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Absurd Truth: Hochul's Outright Racism

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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May 7, 2024 3:37 pm

Absurd Truth: Hochul's Outright Racism

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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May 7, 2024 3:37 pm

Gov. Kathy Hochul says that young Black kids in the Bronx don’t know what a computer is; meanwhile, Kristi Noem has yet another day dodging questions about her book.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast, sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions.

It's time for Florida Man. Alright, Kane and I are really trying to figure this one out. So, the headline is this. A quadriplegic YouTube star. First off, YouTube star? This dude who's on YouTube, who's a quadriplegic? Is went to court and was charged somehow with striking a Miami cop with his wheelchair. And even the judge is like, I've never seen a case like this. 32 year old Brian Bryant, a Matt Amasa is facing two counts of battery on a police officer.

Despite being unable to utilize his limbs. Amasa is accused of hitting the officer. The guy on YouTube is a YouTube- I'm not saying YouTube star. Amasa denies the allegations against him. The quadriplegic YouTuber was charged with striking a Miami cop with his wheelchair. And a bizarre incident the likes of which the judge has said he has never before seen.

Bryant Amasa, known as recording artist El Valiente, is facing two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer. But he apparently is accused of using his motorized wheelchair and allegedly spitting on the officer. Well, we did wonder how this was gonna- I can't- dude, I cannot with the screen grabs of his videos. The YouTuber boasts a substantial following.

He's amassed nearly 100,000 followers, and somehow shares music videos featuring himself singing surrounded by dancing women in bikinis, who were clearly being paid. When asked if he spit on the cop, Amasa told local 10 I absolutely did not. He said she bumped my wheelchair because I was standing in the driveway and the driveway is thin.

And he said so I suffer from acid acid reflux and I normally spit and I spat in a totally different direction. Wow, I I don't know man. Cain, you want to- I don't. I have absolutely no desire to comment on this particular story. Thank you, though.

Appreciate the offer. But no. Oh my gosh, I just can't even with the screen grabs. Um, there's no body cam footage of the incident. So it's like he said she said but still. But how do you get two counts? You're quadriplegic and you get two counts of battery. Um, as this attorney told the judge, obviously my client is not a flight risk.

But wait, there's more. A Florida man was arrested for carving his name into a deputy's patrol car. I just wanted to go back to prison, said the Florida man. Inderlin Leonce, 33, was arrested on April 29, booked in a Broward County jail on criminal mischief. Now according to Margate Police Department's arrest affidavit, a witness reported seeing Leonce vandalizing the patrol car before taking off. They noticed that the suspect had used a metal tool to etch, quote, the name is Inderlin Leonce, end quote, on the driver's side- on the driver's side hood of the patrol vehicle. Wait.

Yes. What was that name? Inderlin Leonce.

Probably took a while to carve that into the car. And the officer- well, wait, there's more. The officer met with Leonce at his home and when asked if he did it, Leonce allegedly said, quote, I did it. I committed a crime and I should be going to jail.

End quote. So he was first taken up to the hospital because they're like, you're crazy. And then they took him to jail. So there's the thousand dollar damage to the patrol car.

So they got- yeah. Oh my gosh. Let's see. We've got a shirtless Florida man with Wendy's beef caught on camera threatening to rob a Wendy's. A man accused of trying to set his girlfriend on fire. We also have a Florida man who plants tracking devices on his roommate's van.

Oh yes, there's tons, tons. We have a naked woman- what? Naked Florida woman who broke into her neighbor's house.

And yeah, we got somebody who took a bite out of a deputy's head. That's all coming up tomorrow because- Is Mercury in retrograde? No, Mercury's out of retrograde. This is just Florida. Is it full moon or something? No, it's just Florida. Florida, it's Australia of America. That's what it is.

That's what's happening here. So, oh, and then we got this one real quick. A Florida man crawled through floorboards during a getaway. Wanted Florida man, 19 year old Gage Dennis, your name is backwards, faces charges of attempted first degree murder and burglary. He's got a nice tat above his eyebrow and he tried hiding under a house. But guess what? That didn't work.

The police found him. Hi, I'm Margaret, a rhetoric and media major at Hillsdale College. Here's Hillsdale President Dr. Larry Arnn with a Constitution Minute. Many argue today that the Constitution is outdated because it addresses problems peculiar to the 18th century, so long ago. And some of it does read sort of quaintly. But consider the injunction against titles of nobility in Article 1, Section 9, for example.

Is that so outdated? The purpose of that injunction is to prevent the government granting special privileges for partisan reasons. This strikes at the rule of law, the rule under which we're all to be treated the same. The crony capitalism so common today, where the government gives favors and tax dollars to some businesses and advantages over others, is exactly the kind of thing the Constitution was meant to prohibit. The Constitution is not outdated at all.

