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Born to Fly, Part 2 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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February 19, 2021 7:00 am

Born to Fly, Part 2 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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February 19, 2021 7:00 am

What it means to be a "new" creation in Christ; spiritual lessons we can learn from the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

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If you've been looking for advice and all the places you're in the right place today. Thanks for stopping by this Friday edition of Destin for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard, senior pastor at destiny Christian Fellowship and Tremont California just a few moments pastor Paul shares his message born to fly. But first he joins me for a studio in California past Reno. Many of us put some real thought into what we name our children are businesses, even our pets. Listeners have wondered though how we got our name Destin for victory. Let's talk about that for a moment well I wanted tell you that it's important to me as a disciple or that my voice is heard, and it is used to help people grow in their knowledge of the Lord and in their faith walk with him. Fact of the matter is my voice doesn't sound like most of the other folks you hear on Christian radio.

I'm well aware of that and I'm really comfortable with that. I come from my own unique background both ethnically and in terms of life experience. There are things I share there things I say and that of the ways that I say them that are unique. I believe that that perspective needs to be heard throughout Christian them and so while I'm so grateful for all of my heroes. Your heroes are mine. I listen to the same people. The guys who had been on the radio for decades and have proclaimed God's word faithfully. I really do appreciate those guys that I've learned not to be intimidated by them because I've got my own way of processing an old way of sharing and helping people to learn and to grow in their faith.

So it's quite intentional. Sometimes I like to be really colloquial in what I say and how I say it because I'm just using who I am and I think God wants to use that. He's the one who called me out and call myself. He called me and I believe he knows what he was getting when he called me into the ministry and so I'm just trying to make a difference because the gospel really does change lives and I believe I have a unique calling to help present the gospel from my own perspective and I pray that that's resonating with listeners and I pray that that means enough to them that they'll make sure my voice can continue to be heard right along with our other heroes who teach the gospel of Jesus. What we said all the time. Here the broadcast. In Christ, you are destined for victory. God said it, and we believe it.

We hope you do as well and we hope you will support our mission to reach as many people as we can with this important truth for your generous donation to Destin for victory today will send you a booklet from Pastor Paul called lessons from the cocoon. As you know, butterflies don't start out as butterflies, their caterpillars grounded earthbound but later on I transformation takes place in the take flight, so will your life in lessons from the cocoon pastor Paul reminds you that God is at work in you even when you can't see it, and in his perfect timing. You will like the butterfly take flight because you were born to fly.

That's lessons from the cocoon our gift to you today by request for your generous gift to Destin for victory call 855-339-5500 to give over the phone or mail your gift to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538.

You can also make a safe and secure donation from our website. Pastor I want you to understand that in saving us Christ did more than prepare us for eternity. He also comes into our lives to do a significant work of change in our lives. All of us have people in whom we can confide friends or family members.

People we know and trust enough to share with them what's going on in our life today on Destin for victory.

The question pastor Paul want you to think about is this. Are they the right people, do they believe in Jesus the same way you do or are they people who make you feel better. Tell you what you want to hear us joint pastor Paul now for today's Destin for victory message born to fly either learn to be smart radio around the country and what have you done as radial rallies and going to the city and meet with the listeners so that they could connect with you and you could raise funds for the ministry all that far started that process. One real smart about it, because you know I was so proudly hating certain teams that went to one city where I hate the team with a passion. But I had to go do a radio rally is my first time going around in that city and those folk love me and they came out about 1200 for that first rally in that city showed up and they were all over that place and I got up and they applied it, but we believe that the greeted amount. Glad to see you meet you so glad you're part of our radial team about what have you.

And then that first time I said I love you I love everything about this city except the football team.

At the time Southwest had not yet created the commercial but it was one of those moments want to get away. Like everything about you, but your football team went out of the room and the people would just been given this novation a minute before one now sit and then get place went silent and I thought oh I have missed and one man spoke out. I promise I live not one man spoke up and said we love you pastor Paul but that could change you know I could change because you set your affection is out of the lovely but about people know what is you set your affection on things and so the Bible says that your affection on things above.

Present your body to God, the Lord do with me whatever you want more of yours.

I want you to change me. There's nothing about me that is nonnegotiable is not part of me that I will not print. Not just let okay God to do whatever no-no is not his job is your job to say Lord.

This is ugly you look at juggling a safe delivery from enemies. He'll never deliver you from your friends if you like your ugliness to let you live with it, but you will never be what is called you to be. And so, no, maybe you stand a caterpillar when he destined you to be a butterfly.

