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Absurd Truth: Santos' Cameo Problem

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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February 5, 2024 3:28 pm

Absurd Truth: Santos' Cameo Problem

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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February 5, 2024 3:28 pm

Dana shares her spat with George Santos over the weekend with her town’s mayor and a paid Cameo. Meanwhile, New York City’s robotic police officers are taken off the street.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man.

So I have a couple have a whole handful. First off, there was a Florida Man who tried to sick his pit bull on police and then the pit bull attacked the Florida Man. Didn't actually work.

You're doing that you're not a good dog owner. It was Palm Beach Post who said that it was in South Beach. It was a reported burglary. Cops arrived to and they observed the guy matching the description of the suspect.

He was carrying hair products. And they ordered the guy to lay on the ground. He did so while hugging his dog. He told officers quote, y'all gonna have to kill us before getting up and trying to run away. They fired a stun gun temporarily knocking him back to the ground. He got up again and his officers pursued. He released the dog from its leash and yelled, quote, kill him boy kill him and pointed at the officers in the dog because it has morals. Just literally took a I think it ripped a butt cheek off. And then it bit his head. He was taken to St. Mary's Medical Center. I hope yeah, it's a very good boy. He's a good boy. I hope that they I don't know what happened to the dog but nothing better happened to the dog. You don't want me finding out right now after just losing Rocco that something happened to that dog because it's not going to be nice.

It's going to turn into John Wick. So there you go. Oh, by the way, I'm speaking of dogs, the Snoop Dogg, Bob head statue, the cantina laredo. It was returned to it was a $2,500 No, sorry. $1,250 bobblehead. It was returned by the to the cash register. It was like a special collectible. I cannot believe this dude stole this thing and then got arrested for it.

And because of the price. It's like, you know, he's a felony. It's grand theft. Oh, my gosh, that can you imagine?

What are you in for? I stole a bobblehead. Grand theft. Yeah, stole a bobblehead that he can really pick them a Florida man purchased a Porsche 911 turbo with a homemade check.

Wow. So Casey William Kelly, he's got three first names, made a false check. He literally made it up at home apparently to purchase a $140,000 Porsche Porsche 911 turbo. He's been charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle and uttering a false banknote that's apparently charged per Walton County Sheriff's Office. He used his home computer and printer and to copy and print a convincing looking cashiers check.

Who accepted this? And they had no idea the place and Dustin apparently had no idea. And he had the keys and title and he drove off. And then they learned it was no good. And so they contacted Oklahoma Sheriff's Office.

They found him. Oh, my gosh, like you couldn't really I think y'all gonna be like reviewing your standards for accepting cashiers checks after that stick with us. We got a lot more in store. All right, as we move, I just want to go to the range and blow some holes.

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I don't have the Gen 3 but I need the Gen 3. The Sub 2K is gun origami. The whole thing twists.

It's a nine millimeter carbine. It's awesome. It's so innovative. I think George Kellgren's like a mad in a good way scientist. He's like one of the nicest people I've ever met. He just smiles. He's all very friendly.

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It's awesome. It's Kel-Tec made in America family and values at its best. And we need more companies like Kel-Tec. And I need a Sub 2K Gen 3. To learn more about the Sub 2K Gen 3, visit

That's Tell them Dana sent you. So I was noting that in the 26th congressional district in Texas, I don't really get involved in a lot of the like Senate or congressional primaries and all that other stuff, because there's so much happening. And I always feel like it's the candidate's responsibility to it's the candidate that has to persuade people to vote for them. It's nobody else's job to do that.

I mean, good grief. I always think that candidates who require other people to persuade people to vote for them, they're already outsourcing their job. And we had too many people like that in DC. But one of the things that I noticed with us is that in this primary, and it's kind of a crowded primary, and you've got and I don't want to I you know, there I have a lot of friends that are involved in this. And I don't want to, you know, name names, but I'll say like the top three contenders is like the mayor of my town, a guy who is the son of a Texas legacy candidate, and then another guy who is the son in law of a commentator. And one of the guys is is, you know, older and is kind of moderate, you know, and he's, I just don't think of, you know, conservative ideals, the way that we need to return to them with with the older guy. And the other guy literally just moved in from New York and has literally never worked a day in the in the private sector, and lived in the Trump Tower and has his father in law that's literally buying the seat for him.

None of this stuff is exaggerated. I mean, that's what it is when you create a PAC and you fund it exclusively. And you're buying Republican voters and all this other stuff.

I mean, that's just it's some of the dirtier politics I've seen. But it's also antithetical to the conservative spirit that really fuels the movement that created the Tea Party that I helped co found back in 2008 2009 and also led the way to Trump taking the White House and all this other stuff, tax cuts, etc, etc. It's antithetical to the spirit of that movement because we don't believe in political aristocracy.