To learn more and get a free pocket Constitution, visit There are young black kids growing up in the Bronx who don't even know what the word computer is. They don't know. They don't know these things.

And I want the world open up to all of them because when you have their diverse voices innovating solutions through technology, then you're really addressing society's broader challenges. That's still, this is still one of the nuttiest sound bites that I have heard in some time. And that's New York Governor Kathy Hochul, who's, I mean, you heard exactly what she said there. She's saying that young black kids in the Bronx don't know what a computer is. That seems like racist as all get out, what she said there.

But whether she intentionally or not, whether she intentionally meant to cause offense, that's insane to just I'm like without. Wow. Welcome back to the program. Dana Lash with you. Top of this third hour we got Congressman Jim Jordan is going to be joining. He's on the floor right now voting.

He's going to be joining us at the bottom of the hour now. We've got a whole bunch of stuff to talk about. But this right here, the reason I bring this up is because there's no accountability when Democrats show you who they are. There's like little to no accountability.

And this, I mean, she's the governor of New York. I was reading this story about this fraternity at Old Miss and this fraternity at Old Miss. I think you saw, like, some of the video that was out there. I know that there were a lot of the photos and that that were out there.

I'm pulling this up. The protests that were taking place on the quad at Old Miss. They had the pro Hamas protesters out there and they were really that after you had the frat boys come out at UNC. You had the frat boys come out protecting the flag and then you had fraternities coming out of all these different universities.

And now you've got to come up with a way, got to make somebody the avatar to try to take down all the fraternities. So there was like one frat member who was in a massive group of other fraternity members. And there were these pro Hamas protesters that were separated by law enforcement from the anti Hamas protesters. And you heard some of the heinous stuff that some of the pro Hamas protesters have been not just doing, but saying to everybody. I mean, I've watched white pro Hamas protesters call black cops Uncle Toms at these riots and scream in their faces and racially abuse them and all this other stuff.

And that's OK with the left. So they get this one lady who apparently was already like racially slurring the frat boys from what people who were on the ground were saying. And so you got everybody feeding tensions, right?

You got her doing this. You got the fraternity that's screaming at her and she's pushing buttons. And there was one fraternity member out of a whole mob of them there who was caught making, according to the report, making monkey noises to her. And because she's a black woman. And now they're saying that the college has to expel him.

No, they don't. The fraternity and a lot of us were like, well, the fraternity will take care of it if they you know, if they feel the accusations are true and they feel that he embarrassed or caused injury to the fraternity. And they did. They they expelled him. The fraternity kicked him out. He was expelled from the college fraternity Friday. And they said that, you know, that particular like any kind of racist abuse, they said, compromises the values of Phi Delta Theta. So that Phi Delta Theta has already done more than any of these other college organizations to these racist anti-Semites that are all over these college campuses, screaming at black cops and also screaming anti-Semitic abuse at Jewish students.

And there's tons of video that exists out there at more universities than I can count with both of my hands. So it is not an exception. It is the rule of these protesters. Out of all of these frets, all across the call, all across the United States and all these college campuses, they got one dude who made monkey noises at this lady. And apparently they were trading racial abuse back and forth to each other.

I don't know. That's what all I saw was the screen grab of the cool dude in the Stars and Stripes overalls. And it was funny. So the 21 year old student and I'm not he's a finance major. I'm not sharing his name. He's a 21 year old student and he was kicked out of his fraternity. Now, is what Kathy Hochul just said as bad as what he did?

She went out in front of people and said black kids were too stupid to know what a computer is. Now, consider the difference here. He is this is a 21 year old frat member who is at an anti Hamas event. So there's still a little bit of a different environment. This is a governor who's twice his age, over twice his age, who's talking to members of the press. And saying this stuff. And she gets to make policy.

A shepherd policy through. Do you think that there's going to be any accountability for her? This 21 year old was kicked out of his frat. The governor wasn't even asked to apologize. Furthermore, none of these groups at all of these college campuses, none of them have been asked to apologize because they sanction this behavior. They sanction the anti-Semitism. They sanction the racial abuse towards Hispanic and black police officers. Some of the stuff that these protesters have screamed at cops who are not white is heinous. And these cops, God love them. I watched one Hispanic cop be slurred six ways to Sunday. I watched another black police officer be ridiculed and called racial epithets and all this stuff by white progressive protesters, pro Hamas protesters. Why isn't the media gone and searched out the identity of these racists that have been screaming at these cops? Or what about the racist, like the white protesters? Was it Columbia or New York City College that they surrounded a young male Jewish student who had his book bag and was literally trying to get to class?

He ended up missing his class because they formed a circle around him and then they started shouting slurs at him. On video. I can't even play this stuff that I'm playing on air for you or I'm talking about. I can't even play on air.

What about where do we have? I don't even know if I can play this. The audio of these. What is it? The urban Infantata, the urban. What is it? The store.

