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Absurd Truth: The Wacky WEF

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January 17, 2024 3:38 pm

Absurd Truth: The Wacky WEF

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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January 17, 2024 3:38 pm

An Australian reporter embarrasses John Kerry about his carbon footprint at the World Economic Forum. Meanwhile, youll never guess what they found on Hunter Biden's gun.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. Florida Man Hulk Hogan literally rescued a teenage girl trapped in an overturned vehicle after a crash in Florida.

Just seeing the accident Sunday night in Tampa. His new wife took to Facebook praised his quick action. He's 70 years old, man. And his Yeah, he saw it and he said that everybody's fine and amen. Oh my gosh, that's impressive, brother. That's impressive, brother. Reminded me they I they had a they you know how they signs will find like they found like a skull of like some Cro-Magnon dude buried in the ice and they put skin on it and what it would look like in a swear to you it looked just like Hulk Hogan. It's like what's up brother from the Paleolithic era.

All right, so moving on here. A see Florida Man was caught stashing. This is a very interesting thing. NFL cards and deviled eggs and a stolen backpack. He looks like he comes from Napoleon Dynamite, this guy.

Florida Man was arrested after he stashed NFL cards and deviled eggs into a backpack he stole from Walmart and then he left without pain. 41 year old kept this guy's 41. Yeah, exactly. I'm sorry. This is the oldest 41 year old I've ever seen in my life guys.

He looks legit like he's 60. And deviled eggs. Some chicken salad.

Some banana pudding. Found that too. He exited through the garden center without pain or attempting to pay. He was confronted by law enforcement. And then of course guess what they found drug stuff on him.

Meth. So he's in Summer County Detention Center. He was released after posting $4,000 bond so he could have technically paid.

Probably unless he used the bondsman he probably could have paid. It's just why those things? I just don't understand. This headline. I'm trying to think here. Oh no, I so cannot have this headline. Nope.

Hmm. A Florida Man leaves truck and gear steps out and gets run over by it. He literally and it's sad because he killed him. He got ran over and killed by his literal owned truck.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office was called to a home in Lake Worth. A 64 year old was run over by his own Chevrolet Silverado. And he did not make it from due to the injuries. He was using he put the truck in park. He was digging up a stump and he was standing on the driver's side and it began to roll and he was knocked to the ground and run over. That's just be gosh be careful. I always get weird about that.

I was a little OCD kicks in and I have to double and triple check that things were in park if I'm you know. Let's see here this a Florida Man outlaw was arrested for shooting a man in the face with a BB gun at McDonald's. Oh for the love. So Hillsborough County, Florida. Florida Man was a non fatal shooting. It was Monday at a Brandon McDonald's Monty outlaw. His name is Monty outlaw. His literal it's Mr. and Mrs. outlaw son. 25 his name is Monty outlaw.

I don't care about anything else in the story. Pretty destined from birth. Let's see his last name is outlaw. What do you think he's gonna be in life? Maya Monty outlaw. That is his name.

Golly. Anyway, he popped a dude in the in the face of the BB gun. And they had an argument he reached into his waistband and pulled out a little baby gun.

And that's so dumb. And he was he's been arrested more than three times in six months charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Grant that third degree battery or second subsequent offense. And so now he's in jail.

He's in the Falkenberg road jail. Monty outlaw. I just think Monty like maybe there's a better first name you could have. Your last name is outlaw. You know, your parents kind of screwed you with that one.

Like your first name just doesn't go with the last. You know, one, the one time when people don't get upset over mansplaining is when all these skincare companies started using dudes to try to sell women women's skincare products. And then try to act like it was one in the same and women should just stop complaining about it because you know they know what's best. Women have different needs from dudes and women even have different needs from other women.

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That's and use promo code Dana for 10% off your skin will thank you. Please. Sorry. We're done. We are done now. Don't grab me. You can't grab us. This is a free society. We have freedom of the press. Why do you think you're more important? Your carbon footprint doesn't matter. But everybody else around the world suggested that nobody ever suggested that don't make up stupid question.

