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Absurd Truth: Let's Delete TikTok

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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November 16, 2023 3:40 pm

Absurd Truth: Let's Delete TikTok

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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November 16, 2023 3:40 pm

TikTok users are reading Osama Bin Laden’s “Letter to America”. Meanwhile, The University of Wisconsin removes a rock because it was a symbol of anti-blackness.

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It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. Oh, man.

Oh, my gosh, I have one that I'm excited to read. So first up, this Florida, so this Florida woman. She was arrested, the victims like she tried ripping off my face.

That's what she said. The Florida woman was arrested after victim said she tried to rip my face off over a thermostat dispute. Now I'm going to give her credit for her eyebrow game. That's all I'm giving her credit for though. She's got strong brows, man.

He didn't live through the 90s with the thin brows, man. So it's near Boca Raton. A Florida woman was arrested. She allegedly attacked another woman over 65 because the woman messed with the thermostat.

Unfortunately, this is a dispute between dads and their children. According to the arrest affidavit, Palm Beach Sheriff's deputies said they responded to a domestic violence call at a home near Boca Raton earlier this month. They said that the woman at the home had gone to adjust the thermostat when the 31 year old Breiland Springer, the hell kind of name is that she's in some pippy long stocking pigtails in her mugshot.

But the broad game strong dude. The victim stated that Springer tried to rip my face off. Now, the deputy couldn't determine whether or not it was just a turn of phrase seen as the victim did not have any marks or bruises on her face. Springer said the victim was lying. You know, Cain says that old people aren't innocent.

So that could be, you know, one of these things. She was booked in a Palm Beach County jail released. Her court date is next month, Cain. Yeah, yeah, it's not all old people are innocent. Yeah, you always you said all old people are not innocent. No, I don't know why I fight with you on this. I'm just saying I totally I mean, I get what you're saying, man.

I mean, there she could have been lying, could have been lying. Okay, this guy must really love. Like I guess I'm trying to think of it like dinosaur stuff, mammoth stuff. I can't imagine diving in gator infested waters for this.

But that's what this Florida man did. He risked his life for a mammoth jaw. He dove and swam in alligator infested waters to get a rare fully intact mammoth jaw.

He says it's about 10,000 years old. He runs fossil junkies dig and dive charters. And he was scouting new places to dive on in the gators house. And he found the fossil of a lifetime. He says he's a fossil junkie. Dude, he could have been murked by some gators.

That's the gators house. I can do that, man. I got a problem swimming in lakes sometimes. Like I don't like not knowing what's underneath me. It's like a control thing. You know, I'm like, if I can't see my feet beneath me, I got issues, man. So, uh, one Florida Marine School $900 product $900 worth of Walmart products in the left everything behind.

I got a couple of other real good ones for you tomorrow. Ever I think honestly, if if you're if you're going to model national education after something, I think that you need to do it after Hillsdale, the way that they approach it, because the way that Hillsdale approaches their education is they it's a classical it's a classical education. And you're actually learning about, you know, critical thinking and not critical race theory. And there are so many colleges and universities that out there today that don't actually teach. It's about brainwashing, they actually work to make you not think to just accept things without question.

That's not what they do at Hillsdale. They were founded in 1844. And they protect very vigorously, open and honest debate. They protect the pursuit of truth together. They protect the study of America's great heritage of liberty.

And you can visit They have a short video super short. But I think it's important for you to see because it shows how effective they are in defending American liberty, not just in their Michigan and DC campuses, but around the country. And this is what their mission is.

They don't accept any federal funding. They are truly independent and truly academic. To learn more about the mission of Hillsdale College, visit That's, Hillsdale College, developing minds and improving hearts. Can we talk about these Osama Tiktoks? I was what I was privy to a discussion was watching two friends of mine have a discussion where they were, they all kind of agreed but yet disagreed on some fundamental things. The topic began with this with this issue we're going to we're going to introduce to you. You have these people who are going to be talking about this issue.

