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Absurd Truth: Government-Funded Meltdown

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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April 12, 2023 3:12 pm

Absurd Truth: Government-Funded Meltdown

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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April 12, 2023 3:12 pm

NPR says they are leaving Twitter after being labeled as “government-funded media”. Meanwhile, Budweiser plays the victim card after the Dylan Mulvaney sponsorship fallout.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast sponsored by Kel-Tec.

It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. All right, so I got this story coming out of Wildwood, Florida. Florida Man was arrested after his wife hit him with flying chicken wings. Sorry, he after a wife hit with flying chicken wings. Excuse me.

I'm just like focused on the wings because why would you why would you do your wings like that? A Florida? Here's my question.

Don't hate drummies or flats. No, I mean like I wonder what he used. Police said that they responded to a disturbance call at a home in Wildwood on Sunday night when officers arrived. They said the victim was holding a baby asked to be taken somewhere safe. They had been arguing over the defendant having a lover and the defendant threw wings at her and some of them hit her on the shoulder and under her chin. Officers at the scene said they saw chicken wing sauce on the victim's chin, neck and shoulder. And apparently there was an audio recording of the incident. So that was interesting. They he was charged with assault booked into Sumter County Detention Center. He bonded out on Monday. Hmm.

drummies or flats though. It's what I want to know. It's what we're all wondering. Okay, so imagine being this guy. You know, you're being detained by police.

You're nervous and scared. So you call 911 to tell people that you were being detained. That's what happened to this North Fort Myers man. He called 911 while being detained by deputies Michael Gleason. He was a regular at the North Fort Myers Walmart Supercenter. So much so notes NBC2 that there was a no trespassing order issued on his behalf. He was dressed in all black.

He walked in the store cracked open a Mike's hard lemonade and assumed his usual spot. I guess he just like harass people. And so they contacted authorities, and authorities showed up and so he contacted authorities. He dialed 911. And he said that he was being detained. That's what he told the operator but the responding deputy made him hang up before he could talk further.

So he was he's in Lee County Jail on trespassing, resisting officer all kinds of stuff. A man was caught pooping in bushes outside of a Naples cleaning company. Well, this is outside of a cleaning company. Apparently he needed to use the restroom so badly that he decided to defecate in the bushes outside of this cleaning company Naples glass cleaning on Good Friday. He ducked behind the dumpster right where it said no public dumping and did just that.

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That's slash dana. Content you don't like or hateful? What do you mean? Describe a hateful thing. Yeah I mean you know just content that will solicit a reaction something that may include something that is slightly racist or slightly sexist those kinds of those kinds of things. So you think if something is slightly sexist it should be banned? No. Is that what you're saying? I'm not saying anything. I'm just curious. I'm trying to say what you mean by hateful content and I'm asking for specific examples and if and you just said that if something is slightly sexist that's hateful content does that mean that it should be banned?

Well you've asked me you've asked me whether my feed whether it's got less or more I'd say it's got slightly more. That's what I'm asking for examples. Can you name one example? I honestly don't you honestly I can't name a single example.