That's literally what your whole philosophy is, though. John Kerry was so mad there. I love that dude. He was asking him questions. I don't know who he is. It's amazing. Welcome back to the program. Dana Lasher with you at the bottom of the second hour. This reporter was, was questioning him on, was it? Wasn't that a Davos thing? I'll be Yemeni.

I'll be Yemeni. Yeah. If you've heard of him or not.

I've seen him a lot actually over the past couple years. Dude, I love how he was just like balls on the wall asking these questions. Like, hey, mate, you know, free society. Oh, look, I almost did the Australian accent.

I struggle with that so badly. Sorry to our Australian friends. They're probably like, don't do it.

Don't do it, mate. Look, I did it again. Anyway, so I loved the questioning, though.

What's the carbon footprint? Because it's true. He flies there on his private jet. And remember what he said previously. Because he was asked, and he tried to give a serious answer. I think he thought it was serious. And he was saying, well, it was because it was him.

And he has to go all over the place. And oh, and then he pays the carbon credits, which Cain and I still just are beside ourselves that we did not come up. You want to talk about a grift.

That's one of the king grifts of all grifts. It's an indulgence. It's a tax on stupidity. Carbon credits are tax on stupidity.

It is an indulgence that the stupid and wealthy pay so that they can pretend that they are green. Oh, sure. We're gonna plant some trees down there.

Yeah, yeah, it's gonna happen. Do they ever have to like provide proof? Isn't that what the carbon credit? What the hell did they do with the carbon credits?

What the hell did they do with our tax money? Yeah, but for real, think about this for a minute. Because that's what he said. He's like, well, you don't want to pay carbon credits like that. That, you know, see, you can do it.

If you've got the money to pay it. It is the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life. It's a trading mechanism that allows entities to compensate for their greenhouse gas emissions by supporting products. What do you get your name written on one of the stabby things on a windmill? One of the wind turbines? Is that what it is? Is there a stabby one of the stabby pokey things on the giant turbine that says John Kerry on it? Is that what it is?

Oh, my gosh, I love it so much. This is John Kerry's tree. He planted this so he can fly all over the world and lecture people about flying all over the world. That's what it is.

It's the dumbest thing ever. Why are we not in this business? If we came up with a carbon credit business? What would you call it? Indulgences Inc? Like, I don't know.

Sounds like a bakery from ghost to green. I don't know. It's pay up sucka Inc.

I don't know. I'm gonna think about this because that's a that's a real solid business. Yeah, that's a real solid business. Yeah, we're gonna we're gonna offset your carbon. Yeah, that's what we're doing. And we're gonna go plant these trees.

See, they wouldn't know you could send them a picture and they wouldn't know. Oh, look, here I am in the backyard planting a tree but I'm actually in the Amazonian rainforest and you just get you some tropical plants and throw them around. And, you know, something about trees if they really cared about plants and stuff, they wouldn't try for a net zero as it pertains to carbon dioxide.

Because that's what plants crave. Well, if they wanted net zero, he needs to stop breathing. No more breathing for you got to get to net zero. Start with you. Like he should be the example. Be the example that and lead be that what you want to see in others. Just stop breathing, dude.

Just don't breathe anymore. Look at that you're doing your part. You don't need to fake plant trees in the rainforest somewhere. Is that where they do it? I don't know where they did.

Where do they do it? But sure, yeah, that's the way. I'll just stop breathing, dude.

That's it. And all your family have them not breathe. I mean, you could just save the carbon dioxide. Right? Maybe they could tax the volcanoes.

Sorry, Mr. Vesuvius. But that's a bad no, no. You know, I'm just thinking out loud here. Right? I don't know. Could be. But that I love that he was asked that.

That's such a joke. All these I it's I really wish I mean, it's what is it the temperature is it? It's starting to warm up. We're at a toasty 36 degrees right now in Texas.

Finally above freezing. I mean, I've gone through almost all my turtlenecks because I'm freezing to death. I mean, I can't I can't wear a scarf on air.

I'll look like Glenn Beck. I have my I gotta some just wearing turtlenecks trying to do everything I can and just not. Oh, I'm running out guys gotta do laundry. I've seen all this video coming out from the WEF stuff too, by the way. Can I just ask a question totally unrelated what we're talking about? Is that a freak show?