Forever 21 Infantata. These chicks that were screaming at cops at the Met Gala. Did you guys see this? So they tried to disrupt the Met Gala. And there were these chicks that were screaming at the cops. I can't even I don't think I can play it.

I don't think we can play it. They were calling him piggy, piggy, piggy. No, but man, the media went and found this 21 year old. Got him kicked out of his front.

They want him kicked out of college. No, absolutely not. Oh, the Sub 2K, the Gen 3 Sub 2K. So the Sub 2K with Kel-Tec. I don't know if you've I mean, you should have checked this out. You should have checked it out at some point. But the Sub 2K from Kel-Tec is an awesome nine millimeter carbine.

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The Sub 2K Gen 3. K-E-L-T-E-C weapons dot com. Tell them Dana sent you. And now all of the news you would probably miss.

It's time for Dana's quick five. So apparently Panera, they're phasing out. I never had this over there, but they have what they call charged lemonade. How much caffeine is in this thing? They and so they did it because apparently people are dying. There was a three lawsuits. There's a 28 year old woman who said that the beverage left her with, quote, permanent cardiac injuries. Wait, are we sure it wasn't the vaccine?

It can't possibly be the vaccine. They had a second. They had the second lawsuit was filed in December by a Florida man who died. He died after drinking the charge lemonade.

He has a chromosomal deficiency disorder development delay. The first one was a 21 year old Penn University Penn student who had a heart condition who can drink charge lemonade and it killed her. They said and they said that healthy adults, according to the FDA, can generally safely consume 400 milligrams of caffeine per day. Oh, you. Yeah. So these apparently have like just around 400 milligrams of caffeine per day and a 30 ounce.

Wow, that's a lot. So maybe don't just just saying I need to go because I did my I did my 12 o'clock headlines for this one, I think. So apparently they say more women are working now than at any time in U.S. history. And feminists, fourth wave, fifth wave, 11th wave.

I don't know. They're acting like this is a good thing. Now, the reason more women are working now than ever is because the economy is so bad.

You have to have everybody work. Women fought really hard for a number of years to be able to stay at home and raise their family. And that shouldn't be treated as a luxury. But what third and fourth wave feminism has done is it's not only treated it as a luxury, but it treats women who have the ability and who choose to do so, even though they have to sacrifice quite a lot to raise their children. They treat them as second class citizens. Men don't.

Women do. So, you know, you get what you you get what you vote for. The households are wincing at the price of going green because talk about another luxury. This is just idolatry of the wealthy. Idolism of the wealthy. They said that when.

Oh, my gosh, this is a horrible, horrible piece. Basically, it's expensive and it's like three times more expensive than what people are anticipating it being. And they didn't properly save to go green and they're not able to fully go green. And then they're staying with coal and gas. Let's see the rising number of men who don't want to work. It says because they the incoming generation workforce, they've been coddled and they expect the world to coddle them. They're saying that people don't want to work anymore. I do think that there's something to that. I do think they said 89 percent of working age men, BLS, they're trying to find a job, actively looking for a job.

Stay with us. And I understand that they're attacking me for just. Yeah, they are.

So they're also attacking you. I guess you said you met Kim Jong Un. Did you meet him? I've been to the DMZ. I've been to North Korea. You know, people I don't talk about my conversations with world leaders.

And so when I looked at the book and I saw that excerpt, I decided to make a change to the content of the book. And that's been done. So you didn't have a conversation with Kim when you were at the DMZ? I don't have conversations about my conversations with world leaders. I've been working on policy for 30 years. And that's what most people don't remember about me is bias. I'm old. I'm a I'm a mom. I'm a grandma.

I've got three little grand babies. So maybe you did have a conversation with Kim, but you don't want to talk. I will not talk about my personal conversation. Well, then why did you put it in a book and then why did you read it for your audio book? And then why did you agree to excerpt that portion of your book for promotional materials to promote the book that you included it in? And then then you read the audio book for.

I mean, did you not think that people would look at that and go, huh? She's coming on the show to talk about books. Maybe we should ask her about this portion in her book.

So it's everybody else's fault because they read what you put in your book and then they heard what you read. You read it for the audio book. She read her audio book for this book. She didn't while she was reading this, she didn't go, wait a minute now. That didn't happen. She just read it. And then now she's like, wait a minute.

These people are asking me hard questions. Maybe it didn't happen. Imagine that. Golly, this is so bad.

Welcome back to the program. Dana Lash with you. Obviously, that was South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, who will not stop doing interviews. Oh, my gosh. Does she? She wants to be in the gravel pit. She wants to be in the gravel pit. That's where she is.

She will not stop. And Jesse Waters, Jesse is not a confrontational dude to his own side. And you could see it on his face.

