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Absurd Truth: Bowman & The Big Red Fire Alarm

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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October 2, 2023 3:10 pm

Absurd Truth: Bowman & The Big Red Fire Alarm

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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October 2, 2023 3:10 pm

Rep. Jamaal Bowman pulls the fire alarm in the Capitol to delay a vote. Meanwhile, Biden claims he got a dead guy to vote for a bill.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. Headline, I'm gonna keep calling 911 back said Florida Man charged for repeatedly calling 911.

A 56 year old Florida Man was arrested for calling 911. multiple times over two days according to Marion County deputies. Deputies said that this over the weekend they responded to a dispute or sorry last week involving James Eubain and his neighbor. Eubain reportedly tried ordering deputies to conduct an investigation as he did. I don't even know what's happening here. This is just such a bizarre.

It's Fox 35 in Orlando. So they, he said that he wanted them to conduct an investigation. As he demanded because he called 911. When they were on the scene, he began to call 911 again while they were there. Like while literally I know, right?

Like what is I don't get this. So they told him they're like, look, if you have concerns that you want to address with a supervisor, you can call the sheriff's not an emergency number. And then about an hour after they left. Over the next two days, he called 911 repeatedly for just random reasons. And then he finally told the emergency call taker quote, you want to charge me with abusive 911? Go for it. I'm going to keep calling 911 back.

You can charge me all you want. So they did. He was taken into custody at his residence and he is now being held on an $8,000 bond in Marion County Jail. I mean, yeah, he was like demanding that they do this. And so I guess, you know, guess they did. So how much time do we have with this one? Because I don't know. All right.

Give me a minute here, guys. So this lawsuit was filed Wednesday last week. A woman is suing Disney over a painful wedgie and vaginal lacerations after riding a waterslide. How did you ride it?

Lawsuit. Emma McGinnis visited Oh my gosh, her name is out there. God love her. Girl. She visited Typhoon Lagoon.

And the tagline where it says dreams come true. She said they don't because I suffered severe injuries on the humunga cowabunga slide. I swear to you, this is a new real actual story. She was celebrating her dirty 30 with a ride on the aquatic attraction and it's a five story drop into a pool and she said that she became airborne. And she was slammed downwards on the slide. She said that her clothing was forced between her legs and a painful wedgie. And after she landed in the pool, she said she stood up and blood rushed out and she said that she was hospitalized for a permanent bodily injury, vaginal lacerations. Oh my gosh, her complaint stated that her bowel protruded through her abdominal wall in a hernia. So she's accusing Disney of negligence and asking for $50,000 in damages. It is the humunga cowabunga slide. She says that it should warn women of their increased risk of injury. Well, couldn't you get I mean, if it does that it could take your Willie off. I mean, I think this probably goes more than just one way here, right? Yeah, the humunga cowabunga ride of your life promises to give visitors a surprise ending.

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Caltech Oh, yeah, of course. How was that conversation? I gotta keep that between me and the leaders.

I'm not gonna share that publicly. Yeah, we've been in touch with each other. So this is so this was like just what like a minute ago? 10 minutes ago, Jamal who was five seconds ago, Kane. Welcome back to the show.

Dana Lash with you. So this is Jamal Bowman who was just asked about all this all this shenanigans that were taking place because dude legit straight up pulled a fire alarm, right? And, you know, that's what I always do whenever I want to leave the building. I just go absolutely spastic. And I just start pulling random levers. Oh my gosh, I can't get out of the building.

It's what I do all the time. Right? Welcome back to the show.

Dana Lash here, your hateful, smart aleck curmudgeon. Top or no sorry, bottom of the first hour this Monday. It's pretty I mean, it came what is that red box on the door say by Jamal? Yeah, in giant letters, the fire. And so you would pull that handle down in case of a fire fire.

Yeah. But in this this particular alarm, you have to push the guard that little plastic piece. That's two steps.

Yes, there's two steps. You have to push that guard in and out of the way. Then get your fingers onto that lever and pull that lever down in no door switch. So okay, what you're telling me is that you have to be incredibly purposeful. Oh, yeah, to pull that lever.

Or Hank Johnson. You're right. I mean, you know, either one Guam tipped over somewhere. But he just the man just wanted to just, you know, leave the building and as opposed to it's I again, I've been to the Capitol, I've been in the tunnels. You it's so much faster. If you're going from like the house, the cannon building to the Capitol to just take the underground tunnel, as opposed to going out the door going outside, then having to read.

I mean, it's so much faster to take the tunnels. And I don't know what knows. That's why nobody believes this. He's just knows that most people aren't dorks or lawmakers and haven't been over there and been in this. I mean, you should not.