What the world economic forum? Yeah. Is it just like, hey, let's get all the freaks together and do freak stuff.

It's kind of like that. I think I know what video you're referring to. Well, the only sane one that I saw so far is the dude who is the isn't he like the Malai, Javier Malai. He's like, yeah, yeah, yeah, like one of the he's got the craziest hair, but he's the sanest.

And he's basically saying you guys are clowns. And then then I saw what is the what in the Harry Potter hell is this video? So hold up, hold up, hold up.

I this is the stuff that happens. Hold up. So this is put this put that I don't even know what I'm looking at.

Can we put it up on the thing? It is. I don't know what it is. It's a video of. I don't know.

A hippie in a hat with a hippie. I thought there was a face mask. It's not a face mask. No, it's paint face paint.

I'm going to play this off my computer then. So it looks as though it's actually no one's got it. Okay. But it looks like, like Native American, isn't it? To a little bit to me.

It looks like Native American. I'm waiting for them to and who's the lady in the black robes? Oh, I don't even know about that. I just associate that with evil. But anyway, one's playing now. Now, look at my whole anody.

Look at my look. He's telling me she's cursing them. She's cursing them? Let's hope.

Like she's on a stage with all these suits. Please tell me you're cursing them. Blow the curse to the people. Blow the curse at the people. Blow it to them. Blow them the curse. Blow the curse at them.

Bo, they're sitting to your, they're sitting to your left. There you go. Get them. Get them. Curse them. Curse you. Gonna curse. Curse you.

Look, she's blowing right at them. Curse you. Come to this lady.

Come here, lady. I'm going to curse you. Oh, she's got like a Statue of Liberty headdress on. Curse you. Oh, I mean, you're so cursed.

Curse you, too. She's grabbing people's heads and spitting on their heads. The hell is that? What is this? What did we just watch?

This is the World Economic Forum. This is the World of Eccentric Freaks. That's what this thing is. Like, I don't know. What is that? What? I don't know what I just watched.

Do you get to, is it an exorcism? Is it like, what is it? Why is she spitting on people? I don't know. It looked like she was maybe blessing.

What does that have to do with economics? No, that was a curse, dude. Was it a curse? I don't know. I'm just assuming it was. I don't know.

And who was the little, the lady in the black robe that was standing by her? This is the World Economic Forum. What the hell are they doing there? I'm telling you what, this is, that's weird. And they wonder why people make fun of them. They make it too easy. You freaks at the WEF make it too easy for us to make fun of you. We're the normies. You're the freaks.

Actually, it's probably the only time a normie's used in a non-pejorative manner. Are they possessed now after that? You know who I just realized it probably is? It's probably Elizabeth Warren. And then she, they all got a free book, a free copy of Pow Wow Chow for attending.

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I think I have, you know, more resistance when I cut into cold butter. Learn more about it at PMR 30 at Follow them on social media as well.

That's Tell them Dana sent you. And now all of the news you would probably miss. It's time for Dana's quick five.

We're sitting here running my mouth when we're on break and I'm like, classic Dana is wonderful. All right, so this Texans, you know what, this is not going to happen. I will put a hand over my mouth. Texans were asked not to use their washing machines as the weather tests the grid.

I've, I'm going to use my washing machine. And you can literally try and test the rules of castle doctrine to come and stop me. Because nobody in Texas said that. I didn't hear it.

I didn't see it. No one told me not to use it. Literally nobody.

It's ERCOT 90s. They think I'm the gorilla. You know why? Because there's they're like, we're going to rely on the wind except it's this is the last windy time of the year. The ERCOT people.

They're like, can you conserve energy ahead of time? Shut up. No, shut up. This is 2024. You're wanting to take us back to the dark ages. Let's use the crappier light bulbs and let's take the phosphates out of your dishwashing machines.

Like what's next? You're like, what are you? Yeah, and as Kane says, your dryer takes more electricity to run than your washing machine.

I feel like I want to run all my appliances now. Yeah, come test that castle doctrine theory. Come on, try me. Come and take it.

No. I'm coming back to this because there's I'm so mad. Let's see the zoo. Texas Zoo welcomes its first lion since 2050 better conserve energy. Turn the lights off on the baby lion. There's a I don't know there's a baby lion. That's great. Yay.