He was greatly amused by this. Well, I'm not going to have conversations, Jesse, with world leaders. I'm not going to have conversations that I put in my book and talked about and then read the audio book for and then excerpted it for promotional materials. I'm not going to talk about the things that I put in my book.

I don't want anybody who who just so unawares commits this many unforced errors in the White House or in the V.P. office. I don't know. I.

It just it just doesn't stop. There's a piece that went out on Substack last night about this because she was she did two interviews on Sunday. Then she had two interviews yesterday. And then she finished her night on with Jesse Waters about this.

And it just does not. And apparently her team, by the way, she tried putting the dog story and we're not even talking about the dog story anymore. Now we're talking about making up things with world leaders to try to make yourself look tough. And that's what this book was. This book, she what did she call it? No way back or something like that.

What is it? I think she probably wanted to title it, you know, pick me. I'm a hard ass. And she because that's what it sounds like. This book is just like a bunch of stories designed to make her look like tough and decisive.

Right. So apparently two years ago, she's got two autobiographies out. I don't understand. She said two autobiographies out, like in the span of like six years.

Do you need two? I don't know. OK. OK. Are they different from each other? I don't know. She's had two books out about herself.

She put out two. Dude, I don't know. It's we are in everybody's a brand and everyone's a product. Sometimes you got to sell yourself twice.

I don't know. But she apparently wanted to include that in the last book she did her memoir. And they she was she wanted it because she thought it should hers.

You know, she's decisive and she's tough. And, you know, all of this. And they had a ghost writer. They all everybody she was with Hachette. They had an imprint.

Hachette was with what Hands Off My Gun came out with Hachette Center Street. And apparently they thought it was just a dumb, bad taste thing. And they thought it would actually do more damage to her than help her. So they said, no, you've got to cut this thing, cut it out. But she was bound and determined to have it.

Yeah. Her first book was not my first radio lessons from the heartland. That was her first autobiography. So literally in this from 2022, she had an autobiography. And now she has another autobiography out. Every two years, she comes up with an autobiography. I mean, I think Mark Twain got one.

And so they told her, you can't put that in this book. That's ridiculous. And it doesn't make you look tough. It makes you look kind of goofy. And there are a lot of ranch people in farm.

My husband grew up on a farm that that dealt with similar issues, but didn't deal with them like that. And there are there are ways to tell stories to make yourself look decisive without looking like it's contrived and try too hard. So they thought it was in bad taste. They made her cut it. She was hell bent on including that in one of these stories. She wanted to show people she was tough, rooting and tooting and all this. I don't know. So she she put it in this book.

Apparently there were no gatekeepers for this book. Oh, yeah. It's no going back. That's her. Jeez. So I don't know. It just and it was Dakota Scout, a local paper that first reported the North Korea thing didn't happen. And yeah. So this. I just she needs to maybe stop doing press.

She needs to stop doing press because it's it's not good. Audio sound bite 11. This was this still with Waters.

This is the other part of the Waters interview. Yeah. Go ahead.

This is 11. Listen to this. OK, I just bet you didn't answer my question when you record. You posted pictures and video of yourself recording.

This is a nation. When you recorded your own book, you didn't notice. I'm not going to discuss about my meetings with world leaders. Oh, my gosh. You put it in the book again. Did you want to talk about something else today? No, I just wanted to know.

I mean, we're just trying to get a straight answer. This is bad. He did. I mean, and I took responsibility for it.

The buck stops with me. This anecdote I should not have put in the book. And I asked to have it taken out and it is OK. So then it gets into audio sound bite 10. Again, she read the audio book. I read the audio book for my first book. Our second one, you you really get to go over because they stop you every like, you know, they want you to enunciate a certain way or hit this emphasis. I mean, you're directed with it.

So you become doubly familiar. And she had a ghostwriter. So that was probably maybe the first time she read her book was when she did the audio book. But it's at that point, wouldn't you have caught it when you're talking about how you stare down Kim Jong on?

Well, that's what Elizabeth Vargas, of whom I'm not a fan. But, you know, audio somebody 10. She asked her that. Listen, you said you when you learned of it, you immediately took action. You recorded the whole book and the audio book. You read this whole passage out loud.

Why didn't you take it out then when you read the audio book? You know, I've traveled for years. I've been involved in policy for almost 30 years. And so I've gone all across the world. I've met with world leaders.

So you didn't realize when I was brought to my attention and it was I asked the publisher if they would. OK, that doesn't answer the question. That's like a Joe Biden level answer. She's like this is some Joe Biden stuff.

This is like what Joe Biden would do. OK, why did you read it in the book? Well, I've traveled all over the world. Here's my canned answer. I'm not going to depart from my canned answer. I've traveled all over the world and policy and that stuff. Shrimp and grits. Thanks for tuning in to today's edition of Dana Lash's Absurd Truth podcast. If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.
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