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Absurd Truth: Epstein's List Leaks

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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January 4, 2024 4:25 pm

Absurd Truth: Epstein's List Leaks

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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January 4, 2024 4:25 pm

The Epstein’s files are leaked with names such as Bill Clinton, Stephen Hawking and Prince Andrew. Meanwhile, Nikki Haley jokes that New Hampshire voters will correct Iowa’s poor choice.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. So a Florida Man was arrested for intentionally crashing his car and then punching a driver. According to police in Winter Haven, a man from Auburndale was arrested after police say yesterday he intentionally crashed into another vehicle. Tuesday and then punched the driver in the face. The police said that Dustin Black, 21, attacked the victim who was at fault for the minor crash that involved Black's girlfriend. Authorities said it was at an intersection. The victim made a U-turn, hit the girlfriend's vehicle on the driver's side. The victim then immediately stopped, backed up in an attempt to remove his vehicle from the other one. And at that point, Black, who was in the area when the crash occurred, stopped his truck next to the victim's vehicle, backed up, rammed into the passenger side. Then the victim got out and yelled that he was sorry it was an accident.

But then they said that apparently he had to throw his hands up because Black punched him in his face repeatedly before the girlfriend went over to stop him. That's definitely not a way to handle an accident. I mean, it sounds like it was an accident. I hate it when you're trying to make a turn at a light and somebody does a U-turn into the same line that you are. In Texas, it's allowed, but it's kind of hard to see that other person's blinker sometimes and many times they just don't put it on. I can't tell you how many accidents I've seen because people just don't put indicators are for a reason. I get, gosh, I get mad over this stuff.

Okay. A Southwest Florida man caught in a stolen vehicle told police he didn't steal it. He just found it.

Finders Keepers, right? 22-year-old man from Lee County, Florida was arrested last week. He was pulled over in a stolen vehicle. When police asked 22-year-old James Comer Jr. from Fort Myers about the Hyundai, Hyundai? Hyundai? Hyundai Santa Fe? Why can't I ever say the name of this stupid car?

Hyundai Santa Fe. He said, No, no, no, I didn't take it. I found it is what happened.

I just found it. A woman had reported her Hyundai missing from her driveway the day after Christmas and she left it unlocked in her driveway with keys inside. Gosh, such a shocker that it was stolen. Not saying that that justifies stealing, but don't be stupid.

And they finally discovered the car. It does. That's not really it. That's not how that works. You know what I mean?

Like you don't. How do you know that it didn't belong to anyone? Because you're saying that you found it. You're indicating in the grocery store parking lot. Where did you find it? Yeah. In the grocery store parking lot near at a 7-Eleven. You know, just there with all the personal belongings inside of it still.

Just sitting there, right? That's not how any of this works. If you get up and if you get out of your car and you leave it, even if you leave it your stuff in there stupidly, which you shouldn't.

That doesn't mean that you're signaling to everyone, okay guys, it's yours now. Not really. Shockingly, the police did not believe him. And he was taken into custody where we get this fine mugshot that Juan is displaying for you now in the simulcast. Florida man intentionally drove car into the home of a person who wouldn't talk to him.

This sounds like a banshees of an Asherian plot. Nobody cut off any fingers though. A dude who, this Florida dude drove his car into the house of this other dude who would not talk to him.

Fabian Campbell, age 40. He's being charged with criminal mischief. And apparently there's a charge for projecting a deadly missile into a home. Didn't know that. But it was in Fort Lauderdale.

Yeah, he got mad because this dude wasn't talking to him. So he just like drove it right the heck into the car, right into the home. And it caused shockingly structural damage to the dwelling.

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Learn more about that PMR-30 at You can also follow them on social media, K-E-L-T-E-C, tell them Dana sent you. Can we talk about this weird Epstein list?

Is it? Now, I want to clarify, the list is public information now with unredacted names. So a lot of this stuff was already out there, but the names were not made public, and now it is. So it's unredacted information from stuff that had been out there, and is anybody shocked about some of this stuff?

I'm not saying that to downplay it at all, but like, for instance, Bill Clinton being a big old pervert, it was said that in the documentation that he liked him young. That's so nasty. Can I just, I don't want to vomit. You know that phrase, I'm going to vomit a little in my mouth, I'm going to vomit a lot in everybody's mouth.