By the way, do you know we have still have that owl? I don't have the heart to evict it. It's too cold. It hasn't really torn it up. There's not really a mess up there. It's been like very, I need to come back to this out.

Because we got headlines. But yeah, more than half of the United States is 25,000 cities are predicted to become ghost towns by 2100. That sounds amazing. I want to go there. I actually now want to go to the city because no one's there. I love being not by other people.

So great. Just I mean, I like you guys, but it's everybody else. We don't like and it's all dim run cities. So I'm going to go to the city. I wonder why gee, did you see by the way, have you guys seen pictures taken by tourists of San Francisco lately? Talk about a ghost town.

All the storefronts are closed and boarded up. I know watch that poop map. Drinking diet coke is better than sugary fruit juice for kids weight lines, according to a large review of dozens of studies. Well, I don't like fruit juice at all unless it's in Prosecco. So I'm totally fine with that. I like diet coke.

I don't I don't care if it can like dissolve batteries. I like it. The Navy is going to have a lot of fun with it.

I do and I love GMOs and preservatives. I love it. The Navy is going to name a new destroyer after this is amazing. After a World War Two hero, the human tugboat. This guy is such a hero.

He Charles Jackson French, he wrapped a rope around his waist and save 15 shipmates towing them to shorts. Amazing story. So well deserved.

Stick with us. This is amazing to me. I tweeted about this yesterday, and I short circuited from all the jokes that immediately popped into my head. You know, like when you see something and you just can't make enough jokes about it, it's just too over the top. And such was this particular example. So the pull this up here.

This is wild. The gun. Okay, do you remember the gun that was thrown into the trash can? Hunter Biden's gun that he purchased illegally. And he threw it in the trash can. Well, and then they had to have Secret Service recover it right. And that's the gun that's involved in the the when they were going to charge him with lying on his 4473, which is a felony. So I was looking at this.

This is so wild. In a new court filing, the DOJ says that they pulled Hunter Biden's gun from evidence in 23. And there was a white substance on the leather gun pouch. The FBI chemist determined that it was cocaine. So they literally found drugs on the pouch where the defendant had kept his gun. That's what they said in the filing. Biden's blowboy.

So that's true. There's literal, actual cocaine on his gun. Was it his cocaine though? I still I mean, he just leaves cocaine everywhere he goes.

Apparently, you know how that one which on Warner Brothers, the old Ian Freleng drawings when he drew the witch and clicker wills? Yeah, she kick her heels and hairpins would fall out. That's like him with coke. Like cocaine just like falls out everywhere follows them everywhere. It's just wild. It's true.

It does. Yeah, they literally found drugs on the pouch. Literally found it on his brown leather gun pouch. Literally found drugs on the pouch where he kept his gun.

Actual cocaine on his pouch. Oh my gosh, this is the dumbest thing ever. Two tears of justice, y'all.

Two tears of justice. I mean, you it's just an asinine because this is the family that endlessly promotes various drug and gun laws, right? And I just think if you're going to push certain laws, then you better abide by them.

And that includes assuming the penalty when you don't. But he had lied. And there's further I mean, the the evidence gets crazier and crazier. Well, you know, he didn't really lie. Okay, you lied.

But uh, okay. Yeah, I mean, he was on cocaine. Yeah, I mean, he literally had cocaine all over the gun. What are they going to do? But are they going to open, go into evidence one day and you know, they say they got to Oh, well, we got to write something down about this piece of evidence and some paperwork for the case. And as they walk into the evidence room and they turn on the light, are they going to see Hunter Biden there leaning over, snorting cocaine off of the pouch that the gun was in some leftover cocaine snort? I mean, how crazy is this gonna get? Is it? You know what? Is that why he like bust up into the Capitol?

Maybe he was, you know, trying to make his way to get to his gun. Although I think it's in Philly. It's in isn't Delaware. Are they keeping it Delaware?

Is it in DC? I mean, he could have been like, I'll just say that I'm here for the stunt. Golly, just the craziest. Thanks for tuning in to today's show. Thanks for tuning in to today's edition of Dana Lash's Absurd Truth podcast. If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.
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