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Absurd Truth: ESG Over Electricity

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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January 23, 2024 3:22 pm

Absurd Truth: ESG Over Electricity

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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January 23, 2024 3:22 pm

An energy developer is axing key coal power plants to meet eco goals, jeopardizing power for millions. Meanwhile, a trans golfer, Hailey Davidson, wins the women’s tournament.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions.

It's time for Florida Man. All right, first up this Lee or Lehigh Acres mailman was arrested because he was caught on camera stealing supplies from a home construction site Friday and driving away in his USPS truck. His actual United States Postal Service truck.

Not the brightest, not the brightest bulb in the box, is he? According to Lee County Sheriff's Office, it's an owner of a local real estate company. So they saw this suspicious activity on their security camera at one of their home construction sites. And it was about they said about two o'clock, the wife went over and noticed a USPS truck parked out front, loading the vehicle with construction items from the property. So she asked the mailman 39 year this guy's 39 39 year old Christian Huarte what he was doing, and it became clear he was not just picking up the mail. She told him that she owned the property and he needed to put the stolen supplies back and he put some of the stuff back where he had gotten it.

But he wasn't done on loading. He drove across the street and began throwing cement blocks and other construction supplies onto the side of the road. He was stealing from everywhere. And then he he like was trying to drive away, but the police showed up.

And rebar all kinds of stuff. And they identified Yes, he's a male man. And yes, he was using the USPS truck.

So he was arrested and charged with grand theft from a construction site. Why in the world in your truck? I mean, not that you should do you should do it anyway. But still, I mean, good grief. Oh my gosh, this is so crazy. Let's see here. Florida is another Florida man, a Florida CFO Jimmy Petronas. He wants to play the legal fees of the former president. Florida's chief financial officer Jimmy Petronas says that this is following a Florida woman senator who state senator who also proposed it. They were proposing taking millions of taxpayer dollars and using it to pay off some of the legal bills from the former president. I don't think that's sitting well with people.

I'm just saying it's just really not sitting well with people. Also, this guy, Florida man, destroys a bus after waking up in Disney instead of SeaWorld. 37 year old Elijah Thomas. Now this happened in November, but now he's going through the system, right?

So he's, you know, got the trial leads and all this. He was arrested after a violent attack on a bus. It transported him to Walt Disney World and he thought I guess that he was going to SeaWorld. And the driver said he's got to get off.

Thomas became irate. According to Orange County Sheriff's Office began cursing at the driver. He exited the bus. The driver closed the doors.

The guy remained outside, and he kept saying he needed to get to SeaWorld. And then he punched the door several times, kicked the bottom glass of the door to he says causing it to break. The damages were around $500. He was he tried to flee, but officers caught up with him. And he was arrested.

They didn't pursue criminal charges. But yeah, that's, that was the button one showing you the bus that he was attacking. That I mean, you why why just, you know, call it Uber or something.

You don't you don't have to do all of that stuff. Oh, let's see. I don't want this puppy story. I'm going to get to that.

This let's see. No, no, not read that one either. Oh, this one's not right now. And this is a creepy Florida dude. This is in Coral Springs, a Florida man's accused of planting recording devices in his ex girlfriend's home. So he's charged with three felonies. He broke into her house and planted all of these recording devices in his ex girlfriend's home in a couch in a mattress in a car.

In a box spring. And they she made the discovery after the child in her home said that he was listening to her on a laptop on his laptop, computer and head camera. So the kid gave him gave him up. And he they found nine recording devices in the home, including one that he put he cut a hole in the mattress and put it in there. And the court records indicate they were auto recording surveillance devices, and that the victim listened to some of the files on her computer, heard her and her daughter's voices. So they got a warrant for the guy's home, they found all the stuff that he was using.

And he was totally linked. He was released from jail in a $60,000 bomb, but he's being charged with two felony burglary charges and felony charge of interception of oral communications. So you can't, you know, spy on people like that.

That's not what you're supposed to do that. Let's see if Florida man was charged with battery. After a puppy sale argument led to a stabbing. Wow, that's pretty hardcore.