And we don't believe ie we haven't fought in the streets for as long as we have against the old establishment for New York people to make themselves the new establishment. And so there's, you know, there was a contingent from New York that was trying to get involved and going after some people in that 26th district for speaking out. And that made me angry because I don't like to see people try to big time in a district.

I just I really just rubs me the wrong way. And one of those guys worked with George Santos, right? He was like his right hand guy. And he got real nasty about it. And we exchanged some barbs on social media, because George Santos had made this cameo, where he was reading this like discredited ridiculousness and accusing, you know, the mayor of my town, John Huffman of doing all of these egregious offenses, none of which were true. And so then I got a hold of George Santos. And I'm like, well, who paid for this cameo? Because, you know, I would hope that they would have, you know, you know, would have at least disclosed that, you know, it's probably for a campaign or were you just, you know, used as a back and forth barbs and all of this stuff. Santos came to dinner on Friday, and I've never met him before.

I had no idea. But I wanted him to meet the guy that he was, that he did the video after and he apologized to him. At the dinner. He was like, I didn't even know who I was making this for. It was anonymous. I'm not on cameo.

So I don't know how. Sometimes I'm like, is it really anonymous, though? But he apologized, you know, profusely to Huffman and said that he was, you know, sorry that he just, you know, he just gets stuff all the time. And he just reads whatever script is put in front of him. And he didn't know that it, you know, had caused such a problem because he, you know, was going after like the legitimate, you know, conservative candidate in the primary. And it was, you know, it was a, they basically made up long story short, they, although Huffman didn't really have a problem with them, they they made up and Santos apologized. And, and, you know, and I told him, I'm like, you know, it's one thing to have an opinion on politics, but to get involved in an area that you've never even been to, and and and that, you know, you don't even know the people involved. At some point, you can say, to a to an extent that I was just reading a script.

But then, you know, on the other end, you have to assume the consequence that goes along with just reading a script. And so, you know, he agreed on that. But so we we parted in agreement, but he did apologize profusely, and was very nice about it, and realized the error of what he had done. So that ended that ended nicely, because most stuff in primaries don't. Primaries can get super, which I've never understood, because I'm like, are people not always on the same side? And I also to think that it should be the most conservative person who is electable, who can win in that particular race.

And I just think that people who've never worked in the private sector, and have had literally everything provided to them, including political action committees and everything else, I just don't think that those people are the best fit to represent hardworking American taxpayers, who are working in the private sector and deserve to have someone with a work ethic that reflects theirs. And that's just, you know, this is kind of where I stand on it. So for the people who were asking, you know, what happened, Lorraine's got a great piece where she wrote a little bit more about it over at Substex.

You should definitely check it out because it has some photos up there, up there as well, of all of us together. Look at that. People they were going to extend the program to those with mental illnesses, but it's divided Canadians according to the New York Times. Some say it's due to a lack of adequate psychiatric care, etc. And it's just there's a lot of it's sad, it is sad.

But the fact that there aren't enough doctors willing to participate, though, gives me a little bit of hope. So it's just it's the whole thing is sad. Another dead whale on the beaches in in Maryland.

So this is apparently this has been happening, like quite a bit. 37 humpback whales were discovered dead last year, it was the highest number ever recorded. According to federal data, they said that the definitive cause they weren't able to determine during the examination and they're looking for they said they they sent the samples that they shipped out for diagnostic analysis. And they discovered another humpback just a few days ago, or actually January 16 of last month, beached in the exact same location.

And NPS National Park Service says there was no obvious signs as to the cause of death. So some people are wondering if windmills, the offshore windmills, some are wondering that, do you think it could actually that could actually be a thing with the kills the whales? Yeah, I think it's the actual they had to do the survey of that sea floor.

And in order to do that, they have to use high frequency sounds. And I think that there's a lot of that that has to do with what we're seeing with these whales washing up on shore. Golly, this is sad. San Mateo County becomes the first in the US to declare loneliness as a health emergency.

It's because we're so tech where everybody's like so digital, they got to go out and touch grass every now and then. They had a unanimous vote in San Mateo County in California by their board of supervisors to become the first county to recognize loneliness as a public health emergency. And that was their their supervisor says, quote, we have 45% of the people who find themselves lonely suffer from loneliness. So what are you gonna do? If you say it's a health issue? What are you gonna do? Like, what's your response to it? Yeah, are you gonna like gonna go to people's houses? Like what? I don't it's like I can't stand like these, you know, do nothing do good. Or, you know, here's my virtue signal.

And they shine it like a spotlight into the sky a la Batman. I just I don't get the point. What was the point of it? For those people still buying Girl Scout cookies.

