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Absurd Truth: No, People Are Stealing Stuff

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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February 1, 2024 3:19 pm

Absurd Truth: No, People Are Stealing Stuff

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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February 1, 2024 3:19 pm

Rep. Presley calls Walgreens racist for closing stores over rising crime. Meanwhile, John Fetterman wears a tuxedo sweatshirt to a formal event and AI is apparently built racist.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast, sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. What? What?

What? Years North Miami Beach 50 years So she found this thing. Yeah, I guess and because it's longer than their relationship I guess she thought he held on to it because he really loved this girl or something Maybe I mean he had a postcard from an ex from six decades ago.

You know, why'd you keep it? I'm a kid No, she did man she I you know, I said she said yeah, I did it and I her mugshot She's like, yeah, I did it. That's what her mugshot looks like. So I I don't know the situation I don't know the history of you know, but Man, that's that is new 50 years and she finds it from 60 years ago so I don't know maybe there's something we know more there, but The man she did she backed Amy or killed him. She whooped him.

There's no time in the 50 years That she was proven to her. He loves her. Yeah, I don't I mean, I don't know man That's Lord. I feel like we're gonna need more on this story We're gonna you know, if Florida Man stole a large Snoop Dogg bobblehead from a Mexican restaurant and He was charged. He was in Fort Myers. It happened at Cantina Laredo and He was caught on surveillance video Stealing the bobblehead from the hostess station and then he walked off to his vehicle now that wasn't just any normal bobblehead That bobblehead was one thousand two hundred fifty dollars Mm-hmm guys charged with grand theft a twelve hundred dollar bobblehead. I Oh my gosh, so then there's this guy a man arrested in Florida Accused of taking a happy stick figure sculpture because he liked it His name is Joshua Roach He was arrested Tuesday of this week in a Martin County and he was spotted and police responded He was spotted acting suspicious and walking around with this large piece of artwork when they arrived They said it looked like he had two large poles and it was a part of a bigger piece of artwork that he took from A business it was a large red stick figure with a happy face He's got a history of theft and burglary. He admitted to doing it.

He goes. Yeah, cuz I liked it and So he faces a charge of theft the police officers placed the artwork on the front of their vehicle They took it back to the station so they could return it to the business. It literally is just a couple of poles There's got to be something else wrong with this dude, why would you take that he's like I just like it I just like it.

That's all I did. Just I just I liked it This School pickup lines are fascinating, you know I mean lots of stuff goes down at these things and I'm never I'm always endlessly amused at what? Some of some of the parents do like the mom this mom, Florida Mom was banned from dropping kids off at her Christian school because she has an OnlyFans ad on her car. Oh Yeah, oh man central, Florida she's Not allowed to drop her kids off at the private Christian school because of the giant ad for her OnlyFans account on her vehicle So I guess it's not a believer school. I don't know The mom says that the school's making her park across the street which forces her kids to cross a busy road She says that is unless she takes the ad for the adult content site off of her car I'm not telling you what her name is and they she goes by different name to promote her content But it's all literally a giant decal that cut. Oh my gosh, and there goes one that stretches Entirely across the vehicles back windshield.

You don't see the last part. It could say OnlyFans of Sure, Cain. Yeah, it's a Liberty Christian prep and parents are like we do not want to see this This is insane. This is adult content We don't want to see this advertised in this school drop-off line and it is a huge I mean, it's the whole back windshield it is a shame It's like you're putting OnlyFans decal on your back window of your grocery getter And then you're shocked because wow, like I send my kids to a Christian school I can't even advertise my only fans on my car Wow Like you're shocked about that. You're shocked the Christian school you send your kids to would have that kind of a role Yeah, I thought this was America, huh?

It's like talking to NPCs these people I can't as we move our partners over at Hillsdale College an Actual educational institution and they're there to make sure people learn still thank heavens this if you've never been there Hillsdale is a small Christian classical liberal arts college. It's in southern Michigan and they have been really Trying to focus on this crisis in American education a national crisis People are just not taught about our American heritage or if for instance the difference between natural or civil rights So they've been producing these 60-second radio spots called constitution minutes They're short clear lessons on the principles of liberty and you can reserve your free pocket copy your free pocket constitution a copy of that when you go to Dana for for Hillsdale calm and learn everything about Just the founding of our country. They have the the Constitution minutes. They have the pocket Constitution.

They also have deep dives on A lot of discussions like the founding of the country when the Declaration of Independence was drafted so much and they educate everyone Irrespective of any identity politics. It's only merit and character to hear Constitution minute visit Dana for fo our Hillsdale Calm and while you're there reserve your free copy of your pocket Constitution courtesy of Hillsdale. That's Dana for fo our Hillsdale calm Mr Speaker Walgreens is planning to close yet another pharmacy in the Massachusetts 7th this time on Warren Street in Roxbury a Community that is 85% black and Latino This closure is a part of a larger trend of abandoning Low-income communities like the previous closures and Mattapan and Hyde Park both in the Massachusetts 7th when a Walgreens leaves a neighborhood They disrupt the entire community and they take them and they take with them baby formula diapers asthma inhalers life-saving medications and of course jobs These closures are not arbitrary and they are not innocent. They are life-threatening acts of racial and economic discrimination It's because of the crime It's because it's there's there's major crime that's happening Does she not realize what? No, she doesn't Welcome back to the program bottom of the second hour.

