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Absurd Truth: O'Hare No!

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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April 15, 2024 3:26 pm

Absurd Truth: O'Hare No!

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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April 15, 2024 3:26 pm

Pro-Palestine protests block the highway to Chicago O’Hare International Airport and Dana reiterates how much she still hates airports. Meanwhile, an anti-Israel protester gets charged after threating to murder Bakersfield City Councilmembers.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. I am trying to get around this headline. So you know you can't bring guns into airports, right? They don't they don't even you can't even bring a bullet. You can't even bring anything that's bullet shapes.

You know, I'm gonna make some jokes here. This guy brought a firearm and it was loaded into the airport. But he tried to conceal it with toilet paper is the part that gets me.

It's really hard for me to like this guy's from Lakeland he walked into Tampa International Airport. He was trying to get on a flight to Vegas. And he unloaded his backpack and apparently like he forgot I guess I understand like if this is why I always think you should never ever just use your range bag or like range gear for everyday stuff. Because maybe he forgot that he had something in there.

I don't know. But I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. But then he realized Oh my gosh, I got my gun and you can he's on CCTV. He took it off the conveyor belt walked into the bathroom wrapped it in toilet paper to try to hide it. And then clearly it was found. I don't they had to evacuate the whole terminal.

They had to delay all these flights. Anything you can conceal with toilet paper? No, literally nothing. I mean gum if you're throwing gum away. I don't know.

I'm just like, let's. So a, again, these headlines, an accused Florida this Florida man is an accused serial police impersonator. He was arrested again. So he's been they didn't even say they just said multiple times.

They didn't even actually give me a number. This guy's been accused apparently a ton of times in Florida of impersonating police officers. Jeremy Dewitt 44 was booked for failure to report a change in vehicle ownership. He also had a warrant out of his for his arrest. He apparently would just like dart around traffic and make people stop their cars and all of this stuff and and he's also convicted sex offender.

He would he would Wow. In 2019 he got in trouble as a funeral escort for pulling drivers over. This guy's a fruitcake.

He was booked on $5,000 bond. What in the world? Oh my gosh. And a Florida man who's in his 50s says he feels sorry for young people.

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So to learn more about the sub 2k Gen three visit TEC tell them that Dana sent you. Well, a couple things actually, I think it really demonstrates how it's astonishing that we are not standing firmly with Israel and there should never be any kinds of conditions all that when a nation can launch hundreds of drones towards Israel and I'm not going to be talking about conditions ever. And second, I think that also was Iran had to have some fireworks after Israel smoked that Iranian general.

And I think it's just a matter of theater part of it as well too. And it finally it demonstrates how unstable things are and why we need to lean in and stand with Israel after they smoke that general and I'm here for that. Golly, I'm here for that. I'm here for him being for that. Yeah.

Welcome back to the show. Dana lash with you. hoodie pass, man. That's all I gotta say.

Two words. hoodie pass. He could wear a hoodie all day long. He just does not GAF.

Why can't other Democrats be like him? I can't even believe I'm saying this. I actually think it's probably better than he wanted instead of Oz. Right? No, yeah, who knows? Welcome back. Dana lash with you bottom of this first hour. There's john Futterman talking to Jake Tapper. He's like, yeah, that dude got merged.

And I'm here for that. Oh, my gosh. And I that's my assessment also is that Iran needed to kind of make it look like they're not total weenies. And so there they go, we're gonna send over some slow moving drones, a drone attack that you know, you can it's like watching.

It's the equivalent of an aerial mobility scooter, you know, just across the sky. I mean, you can see it coming from a million miles away. And they didn't they put somebody said they had a spotlight on them to make it easier for the Saudis to shoot down because the Saudis were helping Israel deflect some of this stuff. And then of course, the Iron Dome was in play. And the US was assisting and Jordan was assisting. And yeah, this is a different. I like seeing the cooperation.

But that's sort of what what it feels like. And one of the reasons that maybe you had some of this cooperation was because, you know, people knew that Iran looked like a bunch of weenies, and they needed to try to pretend to be tough for a hot second. And that was the saving face thing.

But it was a huge win for Israel. I'm watching video of what happened this morning. Did you see the trash babies shutting down the highway leading to Chicago O'Hare again?

