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Absurd Truth: I Pledge Allegiance?

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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May 23, 2024 3:13 pm

Absurd Truth: I Pledge Allegiance?

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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May 23, 2024 3:13 pm

Dana reacts to a viral  picture from last summer of two flags that were flown outside the beach vacation home of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito that were also carried on January 6th. Meanwhile, Illinois passes a bill to change the word “offender” to “justice-impacted individual”.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast, sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. WFLA.

A Florida Man was arrested for threatening young children at a bus stop with a screwdriver. What in the world? Why are you people gonna stop me like this? What? No, no, no, not the drink.

Like an actual tool, like an implement. So WFLA says the Florida Man's facing several charges. He threatened two kids with a screwdriver at their bus stop on Monday. Kurt Straczynski is accused of threatening the kids, demanding that they lay on the ground to show him some respect, set an arrest affidavit that was obtained by WESH. Both children complied out of fear, but they were able to report the incident. Officers arrived at the scene. Straczynski ignored the officers clear and concise demands to stop being a psycho. And then he got hit with a stun gun and detained.

They found the screwdriver. He's charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill two counts of false imprisonment. And of a child under 13 and resisting an officer without violence. False imprisonment because you can't detain someone's movement.

That's what I keep telling people who think that protesters have a right to be in the roads. No, they literally that's literally a felony. That's a charge. Also, I got a whole other.

Where's this one? This is a crazy one. Okay, so this is I don't even know what kind of what kind of person were you raising that does this. So this Florida guy, Miami Dade, a grown man threw a temper tantrum in the store on Tuesday at brand brand smart brand smart USA store because the dad did not buy the 42 year old son what he wanted. Christopher Dade would not buy him what he wanted from the store. So he spat on him and kicked him in the face. He was arrested.

Bond has not yet been set. He looks like the the bad guy who thought he was all that in that movie 10 things I hate about you but grown up and on drugs. He looks like that guy. Anyway, can you imagine it's like some hunter stuff.

That's like some hunter level hunter Biden level. Like, I don't really want to read this story here. This is a bad one. What did what did Wimpy and Popeye used to say about hamburgers came?

Like I'll gladly pay a Tuesday for a hamburger today. Okay, well. Oh, no.

Yeah. How did you get this? I didn't send you this one.

No, no, you know who did? It's an older one. But it's Amber, Florida woman Amber. And when you get triple dog dare to read a story, I feel like I got to live up to Amber. I feel like that's what she does. One day I'm going to meet her in Florida. No, I'm not saying like threateningly anyway, because she's like, how about this one? And it'll be like double dog dare. This is funny.

So Pinellas Park man. He got busted trying to offer a female officer a hamburger for a good time. Let's just put it like that. Frank Capone propositioned a female officer that he thought was a prostitute.

Authorities arrested him on the prostitution charge. I love that this is literally a part of the story quote, it's unclear what type of burger was allegedly offered. It's probably my favorite part of the whole story is that.

Yeah, I mean. So apparently mangoes were launched 61 year old Charles Lovekin got into big trouble. He apparently had a run in with his neighbor. And they were throwing mangoes and rocks that it sounds like a Super Meyer Brothers thing. They were throwing mangoes and rocks at each other. Because according to WPLG, Lovekin said his neighbor was gay. I don't even understand this is so this is hysterical. So this it's a Broward man he threw mangoes at the neighbor because he thought he was gay.

North Lauderdale man now charged with hate crimes. So apparently what happened is on Sunday, Charles Lovekin got up to ask about a mango that had fallen onto the side of his patio and made a loud noise. Lovekin owns a mango tree. And then Lovekin became enraged at the man and started calling him gay. And then Lovekin then grabbed two mangoes and threw them at his neighbor. One missed the other hit him in the chest. Then he started throwing rocks at the victim and the victim dodged it. And then deputies arrived at the scene and I swear to you hands to sky. This is literally what he said, quote, Well, I threw the mangoes at him because I thought he was gay.

And according to this is local 10. This is the news they go they this is what they write. According to the report, the victim is married to a woman and has children. So not gay. And the victim is also taking blood thinners.