Dana lash here with you. She's blasting it because she says oh, it's it's she said that it's racist to close it because it is impossible for them to Remain open. They were actually going to close I think a little earlier, but it was delayed it's one of 18 locations across Boston and They say that the It's the trend they said it's the it's the it's the criminal element. I mean they've got a lot of Theft and I mean good grief.

I mean, have you been into some of those stores? like I mean like basic things because bad economy and restorative justice encouraging criminality has made for a very dangerous Result, I mean, that's ultimately what this is And they've got basic stuff. That's like now behind lock and click and lock and key now Well, what did you think was gonna happen? I Mean, what did you what did you think that was going to happen when? You were screaming about defunding the police and pushing restorative justice that Would reduce felonies down to like wrist slapping misdemeanors, etc, etc I mean, what did you they act like that?

This is the result. They act like oh, it's just because Walgreens is racist That's what it's they act like they're there. They're closing stores that have massive losses This is why we have such an economic illiteracy in this country massive losses Theft, I mean all of it.

I mean that you when you have a business the purpose of a business is to be in business That's the truth of it Welfare doesn't exist. Walgreens doesn't exist as a way to provide your welfare You're not going to have people work in Walgreens for free You're not going to have the loss of with theft and and the loss of the welfare Theft and and the scare of violence that reduces traffic Uh and reduces purchase power at the store. You're not what are you just going to have like people provide stuff for free Load stuff in the store for free work for free run the till for free I mean, that's that's stupid She sounds like someone who's never ever had to work a late night shift at a store that's ever been crime plagued Right it is it is not Walgreens's job to absorb the losses that are due from societal breakdown It is not Walgreens job to absorb the losses brought on by people like, uh, Ariana Presley who refused to hold criminals accountable The fact that it is a predominantly black neighborhood that has that doesn't mean a thing I have seen stores like that close in White neighborhoods rural areas where it's just white people It has nothing to do with race it's business If you don't want stores closing then maybe stop people from stealing maybe stop the crime Nobody wants to see a store closed, but you know what?

I bet people would like to live peacefully and not with the threat of crime All the damn time. I bet people would like to work at Walgreens at night not worried about you know People coming in and ransacking shelves. Have you seen some of it? You seen some of the video out there? Not just Walgreens, but all these other stores.

That's what they're trying to avoid You're not going to sit here and emotionally blackmail these businesses into operating at a loss While you refuse to hold the people that make that scenario or reality hold them accountable It's not how we do things. It's not how we're gonna do things So goofy, I mean there's it's your law and order for a reason our partners over at Keltech the sub 2k Gen 3 I the gen 3 is super cool. I mean, I love the sub 2k period I mean, this is uh, Keltech It's awesome innovation And they do things that are I I mean that you just and you realize well How did you not have these things to begin with after they do it nine millimeter carbine? Awesome, and it's uh, just a super innovative. Uh, uh, I mean Firearm, you got to have in your collection if you don't already if you if you have the these gen 2 sub 2k You need the gen 3 because they've really upped the game with it You have the simple twist and fold motion you have this patent pending rotating 4-inch So you can twist in either either direction and it folds the whole thing in half optics and all and you can easily deploy it You know, just as you know, just with the same minimal effort But the previously you had to take the optics and all that off you don't have to now with the gen 3 Uh, they've also redesigned the operating handle. You got to add a comfort light and action easy to rack ambidextrous bolt hole open uh all for all providing uh Improved manipulation you got a new chamber indicator. There's all kinds of stuff and you know You got a new chamber indicator. There's all kinds of stuff and this one right now ships in the glock 19 configuration So it also takes mags from the glock 17. Uh, they got more on that more coming on that later This is all made in america family-owned values at their best to learn more about this sub 2k gen 3 Visit

That's Tell them that dana sent you And now all of the news you would probably miss it's time for dana's quick five So florida residents who identify as transgender are barred from changing their gender on driver's licenses Because you can't lie on government docs guys I mean you can't you you have to you can't lie on a government. You can't be like, oh no i'm actually a We're going to talk about this more because the reaction to this is insane You can't lie on that stuff. I mean that's you know, why does why is that so shocking?

Gang, this is I can't man poor steve. He lives in dc. He's got to live with us gang related music videos Are being accused of driving gun violence in dc so Wait, yeah A new report says that dc gang members that are making music videos Taunting their rivals on social media are the now primary drivers of gun violence primary drivers of gun violence clinical gun violence in the nation's capital I mean, it's still criminal misuse.