Do you guys see those people I read people were having to walk on foot to catch their flights. I'm going to tell you something, I would beat you to ever loving death with my carry on. I will beat you to death on the highway with my carry on. I will take it and swing it up over my head like Tarzan.

I will beat you to death with my care. Can you imagine? And O'Hare is a nightmare anyway. Oh my gosh, it's a nightmare airport.

But people were having to literally get out on foot and go now. Why were the trash babies shutting this down again? Pro Palestine. Pro Palestine.

Oh, it was Hamas souls. Right. Okay. I said it. It's a word. We're sick.

We're going with that now. Those people. Yep. Those people. They were mad because Hamas. They love Hamas.

Good. They're trash babies. So they it was all the outbound lanes on Kennedy Expressway. And they're upset at the fo part of that.

Why did police just let it happen? Thank you. It's supposed to be the most secure part. When you travel, is the airport not the most secure area? Yeah. Or at least supposed to be? Yeah. Who the hell's letting this happen?

Oh, I'm looking at it now. I would have dragged them all out by the scruff of their neck. Yeah. Or you know what, if you're gonna block a highway, you're it's like that's it's just like, it seems like you're trying to ask for suicide. You shouldn't be able to block a highway. That's not protest. That's inconveniencing everybody else. That's not a protest. No one you don't get to block a highway. I can't believe that was allowed to happen.

They were out there with their buckets and their stupid signs. And stop genocide. Free this non existent state that's being taken over by colonizers. And it was given to us in 2005. Literally with everything like a welfare gift, but whatever. Which political party runs Chicago?

Democrats. Oh, yeah. I'm watching video people literally getting their suitcases out and trying to make it on file.

Oh my gosh, I would have lost my mind. I can't even I hate airports anyway. I just don't like sidebar. It's already a mess going to the airport, right? Do you know the thing that I hate the most?

We got some other stuff to get into. But do you know the thing that really where my rage is at its all time peak? It's at the moment that you're going through TSA. And specifically, the gray bins.

Can we just have a quick conversation about this? Have you been to the airports where they've changed it up now? Have you been to where there's like two little conveyors and then there's a gray bin that goes like there's slots of them. And you have to stand in front of the slot and take your gray bin. And people lose their minds like the TSA.

Now, not everybody, but this one chick lost her mind. I can't remember what airport I was at. You got to get in front of the slot. You got to get in front of the slot. And I was like, you can shut your slot right now. Yeah, but you have to and then they make it you have to get you to put everything, including your carry on in the gray in the gray bin.

And it's like different. There's nothing that's consistent every airport. And I've been to airports where they're like, you got to take your liquids out. You don't got to take your liquids out.

It's inconsistent. So I'm getting there and there's no signage. There's no signage that says you don't have to take any of this stuff out. And I'm already the lady's losing her mind because, oh my gosh, there's an open slot. And you know, you got to get in there, get your bin and I'm and then she's like, you can put your carry on in your bin. And I've been to airports too, where they tell you don't put a carry on in a bin if you're in front of if you're at the one that has the slot stuff.

I just and touching them knowing everybody else's touch them and it's so weird and I can't stand it. And then when you get to the other side, the people who stand there and they get and after getting their stuff, they continue standing there and then they dress. They they dress. It's their dressing area.

I don't know if you knew that. But for some people, it's their dressing room. It's where they put their stuff on. You put your stuff on. You're trying to get your stuff and they won't move.

And they're there. And I just you're forced to undress at TSA. You got to take your belt off. The whole thing enrages me.

Yeah, it's so stupid. And I run my mouth the whole time. And I don't do the most. I, I don't do the most I do not have the most Christian behavior whenever I'm forced to go into the the tubes. You know what I mean?

Because I give a one finger salute on both hands every time. I'm not gonna lie. It's not the I don't don't judge me. I'm not Barney and I'm not your pastor. I'm trying people.

Okay, I'm trying I'm trying to be the shepherd here Ringo. I just can't deal. Oh, my gosh. And I'm I don't know, I one of the people that I think when I get mad, I'm like, maybe scary. But I think it's just it's just funny when I get mad because I just contort and I you know, I hate the idea you have to have a separate bin for every like your shoes have to have a separate your computer. But then you don't even have to take off your shoes at every airport belt and jacket and stuff have to have a separate bin. It's a good thing you're making me take my belt off. I had a big giant bomb in it.

