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Absurd Truth: TikTok Of Our Lives

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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May 29, 2024 2:25 pm

Absurd Truth: TikTok Of Our Lives

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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May 29, 2024 2:25 pm

A woman goes viral for filming herself being a single mother and having to make a birthday cake for herself; but that’s not NEARLY the whole story. Meanwhile, Comedian Chelsea Handler completely misrepresents and attacks Harrison Butker.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast, sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. So a Florida Man went on Wheel of Fortune, right? And he's already laughing. Why are you already laughing? He, well, Taverius Williams of Port St. Lucie, he was supposed to guess a phrase Thursday night on Wheel of Fortune.

And he made a very incorrect phrase. Now when he read in, the letters were on the board were blank, blank, blank, blank, I blank T blank E space B space space T. And he, can we play it? I don't know if we can play it. I think we can. I don't.

Ron doesn't think we can because we get copyright, even if it's news and fair use because YouTube is up. I mean, it's all over to a bag of we can play that little bag of booty juices. What little snippet of it? Well, he said that the letters on the board, it was it that's not what the letters actually were on that. That that phrase he I don't want you say it came you found this one you say it. Say it. He said, at this point, once putting the picture up at this moment, he rings in and he says, right in the butt, right? Like he says it with enthusiasm as though he was correct. The phrase was this is the best. This is like an SNL. I'll take the rapist Alex, the humane therapist.

I'll take anal bum covers for 500 outs. That's an album cover. Thank you. The phrase was this is the best.

And he said what Kane said he said, and that wasn't it. Why don't you go and show it? I mean, put up on the screen, buddy. No. Oh, you put it right past it. Okay. Yeah, it was this is the best. This is the best. Did you hear the contestant though?

Like she was like really into it. Listen, listen to beginning here. Let's hear this. Okay, he's got a ring in but as soon as he figures out he knows it. Here we go.

Tomorrow's right in the back. No. She's like, Oh, man. But you know what? He tried man. Taveras tried. He tried me and he really he really believed that one.

Oh, God love him was his heart. Let's see a with a floor. Oh, gosh, I can't read this one. No, this is not there's some I got that are just not appropriate for y'all today.

What is that? What happened over the weekend? So this Florida man, he was apparently drunk. So he stole a he stole a school bus, second school bus story.

32 year old Daniel Saiz. He was drunk. And he took it on school bus belonging to Hillsborough County Public Schools. He was pulled over really quickly. But he was drunk when he stole the school bus. I guess you would have to be to steal a school bus. But isn't it kind of hard to drive a school bus though?

What's my other question? Right? You would think? Well, yeah. So it's I mean, I was he I guess he was drunk, but he wasn't. He was drunk enough to take a school bus, but he wasn't drunk enough to not operate it. I guess. I don't know. I is that the average school bus driver?

I hope Yeah, yeah. A Florida man parents are getting at Oak Park Brevard County School. They allowed him to parents let him bring a hollowed out in a grenade to elementary school. It was hollowed out. And they literally placed the school on a shelter in place and everything.

They lost their minds. It was inert. It's an inert grenade. I got one on my desk. Yeah, it's like drilled out.

I mean, you can really let's see. This is Orlando Sentinel. It got real crazy at church apparently over the weekend. A Catholic priest apparently bit a woman as she grabbed wafers from him.

The diocese of Orlando defended his actions as an attempt to prevent an act of desecration. Oh, I did not know that you can bite them bite people. He told officers the woman looked unaware of the requirements to receive communion. She returned for the second mass to demand the sacrament and apparently he tried fighting.

He tried to bite her. What in the world? I got to come back to this one tomorrow. What in the world? Our partners at home.