I guess it's important to know. So Lovekin is in the Broward County Jail on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon a mango battery causing bodily harm. Oh my gosh, committing a third degree felony with evidence of prejudice and committing a first degree misdemeanor with evidence of prejudice.

He's being held on a 15,000 dollar bond. mangoes were thrown because he thought because he said the guy was gay appearance. I mean, I can't even. So yeah, he and he was very at least he was very honest about it.

And the neighbor goes why I was very freaked out because I'm on blood thinners. Does that have anything to do with that? This story is so crazy. Caltech American made Caltech. They have a great American company based in Florida, Florida. Family owned and operated.

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That's K e l t e c Caltech Tell them that Dana sent you continue to detonate the credibility of the United States Supreme Court, because they don't agree with me. They don't agree with me. That's why this is Yeah, this is Hakeem Jeffries, leader of the leader of the house. Same talking about Sam Alito. And Clarence Thomas. I could call him Sam never met him.

Justice Alito and Justice Thomas. Because they're completely out of control. All right, so first off, welcome back to the program.

Dana lash with you pull up a chair. Let's talk some smack bottom of this first hour. All this has to first off, can we just have a conversation about all the different flags that are out there for just a quick hot second? Let me let me throw this over to I think if you had to be tested, I think if you yourself had to be tested as to all the different iterations of different actual either military authorized or in some other officially accepted flag that represents something with the United States, you would probably not pass the test. I'm just saying because there's now these are flags that I like.

You know why? Because these are flags that are flags about a purpose and principle. It's not a flag about well, this is how I like to have the sex. So I'm going to have a flag that represents layout. And this color means I got this bit and this color means this person's got this bit.

And we'll put our bits together like this. And this will that flag means something. Like the Gadsden flag, it means something. You know, you got the the Easton flag. The Gadsden flag is one of my favorites. And not just because you know, I've since the tea party days have adopted it and loved it and have it. I mean, I've got the Betsy Ross flag frame to my house. We got my house is just in case you were wondering my house is red, white and blue. My whole motif is red, white and blue, literally every bit of it. And I got Americana.

Everywhere. It's, it's not crazy. It's proper.

It's like Ron Swanson exploded in my house, but with a better actor. Anyway, so there's like, my point is that there's a ton of different types of flags, right? Got the Fort Mercer flag, you got all different types. And this flag that they're saying that Justice Alito. He apparently there was like one flag where he flew a flag upside down during dispute with neighbors. Alito sounds like a party. Can I just say, doesn't he?

He sounds like the dude that's got the dirt. Like Justice Thomas. I know his wife, and she's very lovely. Justice Thomas also seems hysterical. I don't know anyone else. I mean, you're the Supreme Court justice. And what do you do for your vacation when you're on break?

You get an RV and you go across America. He does that every year. I mean, it's pretty amazing. Justice Alito absolutely sounds like somebody who would spill the dirt at a dinner party that you want to sit next to him. You know what I mean?

He's he's just he seems like he's a lot of fun. So now they have this headline over the New York Times. This is how it started.

The headline is this. Another provocative flag was flown at another Alito home. Was it the the pander alphabet flag? If you would have flown that flag sidebar, if you would have flown that flag that pastel nightmare, it's disgusting pastel nightmare pastel should be outlawed. If you would have flown that they're horrible. If you would have flown that flag, would that that would have been acceptable came would it not be we wouldn't even be hearing about wouldn't even be hearing about it.

Y'all would be going about your day picking the meats that you have getting ready to do your cemetery visits for Memorial Day you all would be y'all would be going about your lives. But instead, we got to hear about it because they don't like how Alito thinks they being the progressive left. So he's got what they called an appeal to heaven flag.

I gotta be real with you. I wasn't I knew of it. But I wasn't super familiar with it. I mean, I knew of the flag, but I wasn't super familiar with it. And it's like an appeal to have an appeal to God and it was one of the when Washington was commander of the Continental Army, and it had to do with I don't know why they think it's also called the pine tree flag.

