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Absurd Truth: Don-Chow-Ping

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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November 30, 2023 3:36 pm

Absurd Truth: Don-Chow-Ping

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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November 30, 2023 3:36 pm

Biden quotes the wrong Chinese president in Colorado. Meanwhile, AOC quits Twitter over Elon Musk’s cursing.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man.

I mean, who among us, right? Like a Florida man was arrested because he got caught with a gator in his SUV. This comes out of Dixie County, Florida. Man's facing charges after he was called by Florida deputies transporting an alligator in his SUV. According to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, a Dixie County deputy discovered a three-foot gator in the man's SUV during a traffic stop on November 9.

It's all just coming out now, though. Apparently, the man told the officials that he saw the gator crossing the road, was terrified it was going to get hit by a car. He was like, I'm going to release the gator into a pond. He's facing charges of unlawful possession. They said the gator was released in a safe area. Was he, though, going to release in a pond? Because I feel like if he was, then you should have just let him do his thing, right?

He helped the taxpayer. Come on. I don't know. Let's see.

We had the lady about to eat and counterfeit cash the other day. The oh, oh, man was arrested for stabbing a lady in a Walgreens parking lot because according to deputies, he said he wanted to. Yeah, I mean, he did. They go why? And he goes because I wanted to. That's literally what it says in the affidavit. Kenneth Bryan, 34, was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, second degree felony after the incident. It was in Walgreens in Naples in Florida.

Yeah, he looks totally dopey, as much as stick with us. As we move our friends over at Hillsdale College, this is one of the things that they they teach at Hillsdale. This is like where you go for an actual good education.

It's a small Christian classical liberal arts college there in southern Michigan. They teach critical thinking, they protect critical thinking, not critical race theory. And they understand that education is absolutely paramount to a free society. You the more you know, the freer you are, especially with how your own government works.

And so that's what they teach at Hillsdale, where they fall out of the box. And you can foster open debate, where students aren't penalized for engaging in honest, you know, academic discussion and displaying intellectual curiosity. And you can study America's great heritage of liberty and grow by studying these truths in a very supportive and dedicated community. And you can see they have a short video up about how Hillsdale's work is super effective in defending American liberty, not just on its campuses, but across the country. You can access it at Visit

That's, Hillsdale College, Developing Minds, Improving Hearts. I've said this, and I've said this to Deng Xiaoping and the Himalayas, and I've said this to every world leader. It's never, never, never been a good bet to bet against American people.

Never, never, never. Can I break this video down? Juan, I'm gonna, you're gonna hate me. I'm so sorry. Juan's like, Yeah, I love when you do video breakdowns, Dana.

These are great. Welcome back to the show. Dana Lash, here with you.

You can listen coast to coast, watch the simulcast. Here's Okay, first off, let me just address what was said. And then Dong Xiaoping, dude. What? Who is he talking about? Xi Jinping? Like the commie Chinese leader? Not a peep from anyone in the media on this really.

I just needed a pulse check on these zombies that are running these these publications. Not a single peep from you people. I don't care if it was your beloved grandfather that said something like this. You make fun of it. Because it's it should be if you can't make fun of this. You're a soulless meat sack.

You're a soulless meat sack, and you're getting nothing for Christmas. That's it. How do you know that? Dude, it's like 16 candles. It's like a movie scene. Okay, so I want to break this down because I got to give props to the female and the male that are standing on either side of him. And you could see it the other the guy had a real good poker face. You could see there was a hint of question that passed over his face when the president said Dong Xiaoping, which in the Himalayas, what? But the girl, the feet, the lady, you could tell she caught that was like what?

And it registered she caught herself like they knew they were on the national stage and they were trying to keep it legit. Right. So let's just let's just walk through what is now my favorite video soundbite so far of this month.

Go ahead. I've said this and I said this to Dong Xiaoping. And then she looks right back at him like I'm sorry, what?

Dong Xiaoping? What did you just say? And you could see her like her purse lips together. She just looked at him and went what? The other guy like his eyebrows were up real hot. I love watching people's expressions on stuff.

I can't tell you how many videos of this like these walkthroughs and stuff I've seen that. So the guy's like, wait, what? And you could tell his like eyebrows dropped just a little bit. And he's like, Oh, here we go. But she it's like he he expected this out of Biden.

She didn't. And she just looks at him the way her head jerked and looked at him right after he said that. That was really that was something. But then it gets weird-er. So after he says Dong Xiaoping, and they're just standing there, then it's like, I don't is he wearing like a shot collar?

Where if someone is standing behind the scenes, and they're on the campaign, and they are like, Oh, it needs to be done. It needs more energy. My mom has candles. And I'm not gonna lie, I got some too for Christmas, where you can do the remote with them. You're those things are amazing, right?

Mine are made in Taiwan. Thank you. And there's a remote and you can think like with the remote. You know what I'm talking about. So it's like someone did that to him. Like they got a shot collar on him and then back with the remote. Like trying to get him to not be boring and sleepy. So go ahead because he gets him riled up and it's just out of nowhere and awkward.

