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Absurd Truth: Liberty Safe Backtracks

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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September 7, 2023 3:41 pm

Absurd Truth: Liberty Safe Backtracks

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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September 7, 2023 3:41 pm

Liberty Safe admits they didn’t have to hand over gun safe codes to the feds for January 6th defendants. Meanwhile, Dana shares a story about finding out her son snuck out to a crematorium at night.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. All right, so first up, it's from the villages.

A villager has been charged with repeatedly chugging booze inside of a public's grocery store. Now Emily Rachel McPherson, 35. No, wait a minute. How is she 35 living in the villages? Hold up.

Put the brakes on. Steve, I thought you had to be 50 to live in the villages, right? Yeah, do the fact check. Steve's also our resident fact checker real quick here.

I thought you had to be 50. Anyway, this 35-year-old woman, Emily McPherson, she was paying several visits to the public's and chugging liquor without paying for it. She was visiting the store drinking liquor and then returning the empty bottle to the store shelf, according to Sumter County Sheriff's Office. Like she legit, like Juan says she's probably living with her folks.

She was like going like repeatedly. Now, what would she drink? That's what you're asking. Okay, let me share with you.

The Ranchola Gloria pre-made margaritas. Oh, girl, no. No. That's a no-no. No pre-made. No. So Bota Pinot Grigio.

Really? She was captured on surveillance. Then she got a small bottle of wine, chugged it, placed it back on the shelf. So she didn't pay for it.

She returned the next day. Then she grabbed another mini Bota Pinot Grigio. And then she also grabbed another two four-packs of the Ranchola Gloria. And then she walked to an aisle without cameras. And she chugged all of those.

And by the way, all of that together was just $22. Like, Juan's dying. Like why? Like she's on $3,000 bond because like the amount that she drank is not even $100 total. But she was going in there chugging the stuff.

Like girl, like have somebody make a margarita for you. Don't do that pre-made stuff. No, no, no.

Oh my gosh. Do you want the Villages policy from their FAQ page? Yes, please. While the Villages is a 55-plus active adult community, we absolutely do welcome children and grandchildren. In fact, the Villages host year-round intergenerational activities as part of Camp Villages. I wonder about that. I wonder what includes that. So she's somebody's family. That's yeah. Maybe it was a Camp Villages thing.

She just like going in. Now, David, who is in Orlando and listens to the show, he goes, yes, the Villages are 55-plus. He goes, but there are exceptions if her spouse is 55-plus.

Ooh, now it's interesting. So she could be with her parents, family, or she got herself a sugar daddy. You know, I'm just saying like, but I don't know.

He doesn't sound like a sugar daddy if she's like going in and drinking like cheap liquor at the Publix. I just got to say, okay. Can we talk about the three-legged bear?

Let's. So a three-legged bear, I feel sorry for it, in Florida raided a refrigerator and drank all the White Claw. I feel like this is something Steve would have sent me. A Florida three-legged bear invades a screened-in patio of a home, raided the refrigerator, and drank all their White Claw, the hard seltzer. A teenager's reaction to seeing the bear outside of the home, quote, oh my gosh, look at him. It's Lake Mary, Florida. It's a three-legged black bear known as Tripod, and it found its way.

I felt bad for it, now I don't. It found its way into the patio of a home. It raided the refrigerator. Did it open the refrigerator? How does it, did it, can it open it? It's missing one of its, not arms, front paws, right?

Yeah. The 13-year-old son and family dog were inside the home, and the bear stopped by for a visit. Fox 35 in Orlando has video of the encounter. It limped around on its three legs in the driveway, and then it made it into the screened-in lanai near the family swimming pool. And it's on video, limping around, going through the refrigerator, and then drink, how does it get the White Claw? They go, there's no food in there, this is crazy. The bear opened the mini refrigerator door, and then the dad goes, if it knows how to open the fridge, it can open my house door, and then it helped itself to the White Claw, and then walked off. A drunk three-legged bear in Florida. Watch out for that one. Caltech invented the concealed carry category years ago with the P11, but did they stop there?