I don't know why they think it's a controversial thing. When he was commander in chief of the Continental Army, it was a flag. It's like the official Isn't it still the like an official maritime flag for Massachusetts?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. And it came from his secretary. And it said it's the pine tree and says appeal to heaven. And it's been like New England. It's like a big like flag still in New England, basically. Anyway, so John Locke talked about it on his second treaties of government.

I mean, it's you know, I mean, it's an official it's like a part of our heritage, our American heritage. And there was some there were like three supporters apparently that had that flag of Trump three Trump supporters that had that flag during the January six riot. Okay, and guess what all of the writers on January six came I don't know if this has not been widely reported. Did you know this? Breaking news?

All of the writers. On January six, all of them were shoes. What? Yeah. No one told us now.

I know this was not widely reported. So we know what this means that if look at your feet right now. Everybody just pause and look at your feet.

Unless you're driving a car. Don't do that. You can steal a quick glance. You see that what's on your feet? Shoes. Oh, my gosh.

I did you guys know that you basically support an attack on the Capitol? How do we not put this together? I you know, I'm telling you. I mean, they had and they only had three people like there were like three or four. It was like a tiny number. And they were kind of dispersed. And they had that they also had different flags, but they had the pine tree flag to the appeal to heaven flag. But they all were wearing shoes, which I think is a more important point of point to note here.

That is a common denominator is the shoe wearing all of them. I saw videos. I saw Did you see it when the security was opening the door? This? Guess what?

Guess what? The security was also wearing shoes. They opened the door and they when they were ushering in the shoe wearing people there at January six, and people had no idea most of them had no idea what the hell's going on. They thought it was a big tour.

They walk in, they're like, Oh, look at me stand behind the velvet ropes with their shoes. I mean that right there. And I hear Kane. I've never seen a photo of his feet. But I've heard that Justice Alito. Yeah. Also, don't say it wears shoes. I mean, talk about the other shoe dropping. That is the other shoe dropping. That's pretty amazing. So this New York Times piece they got three photographs. They said the appeal to heaven flag was aloft at the Alito home on Long Beach Island in July and September of 2023. They also got a Google Street View image. And they saw the flag very again, very common flag in the East Coast.

Now, they had an upside down American flag that he flew at his Virginia home in 21. He says his wife raised it during a clash with a neighbor. I have to have a full on sidebar for that little reaction. Men, I want you make an assessment.

I want you to make an assessment here. If your wife, normally if your wife has, you know, a little tit for tat with a neighbor or someone. It's like a petty thing, right? Maybe just maybe if there's a neighborhood event, that person doesn't get an invite, right? Maybe she doesn't say hello to them as y'all leave church, right? Maybe she just strolls her cart right on past them at the supermarket. Not Martha Ann Alito. No, Martha Ann Alito takes her happy backside outside.

She takes down the flag in up, turns it upside down, and then hoists it back up. I think it's best to not mess. Just saying.

Get you a wife, men that would take your flag and invert it and put it up as a as a message to the neighbor. So my gosh. So there were people who were concerned people busybodies. Apparently, there's a whole subset of people that do nothing but stare at Samuel Alito's house. And they're very worried about what he's doing. Not that there's a whole class of people that sit and watch Samuel Alito's house, but that he's doing things guys that they dislike.

Imagine that on his own property. Senator Lindsey Graham. I don't know. That's a great question.

I don't know how does. So they said that the appeal to heaven it was seen flying at the justices New Jersey home as a key January 6 case arrived at the Supreme Court. It was a case that determined whether those who stormed the Capitol could be prosecuted for obstruction. What?

And so they were upset. Judges should not be giving any this whole thing is a pre-supposition because there were literally only three flags pictured ever. Three flags. There's more Trump flags, MAGA flags, Gadsden flags, and a couple of other flags that are seen there.