I know that there was the whole thing with Planned Parenthood and all of that some years ago. I haven't had any since then. They apparently are going to be more expensive than they ever were before.

Inflation hits everything. So it's like, what half a box of the lemonades cookies is like $6. I don't even know what those cookies are. Because the only ones that mean anything are thin mints and everything else is trash. The one that has on one side that like a lemony icing and it's a lemon cookie. It's got that logo stamped on it. Thin mints are the only ones that count.

Yeah. By the way, you can get thin mint tasting chocolate covered off almonds at Costco in a giant plastic jug. I'm not telling you how I know this or how many of them I eat, which I'm not saying I do. But they taste just like it. And it's an almond. So I tell myself it's healthier. And there's more protein involved. Tastes just like a giant jug. Like you could fit your head in the jug. It's that big.

I'm not gonna tell you how many I go through. But they're really delicious. Maybe. Let's see an Italian court ordered Getty Images to remove photos of Michelangelo's David. I Okay, I'm for this because Getty itself is so litigious. I am all for them putting a boot up Getty's butt.

I'm all for it. So they said that their Italian operation is facing a lawsuit for the tribunal of Florence regarding their content depicting Michelangelo's David. They said they temporarily removed it from their local Italian websites, but they're convinced that the legitimate legitimacy of the conduct and are unconvinced and they're going to contest it. So they said that it's basically an infringement. You can't you know, they they have to you have to have proper appropriation. And it has to include the following words and we're protecting they said they're protecting the cultural heritage memory.

I'm all for whatever Florence wants to do because Getty will literally sue you if you so much as wink at one of their photos. So I'm now speaking of law and order in New York. Do you guys remember when Eric Adams was talking about that robot? Do you remember that little police spot that looked like that? Gosh, I can't remember the name of it now from Doctor Who the little trash can with the toilet plunger? The Dalek?

Yeah. So they had these robot security cops, right? And they're they were these weird looking wall-e type things.

I don't know. And it said NYPD on it. And it was basically a security camera.

And I think it could talk to you and it's a robot voice. And they unveiled a whole fleet of them. Remember, they spent a lot of money on this. And it was going to be they put these NYPD bots in the transit system in the subway system. And now they and Eric Adams gave this big speech where he said that these things are part of the fabric of our future and all that stuff. and they put they had he, he did a photo op with it.

Can we stop doing the heart thing because I'm so tired of this, where they do this because he did a photo where he did it with the robot like, but he only had one part of it. So it looked dumb. But now they're no longer being deployed. Yeah, they're not.

They're not using them anymore. Hmm. I love that says it's unclear whether the AI program was considered a success.

What? But everyone talked about these things like crime has risen in virtually every category in New York, even after these things were deployed. Now, they leased these what they called fully autonomous bots for six months, for I think, was it 12,500 per bot? That's a good question.

I feel like it was more than it. They called it a K five device. And it had the NYPD colors and all of this stuff. And it can move at an astonishing speed of three miles per hour. And they said that that the robot $12,500 robot can capture video footage, but not audio.

And members of the public could press a button to report an emergency or ask questions. So in 2015, one of the robots knocked a baby to the ground and ran over its feet. Then there was in DC when another one of these robots yeeted itself into the fountain and a sad attempt at suicide. And yeah, it rolled it.

I love how it was described as the K five model rolled itself fatally into a fountain. There was some of the MTA employees said they told the New York Post we don't think they're working. They were saying we don't think that they're actually working.

They're just kind of sitting there 400 pound egg shaped thing. They go one one MTA worker said I think it's just a scare people. It didn't do a damn thing is what she said.

That's what she told New York Post. It's so funny. They're like we need police not robots.

And it worked 18 hour shifts and then I had to go I guess get charged or something like that. And it just I'm actually surprised they weren't graffitied. I will say I you know, I was I was wondering whether or not that was going to happen. But think about this.

They're leasing them for 12,500 per month. And I'm assuming that's like one bot. Why would you lease a bot that can't even record audio if somebody fell on the tracks? It can't do anything. It's not armed.

It can't do nothing. Well, you could for that amount, you could have two officers there are one really well paid really well trained security guy at the busiest transit stops. Why?

Do you see what I'm saying? Why? That is so dumb. You could have two well trained dudes and that would be a nice salary.

What in the world? I mean, like not like trained like NYPD train like you could have like spec op dudes there. If it's that worrisome, if you can spend $12,500 for a stupid robot to to to patrol one transit system, then you can one stop then surely you could have like an actual person who can carry a gun and can save people if they fall on the tracks, right? That little bot can't do anything. Golly. Yeah, they people are said that it was a waste of taxpayer money. You think? Thanks for tuning in to today's edition of Dana lashes absurd truth podcast. If you haven't already made sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcasts, Spotify, wherever you get your podcasts.
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