So gross. So these, the names that popped up, what's his face, David Copperfield's name popped up. Now, not in conjunction with apparently using the services, he had asked a girl if she was aware that she and others were being used to procure more girls. So all these people who were linked to Epstein, this is all part of this defamation case brought against Jelaine Maxwell by Virginia Roberts, who is now Virginia Guffrey. And she said she was the one who made the claims against, what's his face, Andrew, that Prince over in Britain. And now you have Al Gore, Kevin Spacey, Stephen Hawking were included in evidence filings. They said DiCaprio was mentioned, Cate Blanchett, Cameron Diaz, I don't believe you. And Bruce Willis, I don't believe you. Naomi Campbell, they said none of those, none of them have been accused of any involvement with his crimes. He was a name dropper. So a lot of these also are names that have just been mentioned by by like Guffrey when she would hear when he would drop names and he would she would he would say something and she would remember the name. She did say that she was, who's a Oh, gosh, Pritzker, the guy, Governor of Illinois.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. His brother, apparently, she said that she was forced to have romantical times with him. Yeah, and he's a big Democrat donor, all that all that stuff. So they that's his name was one of the there's two people whose names haven't been unmasked yet, haven't been released. And I think that there's some legal wrangling that's still going on with that.

But they said at one point, and looking at all of this, it's kind of wild. Like Stephen Hawking, they said. He was trying to reward one of his victims friends, if they could prove if they could prove Guffrey's allegations false, including an allegation that Stephen Hawking Yes, that Stephen Hawking had participated in an underage orgy. Now he's was pictured on the Peto Island in 2006, the island called Little St. James. He was pictured there before. But I the email read it was from Epstein to Maxwell, and said he was content for her to issue a reward to any of Guffrey's friends to counter her claims.

And they had the Clinton dinner one they had. Yeah, that's just weird. It's just weird. Apparently Michael Jackson's name was mentioned. They said that they met Michael Jackson at Epstein's home in Palm Beach, Florida. Nothing untoward happened.

She did not offer him a massage. It's just weird. Like all of this stuff is so gross.

I feel like we all need a bleach bath after reading this stuff. And now some of the here's why some of the names were mentioned. So here's a transcript just to give you an example. So not every name that you hear means that they were literally like a customer of ill repute, right? These were people that Epstein would name drop to these girls and he because he was a name dropper, obviously. But for instance, she was asked, she was like giving him a massage and he would drop name drop Leonardo DiCaprio or Cate Blanchett or Bruce Willis, that kind of thing. That's why their names came up was because she used them as either an example or this is something that he had just mentioned them kind of on the side. Tom Pritzker is the Pritzker guy.

They said that their spokesperson said they continue to vehemently deny any allegations of impropriety, etc. But her deposition named a lot of these prominent figures, including Tom Pritzker, who's a billionaire US businessman. J.B. Pritzker is his brother. J.B. Pritzker is governor of Illinois. Alan Dershowitz was mentioned.

Let's see. There's a celebrity hairstylist, this guy I've never heard of was mentioned. And these other individuals now they are accused of engaging in that kind of consumerism.

I don't know how else you want to put it. She even named Bill Richardson, who was the late New Mexico governor. And obviously Al Gore was mentioned and then Bill Clinton, apparently. And they said there was the transcript that said that somebody had said, oh, yeah, Bill Clinton. Yeah, he likes them young.

It's so gross. I don't think anybody is surprised about that one. Not that it makes it any, you don't have to, I shouldn't have to say that, but it's just, it's weird. You know, Epstein's brother had apparently said that the Clintons, you know, had a lot, there were a lot of perks that they enjoyed from the Epstein's like, I guess what visiting properties and planes and all that stuff. But nobody's, with regard to this case, no one's yet been accused of the act, but it's really being highly insinuated that it happened. And Epstein's brother was like, well, if Jeffrey Epstein said all that he knew about Clinton and Trump, the election would have to be canceled.

Now, Trump was mentioned, but not as a consumer. You know how I said that other people like name dropping and things like that. It's just really wild. But where's the, I think the Tom Pritzker thing, I was unaware of that one. But where's the, is there anything that stands out as a big bombshell to you, Cain? And this, I was reading through these names last time. Yeah, I read through the names too. And I, nothing really that I'm not, I'm not surprised to see any of these.

There was a couple that I saw that I thought were like, wow, 137 times. Okay. Ew. He just, you look at Epstein and he just looks like he's skeezy. He and Maxwell, they just look skeezy. So I don't know what's going to, I mean, whatever. I know that there's a couple of other names, I guess. They act like those are the big names that have to be released. So I don't know.