I mean, it's your tax dollar. So I think you should know but I mean, a people are busy. They're trying to just like keep their butts covered, right?

Like they don't that they're they don't have time to sit here and study up on the orientation of the cannon building as relates to the Capitol and then all the tunnels underneath and then how the you know, the egress etc. And he's counting on that. It just like I said, does he call 911 when he can't get in his house?

If he's Jamal Bowman meets his biggest challenge a door. What the hell, dude? What is this? They're trying to keep me in here. There's no way out.

It's a door. And you know how many like security people are there like at every there was a dude who was probably right there. This is all on camera.

And then you had this golly the media. So this chick, she's got too many flippin vowels in her name. She's on MSNBC. That's all you need to know. She's just really trying to like run cover for him. Listen to this audio.

So I sound like two. Last thing I want to mention, and then we're going to take a quick break. There was a mention of Jamal Bowman, Congressman Jamal Bowman and the pulling of some sort of fire alarm. I just want to read for you some of the reporting so you understand what actually went on there. There were some reports that began to emerge about Representative Bowman, who is seen pulling some sort of fire alarm in the Canon House Office building earlier today.

We got a statement on that. Stop it. Stop it. Stop it for a second.

Stop it. Some sort of fire alarm. You mean a giant red ass box that says fire alarm on it?

That looks like he was trying to pull some sort of fire alarm. I just like you know, I just want to comment on this really quickly. Why is she talking like she's his mom? Okay, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to like cut out roll the little graphic thing and then we'll go back into the video. Sorry, Juan.

Sorry. One's gonna kill me. Trigger a building alarm as he was rushing to make an urgent vote. The congressman regrets any confusion just to clarify some things on that because I know there was likely some folks kind of scratching their heads wondering what it was they were asking Speaker McCarthy about. I just you know, I just want to run and and I just you know, they're probably like trying to he didn't realize he would trigger. You know, Jamal Bowman is so stupid as a man. He didn't realize that when he pulled the trigger when he pressed in the plastic with one hand, and then with his second hand, pulled the trigger that said fire alarm pull in case of fire, that it would actually trigger an alarm. He didn't know that. I mean, you can't expect him to know these things. You can't expect a grown ass man in Congress came to understand that pushing case of fire means it will sound an alarm. And it's a to he's smart enough to figure out the two step mechanism to trigger the fire alarm, but he's not smart enough to realize this says fire. I should put I mean, what in the world? This is the guy if he saw the red button, he'd be like, should I push it? That's him.

I mean, I have like, okay, audio somebody for, of course, you had AOC, the Meghan Markle of the Democrat Party. Go ahead, go ahead and play this one. I said it's true, but they're fire filing a motion of to expel a member who in a moment of panic was trying to escape a vestibule.

Give me Oh, my gosh, what a moment of panic. He was trying to escape a vestibule. I too have been trapped in vestibules, Kane. We must fight the tyranny of the vestibules.

They are remnants of an oppressive society. We no longer should have vestibules. I hereby therefore call for an outright vestibule ban.

We need common sense vestibule control. I mean, who among us when they find themselves in a vestibule? Who among us doesn't go? Who among us?

Who among us? Gotta pull the first lever I see. I'm trapped in this vestibule.

I'm going to die. I mean, literally he walked in it freely. But you know, let's ignore that.

Ignore that. This isn't you know, come on. Oh, my gosh, that's probably one of my favorites. In a moment of panic. Jake Tapper.

He found him. I mean, it's like listening to Moira from see FCHITDS Schitt's Creek. Feel a fruit one as much as I do. Who among us has not found ourselves trapped in a vestibule?

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That's 866-887-1188 or text Dana to 998899. And now all of the news you would probably miss. It's time for Dana's quick five. OK, so finance experts are warning of a bloody Sunday for Americans with decades high mortgage rates, student loans kicking in and Christmas spending all pressuring families. They start that and the inflation to say nothing of the inflation crisis that's continuing.

The median monthly home payments are all going to have hit record highs. Hey, great job, by the way. Great job, Joe Biden. You've really done it. Really?

You've just really outdone yourself with the economy on this. I gotta say I gotta say. Also, moving on here. Oh, do you guys remember the Bodega clerk? Oh, I'm sorry. Bogota, according to Dr. Jill Biden.

Everyone's always like, Dr. Dr. Dr. Jill Biden. His name is Alvin Bragg, the Bodega clerk who sued. Well, who sued Alvin Bragg. Sorry, Jose Alba is the guy who sues D.A.