You gotta present it to say, Lord. This is not acceptable to you. Your word is clear so somethings gotta get some of you out of something's gotta give stage in your life right now and it's time for you to build your chrysalis. It's time for you to build a new environment in which transformation can take place for some of you that means getting rid of some raggedy people in your life because you cannot become what God is destined you to be can't be God's butterfly feeling around with earthbound folk if you qualify all your time with folk on the ground not trying to go anywhere you go. I have to shake up your inner circle you have to stop letting people speak in your life who are not going where God is taking you. If God is doing a new thing and you do gotta stop hanging out with folk who are not interested in new thing they like themselves just the way they are. God can have great things for you but if you follow the Feed you with. Think about in the natural. If you just get up from little places that just feed you heavily like cheesecake factory cheesecake factory acquitted you been the cheese great Notre Dame, but I just I eat salads all day cheesecake.

If you want About what you you believe that you can hardly get up now if you just walked out.

Having had a wonderful folding meal and you walk out and you go home and somebody who didn't go to cheesecake factory's I just got the most amazingly I'm so proud of myself on your plate.

It doesn't matter how good the food is why, because I'm full so you all can't get where God wants to take you right now and can experience transformation right now because of the stuff you're full of you're full of it, whatever it is you're full of it and if you are self folio flash preconceived ideas applied your hatred malice is unforgiving of something other than what God wants to transform you into your going to have to make some major changes in order to be prepared for transformation. So you gotta build your chrysalis.

You gotta create a new environment. You gotta get some people out your inner circle. You gotta make sure that the focal in your life for people who speak the truth in love. People who pay you more than they cost you gotta learn to invest in better relationships than you been investing in people who don't know anything.

Talk to you people who don't know anything but refused to shut up because always talking, always want to see if it was me is the problem you will try and hold together about marriage and you just believe in God just struggling hard and you told me I wouldn't Bother Cir., God's time to save your marriage and make you a trophy of his grace and his ability doing door and pressed through difficult things and you talk to somebody wouldn't trade it all to threefold.

I'm not going talk to you about marriage or anything about marriage take swimming lessons from a drowning person. This is good this is good and if you submit right now that's cause yes you so you shake up your life to get ready for the metamorphosis some things and some people you change your priorities set your affection on things above, you become a Jesus fan.

I'm about Jesus, about Jesus asked me, Jesus, God, Jesus doubt about the Lord will make apologies no I can't do that because the word is against what you gotta become position yourself. Build your chrysalis that will support the transformation. God wants to bring about major gotta ship some things and some people out and only invest in that which is going to promote your transformation and you got us understand that God is up to something marvelous in your life and you cannot allow your self to begin to think about where you been, you've now got a begin to think about where you're going. This is about destiny, not history story takes you in the wrong direction. It is fine to know your history. Some save you don't know your history you're doomed to repeat it. Know your history but do not hang up on knowing your history familiar with destiny will be right back with more of today's destined for victory message from Pastor Paul Sheppard. Remember you can always listen to our program on that's Pastor Paul.we'll find a host of great resources that are online store you can also reach out to us with your prayer request by using the contact feature at the top of the homepage. You want your Christian life to really take shape.

If so, you may have to make some changes to your inner circle. Pastor Paul and the rest of today's message born to fly. Start calling yourself what God says about you, not what you have always been you got a break away from anything that you've always been.

If you go to become something you've never been to gotta begin to speak faith begin to speak life in the speak began to speak future things that are better than what has been my church is better than my past life goes. God destined me for some things and you gotta begin to be forward thinking and forward moving all of that is part of building the structure that will shut out everything that doesn't conform to the will of God. Paul said in Romans 12 to don't be conformed to this world, that's your choice.

You have to reject the world system so you can adopt to God system that will allow for your transformation. And when you build chrysalis. Here's what happens in the life of that caterpillar as soon as it closes itself out from all the negative environment and that's so essential because there was no caterpillar who becomes a butterfly with full exposure to the world. Well, I know that I'm supposed to build chrysalis but how feel like it.

Some delay here and become a butterfly. It doesn't happen is not possible is not God's plan because what you're exposed to is what you can become like you know some things are caught not taught so you can say all you want I don't want to catch a cold. I hate get to the coal. I refuse the typical I know cold season is coming by just knuckle participate, I hear you now what are you going do to inshore that you don't catch a cold.

Here's the one thing did I do make sure to not fool with folk who have one why some things are caught not. Several years ago I was flying from the West Coast and East Coast for a meeting church revival. Thousands will be there. Looking forward to being there got on the plane Tuesday and I sat in my seat by the window on a particular role and other folk came in, filled into their assigned seats and as the devil would have it, man who pulled in next to me had a full-blown live cold me when I call it active.