But Man Alive, it is, it's gross. I'm just looking over some of that. When they released these documents, the website that hosted them crashed, obviously, because everybody wanted to see them. But yeah, these are the, they were released last night. Everyone was wondering, they're all the depositions that were taken in the case and they have the quotes.

The Clinton one, this was the testimony given by one of the victims. It just, it sounds like, I mean, you can put two to two together. It doesn't outright accuse him of impropriety, but it obviously speaks on a foundation of him having committed it.

And I mean, it just, I don't know, it's just wild. And it also, it seems like a lot of people were aware of Epstein's character, just like a lot of people were aware of Harvey Weinstein's character. I mean, I don't even, I've never worked in Hollywood.

I've never had an interest, despite what the left loves to say about conservative women. Not every one of them has ever been an actress or wants to be people. But they, I mean, I've heard people who are just kind of associated with that industry who apparently knew about all the stuff that Weinstein was involved in. And this seems to be very, very similar to that.

A lot of people in the upper echelon of really leftist politics and business were well aware of who this guy was and what he was doing. So the fact that it, you know, you had to get to this point just to get some of these names out suggests that there were a lot of people trying to cover their backsides. It makes me wonder, too, if a lot of the stuff that's being released, if it hasn't been really sanitized or reduced down as, you know, as a way to sanitize it. I did notice some redacted information on the original Doc Dump that could have been like HIPAA type stuff where there was testimony of certain, like someone's health situation. That's about it as far as the redactions.

I thought that I didn't see many, as many as I thought I'd see. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.

So it's yeah. And everybody was talking about Clinton perhaps being named already in this. I mean, that's not surprising.

The guy had that that portrait of Clinton in his New York place in that blue dress, which is weird also. And now all of the news you would probably miss. It's time for Dana's Quick Five. All right. So first up, we're going to get to the Epstein list stuff. Don't think I didn't see it or forgot about it. I haven't.

There's a lot here. Universal overtakes Disney as the highest grossing, gross, grossing studio at the 2023 box office. I don't even know how, but they did, according to Variety. Universal. Well, I mean, it's obviously easy, easy to know why it was because Oppenheimer that put Universal over the top. They said that they had 24 films, blah, blah, blah, Super Mario Brothers, Oppenheimer, Megan with the little girl robot collected almost five billion worldwide in ticket sales.

And they said that it was the first time since 2015 that Disney was not the global box office leader. Firefighters battle ablaze at Dolphin Star Tyreek Hills home in Southwest Ranches. This is according to NBC Miami.

The wide receiver was at practice. He wasn't home, but his home went up in flames. Heavy smoke coming out. They had aerial shots and everything.

He arrived and he was hugging family members. I guess they got everybody out, but man alive. That was like crazy. They say, gosh, I don't care about the Kanye West headlines. I don't care. I would rather jump off my roof and permanently maim myself than ever have to talk about this dude for real.

Or the thirst trap conservative quote unquote influencers that rushed to kiss his butt. Plant based sandwiches, salads and pizza are not healthier than meat options. A completely obvious study has revealed. Yeah. I mean, you could eat you could eat vegetables and super healthy stuff every single day.

And you could also hate life. You know, I mean, they said that researchers analyzed it looked at one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight meals from 50 fast food chains across five countries. They said the vegan options dollar contain less protein. We're really you mean the meatless options didn't have as much protein as the protein options were.

They also said that they had more carbs and sugar in the vegan options. Who? What? I'm really the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life. They actually did a study on this.

What they do is study on how some living creatures on earth, they breathe in the water and some of us breathe out of the water. I mean, it's that. Yeah. You know what? I don't think people understand how this works. According to the Metro, the British paper, they said that apparently I guess they do this every year.

People are resetting their virginity on New Year's Day. OK. That's not. Yeah, it's not how that works. You can't like reset.

You know, if you were a big flaming, you know, hoe bag, you can't just be like, wait, New Year, new me. It's not like that anymore. It's not how that works. It's just not you don't get to you don't get to go back. OK, you don't get to go back.

You know how you can prevent it, though, is keep your knees kissing, as my grandmother would say, keep your knees kissing. Just think about it. If it doesn't make sense to you, just think. So they said that that's actually a thing where it trends. It's trending where people say that they are resetting. I mean, you can stop being promiscuous, but you can never just reset it and be like, OK, that's it. I'm just no more. That's that's it.

I'm all brand new. It doesn't work out. Yeah, it doesn't work out that way. And also, we told you about the we told you about the Epstein list being revealed. Michael Jackson was mentioned, but that was it like he was just mentioned.

