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Absurd Truth: Brian Kilmeade Joins Us

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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November 8, 2023 3:22 pm

Absurd Truth: Brian Kilmeade Joins Us

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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November 8, 2023 3:22 pm

Brian Kilmeade joins us on "Teddy and Booker T.", Election Day recap & more. Meanwhile YouTube takes down our videos over "medical misinformation"

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It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. Oh, let's see here. Man, I got a couple.

I got I got I can't I there's one I want to read but I don't know if I have the courage to do it yet. So we'll come back. But let's talk about this Airbnb host.

Shall we? Airbnb host was shocked after finding a Florida man hiding under her bed. What? So the Airbnb host found a Florida man hiding under the bed in a unit. I said her but as he was cleaning up after guests stay. Luis Lopez showed the moment that he spotted the Florida man. The police had to get involved.

He didn't press charges. But it's funny because it's in on video and he was cleaning this unit and he discovered the dude under the bed with his phone plugged into the charger. And Luis goes, you got to get out from under the bed, bro.

This isn't our Airbnb. I mean, it's on video. He's like recording the guy under the bed with his phone charging. And then he put up a second video where police had to deal with the problem because the guy would leave. And so he said that the guests who stayed in the unit had let this guy in and then allowed him to remain there when they had left. And so because he never broke in the guy, like never pressed charges. He said they let him in there.

And then they left and so he stayed there and tried to hide. And so he goes, I did take it up with the renter and we're getting that under control. I thought that was a nice way that he he, you know, although he's a dude, can I just say that this is a dude. He's a lot. He's a larger dude.

And he's got the luxury of that. If that had been a woman, that dude had been pumped full of lead because a woman is not going to sit here and take that. I'm saying you don't know. Like, are you?

Can you give me a can you give me some kind of affirmation that you're not going to rape me? You know what I mean? Like, so I'm glad that he was able to take care of it. Taco Bell were a forty five dollar Taco Bell order from a porch after an Uber Eats delivery. Now this bear walked up to the porch, stole their money, came back for the soda. Not even making this up.

Longwood, Florida. I mean, it's not a bear straight up came up captured on the doorbell camera. He went right up, grabbed the bag in his mouth. Then he came back and took the soda. He took all of it. Uber Eats reimbursed them for the bear.

Man, I I, man, I don't know. I just find that hysterical. This is like the fifth story. And the two months that we've had where a bear is eating stuff, drinking somebody's beer, doing this man, those bears in Florida are wild. Hillsdale has a short video up over at And they show you how all the work they do is super effective in defending American liberty, not just on its Michigan and Washington DC campuses.

But across the country. Now, Hillsdale is a small Christian classical liberal arts college in southern Michigan. And they've been they were founded in 1844. And they protect robust debate of ideas, openly, honestly, honest debate. And they were founded to offer the kind of education needed to preserve civil and religious liberties. And they hold true to that mission today. To learn more about Hillsdale's mission and the mission of Hillsdale College overall, visit

Watch that video that explains everything that they do. That's, Hillsdale College, developing minds, improving hearts. Petty and Booker T. I love that.

Sounds like sounds like actually a rock group. How Two American Icons blazed a path for racial equality. It is out now. He's got a great write up in the New York Post about it as well. Brian, good to see you. Dana, thanks for having me on. I appreciate it. What a great studio you have. Oh, why thank you. I don't know if it's a TV or radio show or both. All of them.

All of them. Thank you. Yeah, I got my big old light wall behind me. My big LED. It's not just like a screen. It's like all my huge LED light wall. I'll have to show you.

When you're in Dallas, I'll have to have you in studio and you have to look at my giant rig. My desk, a four and a half foot wide gaming screen. It is like an engineering marvel.

Yeah, it's like I wish I could I get on my little laptop and I'm disappointed. So your book, congratulations. Because this is like the millionth book that you've written.

You're a factory. And this is a very, this is a story that I actually didn't know until I started reading about, you know, when I first heard that you were writing this book, and I started kind of reading about it. This is, I mean, fascinating.

