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Absurd Truth: Shocker...Another Dem Is Racist

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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May 14, 2024 3:36 pm

Absurd Truth: Shocker...Another Dem Is Racist

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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May 14, 2024 3:36 pm

Mayor Eric Adams says immigrants could work as lifeguards because they are “excellent swimmers”. Meanwhile, Dana is awaiting every single company showing how woke they are by dusting off their rainbow gear in anticipation of Pride Month in June.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. I am amazed at the story of Florida Man is accused of spitting on a Walmart employee during a squabble.

Now he maintains that he was sneezing. Flager County, Channing Cooks. You can't have two last names.

And one of the last names be your first name. That's not right. Florida Man was arrested. He spit on this employee. Deputy said Channing Cooks, 37 of Palm Coast, was taken to Flager County Jail on a battery charge because if you spit on someone, this battery. And the battery complaint, it happened with a Walmart employee. She said she was involved in an altercation with the customer. And he spit in her face. It was caught on the store's surveillance cameras, because he tried to return merchandise without a receipt. And he'd maintained that it was a misunderstanding and that he had unintentionally sneezed on her. And he was trying to exchange baby formula. And she said he spat in her face repeatedly while yelling, I have a cold. I'm going to say that I believe probably the Walmart employee.

There's video because there is video and I don't the wordage. Well, it's you can imagine. So he's in he's in the pokey on battery charge. That's Kane.

He was like trying to get her sick with a cold. We know that. Oh, yeah. A Florida Man known as El Gato was arrested for stabbing and striking me with a golf club.

Officials say. Oh, my gosh, this was in Tampa. He beat the victim with a club stabbed him in the neck. Julio Hernandez approached the victim began hitting him with the club.

This guy's 54 years old. And he stabbed the guy in the head stole his wallet and gold chain. And according to NBC affiliate there, the victim was found bleeding taken to a hospital for treatment.

They found officials found the metal golf club broken into three pieces. At the scene. That's pretty crazy. So he was arrested. He's he's known as El Gato. And so he's charged with attempted second degree murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, armed robbery with a firearm or deadly weapon, no bond issued.

Yeah, that sounds like a little, little over the top. A Florida Man was arrested for throwing a beer bottle at a fan at a Rays game. Fans get really wound up at stuff.

This guy St. Petersburg, Florida. Eric Pfeiffer, 29, was in an argument with another person at Tropicana Field. The Rays were taking on their indivision rival, the Yankees. And then there was an argument, an escalation, Pfeiffer threw a beer bottle into the stands. It hit a third separate bystander, cut his head. And he was not even in the argument.

So he's was released on $5,000 bond. Hillsdale College is one of those Hillsdale where you don't see any protests happening at their commencement ceremonies because all their students are educated. And they've been doing such a great job at making sure that everybody is aware like everybody they reach out to everybody on behalf of liberty and, you know, really defense of our constitutional principles. It's a small Christian classical liberal arts college in southern Michigan. And they were founded in 1844. And to pursue truth and defend liberty with education. And that's what they've been doing. They have free resources that you can do.

You can take advantage of not just at their campus in southern Michigan, but really, no matter where you are, like, for instance, their Free Speech Digest and Primus that they send out every month, and they discuss so many, they do deep dives on so many issues with leading conservative thinkers. For instance, they've been talking about the I mean, of all things medicine, right, the American Medical Association, which you would think would be like the last institution to fall to DEI shenanigans. But nope, because now they're saying that, oh, medicine as an industry, is just rampant with white supremacy. So as a result to defeat white supremacy, we have to lower standard standards on all medical school entrance tests.

Now, that doesn't make any sense. But that's literally what they're doing. And it's not just happening with medicine. But it's also happening with law and other fields.

Yeah, do you feel confident with that, like the next time you undergo surgery? I mean, think about it. That's where we're at.

It's terrifying. And this is what Hillsdale is exploring. There's no cost or obligation to get in Primus or any of the stuff that they produce for free. They produce in mail and Primus as part of their educational mission on behalf of Liberty. Sign up for your free subscription today at The plan that states those jobs that we are in high demand, we could expedite. How do we have a large body of people that are in our city and country that are excellent swimmers? And at the same time, we need lifeguards. And the only obstacle is that we won't give them the right to work to become a lifeguard. Did he just say what I think he said? So that is Mayor Eric Adams, who suggests that illegal immigrants could fill the lifeguard shortage in New York City, because he says they're excellent swimmers. You realize, first off, that parts of the Rio that are the most crossed are shallow enough to just walk across?