In Malayas, I've said this to every made world leader. It's never, never to the mic. And he leans over and the guy, the guy is like, what the hell's happening here? They're both amused. You one thing that you can tell from both of their faces is that they are amused. She is suppressing a chortle. Which is kind of like a chocky laugh.

She's suppressing it. And you can tell. And the guy is just looking like, yep. I mean, they're the guys like, has the expression of this is my drunk friend.

You know what I mean? Like you when you're when you're dudes when you're at the bar, one of your friends who's maybe had a couple, you know, maybe a pint too many starts making a joke. And it's just awkward, not funny, but you're you find it funny.

That's like him. She's just trying not to laugh. But OK, so again, weird or go ahead.

Never been a good bet to bet against American people. Never, never, never. And OK, so she starts nodding her head. And the guy that's on the other side of him is like, I don't know what this he means. But I guess we're gets Tilly time. It's Tilly time. We're going to throw down. And he just and then he starts clapping like, yeah, fight, fight. Yes.

Love that the chili. Who knows what the hell this guy's saying. But it sounds like he's going to throw down. Like he's talking about fights right now. And I'm down with that. And she just starts nodding her head. She turns she turns into a bouncer like, mm hmm.

Tilly time. I just it's the funniest. This is so funny that I can't tell you how many times I watch this video.

I watched the first time that I literally lol. Normally I'm lying when I write that I'm not I'm not lol in at all. I'm just like I'm somewhat amused. And my facial expression expression hasn't changed. I laugh like a loon. Out loud.

I lol'd loudly when I saw this video. I love the guy's expression. He's like, yeah, Tilly time. Yeah. And she's just starts nodding her head like, mm hmm. Oh, my gosh. It's just precious. I just got to I'm sorry.

Go with me simulcast guys. Why she's she's like, I'm not gonna laugh. And he's like, yeah, what fight? Yes. Yes. And she nods her head.

He's like, yeah, Tilly time. Anyway. You know what? Where's the bad lip reading people? I want the bad lip reading people. You remember the one that we played where it was? They were dubbing Matt Gaetz and Kevin McCarthy in a fight.

I brought the tiger was hysterical. They need to do that for this. Honestly, some days, that's the only way I can take politics and I work in this business. It's almost like when Biden just speaks normally, it sounds like it's the lip reading thing. Yeah, I mean, you know what, you make a really good point here, because it they they would only serve to make him look smarter and sound smarter, because at least they're, yeah, they're like, more coherent, more, you know, a little bit more consistent with their speech and stuff.

I don't know. But that was, I'm still Yeah, I found that. I mean, that whole clip.

I mean, you start with a dong chow ping, and you end with and I'm gonna do my angry old man pointing. Good night, our friends over at Caltech, the sub 2k. This is like a really, really innovative gun.

I don't know if you're familiar with you have to be familiar with what Caltech does, right? I mean, you're it's a great Florida company. They have a great origin story, too, which we'll say for another time, but the sub 2k, it's awesome carbine. It's it's it's reliable.

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It's awesome, easily disassembled for cleaning inspection, intuitive sites, adjustable stock. Love it. Learn more about the sub 2k in that $100 rebate program. Visit

That's Tell them that Dana sent you. And now all of the news you would probably miss.

It's time for Dana's quick five. So I'm reading about the here's the scare mongering headline. So just you're probably going to start hearing a lot about this if you haven't already. They're saying oh, it's China's white lung. It's hitting the US. It's the newest thing guys, newest craze. They said mystery wave of pneumonia has hit America, Ohio County records 146 child cases of white lung syndrome, which it says meet the definition of an outbreak, infection overwhelms Chinese hospitals, this case spike in Europe.

Oh my gosh, we've been a national of the teeth. This is crazy. And they're saying that oh, it's raising fears of another outbreak.

It's an outbreak. Oh, they say this every I'm not gonna, we're not gonna be fooled again. Like the who said we're not gonna be fooled again.

Just saying, just saying. I they're immediately going into the fear mongering. And of course, it comes out of China.

Of course, of course it does. An 83 year old woman dies after falling through the floor of her home. into a well shaft.

Now this is a new thing. Yeah, so the 83 year old woman fell 48 feet down a well shaft. That was under a 100 plus year old home.

The woman. She was a ride at the house to assist her her daughter move. And as she was walking in the kitchen, she stepped onto a weekend floor and fell through it right into a well shaft that the family had no clue about. It is what is like a horror film. Isn't there a horror film where there's like, I swear I've seen something like that.

Yeah, no, well, no, I mean, like there were there's like all these tunnels and mines and sounds like a teen who learned CPR at school saved a toddler from drowning on Thanksgiving. A California teenager did the right thing. This is so good. This is a great story. It was performed CPR on a three year old relative who almost drowned in the family's pool on Thanksgiving.