You're talking about, you know, Teddy Roosevelt, obviously, in Booker T. Washington, and how these two men came together. What a timely topic. Why is that why you pick because of everything that's going on in the world right now? You're like, this is a great story. For now. A little bit.

I think I did a couple of things. I'm trying to move up through time. You know, I stumbled onto George Washington's Secret Six 20 plus years ago. That's by the way, that's an amazing book.

That's still one of my favorites. Yeah, thanks. And I just kept like researching it on my own. Just say, you know what other people go.

I would just kind of look into it. I go, this could be a great movie, National Treasure with Nicolas Cage is out. I got a better one, and it actually happened. And then after that came out, it did well. I thought, what would be what's the next big thing that not many people talk about? And I came up with Jefferson. I always was fascinated by the War of 1812. Outside Texas, where you are, not many people know about the history of Texas.

I thought Sam used to be cool to look at. And I thought, well, you know, I'm not going to be able to talk about it. And then comes the Civil War. And before I read that, I read Booker T. Washington's Up from Slavery before I focused on Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. And I thought, this is unbelievable. How could a guy who is a slave till nine, no shoes, sleeping on the floor, one meal a day, never learned to read and write, eventually become the most successful educator in the country, an impact made in almost every continent with his curriculum. And then to read his story, it almost sounds like fiction. And then in his story and other books, Teddy Roosevelt's all over it and how much they meant to each other. And then I went out to talk to Tweed Roosevelt, the great grandson who happens to be leading the Roosevelt School to my college. And I said, I'm thinking about doing this book.

Is there anything there? Is this a reach? And he said, absolutely not. Yeah, Teddy had blind spots, no doubt about it. Some things he said makes you know that it's 1901.

And we haven't, you know, a lot of things change. But what he did with Booker T. Washington was phenomenal. It was underappreciated.

And go for it. He helped me out with a bunch of books and resources. Tuskegee was a huge help.

Because that's the university he founded that really changed the South in so many ways. And I just thought, let's tell this story. Stop talking about taking a knee at the World Cup.

Stop talking about being a 49ers quarterback and feeling so upset about America that it's not worth playing football. Let's get a perspective on how far we've come. That's a that's a great story. Talking with our good friend Brian Kilmeade, his new book, Teddy and Booker T. How Two American Icons Blaze the Path for Racial Equality. You know, I look at the stories. I look at the the leaders of then that we know through history.

And it's I mean, I don't know, maybe it's just because we're so limited and that we're living the now. I look at the infighting in the Republican Party. I look at the election results last night. Are we I mean, are we ever going to be able to have any books like this?

From any leaders of our time now? I mean, I just wonder. I mean, you got to go find them. You got to go find them. You got to bring them out. And what I do is I try to do things because there's so many crosscurrents. Okay, you'd go to make a speech and you realize the person who wants you to make a speech. If something happens with their company and they go wrong, I'm the keynote speaker at an event.

So I just decided to create my own event. And when I go out, I talk about all the books. So I basically how America got great. So I'm going to be doing a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I'm going to Pittsburgh, I'm going to be going to New York.

I got a shoot in Michigan, in Red Bank, New Jersey. So I'll be going out, but I talk about all of it. And I'm fascinated by the thirst people have about our history. Because a lot of people, if you're a math person, you're not focused on history.

If you're a history person, you're not focused on math. People are proud to be American, but now they got to defend that state. Why are you proud to be an American? Well, I feel like we're arming them little by little with story in story that why we are such an exceptional nation, not a perfect nation. Right?

No, no, we're exceptional. Yeah. And why we're pushing back when they say Andrew Jackson and George Washington statue should stand and you shouldn't box up any Roosevelt statue and send it to North Dakota.

There was once in front of the Museum of Natural History, which he founded. Yeah, it's like the it's like the Cultural Revolution with Mao just like taking apart the old and try to put in something new. We were talking with our friend Brian Kilmeade. I want to pick your brain. You know, the election results yesterday. I'm fascinated with the spin that I'm hearing from Democrats on Virginia.