Number one. Number two, why doesn't he just call them the slur that's in his head? You know, someone's back is damp. That's what he's basically calling them.

Oh, my gosh, and and they just call them the slur that's in his head. They have a lifeguard shortage. Where the hell are they swimming in Manhattan? Where are they swimming?

You know, not East River. That's not unless you want like, you know, to run into some dead bodies or, you know, pollution. I don't know. I'd want them to concentrate on guarding life, you know, on land first. Give that a shot.

Try that out. I just cannot believe that he's like, yeah, the lifeguard shortages because they're great swimmers, you know, the illegals that are coming over. They're great swimmers, clearly.

I mean, they got across the Rio. So you know, imagine if Donald Trump said this at a rally or somewhere. If Donald Trump said that these illegals coming over excellent swimmers, let's give them lifeguard jobs.

What would be at that moment? The media response to that? That's like saying, I mean, Eric Adams is basically like, let's put them in charge of making tequila, you know, because they're Mexicans. So they must love that tequila, right?

Am I right New Yorkers make Mexican coke right here in New York? Oh, my gosh. I, I saw the headline and I was like, no way he said that. No, he said it. We just played it.

Yeah, he did. Yeah, they can be I just cannot get Holy cow, guys. Seriously. It's different. The swimming I mean, good night.

You can just like walk across it. Wait, but it was didn't didn't people get in trouble? Didn't they say that the Border Patrol that was on horses and they had a horse rains? And they were accused of having whips and they tried to ruin their lives and their careers by saying they were racist and whipping people that this is this is real.

What he said. Holy cow, do Democrats know what racism is? Do they know when they're being racist? Yeah, they can come right across the border. I mean, they can just be lifeguards because clearly those illegals are great swimmers.

You know, what did you see them just swim right across the rear? It's amazing. I mean, with Kathy Hochul just last week saying black kids and don't know what computers are. Yeah, they're doing a bang up job in New York. The governor thinks that black kids don't know what computers are.

And the mayor of Manhattan thinks that they should just get all the illegals to be lifeguards, you know, because the swimming if it wasn't real, I don't know if I'd be laughing this hard. I am. I don't even know what to say. Oh, my gosh. This is so bad. Can I hear it one more time? This is so bad. Oh, yeah.

Who says this stuff? Mayor Adams. A plan that states those jobs that we are in high demand, we could expedite. How do we have a large body of people that are in our city and country that are excellent swimmers? And at the same time, we need lifeguards. And the only obstacle is that we won't give them the right to work to become.

Oh, my gosh, the only obstacle is we're not hiring them to be our lifeguards. You know? So and then you have Nadler, who's like, yeah, we need people to come out here and pick our fruit and vegetables. Oh, my gosh, these people. That's your that's an ad.

That and Kathy Hochul. Those are ads. Where are the republic? Where's the Nadler saying what he said and Pelosi saying what she said, where that you're saying that we're not hiring them to be our lifeguards. They're there.

You know what? That should be an ad Republicans. This one's for free. This one's for free. That's an ad. You want to know what Democrats think of minority families in America?

Here it is. These are ads. And the other part of this that really strikes me after the racism part is he thinks that someone's being mean to illegal immigrants by not hiring them as lifeguards. And that's an obstacle because they're not getting hired because people are too stupid to see their value as swimmers. Can you believe it?

These people aren't just grabbing them out of the Rio, plucking them right out of the Rio and putting them in pools all around Manhattan. Is that not something? C say podway. Yeah. Bogota.

Mm hmm. Despacito. Yeah, that's right. Yeah.

Despacito. Just send Biden out there to I can't you guys. That's that. That's the that's the Democrat Party right there.

That's an ad. And then you know, you have this audio soundbite for I don't know what what was this? Again, this goes right along with it. This is Biden talking about, I don't know. Talking about diversity.