I mean clearly this thing is still infectious. The other side of the infection stage where you still got a little left over hat you know low cost of my debt does not dangerous.

It is okay. I had asked is a nuisance want to go somewhere without it, but no about a dude who came on and everything sounded active all noises all the sneeze and all coffin, all those below and all sitting by the window up pressed up against the window. I was gone. I can sit somewhere else but the plane is full Comstock all the way across the country's duck bad position got off the plane got out into the terminal got to my hotel called my wife I said I said next to the most obnoxious man who didn't know that he had no business out in the flying piece of the cared enough about other folk have to go that they should've stayed home till he got well on attitude about it to just go somewhere else and I want you to come up in here. You may be very caterpillar that they rarely just tossing them a life openness. I got this meeting I want I will enjoy to hold me so sure enough, the next day. Eyes stinging scratching this in the throat, nose, does all know why I didn't want to catch it. But what a bad matter of want to. It was an exposure issue. Some things are caught not taught both positively and negatively. So your cocoon is designed to close you in with everything positive that will help you get to the place of transformation and the shut out everything that will militate against that your decision you gotta do is learning the shutting out. Not everybody can go with you to the butterfly place.

Not everybody can go with you through the metamorphosis. Some folk you gotta drop off along the way. Some folk are happy on the branch happy on the leaf. You just gotta let him go there and build chrysalis and move on with your life. This is a grown-up season for some you some you just got the flat out grow up now is time for you to grow up emotionally is time for you to grow up psychologically stop you to stop depending on people who were never destined to be a major part of your life. Anyway, it is time for you to make changes that will cause you to experience the transformation God has in mind. And if you're willing to do it. Here's the good news when you get in the right environment. You don't have to wonder how to make myself.

You know how to make yourself a butterfly. God is the one who started the butterfly stuff in you is the one who knows how to bring about the transformation and inside that sack where none of us on the outside can see some taking place. What you start calling so early is developing weighing what used to be doing is becoming beautiful and what comes out of their lives. That's what makes out is what it looked like going in God transformation. Sadly, the thing is beautiful week, but it begins to shake his way get some blood in their transformation. Jesus was working in your life to get you to a place where God can do in your life and what you doing suddenly becomes beautiful.

What used to be down so they can take all never flown before, but now it has a brand-new potential swing takes off and begins to learn pretty easily because it now has flying in on the inside that's what God wants to do in your life God wants to do something marvelous in your life and make you different, you know what you are was ugly but don't plan to stay there because God is taken you to something beautiful.

Not every little butterfly the same time, but thank God that in various areas your scene transformations happen over and over and over again. Safe used to say that I'm not to be, but thank God I'm not what it used to be that there was a lady in all church in New York that my dad used to go preach through and she said the best way to get a bad testimony service so we don't know my testimony serviced or when you get up singing a little course. But, a single course and then you give your testimony to the court is what you get him sing live and he love me and he sent me to carry my frame is one of my dog is going on with course then they would testify to God's friends, also feel I think government I think I'm saved me. I think the and it had a little when you send this mother would get up. She's a saint.

I just want you to know that I'm not gonna be, but thank God I hate what I used to was to go to that church's mother testified what you got understand about what God is doing in your life. You're not what you're going to be yet, but when you come this far yet you are not what you use. God is something in your life, you alone time, but it's about time for you to fly in the office about you to see God take you and make something beautiful of those areas of your life Kelly I believe I can fly can touch the sky written a my wings and fly away Kim's open door.

I believe I can fly. You gotta know that is you.

You present yourself as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable. You make the presentation God is not going make it happen. You make the presentation. Lord, I'm all in. Lord I'm fully yours Lord does know like that's off limits, Jesus man, first and foremost I want nothing more than the fee on your word and experience of transforming power. You will see spiritual metamorphosis take place in your life. Thanks so much for joining us for today's message born to fly. If you'd like more information about the destined for victory ministry or if you need prayer sure to stop by your website. Pastor that's Pastor well. Just as the team here destined for victory is always willing to pray for you so is Jesus. In fact he's praying for you right now and he prayed for you in the garden of Gethsemane on the night before he died. If you also will spend all your time with folk on the ground not trying to go anywhere you go. I have to shake up your inner circle. People speak in your life who are not going where God is taking you, that's Monday. Would Pastor Paul Sheppard shares his message Jesus prayer for you. Have a great weekend.

Until next time, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion in Christ, you are destined for victory

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