and his praise shall continually look at the language be in my mouth. David said I'm going to praise God all the time. I will praise him constantly. This was a man in the Old Testament era, but he learned that all praising God all the time.

Why would you do that because God blesses you all the time. Every moment of every day your living under the blessing of God.

And so it is right it is appropriate to praise God continually. I will bless the Lord at all times. David said something else. In Psalm 113 verse three he said this from the rising of the sun to its going down the Lord's name is to be praise from the rising of the sun. What you mean these are from the time I wake up and see God has blessed me with another day to the going down of the same with the same from morning noon and night. I will praise God I will bless him, from the rising of the sun.

That's why some of us were raised in a good old church tradition we heard the same spray bay taught us to pray like that. Lord, thank you for waking me up this morning and started me on my way back. As you heard stuff like Micah that my bed was in my cooling board in my seat was maligned and seek all of that's double whatever you heard that some old fashion prayer what they were doing the same Lord blessed me, and from the moment I woke up and saw all that he had given me another day.

I started blessing his name. You say, but pastor there are days that are lousy. They are days that I'm miserable. There are days when I can hardly stand it and I go through trouble in trials and heartbreak and all kinds of things. Vicissitudes of life. Why would I praise God I'm so glad you asked because you just praise God for what's happening, you praise and when good things happen, but to praise him essentially who he is because it is who he is. That's going to get you through what you gotta go through and so you praise them not only in times you praise them in the bed. Let me point out one thing to you in the Old Testament book of Job, chapter 1 verse 21 you heard the story of Job, even if you're not all that familiar with the Bible. Read the story of Job, and on literally on the day of his life. Job said the Lord, the Lord has taken away. What did he say.

Be the name of the Lord join one skipping and dancing and shouting when he said that they didn't have the Hammond B3: Joel wasn't turning corners and all that. No show that it was with tears streaming down his face with a body. When Joe said this is all experienced, but I'm not going to charge God foolishly, he said.

Be the name of the Lord, my brother, my sister, I came to tell you that you need to learn how to praise God all the time. Don't just praise him when you got money praise him when you broke just praise them when you're healthy, praise him when you're sick just praise them when the got delays on your job praise them when they handed a pink slip. Don't just praise them when you got a brand-new car when your car broke down whatever is going on. That's not to your liking will hold God's praise don't hold praise hostage waiting for you to feel better.

All I just say it's not you made it out again hostage not releasing you this because you wait in the field better.

You gotta praise him how sometimes you got it How praise I don't like what I'm going through, but I will praise him half sometime you say hallelujah just to make the devil mad.

He's thinking that he did his best to wipe you out and he sins and see what what she does not see what he's doing now that food addict and imagine how these goals feel when he sees you worshiping worship, while tears were streaming worship with pain in your body worship in those moments, God is worthy of your employees so that the PN pray remind you to praise God continually let it also reminds you to proclaim who you are in him. Often when we pray, it's a good idea to tell God your appreciating the fact that he has given use in his kingdom. How wonderful it is these days people would supposedly always talk about status change in this data know that I came to tell somebody something God changes your status internally. When he debuted Jesus Christ as your Savior.

I'm part of why you can praise God is you proclaim who you are in him and kill Lord and so lots of different ways to do that for decades my wife was the first one I ever sold doing she had a through Z list of things she was glad about in terms of the status God had given her over the years I developed my own Psalm is similar to her sums different. You can develop your own because there are so many different things in Scripture you can praise God for. But let me just give you a list that that operate from when I want to celebrate who I am in Christ. From a disease. I got molded by don't try to write these down to number one food quickly and a whole lot more message the preached and don't Joel stop me. I will email what what was see again due to so what I did was I put it on the website go to death in the Bay right now and you will see reasons to celebrate who I am in Christ right there and it's a PDF, you can just see it right there to kill note to let me run this down and don't ask me to stop I can do it. I got to listening to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard, senior pastor of destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont California will be right back with the second half of today's message. But first, an important reminder if you haven't already, be sure to download a free mobile app so that you can listen to Destin for victory right in the palm of your hand.

Anytime the app is very easy to navigate. You can even take notes and pastor Paul's messages so the be there the next time you tune in search Destin for victory in your app store and downloaded today absolutely free. You may view yourself the way others see you or the way you see you but what about the way God sees you the next few minutes, let's take a look at what God says about you. Pastor Paul Sheppard with the rest of today's message keys to effective prayer. I praise God accepted as God's child, according to Ephesians 168 I'm blessed with every spiritual blessing, according to Ephesians 13 see him chosen by Christ. First Peter 29, disciple of Christ. Matthew 20 8:19 PM empowered by the Holy Spirit. Acts one and eight I'm forgiven by God.

Ephesians 430 2G, grace recipient. Ephesians 28H on an error of God.

Romans 817 I I'm in imitator of the Lord. Ephesians 51J I'm justified by faith.

Romans 51K, kingdom citizens.

Second Thessalonians 1 and five NL Honolulu by God. First John three and 1M I'm more than a conqueror. Romans 837 and I am a new creation. Second Corinthians 517 09 men, first John 54P I'm predestined to be like Christ. Romans 820 9Q I'm qualified to be a child of God.

Colossians 112 are. I'm redeemed. Galatians 313 S I'm saved. Ephesians 218, temple of the Holy Spirit first Corinthians 619 you. I am ashamed of the gospel.

Romans 116 P I'm victorious in Christ first Corinthians 1550 7W on God's workmanship. Ephesians 210 X, I expect God to move on my behalf. Psalms 2062 and five why I have a yoke that is easy to bear according to Matthew 1130 and see I'm zealous on the good works.

