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Absurd Truth: Trains Use Coal, You Do Know That, Right?

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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November 7, 2023 3:41 pm

Absurd Truth: Trains Use Coal, You Do Know That, Right?

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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November 7, 2023 3:41 pm

Biden announces new investments in trains again to grab more votes. Meanwhile, Candace Owens thinks neighborhoods in Jerusalem are segregated by nationality.

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Dana Lashes of Surg Truth Podcast sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions.

It's time for Florida Man. Kane, I want to ask you a question. If you had to go to a surgeon, and they had been arrested twice for crystal meth, would you still go to them? Okay, what if you were a lady and they were like a plastic surgeon, which not that that's any makes the other surgery less important, but if they're doing that, you're still cutting on me? Yeah, yeah, especially if they're like cutting up on your face and stuff, right? No.

Okay, so apparently not everyone thinks like you and I. So in St. Petersburg, Florida, ABC Action News, they uncovered the record of a local plastic surgeon who was arrested twice, twice since 2020 for meth. Dr. William Wright Adams, the first felony case was dropped. He's awaiting trial on a second meth possession case. So they apparently crystal meth was seized from a backpack while they that was St. Petersburg police. They pulled over his Chevy Suburban. He was driving to work May of last year. He told the officer because he was like, Oh, you're you're taking me up. I'm supposed to be operating right now. I'm a plastic surgeon. And while they were searching for the SUV, there was a patient waiting in the office, you know, to undergo and they're like, they're they're putting someone to sleep right now for me to operate on he says so I have to call them if I can't be there.

They're all waiting for me. So officers called his office to inform the staff they had to get somebody to pick up his vehicle because they found apparently this gets crazier. They found stuff in his car. But then according to the police report, a co defendant in the case told police that Adams had hired him to burglarize an ex boyfriend's home. And then yeah, so there's that too. That complicates.

Yeah. By the way, what they found when they pulled him over a glass pipe in his backpack. They found meth. He was charged with possession. And then they also got him with residential burglary. So the trial is supposed to begin December 6 of this year. Why in the I mean, his his license is clear and active.

Wasn't that if you have for crystal meth, crystal meth. Okay. I don't even understand guys. So XMMA fighter Javier Baez chokes out a Florida man who tried to stab him. Yeah, don't man people just this is what happens. I'm telling you like don't FAFO because sometimes you mean you're going to do something like this happens. Florida man flew into a violent rage in a Miami parking lot and tried to pull a knife on a guy and it was the wrong guy to pull the knife on.

Javier Baez had a brief pro career in MMA five to five to one record retired in 2018. The guy came at him with a 14 inch knife in a parking lot at night. Surveillance camera showed him parrying the attack. He lifted the dude slammed into the pavement and chokehold chokehold. And that he said his reaction was second nature. Hey guys, I put his belly to the floor. My knee is back and I call the cops.

The attackers 50 year old Omar Marrero. And yeah, that was it. He goes when I started putting the choke and he just kind of let go.

Hey guys, no one's worried about anything else but breathing when you're losing air. Easy peasy. That is so that's this badass. That's amazing. I love that.

I'd say it's a great story. A Florida man with a fake McLovin license plate took all cops on 110 mile per hour motorcycle chase in a 45 mile per hour zone. Yeah, McLovin it.

Plant City Florida man was arrested Sunday morning early early after law enforcement officials in a high speed chase during overnight hours finally apprehended him. He had a fake license plate on his bike that said McLovin. Yeah. 30 year old Jesse Rivera. He was weaving in and out of cars going 110 in a 45 mile per hour 1215 am on Sunday. And they said that they turned on their lights. He kept going. So he led them on this chase sped up led them on the chase.

They finally got him. But he's got the McLovin license plate. McLovin plate on the bike. Fake plate. I mean, if you're gonna fake a plate, man, that's the way to do it.

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They're both running for president, but only one had the guts to announce it. Oh, oh, man, that's I can't believe that I'm saying this because john Fetterman said this. Can I just I'm in a weird spot. Hold on, hold on. So first off, welcome to the show. Dana lash with you top of the second hour.

Listen coast to coast stream the show simulcast over the newsletter over chapter sub stack chapter and verse. So not. This is weird cane. Because he said the right thing with regards to Israel and Hamas.

These are two things that are not wrong. Done by him. That guy Fetterman. Are we all dead? Is this a dream?

What is this? This is weird for me, that when the left gets so messed up that they say things that you're like, wait a minute when they when when when they fight there because they're having this huge fight right now. And I'm so confused cane.