Good thing. Like four or five of those big old gray bins with me to do it. I had somebody take out my electric toothbrush once. I'm not gonna tell you what I said to them. Not because I will get in a lot of trouble. Usually when people are nice, I'm nice. But when you're stupid, I'm not gonna tell you what I said to them. I am not nice at all. So I don't know.

I anyway, let's move on. It's already people are already stressed when they go to the airport. You throw these trash babies in there with it and the police are just standing there. They're just standing there, watching them letting them do this. And then I love it how you have more of these D bags that are running around taking pictures of these goofballs. Then you have people who are actually blocking the highway.

Make that one make sense. Now, I you know what, I really hope they do this ahead of the DNC. I hope these trash babies shut down the whole city for for their little convention. That's going to be hysterical because then you're going to see the full police state come out. Democrats don't like being inconvenienced.

They like it if they're not being inconvenienced. But when you inconvenience them, then they're going to bring out the they're going to bring out the nightsticks. They're going to bring out those batons. They're going to they're going to bring them out.

Just saying it's going to be interesting. Also, thank our people help bring you free radio. The folks over at the Hillsdale College, they want to make sure that you are well educated because national security begins with good education, honestly. And the cool thing about Hillsdale is they have so many free resources that you can take advantage of. You don't have to be literally at their campus in southern Michigan to take advantage of everything that they have to offer. This is such a great institution. It's a it's a Christian institution. And they just want to make sure, like I said, that you have everything, everything at your fingertips to be able to understand why the republic was set up the way it was. Classical Liberal Arts College in southern Michigan, they have their free speech digest called Imprimis in addition to like their lectures and all that stuff, which they make available for free.

Imprimis, they'll send out to you for free. And in one of their latest issues, for instance, they discuss, this is actually terrifying, how the American Medical Association, this is your health, has declared that medicine is imbued with white supremacy. And so as a result, they're lowering the standard on medical school entrance tests. Now, this is also happening in other fields like law and science. Can you imagine that?

Now, how does it make you feel the next time you go see a doctor? This is what I'm talking about. You can read about this in Imprimis, their free Digest of Liberty. It goes out to six and a half million homes and businesses. You get really smart commentary and you get it for free.

There's no cost or obligation. Hillsdale produces and mails Imprimis as part of its educational mission on behalf of Liberty. So sign up, get your free, totally free description today at

That's I'm not gonna tell you. But apparently they opened at a $25.7 million. I don't know. It literally, it's all like Democrats that are going to see this. I haven't heard, I don't know anybody that's gone to see this. The premise looks stupid. We're gonna talk about it coming up, but it just looks dumb.

Investors bet on further rise in US gas prices. Duh. Have you seen what's happening over in the Middle East? I don't know. Have you seen what's happening over there? Yeah, okay. Well, of course, it's gonna happen. You're gonna see that. This headline though, right here, we're gonna bring TMZ and Gen X together. John Wayne Bobbitt lost all his toes due to, this is a headline I never, listen to this headline.

See how many boxes you can check with this headline. John Wayne Bobbitt lost all his toes due to Camp Lejeune contaminated water 30 years after his wife Lorena infamously cut off his dong. So you got Camp Lejeune, which I almost think that I have, I've been exposed to contaminated water from Camp Lejeune.

I've seen the ads so many times. But you have John Wayne Bobbitt. I hadn't heard about him for a while.

Except he was in some nasty movies. And all his toes are off. So he's lost like a lot of appendages. I was gonna say can't hold on to him. No, he can't hold on to a single appendage.

So he's basically, he's got stumps. Okay, there's nowhere to go with this headline at all. So let's just move on. Next, next.

This isn't any better. Really a family. They said that they got their nine year old son, a pet octopus, and it destroyed their home and lives. Because it gave birth to 50 babies, which by the way, plural octopuses are octopedes. Right? Yeah. Octopodes.

That's right. Octopodes. So they said Cameron Clifford, a 36 year old dentist brought a female octopus for his son Cal's ninth birthday. It arrived larger than expected.

They have spent $3,000 on food supplies and water repairs. They have all these octopodes and they've got video of it. That's really, I mean, good on them, I guess for taking care of all of them. But really, would you do that?