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And sign up for the newsletter, chapter and verse over at Substack, and all kinds of good stuff goes out there regularly. One of those, got this in your headlines too, Liberty Safe. So they're doing some damage control after they released this statement a couple of days ago, where they said that, just to give you backstory, and then I'm gonna give you the update, they said on August 30, they had been contacted by the FBI that was requesting the access code to their safe of an individual for whom they had a weapon. For whom they had a warrant to search the property, they said. Now the individual, by the way, was someone who was like a suspect in January 6, I don't know, and they, for whatever reason, I know. But Liberty Safe said that their company protocol is to provide access codes to law enforcement if a warrant grants them access to property. They said after receiving the request, we received proof of the valid warrant. And then, and they said only then did we provide them with the access code. They had no details about the investigation, etc. And there were a lot of questions that people had.

Because they, I mean, a warrant for the property. And then, you know, when you look at the J6 stuff, I was highlighting to you how it seems to be a two tiered system of justice. I mean, you have this guy who wasn't even there at the Capitol on the day of January 6.

You've got 22 years. And then you had the Department of Justice, Biden's Department of Justice who intervened last year in the sentencing of a BLM writer who was on video setting fire to a pawn shop that killed a father of five. And the DOJ literally intervened on his behalf, had the sentence reduced to 10 years.

And they quoted Martin Luther King Jr.'s comment to this Mike Wallace in this 1966 interview where he said, a riot is the language of the unheard to have some leniency on this guy. So yeah, there's a total, you know, double, two tiers of justice here. So a lot of people have concerns about that justifiably. Because I think one of the things that we cannot take for granted anymore, if you've seen the way that the DOJ has politicized law, you see how red flags have reduced evidentiary standard, have removed due process in a number of states, how you have the DOJ that actually used Patriot Act, constitutionally undermining tactics that were afforded to them through the Patriot Act, to target parents who were simply speaking out at school board meetings, and tagging them as literal domestic terrorists, the FBI, and working with the DOJ. So there's a lot of legitimate concerns that people have about the law being equally or even justly applied.

And so through that perspective, you know, whenever you see stories like this, you immediately question the integrity of the request. And a lot of people were justifiably upset with Liberty Safe about this. And they said that, you know, is Liberty really safe with you? So they've had a really bad week. So they have been trying to do damage control.

And people were calling for a boycott of Liberty Safe. And I myself was wondering, why do you even need a backdoor access code, especially if the safe has keys? They have keys that come with it. Why do you you don't even really need that?

I mean, and then there's the whole question of why you would even have anything in the landline electric in the first place, etc. Liberty Safe has been trying to do some damage control. So they came out, let me pull this up. So they there's an update, they've announced changes. They've announced company changes for all of this. They said that they informed their customers that they can fill out a form to have records of their access codes expunged. And in the coming weeks, they're going to release a feature that gives every new customer this option when registering their safe. So this is what they said in their statement. They said, quote, we listened to our customers and update our products and practices in response to their evolving needs. Today, we're announcing a change that empowers customers with greater control effective immediately existing customers.

By the way, I will send this out to through Substack chapter and verse so you can do this if you have one. They said effective immediately existing customers can visit slash pages slash combination removal, and fill out the form to have the records of their access codes expunged. In the coming weeks, they're going to release the feature that gives everybody this option when registering their safes, because they said that we respect the choices and we want to support them in the way that's best for them. I really don't think I like that they're doing this. And I like that they're trying to, you know, that they're that they they said that they're going to expunge this, but then they said, going forward will require subpoena that that legally compels them LibertySafe to supply access codes, but can only do so if those codes exist in the system. So they admitted that they just basically did not have to give over the codes to the feds investigating that guy in the first place. So that's, I like that they're trying to rectify it.

I do like that. But I understand the suspicion that everybody has, and how upset people are. And, you know, I, I do like that, that they're trying to fix, but I just like, why did they didn't have to handle that over in the first place? And that's what they just admitted. So I've got some questions.

Here's the other thing that a friend of mine brings up. What about other safe manufacturers? Do is there do they have like some kind of back door access code for them as well? If it's like if you have an electronic safe passcode? I mean, do they? What about, you know, other safe makers?