Titus 214 Summit ways I praise God for the status he's given me in the kingdom. You can always thank God for who we are at the moment you're not thanking him because of the great things that you are experiencing some goodness is coming, but in the meantime, just praise him, and for the status he's given you when you are a child of God. You know that even when you're walking through the valley of the shadow of the fear evil. Why because he's with you and he is gonna bring you out of that valley so we all are still bemoaning the fact that you went to Bally by real estate Bally because that's not your destination movement through the valley because he's taken you to a table prepared for you in the very presence of your enemies so I want somebody to understand. You can develop a meaningful and effective prayer life. If you just remember P means praise him continually and proclaim who you are in him and be mindful ever mindful who you are. It's because of who he's made to the be you know you're going to come through and you're going to come out.

Let me begin to give you the power points they will take a break and I'll pick it up on the other side and give you the rest of this message are in, pray remind you to do to other things. First, to repent when you fall short, and to reconcile your differences with others. Now this is extremely important when it comes to the matter of prayer. And that's why I'm giving you these nuggets to help you hold onto when you pray, praise and continually proclaim who you are, but the are is very important repent. When you fall short and reconcile your differences with others that start with repent.

When you fall short. And guess what every child of God. For sure they were deep in thought and motivation every now and then you will fall short.

I know you know some folks who believe nobody can spot my life I've heard over this book say that all the Lord nobody can spot my life when I just can spot certain things about your life, but limited help you. There is some stuff every now and then when you fall short.

Never had a funky attitude when God didn't want to have one you fell short so don't just quit tripping acting like you are walking in literal perfection. That's not for this world.

You should be moving better.

You should be gaining more spiritual ground, but all of us are subject to come short in one way or another. Just because you haven't have some particular moral failure could have a failure in your thought life.

You could have a failure in your spoken life. You could have had all kinds of things go awry from where God wanted you to go and so when you fall short repent is what the Bible says in first John one and nine it says that if we confess our sins, what he is faithful and just to do what to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. So here's what to do when you fall short get that taken care of right away so Lord I blew that I shouldn't said that I should've done that I shouldn't thought that I missed it. I didn't do what I'm supposed to do. I have the wrong attitude, not on the some bride-to-be I was with me.

I know you watching at home where you are but just tell me a shout back out loud to the screens that you write Pastor every now and then I see you have fallen short in some way my words and my deeds and my attitude and something I failed to do that. I should have done when you fall short. Don't keep that account open and close it through said and I repent. Lord, I'm sorry. I'm sorry and you already have forgiveness first John 19 told you when you confess he is faithful God won't hold out gobbles.

Now I'm sick.

How many times you've done is I'm not forgive you this time.

Thank God he doesn't treat his children like that if you confess he is faithful he is just to forgive you and to cleanse you of all unrighteousness. So that's the first thing I want to remember about the are repaired when you fall short. Here's the second thing reconcile your differences with others. Now this one is really really important because God in his word says very clearly. If you want me to forgive you.

You must forgive other people, all nice and I don't like that, you sorry that you came to this service, but too late to hear. You need that word because it's straight out of the book. When you seek to live under God's forgiveness and who doesn't need God's forgiveness.

That's the way I get saved is I receive his forgiveness. I trust that what Christ did on Calvary's payment for my sins when I walk as a recipient of God's grace I am mandated by Scripture to reconcile. That's the word reconcile my differences with others. Now let me before I take you to the Scriptures. Let me help you understand right away that doesn't mean you have to reconcile a relationship that's broken. Especially if you're dealing with somebody who doesn't want to reconcile with you.

God doesn't require that you reconcile with people when they will reconcile with you, but God says you gotta reconcile your differences in your heart something to make it really clear. First of all you got to see that this is a biblical thing. Remember when Jesus gave us the model of prayer we call it the Lord's prayer.

It's really not the Lord's prayer is not a preheat pray it's a prayer he taught us to pray for his disciples said to him, teach us to pray, and as a result of that, he said here's how you can pray and he gave us categories. He gave us some items from agenda items of prayer and one of them is he said forgive us Lord our sins are trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us are some translations they could give us our debts as we forgive our debt towards looking how Jesus tied your forgiveness from God to your willingness to release your debt towards peace and will forgive me because I come short but as I do that. I've got a forgive those who have sinned against me. Now, brothers and sisters.

Let's just be honest there are times when people have wronged you, and they could care less about how you feel about it. In fact, some folk have wronged you, and wish they could more if you got the cut enemies I got you got some that a man that didn't get shipped better than they got to they wanted you all the way wiped out and you still got a little I seen you and they don't like it, let me tell you something my mother, my sister, I am not held hostage by the hatred by the unforgiveness by any malice in the heart of another individual.

You don't get to keep me from being blessed.

I'm gonna be blessed.

Why because I've received his forgiveness and although you don't mind I release you from my heart so that I am free to move on now.

I will explain you in just a moment. There is a caveat that's important which is messily have to speak words of forgiveness to a person who is hateful and doesn't want your forgiveness but you can release them in your heart. Praise God continually proclaim who you are in Christ repent. When you fall short. Those are the first three keys to an effective prayer life will pick it up right here tomorrow and Pastor Paul shepherds message keys to effective prayer was speaking a prayer.

The destined for Victor ministry team would like to pray for you if you're struggling to develop an effective prayer life. If you're going through a season of trials or uncertainty. Please stop by Pastor and use the contact us feature to share what's on your heart while you're there and be sure to sign up for Pastor Paul's monthly letter of encouragement. Yours, at no cost or obligation beginner web address is Pastor

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One of them is I get to ask God for what I desire. That's tomorrow and Pastor Paul Sheppard shares his message keys to effective prayer. Until then they'll remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion in Christ, you are destined for victory

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