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Absurd Truth: Congressional Committee Or Jerry Springer

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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May 17, 2024 3:23 pm

Absurd Truth: Congressional Committee Or Jerry Springer

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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May 17, 2024 3:23 pm

 A screaming match occurs in a committee hearing between AOC, Marjorie Taylor-Greene and Jasmine Crockett. Meanwhile, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya joins us to discuss the WHO urging the US to commit to a new global treaty to prevent and manage future pandemics.

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It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. So I'm trying to get my head around this headline. Florida Man is accused of stealing $30,000 in Pokemon cards and is foiled by a topless MMA coach. It's a lot of stuff happening here. First off, I know a little bit about Pokemon because when my kids were like super little, they were into Pokemon. And they had the cards and all that. So I know that some of them are very valuable. But $30,000 in Pokemon cards, like dude, what cards were you going for?

You know what I mean? Like what he so this was earlier, actually, two weeks ago, the guy entered pro play games in Miami, he wanted to see a binder full of Pokemon cards. He snatched them attempted to flee.

The store's general manager said that they felt so helpless because it was like watching 30 to $40,000 of their hard work just white walk off. And then bystanders confronted them and then so they say topless they make it sound like it's a woman. It was a shirtless MMA you students Newsweek what's the matter with you? A shirtless MMA guy he the shop owner, I guess was yelling outside because it was kind of a strip mall thing. And two March martial arts coaches went out to help and they caught him.

They whooped him on camera. It's pretty entertaining video. But yeah, that's how Yeah, they they can be like super, super like for instance, they're there's like what is it a PSA grade 10 Illustrator card that that one dude who's on YouTube got for like 5.2 the most expensive card ever. That's wild. Like you thought beanie babies were bad. I remember those that was a big deal in the 90s. When I just remember as a kid, and it wasn't kids who had beanie babies. It was like adults who had them.

It was weird. It was like those little porcelain things that people would collect. What were the name of those? They were like, little dolls or something.

precious moments. Was that it? I don't know.

Did they have the big eyes? I'll have to look it up. But yeah, I don't know.

A Florida man busted for battery. This is gross. No.

No. This guy used his soiled diaper as a weapon. According to the smoking gun. This happened with an 18 year old Damien cast and who was arguing with his brother. And cast and cops reported is paralyzed but ambulatory by using his upper body and reading the charging docks, cast and damaged walls. He apparently go I took his diaper off and threw it at his brother and struck his brother in the chest. And then that so now he's charged with domestic battery. I am fascinated by this. The guy the guy with the wheel cheese and he because he took his diaper through his diaper became a weapon and that's like assault. The house going on.