A Florida man has been charged with aggravated battery because he stabbed somebody over a puppy. I mean, okay, I mean, Jarmon McLemore. What McLemore was 38 he was 28 was quickly apprehended aggravated battery bodily harm partners that help bring you free radio. It's our friends over at Neemie skincare. You know, one, the one time when people don't get upset over mansplaining is when all these skincare companies started using dudes to try to sell women women's skincare products. And then try to act like it was one in the same and women should just stop complaining about it because you know, they know what's best.

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Your skin will thank you. Thank you. An energy developer is axing key coal power plants to meet these arbitrary eco goals, jeopardizing power for millions of people. This is should be taken as a warning sign, but it's Minneapolis based Xcel Energy. They're announcing that they're closing one of their three coal units at Sherbourne County Generating Plant, their largest power plant, because they have plans to deliver 100% carbon free electricity to customers and they want to shut down all of its remaining coal facilities. They say that they're going to retire two units at the plant and another coal plant in Minnesota. And they are going to shutter all of this. The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission fired off a letter urging them to reconsider their plans and the company, which has pledged to replace the plants with electricity generation from green energy like solar, they provide power to customers in Minnesota and South Dakota. And the risk, the reliability risk is a is a is a very real thing. I mean, this is obviously it's a premature move. I mean, you're retiring dependable energy and replacing it to something that is proven less dependable. And I'm this does not look good.

I'm just one. They said that the two more plants have a total capacity of 3000 megawatts enough to power more than a million homes. But at the same time, this is going to have that it's a risk for millions of other people. You're closing, as one regulator says, reliable, you're a major reliable baseload energy, and it's going to put lives at risk. All for the sake of what to say that you have green to say that you're going to do solar. And that's, that's asinine that makes zero sense. So they said that the they're going to vastly expand their green energy development, but they're going to maintain their existing nuclear, they're going to they're that's what they're that's what they're looking at. That's Excel. And they're by the way, they're basing their goals entirely on the United Nations climate projections and targets. The United Nations, you know, that bastion of pro American everything. So that's what they're that's what they're basing it on is that so you have hospitals, people who are low income folks, farmers, small businesses, all are going to be effective.

All rely upon electricity to health and human safety issue. That's a major thing. And again, prematurely done.

That's gonna I mean, it's gonna it's gonna cost. Now these continued Biden's continued and he's had his war on stoves. He's had his war on what I mean, like everything plumbing, fixtures, all kinds of stuff. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, though, this is via Washington Examiner, has dealt him a setback. So they have dealt him a little bit of a setback, because he took all this action and all of this stuff. And now they said that the the court described his regulations as arbitrary and capricious.

That is a direct that's direct from the court. And they said that they would be, quote, ineffective and pointless. They're honest. Wow.

A little bit of honesty here. Who knew? So they I mean, that's I'm a little shocked. But they said that, yes, this the ruling on this, because these energy restrictions, he remember he was looking to eliminate gas stoves.

That was like he had a whole list of things that he wanted to go after. And it was just and I mean, it is. It's entirely arbitrary. It's so stupid.

And then they put these restrictions, performance restrictions on stuff that that they know that there's no way in the world that they can meet them and it just drives up the cost for consumers. That's the whole thing. So that's, you know, that's that's a that's a good point. And you know, the low flow dishwashers as well, because the Washington Examiner notes that, you know, included in this was the mandated, you know, the they wanted to push the mandated low flow shower heads, they wanted to use low flow dishwashers and what the examiner noted to when you use low flow showers, guess what happens? You don't actually save water because people have to shower longer. So you're still using the same amount of water. If you do low flow dishwashers, people literally have to wash their dishes twice, or sometimes they wash them by hand. And then you can actually there was a study done on this, you actually use nine times as much water as an efficient dishwasher. That's a true thing.

So it ends up, you know, they say low flow, but you end up actually drink you end up using more water. So there's no, there's no savings, there's no nothing going on here. It's all virtue signaling. It's all a veneer. That's the whole point.