Alvin Bragg. Because remember, Bragg put Jose Alba in Rikers because Alba defended himself from this repeat violent offender. He was attacked by 35 year old Austin Simon, Jose Alba, 61 years old.

He was behind the counter of his Bodega and he defended himself. And in the ensuing fight, Simon was stabbed to death because he was trying to kill Alba. So Bragg charged Alba with murder and then he actually had to drop the charges because of the public outcry and he released him from Rikers. Well, now Alba is suing D.A. Alvin Bragg for racial discrimination.

And he said he was slung into Rikers for killing an attacker who was trying to kill him, killing the guy in self-defense. I hope his, I hope his suit is actually successful. I really do. Because this is, I mean, I think that this is honestly some, I really do believe this is the only way the left will ever learn. The world's first, okay, I swear to you, this is how Killing Floor started the game. World's first humanoid robot factory is set to open later this year where they're going to have robots helping to build other robots. It's like the Matrix meets Killing Floor. Although, you know, right now it looks pretty rudimentary. They said that agility robotics has revealed plans to construct the thing that's going to kill all of us humans.

The humanoid robot factory in Salem, Oregon, the engineers say that they hope to produce more than 10,000 robots annually and they want to enable humans to be more human. Basically, they want to get us all killed like that Will Smith slapping Chris Brock. I can't ever talk about him without mentioning that. The iRobot movie, right? That's what this is. They said that they can, it's like they're giant Roombas right now, but don't let them fool you. They're going to kill us all. Also very, let's see, a very large, large pig barreled through a Kingsland home, attacked a family and has returned several times.

Kingsland, Texas is a wild hog. They said the pig has come back repeatedly attacking everyone, grandmas, grandpas, nobody's safe. If you like that soundbite, you're going to love this.

Audio soundbite 13. Let's play it. When I left the Senate, I was able to convince Strom Thurmond to vote for the Voting Rights Act. Strom Thurmond. Okay, wait a minute. He was able to convince Strom Thurmond to vote for the Voting Rights Act.

He said this seriously. So Strom Thurmond, the Voting Rights Act passed in 1965. Strom Thurmond voted against it. And Biden left the Senate in 2009. Strom Thurmond up and kicked the bucket in 03. So let me just figure this out for a moment. I know, right? I'm gonna need some of that crack that Hunter has. So Biden says when I left the Senate, so he left the Senate in 2009, he convinced Strom Thurmond, who is dead, to vote to change his vote in 1965 against the Voting Rights Act.

That's what he just said. Dude, he's magical. So what I did is I went back in time when Strom Thurmond was alive, and I convinced him to change his vote on the Voting Rights Act.

And then I came back in time here. No, the reporter did not press him on this. How are you a self-respecting person in the press?

And you do not press back on that. What in the hell is wrong with you? I would do it even if I liked him just for the giggles and the byline. I would do it just because I would want to do it because I'd want it to go viral. I literally would, shamelessly.

I would absolutely do that. Just to illustrate my point, if DeSantis had done that, I'd have been like, wait a minute, so you're telling me. You're telling me right now!

What is this? What if it's related? What if she saw Strom Thurmond on the flight? I don't even know anymore. So, man, he got a dead guy to vote against a bill that he voted against, or to not vote against a bill that passed all the way back in the 60s. Dude, that is something else, Cain. The believable part is that somebody dead voted Democrat. That's literally the only believable part of that whole story. I completely believe it. Oh, my gosh. The fact that the reporter did not, I just can't get past this little point.

I'm so sorry. You're talking to a member of the press. And the press person is either a moron and doesn't know this. And I'll grant you, there are a lot of stupid people that work in journalism. It used to attract people who were smart. But then it started attracting a bunch of thirsty fame whores who weren't pretty enough to be models. They weren't good enough on stage to be musicians or actors. They really weren't good enough writers to just, you know, write the great American novel. They really had no other discernible skills. But they had a political bent. And that's all they knew. They had their politics. And so they decided to enter the journalism profession as like really just like a practice of self adoration. And then and there's some of the stupidest people that you literally will ever meet.

And I've met many of them. So I'm saying this from expert, expert opinion here. And the fact that this person did not it's ProPublica, isn't it? The fact that they did not say wait a minute. He's dead.

And he voted against it. The hell's wrong with you? It's stunning. Do they think it's good manners to not correct them? You know, oh, I'm just gonna let him go. It's rude. You're rude or courteous. That's irrelevant. Do your damn job.

Good night. This is just embarrassing. He's here's the other thing. Do you think that he's just like super confused? Or is he such a liar that he just doesn't even care? Thanks for tuning in to today's edition of Dana Lash's Absurd Truth podcast. If you haven't already made sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.
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