The topic began with this with this issue we're going to we're going to introduce to you. You have these people that are making these videos on Tiktok and they're saying, Oh, we read the Osama bin Laden letter and now we feel like you know, maybe terrorism is a justifiable form of resistance to occupiers or injustice or something to that effect. And they're sharing it all over social media. And there are there are there are questions about the legitimacy of the videos that are being shared. Because, you know, Tiktok as you know, I refuse even though it like probably hurts us business wise. And I also reject the idea that young people only get all of their stuff on Tiktok. That's so stupid. And I think that that's, you know, then it has to change. I did doesn't mean well, I guess we better all get on the Chinese app, the communist controlled app.

Do you realize that's like screwing for chastity? To basically adopt that and work, adopt something from your geopolitical enemy as because you think that's going to get you ahead some way that that's the bait. We have some shallow thinking in this country.

Oh my gosh. But there are a lot of people sharing this on Tiktok. And it and a lot of it doesn't even look like it was like shot here in the United States. But it's a sign up.

It's a big giant sign up. And there's so much bad information that goes around and people are being manipulated by this. They're being so incredibly manipulated by this. I mean, it's it's, it's weird to see this stuff. Because, I mean, the, and I think with these pro Osama videos, I don't even think that these are it's organized disinformation is what it is. I think a lot of them are probably super far leftist that are doing this because this, you know, the letter that that he had written was published in 2011. So it's not as though it was hidden, or that this is a new discovery.

It just seems very questionably timed. Now, this is one of the videos. This is what I'm talking about. There are a ton of videos. These out there audio somebody 16. This is like exactly what I'm talking about.

This is what's been going viral on the app that I don't I refuse to get on. Girl, what? They found the letter. What letter? The letter? What letter? So I just read a letter to America. And I will never look at life the same.

I feel like I'm going through like an existential crisis right now. So this is a really good example of narrative control. It's also a really good example of you trying to push out a sign up on Americans.

That's what it is. The Guardian had it up and they deleted it. Because that's when people were were pushing, they even went viral in the in these videos. And so I don't know why I just think it's all very interestingly time. This thing has been up there for 20 years.

It's been on the Guardian's website for 20 years. And it's this anti Semitic You know, he hates America, by the way, he hates America just as much as he hates Jews. Don't think that you know, you're somehow, you know, separate from that they hate you. Osama bin Laden hated you.

Islamofascists hate you. And they've been now promoting this, like all these I think they're a bunch of I think it's I think it's organized disinformation. And I think they're a bunch of progressives. That's what I think they are. And I noticed that like, why are they all chicks? Like they're that one dude in the little montage that we had was like he was an outlier.

They're mostly chicks doing this video. It's weird, dude. This don't you agree, Cain, that this is just organized disinfo.

This is not organic. Oh, absolutely. This is organized.

There's no doubt in my mind. It is really weird. It's super weird. And I also think, too, that I think that some of the stuff that we're seeing, especially with regard to the Israel and Hamas stuff, I think it's the same way. I think it's just organized disinformation.

I really do. Alright, organized and organized disinformation is what I think it is. There's this like brainwashing is a lot easier with social media. And you could sit here and say, Oh, yeah, well, we have to like verify who everyone is that just gets rid of the tool, you realize that that's a specious argument. You're talking about the same formulaic response that the left invokes for gun control, the same formulaic response that they invoke for prohibition. You have this variable. And if we just remove this variable from the people, they act like this variable, this action or this inanimate object somehow possesses the ability to render people stupid, intelligent good people stupid or render intelligent good people evil. Like if you allow people to have social media anonymously, that's going to make them evil. Or if you have allow people to access firearms, that's going to turn them all into murderers.

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That's ke lt EC Tell them Dana sent you. And now all of the news you would probably miss. It's time for Dana's quick five. All right, so first up Representative George Santos is not going to seek reelection after this damning house ethics report. I think he's actually one of the more entertaining members of the house. Because he he flies up that that freak flag. Honestly, I appreciate when people just are like, you know what, I ain't gonna hide it.