I'm just saying it's just weird. So also, let's see here. Oh, gosh, this is an actual story in 2024. A bunch of US sailors were arrested or were rescued excuse me from a remote Pacific Island after writing help with palm leaves. They were rescued on April 9. They were stranded for over a week. They wrote help with palm leaves on a beach. And the and they were found.

They were on the Pike Lot Atoll, one of the outer islands of the state of Yap, part of Micronesia. Look at that. We've been discussing this, this whole situation and how I think it also makes it difficult for the Biden ministration, particularly going into 2020 going into November, because he's trying to keep certain demographics happy, certain demographics. And he was on the weekend in which he said Joe Biden is now chasing the death to America voter, and he's not wrong. They had, you guys I think we played some of the video of the she was sentenced. She got in trouble that Rudy Patel. She's from California.

And this Rudy Patel chick. She's the pro Gaza. Isn't she the pro Gaza, like whatever.

She was on social media. And she's anyway, she's involved in she was in California and she was speaking before the Bakersfield City Council. And she literally threatened to kill them. Like she absolutely like literally threatened to kill them. And she's a very prominent activist. And she had said in this speech, she was arguing for a ceasefire. And she was speaking up for and she was she was standing for Hamas. And then she got in trouble. She was like sentenced. She had said quote, I don't have she said, you guys are all horrible human beings. She says Jesus would have killed you himself.

And I hope someday, someone brings the guillotine and kills all you blinkers. Yeah. Yeah. She actually said that on video. Oh, and then she added quote. She goes, we'll see you at your house will murder you. She went to St. Louis University. Cain noted she's from St. Louis. That's she literally said that in front of the Bakersfield City Council.

So that's like an actionable. That's a death threat. Because she was actually threatening public officials. So they immediately they they she was arrested. And she was taken to prison because they said it was you know, she it was a death threat. And then she broke down in court. She got 16 felony charges, including terrorism.

And she was in court crying. Well, there you go. I mean, that's what you know, you're a terrorist. You're a literal terrorist. Riddhi Patel. So go to jail.

Don't don't pass go do not collect $200. But that's, that's what we're the death to America, folks. That's her.

Riddhi Patel, she feels that way. I would honestly I'd be like, okay, here's, here's a bag of your belongings. We packed them up for you. Drop her off at the border and be like, bye. Go ahead and go. She can say that here. Because there's no consequence. Now, there's one thing to engage in free speech, I have to say this for the drive bys. And then there's another thing to literally stand in front of officials and tell them that you're going to personally murder them. Three different ways.

She said it three times. So that's not protected speech. So I think people need to understand the concept of free speech when they talk about what is speech that is legally protected against litigation and speech that is not. And when you stand in front of the city council, and you look back at it, elected officials right in the face and you tell them you're going to kill them. Yeah. That's not protected speech.

And she found out the hard way. Speaking of protected speech, I always get mad when I see the left go after satirical sites. Have you seen Babylon B and Carrie Lake?

So Babylon B made a joke. I think it was Friday, because Carrie Lake ran to the center and she actually came out against the new statute in Arizona as it pertains to abortion. So they have an abortion ban with exceptions for, you know, the life of the mother, etc, etc. Like every state has these exceptions.

You just can't use it as a form of birth control. So she came out against the law. And Babylon B joked, Oh, Carrie Lake, something, something she's, you know, basically arguing in favor of murdering babies or whatever. So both the Carrie Lake's campaign and her Stan accounts, like run by her campaign officials, began arguing with the Babylon B over the weekend. They said that the Babylon B needs to stick to valid satire, which I cannot think of anything more ironic in my entire life. Why is Carrie Lake running such a crappy campaign? Stop arguing with satire sites. Find a defensible position as it relates to abortion in Arizona, because literally, we play a game of audio last week of Lake defending the very law that she's trashing right now, verbatim.

Happy to play it for you anytime. She needs to find and keep a consistent position on life in Arizona, and not deflect by using leftist talking points and leftist attacks and going after a satire site. It makes you look like a clown show. Stop it. We're trying to win elections, not run off potential voters with this nonsense. Thanks for tuning in to today's edition of Dana lashes absurd truth podcast. If you haven't already made sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.
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