That's the Driver, but they're saying that they're now incorporating. Excuse me making music videos as part of it That's like I mean who needs diss tracks on mtv anymore? I guess you know, like who you just do it yourself the criminal justice coordinating council It's this independent government agency. They were the ones who interviewed more than 70 metro police officers And what okay, I need to ask that. What is a violence interrupter?

That's like an actual steve. You're in dc. That's a thing a violence interrupter I'm here to interrupt the violence really thwack. That's how that goes thwack You're here to your violence interruption was just interrupted I feel like that that's Probably like a difficult to ensure position Incredible maps reveal where in the body different types of music are felt from sad songs in your chest to happy tunes in your toes This is I don't know who did this. Do you really need to know this information? Do you need this brain space to store this?

Do you really or maybe could you use it for something else? I don't know but they said scientists have done this study. They've revealed where in the body different types of music are felt Okay, that's great. Uh the messenger they shut down they're gone and apparently they didn't tell any of the staff before they totally flamed out Yeah, they just literally just closed. It was less than a year after they opened 300 people out of a job part of this is because these digital entities start up and they expand so fast that they cannot keep up with the overhead and their their content doesn't match the overhead or the Traffic doesn't match the overhead and they do it So this happens so often in the digital space So a woman pees in the aisle of a florida flight. She is charged She actually could we was the bat where the bathroom is occupied. It was a philadelphia woman She's 60 years old and it was on a flight from orlando to philly the us attorney's office for pennsylvania announced So she's being charged and speaking of being charged or rather not. Uh, do you remember the dude who made the um, gay romantical X-rated video in the Capital Yeah, that guy's not getting charged.

Nobody's getting charged We're going to talk. Yeah, wait till you about this. We're going to talk about that when we come back We need I was we were talking about john fetterman and how he at least like people like him They know that the border is a problem, you know, he spent the weekend standing on a rooftop trolling people holding the israeli flag And we were wondering how in the world Like what's happening? He wore a uh hoodie with a tuxedo design After babylon b was joking about it He shared a date night pick He shared a date night pick With his wife giselle, so I guess they're still because a lot of people were wondering she deleted was deleting photos, etc He said rumors of their separation was outrageous So he was with his wife and they had a date night thing and he was in a hoodie a tux hoodie Okay, well good good then I mean he's seems like he's kane said that he had a stroke and he came back a little more based Right, he stood on a rooftop, you don't find the video stood on a rooftop just waving the flag people were yelling screaming at him Hmm interesting And apparently one of the reasons why the wife started deleting Photos is because some people are saying she was getting targeted because he was supportive of israel And they were targeting her as a result of it. So she started taking photos down Oh the way that the leftist media puts it his rabid support, which is Yeah, whatever that means can't just be support. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. I just can't be support has to be rapid support Which is just asinine so that um, I don't know it just seems I feel like uh Because they had the I mean, he literally made the babylon b story come alive A vice of senate dress code with formal hoodie. I don't care that he wears a hoodie. I don't care now because he's actually seems like A more normal democrat not that I agree with him more Or that yeah, he's he's he's he's landed on the right decision about the border and about israel's right of self-defense And i'm sure we agree on all the same policies that we were disagree or disagree on all the same policies.

We were disagreeing on But he's not like rasheeda talib He's not like illin omar. He's not a nut job. At least he doesn't seem like that.

It seems like he's, you know, healing Unlike joe biden, oh boy. All right a couple of other things I wanted to touch on Kane have you ever wondered why there are so many why so many robots are white? I have never I have never worried about that or wondered about that. I literally heard a collective. What did you just say from the audience out there? Robots are white Yeah, so apparently that's a new hot take from uh, the journal class Okay, they said that there's now problems of racial and gender bias in ai algorithms And data used to train language models like chat gpt and they said that Um, there is now a subfield of social robot. They're going to try to make robotics woke subfield of social robotics called socially assistive robotics And the whole entire purpose is to interact evermore with diverse groups of people because they said that robots seem too white I'm, not even kidding you How do you gauge that I have no idea.

I mean me not being a robotics expert Uh, I just I just don't know how you gauge something like that I don't either it's either common sense or it's either you know that it's an effective robot with operational Systems or it isn't like what why does race have anything to do with it? they're saying that the I that the idea of Uh, I can't believe we're having this conversation Racial ai Is because of the developers the people who develop them And you know, maybe they're so wait. Are you mad that the robots are white? Are you mad that?

You think that most of the developers? Are why I don't understand this is so dumb. This is something that you that you Create as a problem when you have everything else solved right when you don't have an issue at the border when you don't have an opioid epidemic when you don't have the world falling apart on Either side of the us when everything else is solved.

This is the issue that you're like, wow, I need a problem I need busy work. I'm just gonna make up this problem robots are white. Why are they so white? Why robots so white? I never even thought that who thinks that who looks at a robot and is like you're white who does that? What white person looks like a robot? Okay, that one guy who's trying to bioengineer his body. I'll give you that he looks like a borg He looks like a borg but you know still Thanks for tuning in to today's edition of dana lashes absurd truth podcast If you haven't already make sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcast Spotify or wherever you get your podcast
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