I mean, you've you've talked about this a lot on your radio program on Fox and Friends as well. Because Virginia was a blue state that, you know, Republicans overperformed in 21. There was some redistricting issues, obviously. But Youngkin is still governor for two years. Republicans still are making I mean, I think that Republicans have covered a lot of ground just in a little bit.

So I don't think that they should be as depressed about Virginia. How do you take that when you see the spin coming from like the axle rods and everybody out there? Well, I mean, it's still the razor's edge, either way, to flip and hold or hold and flip, whatever it is. I think it was because Youngkin put so much into it. He made himself put himself down so much.

And you think he already shocked the world once he's performing well. Why can't he just flip a few seats? How could that be? But, you know, I think for him personally, the setback, but it's not as if Oklahoma just won blue. Yeah, that's true. It's not Texas. Where you're at, if Texas ever won blue, that changes everything forever. There's another book for you right there. Oh, yeah. That history, if that ever happened.

Yeah, it once was Democratic, as you know. But, you know, just to look at that, I think Youngkin's a bit of a step back because he's looking to stay on a roll and, you know, wait two years, come for 2028. So I think it is a setback for him, but it's not devastating.

I just think it comes down to, you know, the Dobbs decision. And how are you going to message it? Because three states at a time, Democrats are going to try to message that and put it on the ballot, four or five states, every election cycle, and let their Republicans to message it. And whatever that message is, do it. They were running ads, as you know, in Kentucky, saying that Daniel, of a 12-year-old saying I was raped by my stepfather, Daniel Cameron wants to make me have the baby.

And he never responded. Oh, my gosh. So that's 5147 for you. Yeah, you got it.

You got it. Republicans got to get a handle on this because, I mean, they have the winning message. I mean, clearly, I realize, you know, obviously that Georgia and Florida are not, you know, Ohio and not Virginia.

They're very different. But in some way, the messaging can work. But is that something that comes from the RNC? Like, how do they make this work?

How can they get cohesive on this? Well, I just think there's a wrong way to answer it, and that is zero exemptions. I think that when you tell a nine-year-old that's also running, you have a DA that was running an ad saying, I had a nine-year-old get pregnant because of an incest situation. Would Daniel Cameron make me have that baby? You know, his answer is no. Why do you say it? So, you know, whether they want a message and say, we're for the moms to make their decision, we want the states to make their decision.

If you talk to Ronna McDaniel, they know how to do it. She feels as though some people are uncoachable. Yeah. If you get into the weeds a little bit, then you get into if you're explaining you're losing because I think what was one of the cases like in Pennsylvania where it was a 12-year-old, but they had also established that technically that would have been detrimental to her health.

So that fell under the exceptions for the maternal health. And I think that's applicable in Kentucky, but which is why I don't understand why Daniel Cameron, and I really like Daniel Cameron. I want him to be like a rock star for the GOP. I don't know why he didn't rise to that and answer it. I don't either because Ronna McDaniel was in on my radio show Monday and she expressed frustration. I go, what do you think about Kentucky? And she said, what do I hope?

I hope he wins. What do I think? I think these last set of ads are devastating. And then she sent them to me and I go, wow. What did he say? And she said nothing. They had no formal response to it. So yeah, that's bad.

That's bad. They can't they can't be they can't be doing that. So obviously, Republicans got to get get it together for that messaging for abortion because you're right. I think they're gonna put this on the ballot never in all of these different states go bit by bit. They're looking at this just as incrementally as pro-lifers are. And do you think too, that there's a faction like there's a split in the Republican side, you got the all or nothings.

And then the ones who are like, okay, it's about saving lives, even if we have to do it incrementally, and they're both hostile to each other. I think yeah, Republicans love disagreeing with each other. There's no doubt about it. More almost than Democrats.

It's wild. Right. I know I was saying that we're watching real time Republicans come apart with the whole speakers thing. But the next day, the Democrats showed they could do it better. And what we're seeing now, with the squad and more, criticizing Joe Biden, including Barack Obama, and to have a crowd of college clowns. This Palestinian movement to file the White House and call him genocide, Joe. Can you imagine if Trump was in office?