So they said they're trying to allege and apparently he's they've take I would just say if the wife does that with the American flag, I'm pretty sure that the Alitos have like a collection of flags right that they put up. I think that it is you're you're you're trying to push bias by claiming that his possession of one of the fewest represented flags on January 6 is in any way indicative of bias. Furthermore, Alito has never lent any sort of never given the impression that he is biased one way or another in any of the J six stuff. Not in the way you would say that maybe Ruth Bader Ginsburg when she's talked about stuff previously, whether it's abortion or anything else, she never recused herself from abortion cases. Despite speaking out in favor of it with her own name on public. Or Sotomayor's activism or Kagan's remarks to say nothing of Kontanji Brown Jackson. I mean, this is silly. They're still mad because that little shrew Merrick Garland never made the Supreme Court.

So they've been wanting to pack the court ever since and now they want to get Alito out and they're just they're just trying to pick for something. I just want to know like at what point is there like a scale of acceptable flag? Of like what flags are acceptable and what aren't? You know, is there like a sliding scale? Like is it the appeal to heaven flag that's on the no no part and just like the irregular American flag?

That's the yes yes part. And then what's like in the middle? I'm just curious like what what what's one end of the spectrum or the other? What's the middle point? Like where do you start getting into suspicious territory? You know life busybodies?

When does this happen? I think the whole it's not a spectrum at all. The left will look at whatever they don't agree with as some sort of bigotry or racism or something.

And that's their spectrum. That's, you know, Alito also has an American flag. There were a lot of American flags there on January 6. Oh my gosh.

This is a flag that George Washington commissioned. That's not a scandal. That is so stupid to try to tie him to that. I mean, it's just it's insane. Stop.

I would be I mean, it's not like he flew up. You know, what is it one of the sex flags? That's what we're calling it now. It's a sex flag. It's not a pride flag. It's a sex flag. Stop.

The sex flag. Those who would take them away. But for the same reason, Madison writes, government must be limited because people in government have passions and interests, too. Many Americans today forget this, supposing that we can do away with constitutional limits on government, supposing that the unelected bureaucrats being put in charge of our health care, for example, will rule as if they are angels. If Madison was correct about human nature, this is foolish and dangerous.

To learn more and get a free pocket Constitution, visit And now all of the news you would probably miss. It's time for Dana's quick five. So Portland, DA, very progressive DA Mike Schmidt lost his election to Nathan Vasquez after his source back soft on crime policies were blamed for ruining the city. Yeah, Schmidt was the prosecutor for Multoma County covers Oregon, covers Portland in Oregon. Conceited the race to Vasquez yesterday, but Vasquez got over 54% over well over it was like well over 10% above Schmidt. So these progressive DAs are getting their backsides kicked because people are tired of it.

They're tired of of I mean, literally no justice. So a NASA spacecraft found a dead robot on the Mars surface. Wait, what? That's according to this report that came in Mars reconnaissance order has been looking down at the surface of the red planet for about 20 years. It caught sight of another robot. This one, though, is one from NASA sent to the surface of Mars in 2018. But it stopped functioning. Yet it's still proving to be a useful study tool. The grainy photo that you can see on the simulcast. That's the robot Can't you tell that's the robot that it found a little mark there on the screen. The NASA spacecraft, it's another agency, like I said, another agency machine, but it was sent to study the interior and take essentially the temperature reflexes, the pulse of the planet.

So I mean, I guess it's still getting some information. But the state of Texas is going to face a heat index. Finally, I've been waiting for this cook us. Tired of this stupid 80 degree weather and rain and humidity. I want dry and sun. Come on. They said Texas is going to face the heat index of 110 degrees in late spring.

It's going to be a test for the power grid. I don't care. Bring on the sun and the heat. I'm tired of this.

Are you tired of a cane? I'm ready for some consistent weather is basically what I want. I want some consistently good weather. I don't want it to be like, Oh, here's the sun that's out today. I guess I'll and then no tornadoes and hail. Gonna bash your head in with some ice rocks.

Just done with it. In Florida, one county told residents to prepare for a very active hurricane season. They do this every year, though. Every year there people are told Guess what you live in a state that's going to get hit by hurricanes.