Listen, there is no singular Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander identity, and diversity in those cultures, the breadth of achievement and shape the strength and fabric of this country. What? What? I think he had a teleprompter. Did he pick up there? Did he? He said there's no I'm gonna try to read the transcript make this make sense.

All right. There there is no singular Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander identity and diversity and those cultures, the breadth of achievement. Maybe if you read it slower.

There is no singular Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, right identity and diversity and those cultures. Yeah, the breadth of achievement. I got lost right about there. Yeah, I got lost like, almost immediately. Yeah.

Yeah. That didn't help. Definitely did not help. Yeah, it didn't really.

It didn't really help. And then you have this from Bernie Sanders audio soundbite eight, because apparently, there's so much racism in medicine that white doctors are just killing minorities. Listen, only when black, Latino and Native American patients have access to black, Latino and Native American doctors, their health outcomes substantially improve.

They're more likely to receive preventative services, they're more satisfied with their care, and they're more likely to live longer. Doesn't that violate a law to not provide people with good care and, and also the you know, the Hippocratic Oath and all. So black, so Bernie Sanders is saying black doctors should only be treating black people, black people should only see black doctors. Hispanic people should only see Hispanic doctors, right? Asian people should only see Asian doctors, and white people should only see white doctors.

Is that what I'm to understand out of this? But I want to see an Indian doctor. No, you don't get to because you're Hispanic. Half Hispanic. So part of the time you can see a Hispanic doctor and then you can see a white doctor. So it sounds like segregation.

Well, it's because apparently white people are killing all the minorities and health, the health care. Oh, is that what it is? Yeah, that's what I'm assuming.

You know, when they're not getting plucked out of the Rio to go on lifeguard in New York, they're getting killed by white doctors. I don't know, maybe the anatomy is different. Maybe there's something like, you know, Like webbed toes or something? Yeah, I don't know. Maybe. Do you have a forked tongue? Partially?

I don't know. Like, that's what they make it sound like. They make it sound like no, there's different anatomy for the minority patients. That's what they make it sound like when they sit here and go, well, they should be treated only by a doctor of their specific race or ethnicity.

E pluribus unum. Our country came together to reject all this stuff. You see how stupid all the DEI stuff is? It's so dumb. It's so dumb. I can't believe we have this many sound bites on this. I, um, wow.

They're going to try and make this a thing too, I think. What? Going into the election. The medicine stuff?

Oh, yeah. Trump, they've already talked about some of the stuff that Trump says. There are some things we can consider when cutting the behemoth that is Medicare and Medicaid, and people only think about losing coverage. They don't think about the benefits of, you know, a smaller government.

Well, that's, yeah, I mean, the smaller government makes, yeah. I'm just, this is who this party is. This is what they're showing you.

This is who they are. Our friends over at Kel-Tec, the Sub 2K, the Gen 3 is out. It's been shipping, and if you are unfamiliar with this 9mm carbine and you need to make yourself familiar, I just like it because it folds in half, and to be able to have a gun that does, that's pretty cool. Now, my previous version, which is not Gen 3, I would have to detach my optic, but with Gen 3, this is one of the new additions or the new upgrades that they've made to it. You don't have to detach your optics anymore to fold it in half.

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That's Tell them Dana sent you. And now, all of the news you would probably miss. It's time for Dana's Quick 5.

Ooh, ooh, ooh. A record number of Americans are expected to travel by car this Memorial Day weekend, and airports could be busier than they've ever been since 2005, according to an estimate released by AAA. They're anticipating 43.8 million people will travel 50 miles or more from home over the holiday weekend, surpassing pre-pandemic levels. My favorite thing is not being on the road.

I'm going to just grill all kinds of meats, and that's what I'm going to do. I'm not going to—I don't need to go road trip anymore. I don't need to go. See, I'm not driving. We live too far away to, like, really have a road trip to go see family, so.

But a lot of people are going to be traveling, so plan accordingly. This—Judge Judy is suing the National Enquirer for defamation over the Menendez brothers' article. Things I don't care about for 500, Alex. This is crazy. Two Missouri women—it's not Florida—Missouri women be giving them Florida ladies a run for their money. Two Missouri women ended up in jail because they brawled over Disney World tickets and a golf cart, said police.