CPR is always a good a good skill to have the ability to do that. And let's see a this is an Amarillo who has this much time on their hands. A Grinch tries to steal Christmas. Now look, yes, we all know Jesus is real. And that Christ is King, but you don't have to stand outside of a kid's school with a sign that says Santa is fake. Jesus is real. Come on. Seriously, what? Yeah, that was a look.

Kane just because then I feel like Jesus was telling me to do stuff. At that point. Yeah, I and he stood outside within a Grinch costume. Well, dressed as the Grinch dressed as Santa. Yeah. And they they police were called, but they didn't arrest him. They said he was on the law lawfully on the sidewalk.

And, yeah, I mean, clearly parents would not be happy about that. In your own popularity, you've seen the polls. Also, your ratings. Thirty eight point five percent.

Biden's forty point four percent. And Trump is higher. Ron Klain says this. And and and you've you've seen press about yourself over over the years. He says that he believes that your popularity or unpopularity or whatever rating you want to put it as is a function of sexism and racism. Says that's part of the problem, says she doesn't get the credit for all that she's done. Do you think that's true for what? Well, are we talking about the media or people as it relates to the media?

I'm sure some of that is true. For what? What does she what does she do?

I don't mean to sound like Shorzi here, but Jiminy Christmas. For what? She brought us Venn diagrams. Really? I saw the V.P. that was yesterday. At that New York Times butter my biscuit thing, whatever it was. What was it? The Deal Book Summit? Sure.

OK, Dana, last year with you. On the airwaves, you can listen coast to coast. You can stream it.

You can watch the simulcasts. Channel three forty seven Drag TV. So the reason that no one likes her is because they're sexist and racist. Not because she totally sucks out loud. I mean, at her work. Her jobs. The sexism into race. So wait, the sexism and racism. Wait a minute, let me understand this. So you get into the vice president's office.

But you can't. I mean, you get that far. But then all of a sudden the sexisms and the racisms.

So you get as far as actually getting into the V.P. office. Oh, but I had the reason that I'm not good at my job is because of two sexisms and two racisms is why. I mean, that's the truth of it.

Unburdened by what has been Venn diagram. She sounds like if you fed an A.I. machine, like just random boardroom stuff and then it and then told it to spit it out. Yeah, give me a thousand words. In a speech like you're a female president, like you're a female vice president. And that would be it. Right. So you get as far as the V.P. office.

So there's no sexism and racism stopping you then. Right. You get into it like everyone's like, yeah, cool.

All right. You know, she's in the V.P. office. But then it all of a sudden it dawns on them that you're a you're a woman of color. And then they're like, wait a minute, how did this happen? And then all the racisms and the sexism happened.

Is that what you're telling me? Like it goes that far to the V.P. office.

Totally fine. No one says nothing, but only after she's in office, because, see, I would think that if it was really sexism and racism at play, she would never have gotten into the V.P. office.

She would have never been vice president of the United States. So me thinks that it has nothing to do with racism and sexism. She's just looking for some kind of justification to explain why she can't do her job well. That's what it seems like.

I feel like I'm pretty correct on that. You know, I'm, I, I'm so tired of this. I'm so tired of, well, I'm a woman.

So woman, stuff woman, woman, woman, lady, female. That's not a substitute for policy or wit or, you know, substance, nothing. Good heavens. Can I just tell you, because this, I just now saw this, it happened a couple hours ago, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she's leaving Twitter, or sorry, X. She goes, quote, after Alon's F-bomb tirade, this will be my last post on X. She says, I can no longer support a platform run by a foul mouth degenerate.

Huh? Didn't Rashida Tlaib say cursing shouldn't be a distraction? When she got mad, she was cursing about Trump. Hmm.

I'm just saying. I mean, I remember not just her, but I remember Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez too, using all of a sudden these new little neo-puritans. After his F-bomb tirade, I just said bye.

Actually, I just, I shared with her Rashida Tlaib, like saying that, you know, cursing is not a distraction. I think he said what he said in the way that he said it so that A, it would go viral, B, it was arresting to your attention, and C, it was just, you know, maybe it's not something you'd say in church. But I also don't think that, you know, we'd be talking about advertising Marxist boycotts like this in church either. The point is that he did it in order for it to have impact and it worked.

And he's correct, by the way. All these companies that are like, we're going to pull on what grounds? Again, it's like, for what? Because they want to accuse him of anti-Semitism for nothing. They're just trying to get him on something. That's all.

They're trying to get him on something. What is she going to do? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has no influence outside of social media.

Do you know how I know that? Because she doesn't move the needle. All these people that think all the stupid stuff they do on social media, it doesn't move the needle.

Right or left, by the way. If it did, we wouldn't have an issue in 2020, guys. Nobody, oh, I said something uncomfortable. It's true. It's true, though.

Where's the lie? That's all. She doesn't move the needle. All she does is like throw a flail about on social media and record herself. She's a younger version of Elizabeth Warren. Give her a few years and she'll be like, can I get you a beer? Asking her very uninterested spouse. The same. Thanks for tuning in to today's edition of Dana Lash's Absurd Truth podcast. If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.
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