I ain't gonna hide it. So he's out of New York. He said he's not going to seek reelection at 24. In the wake of this damning house ethics report, they found that he likely committed campaign fraud. See, everybody commits campaign fraud there. He just got caught. And all other ethical violations.

They said he blatantly stole from his campaign sought to fraudulently exploit every aspect of his house candidacy. Well, I mean, literally, you're describing everybody in DC, the republican led ethics committee, unanimously voted, blah, blah, blah, I just don't even care. I just don't care. entertain me because everybody's a clown up there. You're all a bunch of damn clowns entertain us. If you're not going to cut our taxes, then you better be entertaining us put on the juggalo makeup and get to work. Right?

Let's do it. Let's see up to 10 inches of rain are expected in southeastern Florida. Isn't southeastern Florida? Made of like wetness?

Already? They're made of wet so and gators that in Florida, man. So that's like a lot. That's a lot of rain. Yo, that's a lot of rain, but they all got boats down there and they're used to it. I don't think they care.

It's a Sunshine State, but they're gonna be like, where's the sun for at least a brief period? Let's see. Oh, my gosh.

So this this is crazy. This former editor of a political news site that posted this. political news sites, a left leaning site called the recount.

I'll say it again, a left leaning site called the recount. The recently former editor in chief was arrested for child porn. I mean, he looks like somebody that would be arrested for child porn, if I'm being honest about it. Slade somer. Wow.

That's the name, dude. He is. He was ran the left leaning the recount. Of course, the leftist recount editor was arrested for child porn. He had gross I just put him to death already 1300 images of grotesqueness.

Kill him already put him to death. I think that child predators should be immediately immediately put to death. Our society.

The reason we have such a criminal element is because the indulgence of our society these people thrive on it. That's what it is. And Justin Trudeau faces calls to exit with his party trailing in the polls. Yeah, we've got that a whole bunch of stuff the battle for the soul of the right. University of Wisconsin at Madison, where they have people outside the Jewish center, they're screaming all these invectives and all this blood libel.

That was okay. But back in 2021, they removed a rock because they said it was racist. Yeah, I am looking at the office of the Chancellor. And they have a piece up there.

It's on their on the University of Wisconsin at Madison, their website. What a rock has to do with racism. They said that they removed this 42 ton rock, known as the Chamberlain rock from their main campus. They said that it's a rock by the way. They said that they talked to people from the geology department and all these other things about the rock. And they said that some people said that the rock was the symbol of anti blackness. I'm sorry, what it's a rock.

Are you what? What? They don't actually tell you what the hell the rock is they have. Oh, my gosh, this is like a Oh, my gosh, it's like a 4000 word piece on this dumb ass rock.

I'm not kidding you. So they bury they don't actually tell you why because I know nothing about this rock. And they removed it back in.

Let's pull this up. They removed it. It's literally just a rock. People said that was a symbol of racism. Why is it a symbol of racism? Well, if you were, they said that it's because the it had a nickname at one point. What? Can anyone write a story where they just tell you what the hell's going on?

Instead of just, you know, giving you all this stupid stuff. They said it was, it's the Chamberlain rock. And let's see if the AP can do it right. Let's see if the AP can get it.

If the stupid if their stupid page will load, maybe not. But they said that it's it was apparently a symbol of racism. Somehow, and that it's a 42 ton rock, it occupied a variable, blah, blah, blah, there's a photo, blah, blah.

Can you just tell me that not even they're more honest that their paper can do it. Apparently, they said that the black students union said the rock was offensive and harmful. Why?

Why? Oh, it had a nickname. It had a racial slurs and nickname at one point, I had to actually Google an old image of an old newspaper to get the story because none of these people educated at these universities have been taught how to write an actual damn news story. So it had a racial slurs and nickname. So why don't you just rename it? Right.

You? I mean, who cares? It's a rock. So where'd they move it? Hell if I know. So it's gonna be racist wherever it's moved.