I'll tell you. Golly that was Elon Musk talking to a member of the BBC who they don't have free speech over there I don't think they fully understand the concept. Welcome back to the program Dana Lash here with you. That is the whole one of the big fights that the media has been having and I am so happy about it. NPR quit Twitter and the BBC got mad because Twitter they were labeled state affiliated media so the way that it looks was it's like when they have like Chinese when they have the Chinese state run media up there it'll have like this little gray thing underneath it and it says state run or state affiliated media and NPR's livid because they were classified as this and they even put it down under their under their bio they put NPR is an independent news organization that is committed to informing the public about the world around us and it has government funded media that's what it says as government funded media under their thing and when you click on the government funded media it tells you that it's because they get government funding NPR in part gets government funding they sit here and go on and on about no most of our funding comes I don't give a rat's ass where most of your funding comes from you steal some of my taxpayer dollars to put on your god-awful content you are government-run media if you don't want the label then don't steal my hard-earned money you're funded in part by the government if you don't want the label don't take our dollars this is not a transaction that any of us agreed to if any of these people out there want to support NPR by heavens then you can go ahead and you can make that donation yourself why is it that all these rich leftists they sit on their fat asses and they don't do a single thing to save the network they claim to love in fact they want to make it to where and mandated to where everybody else has to pay for it pay for what the entity that literally said of the hunter-biden laptop story and I quote we don't want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories and we don't want to waste listeners and readers time on stories that are just pure distractions in quote it's a real story that's a real quote that's what they said in fact they actually had said it and released their statement on Twitter that went when that happened and they were absolutely snotty about it absolutely snotty about it they said that it was a story that doesn't matter in fact it was a story that mattered supremely particularly as all of these details have emerged and by the way I mean there's already in a federal investigation into hunter-biden based on what is on this laptop they're looking at whether or not he was actually reporting all of his income that he was receiving questionably from it rhymes with schmina so they said that they're gonna take their ball and go home they're not gonna use Twitter Oh where I don't care don't use Twitter then look how unaffected we all are oh wow the Sun has stopped shining the world has stopped turning we're all going to die and we're going to be plunged into a polar dark abyss because the Sun is going to explode in the sky after NPR's announced that nay they shall not tweet any longer I would love I mean I guess they think that that people are as obsessed with them as they are obsessed with themselves BBC was mad guess what BBC is government funded here's the thought then fund it yourselves and instead of George Soros sitting here raising crime rates with his his garbage DA's that he gets elected because he basically buys elections then why don't you know have him put some of his money towards your precious NPR then you can listen to your crap public broadcasting I said it one of my favorite things ever about talking about government funded media was when I lived in st. Louis and before I had my own studio in home when I lived in st. Louis I had to go to guess what it was the local PBS and I would sit there on their soundstage and literally in front of everyone they were always very nice and I got along with them but I know holds bar I would sit here and say why it needs to be defunded not my monkeys not my circus so they are state-run media and they are losing their minds over it now think of all the ways that they have tried to help put the finger on the scales of justice or narratives or however you want to put it how often they have done that with their coverage the New York Times etc I mean it's really amazing and so there I why is that and they were taking issue with Elon Musk for that so I guess what is it the BBC are they tweeting still I can't remember what they said NPR said that they're they're gonna they're not gonna use Twitter until that's removed okay yeah I don't care if you use Twitter unless you know I don't care just stop taking our money why is it such a big deal with them they because they realize the conflict of interest how are you gonna be a media entity reporting on the government when you get money from the government and the speculation as to how much NPR gets is actually somewhat wild so they would they were one of their officials was lying previously and they were saying oh it's only 1% that's a lie because then I've read that it's like like 20 percent elsewhere they're like they tried to say oh no we get some grants and we get that yeah government funded grants do you think we're stupid we know all the ways that government likes to you know distribute the money that it steals from us in the form of unconstitutional taxes we know yes I'm salty about it why because it's April what's April mm-hmm national theft day happens in April yeah they always say no no no we actually only get 1% well that's not true hmm they're like oh we're publicly funded by and you get government money just be honest about it just be honest about it and again if you don't want the affiliation then don't take any money I mean maybe they're their audience should I don't know support them more like like Britney Griner's coming out with this memoir and how much you want to bet if nobody reads it it doesn't sell it's gonna be because people are ignorant they're anti women and they're you know they're anti gay because she's gay or something if you don't read that if you don't contribute to their cottage industry grift then you're somehow anti them what like an emotional way to manipulate people into funding your lifestyle that isn't built on merit but just hokey grift some politicians out there doing that right now in the Republican primary and now all of the news you would probably miss it's time for Dana's quick five so Nevada health chiefs are warning of a deadly fungal infection I would prefer smog or smog smod but you know it's called CRS it may be spreading in the community and for the first time in US history amid fears a super fungus could be the next global threat and because we get most of our antibiotics from China and this administration has done absolutely nothing to help make us more self-sufficient in that regard in fact previously when he was vice president Obamacare actually crippled R&D and funding for R&D not to say not to say nothing of medical excise taxes that I don't know how far behind we're going to be in that and Nevada the highest number of cases they've had those the highest number of cases in the US in the past year 384 cases followed by California with 359 and Florida with 349 I don't know this also could be fear-mongering by the CDC I trust nothing and I trust no one and a sweet meteor of death could not come fast enough also a truck that was carrying man Port East Palestine they just keep getting hit 400,000 pounds 400,000 I mean this is crazy 40,000 pounds excuse me of toxic soil from East Palestine that train derailment it overturned on the highway I told you they've been taking it to different locations and it overturned on the highway and so now they have to clean that up and deal with that on top of it cops pulling a jeep from a Texas Lake discovered that a woman was alive inside and apparently local said