Guess what hurricanes probably statistically going to come may not be a cat five, but just be ready. So they're ready. It's not anything new. The world's first head transplant system has been revealed. This looks like some shenanigans. I'm going to say so it they it's a start up called brain bridge, which literally sounds like a character from the mighty Bush neuroscience and by it, I mean, it is that guy's name is Bainbridge brain bridge. They did a CGI demo where an entirely robotic system simultaneously removes the heads of donor and recipient before swapping another one onto a grizzly convey conveyor belt. Yeah, that Yeah, CGI because as you know, that anything can that CGI does can be real.

Right? I mean, they just swap it out on a little who's the donor head? Who's gonna be like, Yes, I would like to be a head donor.

Who does that? Well, we don't mess with anything in terms of the term victim, we just change offender to justice impacted individual. Adding the Department of Corrections, adding Human Services, adding Sangamon and Cook County adult probation, and two members who've experienced the ARI system as offenders or justice impacted individual. It might seem like a small thing. I mean, obviously, changing the term can have a positive or negative impact when we do that. But I would say that over and over again, we keep changing the names for how we are referring to those who are, have entered into the hell is that activity. And each time we make that change, each agency has to make that change on every one of their documents.

So right now in the Department of Corrections, there's multiple changes that have been made. And it's costing 1000s and 1000s of dollars just to do a name change. So I would ask, why is it necessary to make the name change? Even if the rest of the bill was okay, which I don't think that it is. But even if the rest of it was okay, the name changes may seem like a small thing, but it costs 1000s and 1000s of dollars to do that.

This was in Illinois, where they decided to change his Illinois Hospital 4409. And they wanted to change the word offender to, as you heard, quote, justice impacted individual in the state law. Welcome back to the program.

Dana lash with you. Words have no meaning. Justice impacted individual as though through no fault of their own justice just hit them. They didn't do anything. I was out minding my own business and I'll be damned justice hit me upside the head.

Wait, what that I am impacted by it. The justice. They make it sound like it's a knockout game and some rando named justice is running around smacking people.

That's what they make it sound like. That but as dumb as you think this is, it's not as dumb as this bill passing both the House and Senate in Illinois, and making its way to the governor, who's going to sign it. So it's not offender. So in Illinois, they're not going to be offender. It's justice impacted individual.

Now, when you hear that phrase, justice impacted individual. What do you think of? What is the point of this? What do you think of?

I mean, they're still going to prison. I'm justice impacted. It sounds like a comedy. This is like an SNL skit.

This is not a real thing. So I said you can't say crime. They went from criminal to offender because remember, it used to be criminal. Then they went to offender. And now they're going to say justice impacted individual. And they're going to say, justice impacted individual. Where does this stop? I'm a justice impacted individual. When does this stop?

This is so in this and it passed both chambers. What are you? What if you're a thief? What would they call that? A undocumented taker? Borrower? Undocumented possessor?

Oh, I like that. So that's what burglars will be called now. No, no, he's not a thief. He's not a burglar. That's a harsh term.

Come on. Undocumented possessor, because we all know that the reason why these crimes keep happening is because the names of the people who commit the crimes hurt the criminals feelings. And they're like, you know what, because of that, I'm going to keep stealing. I'm going to keep stealing things. I'm mad at you. So is this what they would describe like the people who are driving up their murder rate?

Justice impacted individuals? I can't. This is crazy. What if you're a drug dealer? Someone said, are they going to be called unlicensed pharmacist? Ooh, what if you're like a kidnapper? Surprise detainer. I'm just saying, this is all crazy. This is crazy. This is what they're doing, though.

I'm just waiting to see what else is next. But you that one lawmaker made a good point. They have to change this on all their documents. And that's not cheap. Because anything with the government isn't cheap. If you have to change a document, say maybe out in the real world that costs you know, 25 cents. But if it's the government, that's $2,500 Thank you. Because you got to pay for the the Rube Goldberg machine of government workers that do it for you.

This I don't know how you're going to change it. I'm just the paper passer. They hand me the paper and I pass the paper to the other person who passes the paper to someone else. They got to pay my salary to it is how that works. It's the Rube Goldberg machine of government employees. And then Biden forgives forgives all their student loan. It's craziness.
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