Catherine Northrup and Gina Danforth both admitted to police that they punched each other, according to arrest affidavit. Why do—okay, they were vacationing in Florida. They ended up getting into a fight over a golf cart and Disney World tickets. Okay, so can't—why does everything have to escalate to getting the police involved? Can't you just have—yes, you shouldn't do this if you're an adult, but can't you just have some playground justice? You know what I'm saying? Like, can't two women just slap fight with each other over a golf cart and just not—and then just walk away and be like, okay, well, we got in a fight and now we're not in a fight anymore. Can we just, like, leave it at that? Do we have to escalate everything to getting the law involved? Golly, people. Take a beating or give a beating.

But don't get the law involved, right? That's a t-shirt. Let's see, this, um, the portal—have you guys heard about this? So there's a portal that connects New York and Dublin, and it's in real time, and it's like, um, they use the internet and they bridge— it's like a live stream, so they live stream what's happening in Dublin to New York and New York to Dublin. Well, more some shenanigans because people have been doing some offensive stuff, whether they're flashing people front or back. There's also, like, somebody hijacked it and put the 9-11 towers, the attack on the towers. They—I don't know how they did that. Yeah, they said it was designed to bring the world closer together, but guess what? People will troll each other, and that's exactly what's happening.

Apparently, there was somebody very drunk and grinding against the portal. Yeah. Hi, gays! I love seeing so many humans who can top their field while still being power bottoms.

Not to mention what it feels like to be in a room with this many men and not need mace. I love the gay community. In fact, I was in love with a homosexual.

It was my first love. I tried to convert him for years, but now I know conversion therapy doesn't work. Did you hear me, Mike Pence?

I said conversion therapy isn't real. This is so cringe. Is this from, like, six years ago? No, it's not. So this is actually from literally, what, yesterday?

I think so. I like what my friend Kurt Schlichter said. Take that, Mike Pence, in May 2024.

Welcome back to the program. Dana Lash here with you. Juan really does not like J-Law, which we just learned.

Jennifer Lawrence, who I do think tries too hard to be edgy. It's kind of—but why are you bringing up Mike Pence now? I mean, that would have been maybe—first off, it was flat and it sounded too contrived to be entertaining.

It was just like, ugh. Secondly, why are you—why? He's not even an issue now. You have nobody else that you can hit? That's it? That's all you got? That's all you got? Is that?

Okay. I mean, that maybe would have been mildly amusing in, hell, when? 2008? No, sorry, 2016? Six years ago? Yeah. But now it's just like, really? She's really—she knows what's up.

She's keeping up with the times, guys. Good grief. So welcome back to the show. Top of this first—or, sorry, second hour now. You can listen coast to coast. You can watch the simulcast as well.

Channel 347 Direct TV. I, um, the—we put this up because it's—first off, I thought that was so cringe. I haven't watched any of her films in a long time. And then third is, we're—isn't June the rainbow month, like where everything's rainbow? Right? It's the Pride month? Which I don't get. Like, I don't get this trend. Is it a trend anymore? It's been for—been some years.

Of everyone getting, like, a flag. This is not a damn video game, right? So let me bring this—let me—indulge me for five seconds. I'm wearing a purple top for you people today, so you're gonna indulge me.

I got a new shirt, so it's not all black, because some of you wouldn't stop complaining. So, indulge me. So, like, you know, if I play just the—what—my—the—what I'm playing du jour, I get into these ruts with games.

Yes, they casually play. I crochet, and I like to play first-person shooters and shoot monsters in the face. It's fun.

And blow them up, and, you know, come on, it's fun. Anyway, my—I get into these things where I only want to play one thing for a little while, and then I get bored of it, and, you know, so lately it's been, uh, Dark Tide. And, you know, you—you get certain achievements, and you get little—little frames around your avatar when you go in to play, and you—people can see who you are in the game lobby, and you're identified. And I'm not gonna give you guys any identifying factors, so you just go ahead and stop asking that right now.

It's never gonna happen. If we come across each other, it just happens. But I've got, you know, I've got a frame that celebrates how many kills I've made, and I've got another frame that talks about my level as this particular character, and all the—you know, all this stuff. You get little—like, little—little flags, right? They're like little flags, little—little things that you put on the side of your name so that when you—when people are playing with you, they can kind of immediately gauge your level of competency at this game, right? That is the only thing in real life that I have to compare the sex flag to, because that's what it is. Let's be real.