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It's a decision I've consciously made and one I do not regret at all. If we have truth and charity we should trust in the Lord's Providence and let the Holy Ghost do the rest of the work. So that's Harrison Buckner I don't even think my only thing that I would say is that it's not like a Catholic thing I think he's just talking about building blocks of a functional society by the way that's my only objection. Welcome back to the program Dana last year with you bottom of the second hour people are mad that's Harrison Buckner that was the second he spoke at some event and people are still mad over him including a woman who I do not believe this I think she's 59 she don't look 49 this chick is 59 years old Chelsea handler. I don't know why I can't say anything without being mean like if you're a woman and you legitimately criticize other women they accuse you of being like a mean girl and that you're not being like a team player like as though you're supposed to be just because yet by the nature of having a lady bit which is so dumb I just don't know why she's famous she's not funny she's not a critical thinker what does she do with the whole she do I don't know but all I know is that she is not 49 years old unless 59 is the new 49 because that's not there's no way girl there is no way for real. So anyway the reason I bring this up is because she went off on Harrison Buckner and I just thought it was kind of sad audio somebody 15 and just speaks for itself as you may have heard there's a man by the name of Harrison Buckner who's talking more than I typically like for a male he's a kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs and I learned that kickers rarely get tackled so based on his misogynistic rant during a recent commencement address I'm guessing this Bible thumper thumped himself a little too hard with his Bible and gave him so she would know a little bit about being tackled yes that the majority of you are most excited about your marriage and the children you will bring into this world and embrace one of the most important titles of all homemaker first of all Harrison you're a kicker so you have one important part of your body and it's not your brain I can tell you that my beautiful wife Isabel oh my gosh you like it's like so much time on this guy Isabel's dream of having a career might not have come true but if you asked her today if she has any regrets on her decision she would laugh out loud without hesitation and say heck no.

Isabel please blink twice if you need us to call for help but the real kicker is that Harrison Buckner's mother is a renowned physicist who has a degree in chemistry and a masters in medical physics so who paid for all those youth athletic team fees and uniform fees and equipment fees when Harrison was a kid so he could grow up to have a career making millions of dollars for kicking things my guess is a working woman Harrison this is the first time he didn't say that when I couldn't hopefully go last and after this I'm gonna go ahead and do what your fellow teammate does and just pretend like you don't exist this is what most of the men do to her yeah I mean was she supposed to be funny I mean it just comes across as bitter and it's it's like total misrepresentation he like elevated women and was protecting them if they choose that choice if they choose to do that if they choose not to do that women have the choice but sadly it's like these bitter harpies that don't really age like fine wine they age like you know Dale cheap ass whiskey but it's those chicks that get all upset if women don't choose the choices that they would choose themselves and they're the ones who get all all enraged over it I mean it's just like girl like what are you what is your deal like where do these where are these bitter single childless broads get off going after a guy who's talking about his successful union right again it's like asking people who know nothing about these things to opine on these things if you're not married with children I don't give a rat's ass about your opinion on marriage or families I don't end of and if you haven't been married as long as I have as successfully as I have and raised successfully children as I have I don't care about your opinion on families or children unless you're older than me you've raised children longer than I have and you've been married longer than I have the audacity of how high these people get off of themselves this is part of the influencer cancer influencer cancer is when people who think that the cameras on their phone elevate them to a certain level of authority when reality is not so kind like it hasn't been to Chelsea handler but I will say that wasn't funny like her whole thing wasn't funny she just seemed angry and bitter and mad that's your thing and that's it and notice that all these chicks that are on and on about this they're angry and bitter and mad which is probably why they're still single and childless you know I was going to say something wildly inappropriate cane wildly wildly but I refrained I'm grateful for small miracles I'll say it on break yeah well that's fine yeah I mean I prefer that yeah hi I'm Erica an English major at Hillsdale College here's Hillsdale president doctor Larry Arnn with the Constitution minute James Madison writes in federalist 51 that men are not angels their passions and self-interest often get the better of their reason and sense of justice so we need government in order to protect our rights against those who would take them away but for the same reason Madison rights government must be limited because people in government have passions and interests too many Americans today forget this supposing that we can do away with constitutional limits on government supposing that the unelected bureaucrats being put in charge of our health care for example rule as if they are angels if Madison was correct about human nature this is foolish and dangerous to learn more and get a free pocket Constitution visit Constitution and now all of the news you would probably miss it's time for Dana's quick five why is this a story this is crazy so it there's in this is in a US National Park is this supposed to it's a great it's a great Smoky Mountains so the story is that there are apparently cannibals that live deep in the Appalachian backwoods where this is a movie of that why is this not a horror is this a horror movie already canes going what. They said that the descendants of men who deserted from the American Civil War they are living completely independent from civilization and they're up there in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and people have been up there missing and getting eaten alive because of feral wild people up there in the park there are a human eating cannibals which is the whole point of a camera was this what Maxine Waters was saying the other day when she said they're just training up in the hills I don't know is it. They said that there was a six year old boy in the 1969 who stepped behind a bush on a camping trip with his family and they never saw him again and the Green Berets got involved in everything but apparently people are getting eight up there what I'm saying is like a cryptid story wait I don't think that you just go feral though okay you don't like even if even if like you know they say what they say is true you don't like go feral right you.