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Perry's you'll be recognized in miss I'm not apologize for James what I mean comers just like that hell I just want to get done with this and then he comes he's like I'm deaf I just want to get done oh my gosh it's Congress everybody your tax dollars pay for this welcome back Dana lash again oh yeah the greasy skids of Congress greasy for who knows why but I I get I do agree I think we need a separate girl Congress just take y'all's drama over there I don't even this had to do with the what was it the ongoing green had asked but she was looking to see if anybody there in sitting in the committee had actually been working with Judge Rashad that's Jennifer van Lars independent reporting that was stolen by some plasticine grifters and you know try to they try to pass it off as their own original reporting but she's the one who broke all that stuff over at red state and it they were she was asking as to whether or not any of the Democrats on the committee had benefited from that lady's fundraising you know Steve's right I mean I was waiting for somebody to go Jerry Jerry yeah I'm just waiting for it wait for a chair to get thrown there's always a chair to get thrown I wonder how many chairs they went through it's always a chair to get thrown but did they get it back on track after that I don't know I just wanted to you know I don't know did they get it back on track I mean I am just mesmerized and I said earlier I don't know how I feel about stuff like this because as someone I mean I told you yesterday I cut my teeth in activism in the streets in st. Louis like literally running around raising money and raising hell and I you know I kind of always felt that the stuff in Congress there's a lot of very improper things that happen and are done and and carried out over the American people and they're given this veneer of propriety from the processes through which it happens now they sit there and their business where at their little oak desks and they sit in this committee room and they gavel in and they gavel out and they go through all these processes and it looks very official and very orderly but the stuff that's being done is neither orderly nor official no is it nor is it moral nor is it half of a constitutional and they go through this whole this whole Rube Goldberg of the appearance of propriety and yet what's being done to you isn't proper at all what's being done to taxpayers isn't proper at all and so it's it's like they they think that somehow though keeping it they're ensconced in the well carpeted committee rooms that that makes it somehow more it makes it right it makes it proper it makes it moral makes it good right and I just don't know I just so part of me is like I understand that civility is really the last line of defense against a completely just broken down society but at the same time there are a lot of people who don't deserve civility and I'm not in a position to indulge people with the welfare of giving it when I don't feel it so you know what I mean like I I don't know right right am I being wrong on this or should we be like no this is you know what they can't act like this everybody be adults should always strive to treat people fairly Dana I think people should be treated as they deserve that's me yeah there's actually an argument so my very diagonistic cynicism comes in but most of mine the reason I go that route is because you know it's like anger is like drinking poison expecting your enemy to die it's not gonna happen yeah you gotta gotta find a center gotta find that it's they just get dramatic over well that's what I mean they that's this is the lesson for them is what I'm saying I do think that the eyelash thing that was like kind of with some weak sauce I mean you didn't have to those words but still to strike those words it's like I don't know was it disparaging she's like she just said maybe you're a very large eyelash yeah she's like maybe your eyelashes are doing this I mean they're like stage size you know I don't know I've to each to their own but you know I'm just saying you know hey the time is now to revolutionize how you approach health and wellness so I want to introduce you to lumen it's a groundbreaking handheld metabolic coach and with lumen you can track your metabolism through your breath and get real-time insights on whether you're burning fat or carbs and the best part is that the lumen app provides tailored guidance to enhance your nutrition your workouts your sleep cycles even stress management so it works pretty easy you just breathe 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quick five I don't like robots that do human stuff it's like weird and think for themselves and so in this freak robot that apparently was made in China can learn I don't know really was it or is this China being like no no no we don't have like crappy tech at all I don't believe when I read stuff like this but they said apparently they're trying to expand this humanoid robot offerings that they have and they have this s1 and apparently it can actually handle hold 22 pounds per arm it can go at a pace of 32.8 feet per second and it's so it's only wires and metals right now but they and they said apparently it even can do calligraphy and open and pour wine flip a sandwich in a frying pan and it also folds and irons laundry that's I don't want it to do all that stuff just I don't I don't need all that humans you got to be careful here you're gonna outsource everything you do in life to robots can't I cannot wait for the South Park is gonna tackle because of Cartman the Ozempit craze in an end of obesity special the seventh Paramount Plus South Park's storyline and date has been announced and they're calling it the end of obesity and so Cartman is denied access to life-changing medication and the kids jump into action and so they he's being told that he's his weight is out of control he needs to get on smegulitude smegul it whatever that is he needs to get what is it like a derivative of it he needs to get on that that's what he's got to get on so this is gonna be so I'm so watching this also inflation is a problem but I don't know what's going on Amazon Amazon workers say they're struggling to afford food and bread they're also struggling to not run their trucks headfirst into people that I know I'm just saying but they said that they're having their warehouse workers are struggling I don't know I always like wonder when I you know when you kind of do wonder this stuff like how inflation than Amazon yeah like what yeah like how's it going there on the Amazon warehouses frozen human brain tissue brought back to life in a major breakthrough I feel like we shouldn't be doing this they said that they may be able scientists may someday be able to freeze brains bring them back to life following a major breakthrough in cryogenics this would explain some of the stuff I've been seeing on Twitter lately in terms of behavior again though this is one of the things where they say well it's researchers some of the researchers are from China which