Because he would have backed Israel to the hill. Yeah. You would have let him go when he even tried to pause him. Yeah. This is the worst president ever. And now he's doing this. And now we have, instead of saying ceasefire, he wants a pause.

And then now the messaging from the administration talking to our friend Brian Kilmeade, the messaging from the administration as well, we don't want Israel to stay in Gaza after all of this is said and done. I think they have to. I mean, they've had, what, since 05-06? I mean, I think it's proven that they got to now. It's theirs. It's done. Yeah.

At least to hold. I don't know if there's a UN peacekeeping force. I doubt it. If you turn it over to the Palestinian organization, they're afraid of Hamas.

Yeah. Last time they were in Gaza, it lasted a month. There was an election. They got kicked out. They said, we'll never get kicked out.

You know who told me this? One of the founder's sons, that son of Hamas, that broke that book out that did a movie on. And he said that they kept saying Hamas is not strong enough to overthrow the Palestinian Authority. And they got overthrown, banished to the West Bank. And all they did was collect money for the leadership. And they're losing relevance in West Bank, too?

Yeah. Hamas is more popular in the West Bank than Gaza. And now you want to give Mahmoud Abbas more money?

He's already got a private plane and $35 million in cash. It's all our money. It makes no sense. It's this administration.

He doesn't make sense. Our friend Brian Kilmeade, Teddy and Booker T, how two American icons blazed a path for racial equality. My friend, if you're in Dallas, give me a shout and we'll go out for some good Texas brisket. I am because I'm going to be at the Busch Museum.

I'm going to be at his library. All right. All right. Let's talk.

Yeah, I'll find out. I'll text you, Dana, and we'll make this work. Yes, sir.

Sounds good. Congrats on the book, as always. Love the radio program. Love watching you in the mornings as well on Fox and Friends. You always do great work.

I hope you sleep at some point, but you don't look like you need it. Thanks, Brian. All right. Thank you.

Go get them, Dana. Thank you. Brian Kilmeade, his new book, Teddy and Booker T, how two American icons blazed a path for racial equality.

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I wouldn't call that shopping. Dallas guess how much Dallas and Los Angeles sorry shoplifting increase in Los Angeles. 109% highest reported retail theft in the first half of this year. That is the Council on Criminal Justice.

They analyze 24 major cities. And they I mean, literally, like for instance, they have Walmart's in Northeast Dallas, they show you have to put men's underwear in a case with the lights up above it. And all kinds of stuff like Kroger added security gates to some stores to quit to prevent quick exits. I mean, that's crazy craziness. Oh, boy, this and USA Today says this guy went in for appendicitis and they were going to move his appendix. But apparently they did something else a lot more.

Yep. King County Superior Court last year, a man at Lake Forest Park, University of Washington Medical Center and two UV surgeons according to the suit, he went in with appendicitis was taken into surgery. And this during surgery, the doctors say that they could they could not locate his appendix and they removed part of his bowel instead. And then they said afterwards, the pain was worse than a surgery bowel content spilled into his abdominal cavity, he was much sicker. So they had diverticulitis. And oh my gosh, he had to have all these other surgeries.

And yeah, so they're in a big old bad lawsuit. Yeah, duh. How do you not? Like how does that what in the world?

How does it even happen? Let's see. Also a hotel. Let's see a hotel valet stole a car. We had the story about Zuckerberg from two days ago, and then got carjacked at gunpoint.

Like almost immediately after. So crime begat crime. So let me tell you what I got in the mail yesterday. What I got in the mail yesterday. So we we have, you know, the simulcast, we are nationally syndicated radio show first, and then we simulcast the radio program. And it carries on YouTube and Facebook and Channel 347, DirecTV via the first right. So that's how you can see the stuff that we're talking about. So I got this really weird email. And I posted a screenshot of it. And it and it was reaching out from YouTube.

