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A Word to the Generations Following (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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March 18, 2021 8:00 am

A Word to the Generations Following (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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March 18, 2021 8:00 am

The seven named generations alive in America in 2020; practical advice, encouragement, and an apology to the younger generations; based on 1 Tim. 4:12.

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Let me say generations for the years you have remaining to influence young people and don't ask them to do what you are unwilling to do your self hello and welcome to this Thursday edition of Destin for victory with pastor Paul Shepherd, senior pastor at destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont California like so much for joining us pastor Paul has a word of encouragement to the younger generations today as well as an admonition for those who are little older. It's a lesson about setting a Christlike example to those in our sphere of influence modeling right behavior by saying I'm sorry sometimes fail.

Today's message is straightahead. But remember, you can stop by Pastor anytime to your recent testing for Victor messages on demand or dome of the podcasting Google podcast or wherever you go to get yours now is pastor Paul. Today's Destin for Victor message award to the generations following. I remember when God was mightily among young people and 60s it was called the Jesus movement at the same time that our nation was dealing with the Vietnam War. At the same time our nation was there would all kinds of stuff.

God young that would say controls was this silly house out here out west, but it impacted young people all around the country, but especially both in Southern California and in Northern California you have the Jesus movement the same time hippies were doing their thing and have been freelove celebrations and all that's the same time started saving young people say some of his will get in sleep and common in the traditional churches that were really prepared for them didn't necessarily want them because they were looking the way toward full circle, look but didn't say and where charts would be open to them. They were opening and finding Jesus in a powerful way. The reason why you have such a strong movement known as Calvary Chapel of America is because Chuck Smith and others like him to please young people in and began to disciple them and teach them the word of God and as a result of that ministry and his faithfulness. Chuck is gone on to be with the Lord.

But as a result of his faithfulness. You have Greg Laurie and you have so many others I might go start naming names so many others are changing the world because of the powerful move of God among young people will want to believe that again and I want to urge the saints. Let's pray for revival. Let's ask God to move again Lord before again because America needs you an American you need you so I want you to join me in helping to bring that to pass as a result of our prayer.

So the first point young people hate your day. Shake it off because God has a plan for your life and I want to tell older full. Don't be mad at young folk because they got the strength you used to have. Don't be mad at young folk of the energy used to have. Don't be mad at you because they got good looks and they got vitality and they got bigger and them and all that we haven't get mad at them because they have it now just thank God for what you used to have and blessed in these children that have it now say browse before I don't like to see people beat Melbourne young people need our support and our applause and so don't get mad at them just so all you can, if you will be a positive force in their lives when they really need you will know they can trust you and will come to you when they need some advice or some counsel and so don't be one of those who are going to hate. Hate is going to hate young folks, but don't let it break your stride.

Shake it off and keep on doing things God's way to the second point and don't listen to me very carefully on behalf of some of the older generations. I told you there are few remaining greatest generation. There are some silent generations that that many of your grandparents, great-grandparents, and there are those of us who are the baby boomers and even talk to the last three generations. I want to say older than you are. Also Gen X I want to say on behalf of goals for generations. On behalf of some of them because I can speak all of them. Some of them will not agree with what I'm about to say but on behalf of those who parts are right and whose attitude is right. I want to apologize to you young people for a number of things I want to apologize to you on behalf of myself and some who would be humble enough to join in on this apology. I want to apologize to you first. For the ways in which we did not set a proper example for you factor the matter is sometimes we older generations just flat out blue in terms of our responsibility to set a good example because as you see what Paul was saying to his spiritual son Timothy, here is I want you not to let people despise you, but to set an example and that's what I'm asking you to do. But before I challenge you to set an example, young folk, let me just be honest with you we have to hold up to the fact that some of us did not set a proper example that you could follow and we just need only. I hope there's some older folk in your life when they hear me say this, they will say to the young people in this fear of influence you know pastor was right there some things I should've done differently. Some things I should've done better and I was not the example I should've been for you and I want you to please forgive me, that would be so helpful. Older people for us to just hold it that's all you gotta do just own it that we didn't always set a proper example. Now the second part of this is I want to apologize for the fact that not only didn't we always set a proper example. But even worse, sometimes we were actually hypocrites. The reason I'm doing this is because young people can't be asked to respect folk who are hypocrites.