makes me question the the viability of any of it we have a lot more on the way including the latest we got culture and a st. Louis police officer under fire because he lit a cigar while arresting a suspect welcome back to the program Dana lash with you at the bottom of the second hour and I've been very eager to talk to our next guest because I we when we went into it when pandemic and lockdown and everything else happened we live in an era where we have more access to information than we ever have before and you would consider this such a great period of enlightenment a great period of being able to ask questions and get answers and have honest discussions and not try to relegate people who are simply asking questions and wanting transparency relegating them to like the trash heap of censorship and in fact what we got was the exact opposite which then made people distrust everything that they were hearing even more and as it turns out for good reason joining me right now you're very familiar with dr. Jay Bhattacharya professor at Stanford School of Medicine and he's been very outspoken with with all of this particularly too with the censorship obviously we've talked about Biden v. Missouri or Murphy v. Missouri at this point and also his new piece that he has over at Real Clear Policy talking about the World Health Organization now urging not just us the United States but over 190 other governments to agree to this global treaty to prevent and manage future pandemics and I gotta say dr. Bhattacharya I'm a little surprised by this because aren't we still conducting our own inquiry into this how can we even come to a position of entering into a treaty with them when we're still doing a looking at everything that we did wrong I mean Dana I think you hit it right on the head the problem is that WHO failed during this pandemic they absolutely failed they failed the they and they've elevated the people who potentially may have been contributed to causing the pandemic the chief scientific advisor of the WHO is a man named Jeremy Farrar who was a was the head of welcome trust which supported the Wuhan lab and the EcoHealth Alliance the the WHO mismanaged the pandemic recommending lockdowns at scale essentially copying the Chinese approach we should not be trusting them with more power and that is exactly what this double agent treaty is asking for that we should give them more power over our health decisions over our management of future pandemics it's not wrong to have international cooperation on pandemics I mean that I want to make sure people understand that's clear but the problem is that these people do not deserve our trust and to come now around and say we should keep the same people in charge as if they did nothing wrong before we've done an honest investigation of all of the problems that they caused I think that's just a tremendous mistake and it's interesting to you where you mentioned you know some of the the misleading information the government gave particularly with gain of function because now it's now even though we've known it the whole time now the stories are coming out oh it's official National Institutes of Health they came out and said yes you know we did fun gain-of-function research even though we were denying it it makes it difficult to believe them and to your point too with the WHO correct me if I'm wrong on this but I remember distinctly when China was talking to the WHO about entering into you know kind of group projects like this with other nations Taiwan was excluded even though they had been leading in terms of contamination and prevention and reducing numbers of infections but nobody wanted to talk to them about what they were doing because of the animosity with China and Taiwan oh no that definitely happened and the WHO Taiwan is persona non grata I guess country non grata you know the WHO because because of the Chinese influence there in fact there was a very awkward moment of one of the lead so the lead officials WHO the same man named Bruce off Bruce Allwood was in it being interviewed by this journalist and she asked him about Taiwan is like early 2020 and he pretended to not hear her and then like logged off the zoom call because he couldn't talk about China be about Taiwan I think a world organization devoted to health is a good idea but we need honest transparent leadership we need open communication we should not be having a the kind of sort of anti-science decisions not being checked by by by you know other scientists we and certainly we should not be having this leadership that led us through it very poorly this pandemic just get more power I mean that the premise seems to be of this WHO treaty is that the only problem was they didn't have enough power that they didn't take over the decision of countries enough and I have no idea why anyone in the United States thinks it's in an American interest to do it I effectively all for all 190 countries anyone that's listening I'd recommend don't don't sign on ask more questions demand more answers before you say yes please take my sovereignty yeah especially when as you've noted as well there's a lot of questions as to what actually this entails because you said that when you read the current draft of this whole treaty itself it doesn't talk about harm prevention it talks about things like fighting misinformation which you have some experience at right I mean their problem they think that the problem was that there were outside critics of their anti-science policies they they changed the definition of that the vaccine during the what a vaccine is during the during pandemic they changed the definition of herd immunity they embraced social distancing with no science admittedly absolutely no science behind it they recommended lockdowns to the poorest countries where millions of people starved as a consequence of it so they you know the problem and you know it's fine I guess that in science you can be wrong the issue is like science corrects itself by allowing people to criticize each other to talk to talk to each other but the doubly Jen wants to do is essentially silence criticism that's what when they write we want to suppress misinformation what they mean is they want people to stop criticizing them effectively and that's and they essentially are leaning into this movement of unfortunately worldwide movement to censor people who disagree with government policy and to use their control over social media to do that yeah and which which you've been censored you've been targeted just because you've been asking questions and sharing transparently information which if that's the goal I love you said you know science corrects itself which it does I mean if this is purely academic and it's purely you know to find answers and to remedy these issues well then there's no then you want to take all good ideas and you want to have those answers but that's not what was wanted no and in fact as you mentioned with Missouri be buying no with Matthew Murphy view Missouri at the beginning of the of your of your segment that that essentially just solicitors