It's like a hodgepodge of weirdos and like names that you never thought would be in any way related. All mentioned. We're going to talk about that coming up. We have an opportunity to get this right. And I know we'll get it right. I trust you. I trust you.

I trust every single one of you. You know how to do this. You know, Iowa starts it. You know that you correct it.

You know that you continue to go. And then my sweet state of South Carolina brings it home. That's what we do. That's Nikki Haley. Just yesterday.

Yes, we see yesterday was yesterday I think Yeah, that was her just yesterday talking to people in or no sorry, New Hampshire, because we have Iowa and just and then we got New Hampshire. I don't dislike islands. I'm just we've been kissing your ass for like months now.

I mean, and forgive the Portuguese, but there's no other way to put it. That's exactly what's happening. Welcome to the show.

Hmm. Second day of the new second day of the new year. I don't do any of that new me new new new year new me stuff. It's a new year. Same old me punching the neck.

So welcome. Welcome to the show top of this first hour. We have Florida Governor Ron DeSantis coming on later in the program. We're gonna talk to him. I'm just gonna throw all this stuff at him and just let's see what he does. Let's just see. We think of this. What do you do that? Here's this soundbite. What about this one?

Just see what he does. Yeah, I like it. But I also like you know, to see how people react to stuff. You know what I'm saying? So we'll see. But anyway, so that was Nikki Haley yesterday. So the what I saw are I have friends in Iowa. Some of them they're kind of all over the place. They like DeSantis some of them.

There's a couple of them. I like Trump. Nobody likes Nikki Haley. I have no Iowa friends that like Nikki Haley.

Is that weird? I mean, I'm sure they like her personally. Like they wouldn't throw a pickle at her if they saw on a Burger King. But they just they just don't prefer her for this particular job anyway.

So long story short, they were they were all this is what got me thinking about this. They're like, What do you mean fix that? What do you mean?

I'm sure fix that. You mean we're gonna get it wrong. And here's one thing that you don't do. So this is let me explain to you the Iowa thing. If you're new here to if you've never paid attention to the primaries. We I'm going to be very straight with you because everybody else is an operative and they're a butt kisser. We do this thing where we pretend that the only state that exists in the union is Iowa to hell with all of you.

Everybody else. If you're not in Iowa, then you know, who are you? I mean, they don't Texas don't care, Missouri don't care. They love Iowa, then next they love New Hampshire, a little less, but they love New Hampshire.

And then they lose South Carolina a little less than they love New Hampshire, but they love South Carolina. So we go through this span of time, where we have politicians that spend an inordinate amount of time kissing but it's the butt kissing competition. It's the delegate race is what it is. It's the chase for the delegates.

It's all that's what it's about. And so, you know, as a as, as a result of this, that's why you see so much about Iowa and why you hear so much about them and everybody talks to them and oh my gosh, we love corn. All these politicians go up to Iowa, the State Fair. We love corn.

Oh my gosh, they love corn. And then they they that's what they do. All of them do this. They all do this.

Democrats, Republicans alike, operatives, the operatives go up there. We love corn to like you get people from Palm Beach that go out there. And I just love Iowa and I love all and then they look at they remember all their notes and then they just try to recite it's just how it is. Now Iowa people know this because they're not dumb, but they love it. They love it because it's the one time every four years. It's the time that everybody puts Iowans first, right? Everybody puts Iowans first. So they are the princess of this party. They are the homecoming queen.

They they get the crown at all of it. And I honestly think that Iowans there's a little there's a little you know, I think they take joy in watching so many of these politicians come out. Our favorite cane is when they go to the Iowa State Fair and it's always the meat on the stick. And that what it is? It's the thing. It's the corn. It's the corn dog. Whatever fried any meat honest and they there's always somebody who in artfully eats it.

But every time I feel like they have classes privately on how to not look like you could be photoshopped while eating meat on a stick. And so they all go out and I really think that Iowans secretly they'll never tell you this, but I think they enjoy putting these candidates in this position. Okay, I feel like that's how that got started. Welcome to the Iowa State Fair. So you say you love Iowa. Have you had our they wink at each other meat on a stick and then hand it over to the politicians. I really, which, you know, I mean, if it I kind of feel like if you're going to get condescended to and everyone's going to act like you're the number one princess at the party for this certain period of time, then yeah, then go you go ahead. You get you get free rein to do that. So that's where we're at now. Thanks for tuning in to today's edition of Dana Lash's Absurd Truth podcast. If you haven't already made sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcast, Spotify wherever you get your podcasts.
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