What do I do? I don't know. Drink. He said these things that are correct. And as society tells me, because of the tribalism, I'm not supposed to acknowledge this. Well, because it's a betrayal.

Luckily, you call balls and strikes, no matter what the political true, but I also just don't like him. Right. And there's a part of me that's just you know, the little petty Dana that you know how some people have better angels? Yes. Okay, well, I have like an better angel.

And then the rest of her not. And one of the loudest ones is a little petty one. And it's going up. Who cares? You know, he's no, I don't care if he said two things, right? Don't. So on the struggle bus, man. Gosh, I just I don't want to acknowledge this.

It's like having an existential crisis life on air. Oh, my gosh, he said something that I just I agree with. Because normally they can be like chocolates tasty. And I want to I want to go No, it's not you damn communist, chocolate loving communist. Wait a minute. What? You see what you see the problem? All right. Anyway.

It's true, though. They're having such a problem over there. It's so Biden's going into his carrot top bag of tricks. Dude, I don't even know why do they always go to the trains?

Why do they always do this? All of a sudden the Thomas engine train popped up in my head. The same Amtrak Joe he's unveiling $16 billion in railway spending. Wait a minute. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Cain, how did trains run?

Yes, that would be on what like fuel of some sort, which would rely on oil or gas or something cold. Yeah, yeah. Is it is that green? That's from what I've been told, you know what, what he should have done is said, you know what we're going to do? If he was truly green, he could have said, we're investing because it's 16 billion in rail infrastructure projects.

He was in Delaware, he left his beach house for a moment to go to Delaware. And the I swear the image that one is showing looks like it is AI. I can't tell anymore. If it looks kind of weird.

I question it unless it's like Biden or Fetterman or something like that. And I'm like, no, no, they're supposed to look like that. But always look at the fingers.

If they have only like three fingers, then it's usually AI or six. I mean, there's always one less or one more. He says it's gonna help make the jobs better. We're gonna have the rail.

We're gonna we're gonna have the tunnels and the tracks. I thought because he's he is getting he's not doing well in the in the polls. Now, I don't want you to mistake what's happening here. Biden is doing poorly. In polls where they're asking about his job performance. Don't mistake that for a head to head match up with either DeSantis or Trump or anybody else. Because I feel like then you're lulled purposefully into this position of apathy, where you think it's going to be all wrapped up.

So you really don't have to do anything or convince everybody, anybody. And that's a dangerous place to be. Because as I said, last hour, elections are determined by the margins. And so I'm a little cautious of this coming out. I'm always cautious whenever I see the media moving to coalesce behind anything. Because that makes I don't trust them. And I think that they are wanting they're they are are relying upon past behavioral conditioning of their readers to to come into play here and follow them on this narrative. And so all these little headlines that Oh, Biden's doing so bad Biden's doing so bad.

I'm just still be cautious. But at the same time, there's also a huge faction in the Democrat Party that would love to get Biden out and would love to just slip in Gavin Newsom there. Because I don't think Fetterman made it I don't think he said that on his own. I think he was he was told to say that. He didn't say that on his own.

He was told to do it. This is why it's in there. They're there actively there's a cold primary happening right now in the Democrat Party between Newsom and Biden. And Kamala is just there. She's there. She's completely inconsequential. But she's there. And Biden is is he Well, who knows where he is.

He's barely sentient. But I think that if he was truly green back to my original point, you know what he would do is he would take people and slingshot them on those big ass windmills. You know, like put the put little sacks on them on them blades. And just slip in.

Sling somebody where they need to go. It's green. Green that is your luggage may end up with you. You don't know. But look how green it is. Right? Or you know, it's greener. Don't go. Just stay home in your tiny 15 square foot tiny home and eat bugs. So they want to our friends over at Caltech the P 15.

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It's time for Dana's quick five. So first up, let's see here. I don't know if you we do you guys remember we work that I couldn't understand the whole concept behind we work isn't that where you would go in and you basically had like an office where everybody else had offices. Anyway, they filed for China. For Chapter 11. They said that they had they needed to trim non operational leases. And they're not they said they they suffered one of the most described by CNBC one of the most spectacular corporate collapses in recent US history. They tried to they said they they tried to go public five years ago didn't happen.

And obviously the Coronavirus and the shutdown caused further pain because everybody ended their leases and they had economic slump. And so yeah, they just it didn't it didn't work. Didn't work. We work didn't work.