understand I'm sure your listeners understand data but like that yeah we actually have Andrew Bailey's gonna be on later later this hour yeah he's one of my heroes I love I love the I love what he's done and so what that case found was that the US government the Biden ministration essentially was going to social media companies and telling them you said you know censor these people and these ideas or else we're gonna go after you we'll use our regulatory party to destroy you this is the threats of social media companies and of course they complied I was put on a Twitter blacklist the day I joined Twitter for the crime of sharing the idea that lockdowns were a bad idea I think I think that the the COVID era has revealed powers that our government shouldn't have and it is incumbent on ourselves to to hold the government to account and to put in place traditional American notions of checks and balances I mean the First Amendment is a great idea the problem is we didn't have one during for during the COVID era and I think that that's part of the reason why the United States fared so poorly the world fares so poorly and the WHO what it wants is a power grab that wants to suppress speech it wants to censor people so that people won't criticize them I mean it's not that all the criticisms are there or go to right I mean but that's just the way that the marketplace of ideas works the good ideas rise to the top because they're true the bad ideas don't you can't ex ante say oh I know exactly what what what what good ideas and bad ideas are I'm the government therefore you shouldn't criticize me that is a recipe for catastrophically bad decisions and this treaty I know that from what I've been able to see I don't think that the president has signed on to it but I am interested if this is gonna I'm interested to see if this is going to be treated like as an actual treaty and go through the process as is required in the Senate I just saw a letter from I think 49 different senators led by Ron Johnson all Republican demanding that if it is if the United States does want to consider this that it be treated as a treaty that it actually be get subject to a two-thirds vote in the Senate I mean I think that you know American people deserve at least that if we are going to sign away our sovereignty in this way at least two-thirds of the Senate should agree on it and we should have a massive public debate it should become a central issue of the of the of the presidential election right if we are deciding I mean what we saw what happened in last four years every single Americans welfare is at stake in these decisions it's not a theoretical thing it will happen again and if we give the kinds of powers the WHO wants it's going to impact the life of every single American because you've noted doctor that that we've not repudiated the failed policies that I mean had such a disastrous effect not just on our population in our country but elsewhere so why would we even entertain this idea because that's what it is I mean it all of this is gonna happen again because we did not thoroughly repudiate it the first time I entirely agree with that Dana it's if the end of and the I mean I you know need naive I was data in 2022 I wrote a piece actually 20 21 I wrote a piece of the Wall Street Journal calling for a Honest COVID Commission kind of like if you have a plane crash you you see what happened and you could make some reforms in 2022 I put out a blue blueprint for a for what Honest COVID Commission would ask that there's something called a Norfolk group document still online you can go check me my friends we wrote this thing but just questions that you should ask an honest quote none of those questions have been answered by any official body not one of them has been answered by an official body and at this point it's quite frustrating I mean I thought I honestly thought because of the catastrophic mistakes we made during the pandemic that scientific bodies would come together and say well for the good of the people let's let's do in a set not to a portion blame but just to say here's what we're wrong here the reforms we need let's take the undertake them I have not seen that happen in the United States I mean we do have the Republican Congress looking overlooking with this COVID Commission starting to make some progress but it needs to be a bipartisan thing no public health is not politics if you don't win with 50 plus one in public health you need basically universal support and you gain that by being honest about about ideas about evidence we have not had that today we haven't had it and I worry that we won't I love what you had said previously we're talking with dr. Jay Bhattacharya where you had said that going back in an enlightenment in the Gutenberg press and the democratization of ideals and that we are at this you know sort of second maybe second enlightenment but we have a choice you know are we are we going to go towards being able to actually access and share information are we gonna go towards tyranny and I don't honestly think we've made that decision as the society idea I would have thought it would been the easiest decision to make in the history of mankind but we like what's happened what's it's interesting because I when the internet sort of exploded people thought this is an engine for unleashing the creativity of the world communicating with people from way far outside of our normal realm and and that there's the interchange of ideas would just lead to human flourishing but it turns out that the same technologies can be used for control or suppression or authority or creation and and maintenance of authoritarian power and so we do we face that we face a decision are we going to use these these technologies that allow us to talk to talk with each other very freely outside of the control of anyone looking over our shoulder and and then use that the same way the Gutenberg press allowed people to print books and communicate with other each other which led to the scientific revolutions that we enjoyed or are we going to allow authoritarian powers to use that same technologies to contain us to suppress us to censor us to allow us to put us in a corner where we just have to bow to the powers on high you say that they are the science itself yeah that's a great point dr. J about acharya we so appreciate your your speech on this and your fight in this and of course you know we're watching the SCOTUS case as well we're talking to the AG Andrew Bailey coming up next hour so should be a good conversation too and I definitely am going to mention this but it's so good to have you on would love to have you back but thank you thank you for your transparency and your honesty and your true criticism it's we need more of it we appreciate you thank you anyway thanks for having me on of course thank you thanks for tuning in to today's edition of Dana lashes absurd truth podcast if you haven't already made sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcast Spotify or wherever you get your podcast
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