Don't ask him to respect you if you say one thing do another thing you talk a good game but your actual life defies and denies what you talk and so we might as well we older people might as well say not only did we always get it right. But in some cases we tried to get you to go and way that we were not ourselves going. Let me say to older generations for the years you have remaining to influence young people to self and don't ask them to do what you are unwilling to do your self will be one of God people. You do what I say don't worry about what I do because young full don't play that if you want to try to tell me what to do better.

See you doing it better that I'm doing it fact of the matter is you say you do, do I say don't worry about my life, then you will be written off by these younger generations. The millennial Z and will all say forget you. If all you will do is bark orders at me, but your life defies and denies what you're saying to me.

I'm not interested at all and so many on behalf of the older people who are willing to join me in this apology, let me apologize to you younger generations for the fact that we didn't always set a good example, we sometimes preach one thing while practicing another thing. And here's one that really pains me and I'm so glad that in my life.

This one is not true, but I see it so often in the lives of others that I can't help but pointed out to you young folk as I exhort you to set an example here is the thing that is sad to me that many of the older generation people in your life are too prideful and too full of themselves and to arrogant to acknowledge any of their wrongdoing. There are too many folks in Gen X baby boomers silent generation. There are too many who have not apologize to the people in their lives for anything because they don't own that they do stop wrong and I want to say to the older people listening to this message. Here's one thing I've learned about the younger generations. They cannot hear what you're saying for watching what you do and when they watch what you do and they themselves know what's wrong you don't stand a chance of getting their gear and having the respect you won't admit when there is clear to everybody who will look you won't admit that you're wrong. I'm sorry I didn't say that. This is in the preaching hooping message so you see that by now, I'm not trying to preach anybody happy. I'm trying to talk to young folks from my heart because if we want to see God do amazing things through them. If we want to see God moving there generations. We got to give him the benefit of the best knowledge we can and I'm here to say young folk. I get it. You have seen a whole lot of not only hypocrites you have seen people wearing their role don't own that their role I've certainly had times of major failure in my life I've had times where I didn't know Lord what when we go from here, but I learned from the Scriptures.

I'm so glad my dad and the same said raising my mom and dad in the saints that I grew up around they taught and modeled very clearly when you will you get God to bless you is you and make sure you your cell you have asked for forgiveness and then you see what God will do in response what was seen instead as a whole lot of older people who the older they get, the more prideful they get, the more arrogant they get, the more willing to hold their stuff they get no stay with us the second half of pastor Paul Shepard's message is coming right up. But we want to thank all of you who support destined for victory with your prayers and financial support. Those gifts help pastor Paul share the gospel of Jesus Christ with a growing audience destined for victory is of course a listener supported ministry in today's.

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As the old saying goes, people don't care what you know until they know that you care. It's true, is explore that thought a little further and the rest of today's message toward the generations following. Once again, here's pastor Paul.

Now I'm a conservative gospel preacher I preach the bulk I don't pull punches.

I rightly divide the word but once I rightly divide the word I'm going to preach the word and sometimes will be very unpopular, Paul said to Timothy in his second letter to him. He said the time is coming when people won't want to endure sound doctrine the time, when people are going to have itching ears. James calls it, and what that means is they want to hear certain messages they want to hear something positive and something that affirms them and don't want to hear about Sam didn't want to hear about you gotta change your life. You want to hear about more. And all of that and Paul said that day is coming, and he told Timothy what you preach the word anyhow. In other words, don't change the message to some people that I don't. People let me tell you something. I'm one of those older generation preachers whose commitment to truth and I can't change the truth to make you happy. But here's what I've learned that I can get the people who don't even like the truth on preaching if they at least don't have to stumble over my unwillingness to admit wrong and to humble myself and we have a generation. I'm scared up I'm scared of some of my colleagues in the Christian ministry who will always rail against cultural sin abortion. Abortion is not God's will.

Clearly, plain and simple. It is not God's will.