You know, it just seems like it's very innocuous. Just you know, hi, it's just YouTube reaching out partner support at Google. Somebody named Lucy writes, quote, Hi, Dana, I'm Lucy from YouTube's community outreach team reaching out to let you know that the videos quote exclusive Dr. Tess Laurie on the safety of Ivermectin suppression of info and Dr. Robert Malone, the propaganda pushed by the White House is not supported by the data, have been removed from the Dana Lash YouTube channel because they violated our policies pertaining to medical misinformation. Countervailing views, which we refer to as EDSA context on those remarks are not provided in the video in the audio title or description, though the videos have been removed.

There's no penalty applied to the channel. Thanks, Lucy. Lucy's a punchable name, isn't it? Well, the fact that she is insisting that those videos violated their policy pertaining to medical misinformation is itself medical misinformation. Because Ivermectin does did treat symptoms well, and the and YouTube you can literally munch down a ginormous bag of male copulatory organs.

That's misinformation to say that Ivermectin and the safety of it to say that it's misinformation to talk about it. And Dr. Robert Malone is correct. How much do you want to bet that Lucy is a purple headed former barista who lucked into a Google YouTube job? Or a man.

It's ma'am. Right? Just saying. And then she acts like they did they did me a favor. They removed my content. They censored my voice.

But they're telling me we didn't apply penalty. The videos have been there for over a year. There is literally nothing in there that's misinformation. These are both doctors that I would dare say are smarter than Lucy.

Way smarter. So they have repeatedly deleted my videos, demonetized me here and there, censored my speech, all related to coronavirus. And as I've said, the stuff that is discussed in these videos isn't even questionable now.

These videos are several years old. It is known, established and proven. This is just YouTube being fascist thugs and Lucy being a bitch. That's all it is. Come at me. I hope Elon Musk eats their souls. Yes, Cain. My first response is to get Dr. Malone back on the show and get Dr. Tess Laurie back on the show.

That's what I want to do. What is. Oh, and then YouTube was like, can you share the video URLs with us? Oh, I didn't even see this. Oh, can I? They've been deleted, you dumb bitches. You deleted them. You deleted them. Oh, we're doing this now. You stupid morons.

You mean the ones that you deleted? You just got another email? Yeah. Yeah.

Here we go. Oh, yeah. Yeah. These two, the ones that you deleted. Yeah. These are the ones that you deleted.

This is what you said you removed. So, yeah, they're actually this is all on on X. Google's running YouTube, huh? Well, yeah, they do. Apparently, like the decisions of YouTube, Google is running.

That's crazy. I'm going to say this is what you falsely claimed was was misinformation, correct? This is what you falsely claim because you guys can literally eat all of it.

All of it, YouTube. Oh, I don't care. You're so punchable.

I'm doing this right now on a radio show. OK, this is what you falsely claimed was misinformation and it wasn't. I mean, there are two doctors, which which one of you being counters is over here running the YouTube accounts.

And you guys want to argue was a and you guys want to argue, you know, you guys are somehow more intelligent and informed than these actual doctors. Yeah. Come on. Fight me, YouTube. Seriously, fight me.

We'll go round and round. Now, I would people are like, you should go on rumble. The first has my name on rumble and I don't get to access it or control it.

That's been for a couple of years now. So I don't know how that's got. I don't know what that is. I've asked and I'm like, so I can't I could just create a name, new name for myself, I guess. But so I can't. But so, I mean, maybe we just start putting everything on X. I want X to take over YouTube.

How was it? This is not misinformation at all. And the idea that, well, you didn't have countervailing views because there's a ton of countervailing views elsewhere in the world. You bimbo.

There's a ton of them. This is my opinion. You don't get to be the boss of me. You don't get to tell me that I got to rustle the jimmies as somebody else who has a stupider opinion.

And I can only have my opinion if I balance it out with someone who is way less smarter than me. No, not going to happen or provides crappier content that's going to sit here and try to push misinformation of the clot shot. Right. Done with it's not a vaccine either. It's a stupid injection that people get that acts like Linus's blanket.

It is a pacifier. That's what it does. It doesn't do jack crap.

Doesn't do anything. I'll say a lot more. Ban me. Come at me.

I'm so tired of you people. Oh, my gosh. Thanks for tuning in to today's edition of Dana Lash's Absurd Truth podcast. If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.
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