It's just a veneer. Caltech, if you haven't checked out the sub 2k, you definitely should. And this is innovation, the one of the newest things that that got Caltech has introduced.

I love the sub 2k. It's nine millimeter. It's just it's this is the Gen 3.

It's shipping now. So what it means like previously, if you wanted to fold it in half, you know, you just attach your optics and all that you don't have to do that with the sub 2k Gen 3. It's simple twist and fold.

It is a patent pending rotating forend in either direction. So and it folds the Gen 3 right in half. It's quickly and easily deploys it.

You fold it optics and all so you have to take nothing off. That's awesome. And so they've been this this is really just the upgrades they've added to this have just really pushed it up to the top. They also have an upgraded aluminum trigger. They redesigned the mechanics on that for a light and five pound pole.

That means you know, more precise feedback, you get an isolated pole translating into improved accuracy, follow up all of that stuff. They have a chamber indicator. They have all kinds of stuff on this thing. And you also have for now so this one ships in the Glock 19 configuration. That's another reason why I like it. And it also accepts mags from the Glock 17. And it's all made in America just super awesome design everything right here in the US of a you've got to check out it's the sub 2k or sub 2000.

That's what it looks like on the website. Sub 2k Gen 3 visit K e l t e c tell them Dana sent you. And now all of the news you would probably miss. It's time for Dana's quick five. So a man was arrested for smuggling cocaine in bags of jumbo shrimp in New York 22 Oh, nasty the 22 year old Zachary Scott could face a maximum of 20 years in prison. It was a JFK. He was arrested because he was trying to bring cocaine inside bags of jumbo shrimp. He's a citizen of the US he was arrested Fridays go through customs became on American Airlines flight from Guyana and during the screening process. They selected his suitcases for secondary screening and they found loose clothing and all these packages of jumbo shrimp wrapped in sealed plastic.

And they say that the packages of shrimp they cut them open and they found brick objects of white powder. And it was cocaine 40 pounds of cocaine worth about $6,000 so he could face 20 years in prison. He's detained until his bail hearing this week. That's pretty wild. Yeah, a woman.

This is crazy. A woman was arrested. This is so wild after after she was found with $2,500 worth of Stanley cups in her car. She stole a bunch of Stanley's 65 of them.

People come on. They were worth about 2005. They're drinking things. They're thermoses. They're adults sippy cups. Why are people going nuts for these things? Why? I don't get it.

I don't get anything. They said in Roseville that this woman they said they were trying to they reported a theft from this this store. They saw this woman take a shopping cart full of Stanley's without paying for them.

Yeah, this is like my grandpa used to go on camp with what they've revamped and now everybody's crazy over him. They said that that woman 23 of Sacramento was accused of grand theft. And they laid all of the cups out on her car.

There's like a ton of them. They laid all these cups out on her car and they said that I don't know it's social media, which is horrible. And that's what did it.

They and it's the 40 fluid ounce one. I think it's crazy that people are stealing this. They're going crazy. Did you hear the one? What was it? It was it was it a target the pink one that apparently grown women were going crazy for grown women going crazy over pink Stanley Okay, just can't even.

Let's see here. So parents are not they're telling parents don't fly with your kids on your lap after the Alaskan Airlines thing. Because they after that terrifying incident on board, they're urging parents to not fly with kids in their lab. They're saying that you want to be secure and safe in case you know, they're sucked out of a window or something at 16,000 feet in the air. That's what happened with American with Alaskan Airlines flight 1282. They said the door plug blew out at 16,000 feet and left a huge hole in the side of the plane. And they said that they had an issue because they had, you know, kids on the laps of these parents and it was just chaotic and horrible and kids were injured and all that Oh my word. So they're saying don't do that. But I just think that would be uncomfortable, especially if it's a long haul flight. But not everybody can afford the exorbitant price of getting another seat.

So and especially if you have a young baby, I mean, I get it, but I can't imagine it's not comfortable for the parents for sure. A California man entered a gym, took off his clothes and then threatened everybody with a knife. You know, just another day in California.