Under no circumstances is it God's will, but God is a God to forgive people who said and who confessed and who go before him and so we don't have to just push the agenda of morality without also pushing the grace of God that will help people get up from their sins and go in a different and better direction. Here's the problem you got a lot of young people though hearing you against their sins, but they don't see you acknowledging yours. We got a generation that watching leaders talk about what's wrong in the world in terms of their moral themes and they won't even admit that there supporting people who rely unapologetically and they won't even admit yes they're lying to you and I'm here to say to you it is right for us to stand up to biblical morality is wrong for us to not call out sin at the highest offices of leadership in our country and in our churches when those sins refuse to be acknowledged, much less repented of you know what I said I didn't pull a punch in some of my colleagues are like that. I said it. And that is going be on the radio. My answer is all well I'm all for standing for righteousness. I'm also for calling out pride. The Bible says God rejects the proud, and so when we practice pride that refuses to admit role we have to own it and we have to ask God's forgiveness.

We have to ask the young people's forgiveness. I'm so glad that in my history I can say at times of gross failure in my own life. I was able to sit down with my children who are millennial's and say please forgive me and they readily gave me that forgiveness because they knew dad's heart was to please God and where he has come short.

He has gone low before God and my children will have the knowledge, the rest of their lives. One day when I'm in my grade will say one the perfect man, but he was a man who wanted to please God, and he knew how to humble himself in order to do. Let me tell you something that needs to be the result of all of us older people if you want to leave a legacy. Don't leave a legacy of hypocrisy and pride leave a legacy where young folk will say your mom one CCL yes you will see was humble and she was honest and she didn't try to act like she was something that she was not someone apologize for those things because young people. I want to admit that a lot of the older generation has spent too much time railing against your sins without owning their own and that is wrong and for that I want you to forgive all of us who should've set a better example for you and did not and I want to ask older people before I close this message I want to ask older people. Please have a time where you let this truth sink and say, Holy Spirit revealed to me where there are things I need to say to people in my life.

I need to settle some accounts I need to own some wrongdoing and help me to do it. There is no statute of limitation on acts of humility. No statute of limitation. At the end of the day if you need to humble yourself to your kids or grandkids your nieces and nephews. Whoever it is your spouse, your siblings your parents anybody in your life you need to humble yourself to do it because that's the way you get God to bless you. Let me say this final point, and that is this even if you have had the wrong example set for you which I've talked about many of us did Paul's challenge to you young people is even if the wrong example was set for you.

Please set the right example for those you're going to influence.

In other words, Paul is saying Timothy I'm not given your past because the Pope didn't necessarily set a good example for you. He's saying you young man sat the right example and he tells them how to do it. Set the example in what you say cleanup of young people. I don't care how popular how normative it is clearing up your mail so y'all just say all kinds of trash out your mouth. It does not please God.

Regional Bible, God tells you to talk like you have some sense and have some home training set the right example, in your words set the right example, in your conduct just called article. Good don't it doesn't mean God says you can do it.

Sam is still sin wrong is still wrong. God will not give you a path because everybody around you is doing it if you got a be the one person standing, while everybody else is bowing. You gotta be like one of the Hebrew boys in the book of Daniel is bowing to the idle. You gotta stand tall on what you know to be right set an example in what you say seven example in your conduct example in the way you love you love God and you love people. Make sure you do it in a way that pleases the Lord set an example in your spirit, your inner person make sure that you have a good inner life.

Don't just be a person who is everything is about the outside. Don't be bold on the outside and vague on the inside. Let your spirit grow up and become a mature young man or woman in this world set an example in spirit. Seven. Example in faith learn how to walk by faith and not by sight how to believe God and how to do his will learn how to believe them by answered prayer set an example in faith and finally set an example impurity. I don't care how normative it is Sam's sexual sin is always going to be sexual sin or verbal sin such as lying and cursing and all that stuff all sin is still going to be verbal sin. If you committed sorry for the said that. Please forgive me and keep it moving, but don't justify sin. Sin is always wrong BPR and your actions are in your relationship with your words of the development of your habits so that God can get glory out of your life. Set an example.

Don't just bellyache that there was a long one set for you, by all means, make sure you settle right example for the other people in your life God has called each of us to set an example of faith to those around us. An example of loving God and loving people. And when we fail, sometimes we will list learn to set an example of humility by saying the words.

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Join us tomorrow and pastor Paul Sheppard shares his message pushed into purpose. Until then, remember he who began a good work and you will bring it to completion. In Christ, you are destined for victory

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