That's kind of a question that I don't know if other people are asking or anything. I noticed that a couple of them, let me put this out because Lorraine, this was Securit Storage. Securit Gun Storage said on our safes using secure RAM locks, we give customers both codes.

We don't keep or we don't store keep any access or override codes to our fast access safe. They said, we believe it's not our position to determine who has access to your valuables. I agree with that. I think that's I think that's good. And that's a good policy to have. Yeah, Liberty Safe is it, they really kind of stepped in it. And I think that their statement, the other statement just, I mean, they kind of just, they acknowledge that they didn't even have to give that over in the first place.

And I think the criticism that people have is that should have been your default position. No, you physically have to come and subpoena us specifically to get this. Now, some people have been looking at who the company was sold to. They were sold a couple of years ago to an investment firm that has a lot of that donates a lot of money to Democrats. And I don't know why you would do that. Their current CEO, Justin Hillebrand, was a founding partner of this investment firm. I think that's, I do think that's, I don't know why you if you're a gun safe, if you're a manufacturer, why you would donate money to politicians that want to literally destroy your industry. Huh.

So as of now, because it was a family run company, and I knew the people who owned it, and they've they sold it in 2021. I don't know that I can recommend them. I wouldn't recommend them.

I say somebody has one. I wouldn't recommend Liberty Safe. Does it seem like every time you turn around or open up your wallet, you're shocked at the changes that have directly impacted your life in just two and a half years, there's something that you can do to protect the value of your hard earned savings and retirement accounts. Contact the folks at American Hartford Gold and talk to them about your options and diversifying your assets. Empower yourself with opportunity.

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Call American Hartford Gold today at 866-887-1188. That's 866-887-1188 or text Dana to 998899. That's 866-887-1188 or text Dana to 998899. And now, all of the news you would probably miss. It's time for Dana's Quick 5. So Hurricane Lee is rapidly intensifying into a Cat 2. It's on track to be an extremely dangerous Cat 5 by Friday. It's way out there in the Atlantic and rapid intensification is how they're describing.

They have a whole Saphir-Simpson scale. They said it has maximum winds about 105 miles per hour right now. It's still far out there. They're keeping an eye on it to see if it impacts the East Coast at all. Right now it's bringing gusty winds and rough seas to Puerto Rico. But so far it's still far enough away that it is not a lot of serious danger, but people are keeping an eye on it. I mean, sometimes it'll go up to a cat, sometimes it'll increase and then sometimes the winds change and then it kind of dissipates.

So we'll, like I said, we'll keep an eye on it. This, golly, there's a, I can't imagine by, can't imagine this. So this story comes, this is Britain.

It comes out of the metro. Caroline Honeycomb, that's literally her name. She's apparently, this woman was stung by a hoard of hang of angry bees, a swarm of them. She was stung over 60 times. They had to put her on a drip after she went to the ER. And they said that the, her horse was stung 80 times. They had to have an emergency treatment from a vet. And they were, they were on their horses near where a beekeeper was opening hives to check on honey.

And then somehow all hell broke loose. And, I mean, I like honeybees. Don't make them mad. Like, that's not the bees' fault. I mean, they've been, they've had some problems.

Like, they've been stressed. A crack appeared overnight in Yosemite. This is, it's kind of an interesting, I didn't even know that something like this could happen.

Of course, by the way, I hate pop-up ads and I will literally hate your business forever if you have a stupid pop-up ad. I can't even see the story. A crack appeared in the rock, it's called Supernatural, and they said that Yosemite National Park put a sign out that says rock climbers are reported. A new crack in a cliff on the western side of the Royal Arches. They said it's near the climbing route Super Slide. Subsequent investigation revealed it had a partially detached, it partially detached a large pillar of rock. So, I mean, it's a giant crack. They said it was natively occurring and I guess that they've closed that part of the path and I guess that portion of the cliff or climbing. Yeah, I wouldn't want to climb on that. I don't know what happens.

Also, Wendy's has pumpkin spice frosty. Can we not? I mean, it's like 90 degrees outside still.

You know, people are going to the beach. Stop. I got to tell you this funny story.