It's gonna go spread. I mean, I don't know if I've ever seen anything so dumb in my whole life. They literally got in a giant work crew. And they got this massive sling to get the rock in the sling, a pre Cambrian era glacial erratic, whatever the hell that is. It's a rock. And they removed it. And then they had to do a whole big thing because they said they had to have their historical society sign off because it was located within 50 feet of a Native American burial site.

Oh my gosh. It is a rock. They got a giant flatbed. And they literally it was just because of a slur for the nickname.

$50,000 it costs to move the rock. I mean, you could just rename it. I mean, you could have just done that. But I don't know, Cain. Anyway, my whole point of bringing this up is that at University of Wisconsin Madison, they removed they spent $50,000 to remove a rock because the rock was racist.

But it's totally fine to stand outside of the Jewish students' center and scream blood libel through a megaphone. I'm confused here, Cain. So again, the rock was racist, not like the rock, the actor, but like an actual geologue. What did they say? It was a pre Cambrian geological erratic, whatever the hell that is. That's racist.

The physical thing, the rock, actual pebble, the large pebble folder. But standing outside again, the Jewish student center yelling blood libel through a megaphone is okay. Okay, so that's okay. And that's not just the only I mean, you have University of Michigan, Cornell, where they had to literally lock students in the library. That's crazy. All of this stuff so bad. They've they've spent we've have sheltered and indoctrinated kids at these educational institutions. That is what has happened. I think they need to learn, lose their accreditation and all of that. Carol Markowitz, my friend Carol Markowitz made a great point because she says, remember how they did the cancel, the left was going, Oh, my gosh, you're engaging in cancel culture. You're trying to cancel the students that are screaming blood libel. Well, there's a difference between speech and there's literally a difference between that and agreeing with a terrorist group that was a I think that the left was going, oh my gosh, you're engaging in cancel culture. You're trying to cancel the students that are screaming blood libel.

Well, there's a difference between speech and there's literally a difference between that and agreeing with a terrorist group that wants to kill us all and start with just the Jewish people. There's a big difference. Are you too stupid? Are you too inbred to know the difference?

I'm curious. Is your family tree one branch? Just a giant trunk? Is it?

I mean, seriously, I question these people. Oh, that's not a tree. It's a pole. It's a pole. Oh you sweet little thing.

It's a pole. It's not a tree That's that leads people to you know Call this cancel culture Carol Markowitz made the point I'm just so worried that if these kids are named to their future employees find out that I'll be participating in cancel culture You know, uh, like saying is a joke about it, but for real though, so wait a minute I mean, we're in Halloween. Everyone's told you can't dress up as this. You can't dress up as that You can't dress that you can't do this Uh, apparently I'm violating some kind of made-up rule from some one of the writers whatever because you're not supposed to dress up as characters from things that they were Boycotting or something.

So Wednesday Adams was part of it. Shut up. I ain't doing that I'm just I'm curious. It's got a lot of questions about this right?

Lots of questions. So Safe space or no, and then also here's the other thing. I'm Confused about where it comes to cancel culture because I was told that it's totally fine by the left to cancel all the things These are their rules, right? I Mean isn't that that those are their rules about Cancel culture so it only It goes to you know prove that I what now they're against cancel culture Make this make sense Kane. I wish I had the ability I don't I Don't either I don't I I mean I just I thought that cancel culture now they're for it.

I don't know Yeah, the Chamberlain Rock is what it's called. I I wanted to share this too. So the Welsh Labour Party Shared a tweet Where they said The paths of black history and Welsh history are indivisible. There is no history of Wales without the history of black experiences in Wales I Think you can totally say that all these experiences today are a part of you know, modern Wales but this is a country that's like literally what 0.9% minority I Think people are reacting to the try too hard That's what I'm getting out of this Thanks for tuning in to today's edition of Dana lashes absurd truth podcast If you haven't already make sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcast Spotify or wherever you get your podcast
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