You're not like a hog you don't go like you run out and sleep rough for three months and then you get all hairy and you get weird cuz you're eating mud that's not how that works all right stop. Okay a an Australian man was threatened with a $10,000 fine for running his air conditioner. Yeah, he said that they told him he's not allowed to use it before 7am warning letter noise disturbance written across the top and they said that there he would be hit with a $10,000 fine because his air conditioner is noisy and you're not apparently supposed to use certain air conditioners at residential premises because if they can oh my gosh it's summer then buy him a new air conditioner. You blockheads a Georgia woman calls 911 to get a raccoon taste and have deputies Google restaurant hours for her a Columbia woman was arrested Sunday because sheriff's deputies she kept said she kept calling 911 and it was non-emergency issues. So is the Augusta Chronicle the 54 year old woman of a calling 911 very frequently over the last few months. So she said she called on May 12th at one in the morning saying there was a raccoon on her porch and she needed a deputy to come taste it. And then she called back saying I need you to escort me to the dumpster. And then at five thirty the same the next day she called the deputy and said can you look up three businesses for me because I'm hungry. Oh my gosh so they went they went to their house and they were like ma'am you got to knock this off. And that's you know they did take her in because she would not stop calling 911.

But calling to have a raccoon taste is my favorite though I think that's yeah. E-bikes residents in California are on edge because teens on e-bikes are this is the most. Commie store.

Commie California story of ever. They're terrorizing residents in South Bay. Teenagers on e-bikes. Unruly teenagers driving recklessly. They're on Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo Beach. And they're near the piers and they said they pick easy targets and all this stuff.

They travel at excessive speeds. Democrat law and order. What?

Democrat law and order. We got more on the way. So this chick started. This chick started. This was her video that she played a beginning where she said being a single mom on your birthday.

And so she makes her own cakes or her babies can have somebody to cheer for. Right. That's how it started. That's the beginning. And everyone's like, oh, my gosh. Well, now here's the rest of the story.

This is the. Well, go ahead and continue on. And before anyone says, oh, you don't know her situation or, you know, you don't know what she's going through.

Well, I do because I lived it. I'm her ex husband. And right now I have full custody of our kids. This is our parent agreement. As you can see, I have all weekdays and weekends time sharing with the kids.

All holiday academic breaks. And for her to get any rights back to the kids, these are the things that she needs to do. And yes, child support shows that it's up to over twenty one thousand dollars. So she's a mother and doesn't pay child support. She was then arrested for check fraud. And during that hearing, it turned out that it was found that she stole almost a million dollars from another guy. And also she faked cancer in the past.

These are scans that she would send and post on her page before. Oh, my gosh. This is like the side effects for medication. You know, I'm ashamed to admit that I kind of got pulled into this drama a little bit over the weekend. Can't even believe everybody did. So first off, welcome back to the program.

Dana Lash with you. I saw this video and I did not feel one ounce of sadness for this check when I first saw the video. Now, judge me if you want to. But here's my reasoning on this. OK, it's real simple.

A chick that films herself crying is crazy. Tada. That's it. That's the lesson. Right. It's weird. Stop it. Stop it. Who does that?

Who's like, OK, I'm going to cry now. She didn't even make it from scratch. It was from a package.

Golly, I guess it's not hard to make a cake from scratch. Right. So my bad is that I just can't deal with the level of drama with that. So, again, I first saw this video and I was like, oh, oh, oh. She filmed herself crying.

Bras that film themselves crying are crazy. That's the truth of it. So when the ex-husband got involved, before that man said a word, I was like, that's the ex-husband. That's the first thing I thought. And I was right. I was right. It was. Now, everybody was sharing this, that video online, and they were like, oh, my gosh, I thought that.

No, it's not. Like, why is she in this position? She's a grown woman in this position. Like, you know, stop it.

Stop sitting here doing this stuff. So he said he's like, well, she good grief. She like faked a lot of stuff, apparently, according to him. Right. Those were receipts, guys. Can we just stop for a one minute and appreciate the fact that this man was throwing up receipts after receipt at the receipt behind him? Legal receipts, actual receipts. Documentation. So she hits back with no receipts.