Something a little different. If you subscribe to the newsletter, you get it. Parenting and the digital age. You guys know that my youngest son went off to college about a month ago. And there's, you know, a number of different driving apps out there that are that are helpful, like especially when your kids just start driving. Like when our kids first started driving, we had these we had driver's apps, these apps that you can get and you can sign up for like in app purchases where it'll notify you if there's an emergency or if there's like a wreck, like if the if the phone like, you know, there's a wreck and the phone falls or something like that.

And you can you can track like how fast they're going. And I think it's like helpful, especially when kids are first starting to drive. I also think that you have to give kids you know, you have to give them the space to be independent for sure.

And then when kids are going to college, if they're if they're going somewhere that they drive to, especially if it's a long trip, and especially as they're getting used to driving such distances and being in a new area, I think they're kind of helpful to have. And I always so the first year that my other son was in college, and then now the first year that my youngest son's in college, I would always at night, I would just kind of glance at the app just to make sure they hadn't been kidnapped or any of that stuff. I just look at it at night before I went to bed, just give me a little peace of mind. And it helped me to, you know, moms and dads, you guys know this, it helps you to not hover.

And plus, we live in a horrible, horrible world where morality is now considered just, you know, something to be questioned. So anyway, I was going to bed the other night. And as I do, I just opened the driver app just it and it just shows me that he's in his dorm, right? Nothing, you know, that's usually what it shows. And it showed he was in his dorm, he had left earlier that evening to drive back quite a distance to campus. And I wanted to make sure he got there okay, and that he was, you know, in his dorm, he's fine. And I saw that he had taken a little trip, you know, at night, I saw that he had taken a little trip after he had gotten back to campus. And I looked at where the destination was for his little trip in it. And it showed this building out in the middle of a field somewhere, right? A little bit aways from his dorm. I'm like, where in the world is this?

So I looked it up on Google Maps. And it was a crematorium at night. Like, okay, Labor Day night, a crematorium at night.

That's not, you know, I mean, I know that we're retired goth kids, but you know, this nightly visits to crematoriums, it's a little bit early in the season for us. So I thought, oh, yeah, just our kid randomly driving to a crematorium in the middle of nowhere at night. And this was the first time that he had driven solo all, you know, at night back to campus. And then after that, it showed him driving, like very slowly through a subdivision, 45 minutes to drive through a subdivision for like no reason. And then back to the crematorium where people are burned, by the way, just in case you wondered. And then he finally ended up back at his dorm.

So, you know, as a parent, you have this weird thing that you're looking at. So I'm like, okay, well, it's very clear that he was probably kidnapped by cartel members and threatened with a crematorium before taken to a subdivision and forced to sell drugs door to door. I mean, that's probably what happened clearly. And I was not happy with just freaking myself out about this. So I had to wake up my husband who was already asleep.

And you know, he was count sheep, he was you know, La La Land. And I had to freak him out too. So he's like text him. And our son was was not happy with the fact that his mom texted him. And he was already asleep.

And I had I said, I noticed odd behavior on the drive app. Text me a photo showing me you're okay in the morning. Love you. And he goes stop texting. It's in the middle of the night. And what he ended up doing because I thought we are saving him, you know, from our own imaginations. What he actually had ended up doing was he went with his Eagle Scout roommate to retrieve flags for Labor Day, and then bring them back and deposited them with a sponsoring business, which was the crematorium. That's not just I mean, you have to he's not ever gonna let us live this down. But you have to understand how weird it is a crematorium in the middle of the night and then taking 40 extras 49 minutes driving through a subdivision.

So and I he'd said yes. He goes helping his roommate pick up flags for Labor Day. And I go just please know how freaked out it would make you as a parent. You know, knowing your kid was at a crematorium and in the middle of the night.

Thanks for the update. He goes Oh, yeah, we cremated someone. I mean, jokingly so. So yeah, and again, I he's never gonna let us live that down. So those apps can be helpful. And it just helps me I just check it, you know, before I go to bed or if he drives a long distance, especially because he's young. He's 18. Thanks for tuning in to today's edition of Dana lashes absurd truth podcast. If you haven't already made sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcasts, Spotify, wherever you get your podcasts.
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