It's a sex flag, okay? The only thing different between, like, some of this stuff and then—no, I'm not gonna talk about that video that was circulating on the internet yesterday that accidentally flew into my timeline and autoplayed, and I can't unsee it now. Please let there be eye bleach. It involved a gas station, Kane. You know what I'm talking about? Don't you dare look for it, any of you.

For real. I'm saving your—I'm saving your purity here. Anyway, it is a sex flag, and I don't understand why everything has to be so over-the-top and—and there—there are—I think it even makes some gay people angry, because they're like, my gosh, I don't want people coming into my house and seeing everything rainbow. Like, first it's tacky, and then secondly, why?

Because that's when everything from, like, mouthwash to toothpaste to regular, everyday products, all these corporations are like, wait a minute, this has nothing to do with them trying to include anyone. This is them showing that they're bending in need of the cultural zeitgeist. That's what it is. That's exactly what it is.

And, Kane, you've seen it, too. Like, you go into stores and everything—like, Goldfish crackers. A cracker has rainbow.

Well, this is the sex cracker. I don't know how—like, that's what it is. It's a flag that shows what you like to do with your private bits. Right?

Just reduce it down to the most simplest explanation. That is what it is. I don't—do you need a flag for that? You know what I'm saying?

Like, I like bean sprouts in my fried rice. Where's my flag for that? You know what I'm saying?

Like, where's that? If I like my coffee black and bitter like my heart, where's my flag for that? I'm just asking. If lemon is your favorite fruit, do you get a special flag for that? Kane loves tamales, and he's quite good at making them when his mom's there.

He's very good at making them. Do you get a flag for that? Does your mom have a tamale flag? I'm just asking. Like, if you can get a flag for how you have sex, where are the flags for everything else?

And can you have multiple flags? Right? True, right? It seems that way.

I'm saying, it seems like it. I just want to know why a cheddar cracker has to do sex marketing. Like, you get a cracker because you're going to eat that cracker.

You know what I'm talking about? Goldfish crackers? The baked whatever? The snack that smiles back? You get a cracker and why does it have to be like, look, we're pride in sex?

That's what it is. Intercourse. Don't make me get more specific than that. You know what I mean?

What does it have to do with a cheddar cracker? Like what? Are you virtue signaling? I'm just thinking how this works in public.

People think that you hate them until you whip out your rainbow crackers and you take a bite and then that person's like, they like how I have sex. Yes. Is that what it is? Validation?

You have to have these outward indicators of validation? Wait a minute. I need to showcase that I support you having sex this way. Here's my goldfish cracker, my rainbow mouthwash.

Just going to coat myself in rainbows. Do you see what I mean? It's weird. All the people are like, just be who you are.

Well, you can't be because they also were telling you that you have to be who you are, but also signal who you are to everyone on God's green earth and that everyone has to signal back or something. I don't know. So we're getting into the rainbow month. And it's a whole month. It's a month in which you also have Memorial Day.

Memorial Day gets a day. What are you typing? What are you typing?

Are you typing a response? Go ahead and say it. Just say it. It's just mental illness visibility month. Why can't we just call it what it is?

And then don't even get me started the trans thing. By the way, their flag colors are heinous like pastels. There's a new one with like an umbrella on it or something. It's really weird. It's like a new design like an umbrella thing. Yeah.

For what? I'm not kidding. I just saw it like the other day. So it's like a new pride flag to include. I guess some other group that wasn't previously included.

Like who else could not? I mean, they've literally got dead burnt lesbians, two spirits. I know they also have a plus sign, which means Oh, I just saw it.

It's weird. What I don't even understand this. The symbols would cover everybody else.

Right? Like it's the plus sign. I just think it's so like the trans people are like, Oh my gosh, my colors not represented in the rainbow.

It's a rainbow. You stupid moron. Just assume. And also, why do you even need that? Why do you even need the flat? Why? I don't know. We're just getting it's that it's that marketing month where all these companies are going to act like. Mm hmm. That's what it is. Thanks for tuning into today's edition of Dana lashes, absurd truth podcast. If you haven't already made sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.
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