There are no receipts in this. That's telling. So go ahead and go ahead. Hit us. Go ahead and hit us. Hit us with some of this. We have we have this right.

Was it the one where she's like, here's where life is. Oh, but I hear with blah, blah, blah. And I don't think we pulled that out.

We don't have to. Yeah. Well, she came back and she said that there were no receipts. And she had said that he. Was abusive. What did she say? He pulled this up.

I accidentally, I accidentally closed that. Apparently didn't mean a lot to me. She said that he was abusive and. He uses legal and psychological tactics to limit her access and that he's he's associated with Scientology. What does that mean? OK, first off, that's a be very careful with that. What do you mean you're associated with something?

Is he a member of the Scientology stuff or is he not? And what does it matter where he had receipts on you? Well, all this, none of this matters without receipts, receipts. That's it. That's it. One word, two syllables, receipts.

That's it. So she's like, it's complex and challenging and blah, blah, blah. And then she like went on for like three minutes and nine seconds with this stuff. There were four of my girlfriends wanted to go for dinner for my birthday.

And I said to him after the dance recital, I'm going to go to dinner. And he was like, and like, she just bitches. There are no receipts here. Girl, I don't believe you.

If you put all of this online, you are asking us to get involved in your days of our drama. I don't believe her. I still don't believe her.

I don't care. Now, no one's being forced to pick a winner in this, as I pointed out to Kane. But Kane, she crazy. She is.

And we said it for a long time, even on the show, whenever a woman records herself crying, that's a red flag. That's anybody. Right. Anybody. They're manipulative.

Yes. Anybody who does that is a manipulative person. I cannot stand that. It's like when I see people be overdramatic on Facebook, I'm like, oh my gosh, will you please go outside and touch grass? Or how they'll and I see people in that I know, like, like, I don't want to say like sub tweet or sub post about each other.

And they get involved in a like, text about each they texted each other. And they they on on Facebook or whatever, like, Oh, can you believe I wish some people would just stop with your drama, stop with your drama. I can't deal with it.

But it is wild. So that's that's the you all saw that video. Steve, did you think she was crazy when you first saw it?

You're like girlfriend filmed herself crying. Did you immediately? Were you suspicious? Oh, that's a red flag. See, see, Juan, you thought it was suspicious, too, didn't you? Mm hmm. Yeah, I know what he's being taken in by that.

Like maybe some bleeding heart females. The amount of people that film themselves doing basic things has gotten to a tipping point in society. It's kind of disgusting. He's not lying. Yeah, I can't stand it.

It is so annoying. When she brought up and came out after he like put up the child support and all those legal receipts. And then she comes out and is like, but Scientology, though, Scientology. So I no longer have a horse in this race. Yeah, they're both completely insane.

Well, I think he just had to come out and defend his his own name, maybe. But I just, you know, I'm looking at her in her fancy kitchen with her super fancy, you know, oven range in the background. I'm like, girl, you're making a package cake and crying. So you only take so much of the effort, but not a lot of the effort. That's my first thought.

I was like, hey, you're filming yourself crying. You're crazy and manipulative. Number two, you're in your super fancy kitchen with your nice, very expensive range behind you. And you are not making a cake from scratch.

It's coming out of the package, which signals to me and this is where I read really deep into things. You only like the appearance of something, but you don't like the work that goes into it. You're shallow, right? They're like the people who get copper cookware, but don't know how to cook, but they want to put it out for display. It's like that. She's like those people.

That's a lot. Some of you felt that. I know it. So I just got to say, I thought this chick was crazy from the get go. And her husband, that reminds me of the ramen noodle guy. There it is right there.

Oh, my gosh. But it was weird to see how that played out on social media because I saw a lot of, there were not a lot of conservative women I think bought into it, but I did see like some women like, oh, that's so sad. I'm like, no, it's not. She's doing this because she's manipulating people and she wants people to feel sorry for her. I cannot stand chicks who do this stuff. There's some social media is 99% manipulation.

It is 99% manipulation. It is the matrix. I love the people who are like, I'm raging against the system. You are the system. You're a slave to it. You love it. You love it. You wouldn't be anywhere without it. Stop. Just wild. Thanks for tuning into today's edition of Dana Lashes absurd truth podcast. If you haven't already made sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.
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