Long story short, we work didn't work. A billionaire backed tech group said it's bought all the land it needs for its utopian city. This all sounds terrifying. It's a Silicon Valley group backed by billionaires. They got all this land for a utopian city in Northern California. They've been quietly buying properties in the past a month. Flannery Associates, the company behind the California Forever project, got seven more land parcels, 814 acres in Solano County. They own 53,000 acres in the area, and they want to create a walkable green community that they say would generate 1000s of jobs. How? I want I'd love to hear about how this happens.

I would I would love to hear this. They said that they 800 million in scooping up land for the project. People are asking about the impact that it's going to have on the environment, agricultural, etc, security because Travis Air Force Base is nearby. They they they're they're in litigation with landowners because they said that landowners are colluding to inflate the values of their property.

So it's like a half a billion dollar lawsuit right now. How I just don't nobody knows it. Nobody knows what the California Forever project really is. It sounds like a hippie utopia. How many times have people tried to do this? It always ends with somebody like drinking some kind of, you know, juice or Kool Aid or something and everybody dying.

I just gotta say it's what it sounds like. It's there's never never I don't know. Let's see here.

What is so okay. I saw this different New York Post about a heatwave because today's date is the seventh of November. And they're saying that 200 million Americans are in the path of a record heatwave. It's only in the it's only gonna be in the upper 80s. We have two days cane of upper 80s, upper 70s. And then it goes down to low 70s. And then that's it with the warm temperatures. And Texas is cool. It is Yeah, it's cool for us. I mean, it's like very cool for us.

I'm done with it because I I want to get out my sweaters and I'm ready to you know, like I'm in cozy mode. That's what I want. So I normally don't like to do stuff like this on air.

But I had to play this audio soundbite. This was the one What is it Owens? Which one is this? Do we not have this? Can we because this was an exchange and I was kind of shocked to hear something like this on the right.

It was a discussion about, you know, in in West Bank and Jerusalem, you know, you have different communities that choose to live together in different parts of the city. And we're going to talk more about this. But I thought this this exchange was a was a little wild. Actually, it was a friend of mine had sent this over, which is where I saw it. And I was like, What? This is so this what, but it was this exchange between it was from it was from the daily wire. And Ben's a colleague that we used to work together at Breitbart. But I thought this was a very odd exchange.

Listen to this. My grandfather grew up in a segregated south. And so I'm walking through Jerusalem and you see and they say these are the Muslim quarters. This is where the Muslims are allowed to live.

That doesn't feel like a bastion of freedom to me. So I guess Oh, I don't think it's where they're allowed to live in Jerusalem. I think it's that there are there's an Armenian quarter. It's not saying the Armenians can only live here. It's that there are communities just like there's a Jewish community in in Jersey here. And there's a Muslim community in here.

I don't think why did Candace Owens have to be told that? No one say anything about Little Italy and St. Louis. Only the Italians can live here or Chinatown.

Only the Chinese can live here. I mean, we in my hometown of St. Louis, we have a huge Serbian Bosnian population, huge Bosnian population. It's like the what is it the biggest diaspora outside? Yeah, I think so.

Yeah. And everybody chooses to live in South City. That's just where they choose to live. And that's the same thing there. When you're talking about in last week, talking about in Jerusalem, you have the Armenian Christians that want to live together, you have Muslims that want to live together. That's like saying only the French are allowed in the French quarter. If you're going to be presenting your opinion as one of authority on an issue, a little understanding goes a long way. Just saying. I, and especially when this is being used as a way to attack an ally when this lack of understanding is being used to attack an ally.

And mischaracterization of them as being racist, which was that's how that was being presented here. I find astounding. Legitimately astounding.

Wow, I just don't have any. I mean, gosh, doesn't Paris have a Latin quarter? Good heavens. I mean, there's like different communities where people like will live together.

That's not for segregation. Oh, my gosh. I don't know.

I'm kind of amazing. By the way, the old city, it's like half of the old city in Jerusalem. It's like half of the old city in Jerusalem is their Muslim residents. So it's not a small percentage of the population. I don't know if she's, I mean, there is a quote unquote, Palestinian side where Jewish people are not allowed to live. Just FYI, but you know, I mean, I don't know, I'm just kind of shocked at that. There are a lot of people in commentary that I think needed more time in the in the library. But that kind of stuff misleads. And like I said, especially when you've spent, you know, the past several days, justifying, characterizing wrongly, an ally is like this, right? This is not hard. Go outside sometimes touch grass, grab a book, super fun. Wherever you get your podcast.
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