Investigators said that the 31 year old was a suspect also in a real in an unrelated case of battery. He went to a semi valley gym brandished a knife. It was planet fitness when you know I was going to when I first saw this headline, I was like, I bet it's a planet fitness and of course I was I was right.

I was totally right. So he goes in takes off his clothes buck naked, and then threatens all the patrons at the gym with a knife. They that I guess he wasn't there to work out thankfully, because it would have been gross. But he was arrested. There were no injuries. He didn't stab anybody.

He just scared people. So well, I think that most women who have risen in their profession, who are leaders in their profession have had similar experiences. I was the first woman to be elected District Attorney. I was the first woman to be elected Attorney General state of California, and I'm the first woman to be vice president.

And I love my job. She's creepy when she says that. That's the vice president Kamala Harris CNN says you just don't love her enough. She's so great. Dana last year, welcome back to the show. You know, her whole audio sound right there when she was answering this question had to do with you know, most women have who have risen in their profession have similar experiences as being branded and capable because that was the context of her question or her answer to that question.

You know what, she's almost right. Because we've been seeing this in different workplaces and sports teams and even with skincare companies and all kinds of stuff because we see men who are cosplaying as women and usurping roles that are women's roles in women's leagues and in women's competitions. And we saw that too, with the NXXT Women's Pro Tour, where you had a dude cosplaying as a woman, and in a in a in a tour, a tournament that was literally created to quote unquote, elevate women's participation in golf, and this dude wins it. And there's been a lot of backlash. So the tour, actually, I thought it was a good response.

The tour's response was very interesting. So they released a, basically a statement because people are asking, why is a man allowed to play in a women's league? Even if he's dressed like a lady and has has all that because it's he went through puberty as a man, he went through all this as a he's a man. So they put a survey in the field among the rest of the players and they asked them to comment on their gender policies.

And the Daily Caller has a piece on this and they said that it should be applauded. Because all the backlash, I mean, it looks like he's I mean, it looks like he's probably out because they said he in the tournament was January 17th, they said he was victorious. He was in the top in the points and standings. And they get to exempt Epson tour. They get they go to the Epson tour and that's the LPGA's feeder tour.

And if he had solid Epson showings and he finished in the top five, then he could go on the LPGA, the women's league. And so they said, quote, in light of recent events, this is what an XXT did and kudos to them. And they repeated a poll amongst our top players to gather the opinions on gender policy. We believe it's vital to consider those perspectives from the people directly affected by it. And they said, we've requested Haley Davidson, that's the man cosplaying as a woman, to undergo additional testosterone testing to ensure compliance.

So that's a good first step. They need to just kick him out all the way because he's a dude competing, treating the women's league like a JV league. So when I hear people like Kamala Harris say, yes, you know, women are viewed as incapable.

They absolutely are in instances like this. She won't speak up for these like actual concrete examples, though, if you want to talk about pushing women aside or making them feel second class, this is it precisely. So that's a good first step, you know, there that there was a there was a lot of pushback for that because he's quite literally appropriating a women's sports tournament, a golf tournament and removing an actual woman deserving of that position from the leaderboard and taking her spot.

That's the definition of patriarchy. All right. Today in stupidity, Kane is out. We're going to meet up with him in Vegas at SHOT Show tomorrow. Steve is in for Kane with today's dose of stupid.

Okay. You remember that Canadian reporter that tried to get at that UFC fighter? Well, he tried.

He tried again yesterday. This is how that went. Dana. I go back. You were talking about like you obviously give a long leash to your fighters about, you know, what they can say when they are up there with a UFC microphone and you are getting into territory of homophobia, transphobia, like is there I don't give anybody a leash. Well, I'm saying you a leash. I'm like free speech. They control what people say, kind of tell people what to believe. Whatever, just as well as you thought it would.

Yeah, that would. I'm really liking these UFC press conferences as of late. I'm really liking them. Thanks for tuning in to today's edition of Dana Lash's Absurd Truth podcast. If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.
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