that she was trapped in the car overnight after she went to missing two days prior it was completely submerged only the roof was visible she seemed to have an accident police have at the time of the the story they hadn't identified her but I was a local local fisherman Lake all the pines he discovered it submerged almost entirely in the water and but she was I mean they were able to get her out that's kind of wild she was taken to local hospital she was listed as a missing person from Longview she was reported missing just a few hours earlier so thankfully she was able to be rescued but that's pretty wild and Brittany Griner because you know you want it is cashing in on her detention in Russia she's gonna hit a memoir that write a memoir that no one will read just like no one watches the 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calm secure your world with Celtic it's the headline cane this is st. Louis story related to st. Louis it's about the Clydesdales Budweiser is saying that they're cancelling the events with the Clydesdales over security concerns amid the Dylan Mulvaney backlash you see it's Budweiser who is the victim everyone Budweiser whoa is they they them whoa is they they're the they're the victims here Clydesdales are like so I lived in downtown st. Louis literally across the highway from the brewery every every time I drove home if I went if I was going north from coming south if I had to go to the supermarket or anything I would drive by Anheuser-Busch and every I mean I saw the Clydesdales all the time because they would be on that little courtyard all the time you get up there and like right when you're going to Soulard and Benton Park and all that because that's where I lived some all the time they are like the unofficial pets of everyone in st. Louis the st. Louis area I mean I and Christmas it's so nice because they have it all if they would have it all lit up the whole because they have a compound the Anheuser-Busch compound is one of the creepiest things ever especially at night because half the buildings are all bricked up and it's that amazing wire cut brick that st. Louis was so famous for me how we built so much stuff in Germany that's our brick and that amazing wire cut brick that's actually even more about it's worth more than even some of the houses not no joke it really is it's like the best stuff ever anyway their whole complex is brick multiple blocks all brick and half of the buildings don't even have windows so they're just these giant brick structures and it's it's very Willy Wonka ish right it's very weird you don't know what's going on in there anyway so they have this courtyard where they would have the Clydesdales out for the public that would drive by right and it would be all lit up and you could literally walk on the sidewalk right up to the gate and you could see the Clydesdales everyone loves the Clydesdales if someone ever did anything to the Clydesdales I mean st. Louis would collectively beat them to death and I don't say that facetiously I mean you know depending on what parts of the city you go in that would happen anyway but you know the knockout game was born there but no one is going to do a damn thing to the Clydesdales this is Budweiser trying to say oh we're the victim though we're scared for our Clydesdales because we had this man sell beer we're scared nobody's gonna do anything to the Clydesdales you drama queens this is because they they it's because they had Dylan Mulvaney I wanted to share this too because I had a friend of mine that made a very good observation and let me pull this up my friend Carol Markowitz I thought that this was a very good point and she was talking about this Budweiser Mulvaney thing and now he's apparently Hawk and oil of Olay we're gonna talk I don't know why I have to say it like that I can't I don't know how else you can say it it's the southern Missouri coming up I can't deal with it anyway she was saying the Bud Light backlash is happening because it is a product aimed at men Dylan Mulvaney advertising leggings and face cream and handbags didn't make a blip because women have been cowered into surrendering their spaces and men haven't countered encountered the same at least at that level and she said that you know you have Mulvaney pushing a product that is generally associated with men and picture in your minds the most beautiful popular supermodel could she be the face of so many different brands no Bud Olay Kate Spade Ulta Mac survey I mean all of these you know the the Tampax it she says it's sending a message to us to women accept this or you're out and I think she's exactly right I mean think about it I mean that's that is very true and I like it how someone said you know what us guys will take care of this when you ladies take care of the others I'm like okay I got yeah I'll do it because it's true cuz guys saw that I cannot there's a parody video that we cannot show you did you see it came did you oh my gosh it is one of the funniest and so inappropriate I oh my gosh I so want to play it for you so bad and I want to put it on the simulcast but we would direct TV would probably fly to Dallas and physically restrain me it is so bad but funny and it's a guy who's mocking at all right some of the lines that he had in there were so good but it's true though I mean it is it's this wild it's just it's wild and this is like I guess really the first time that men have encountered something like this on that level there was another point that a friend of mine made and she said you know she goes the the thing that gets me she's like his women who are really like over 35 have a hard enough time as it is she's like you're erased in Hollywood she's like you're you get to play like you know when you're over 35 she's like rolls dry up and all this stuff and I think Meryl Streep said something to this effect one time too like when actresses start getting into that age demo they're like oh it starts getting real weird she's like after 35 you're right she's like you don't see you know women who are over the age of 35 doing a lot of like cosmetics advertising or doing a lot of this like brand advertising she said so in addition to women being invisible in that respect she said now she goes she said that now your identity as a woman is now called into is even called into question you can't even find a younger woman they got to get a dude a dude who's cosplaying as a younger woman to do it I thought that was a very good point I mean this is such a fraction of the population but yet it's I think it's overrepresented I also think that alpha I think that LGBT is over represented too I think LGB actually is overrepresented and in shows and everything else I'm not saying that as like a way to be mean or to say that as a reason to deny things to everyone but there's always it always affects my suspension of disbelief right like I was watching this um I don't know I was watching this series on CC who was the she was the Archduke or Archduchess of Austria and she or she ended up arches she ended up marrying essentially the great uncle of Franz Ferdinand and she was this you know this iconic figure and they called her CC and all this and I'm watching and I know the story of I know the history of the couple and she was the Empress of Austria so she was she came in as an Archduchess and she was the Empress of Austria she had married Franz Josef and one of their there's like a couple of different series and one of them they just it's so dramatized to the point where there are things that are fabricated that I know did not happen and I'm like this is garbage I can't watch it even though the score is good and the cinematography is good I just now my suspension of disbelief is gone and I think as the world has gotten dumber have you noticed it's really hard to get into stuff it's hard because everything is preachy or there are demos that are so overrepresented like you don't I mean who sits downs like casting sits down no offense but imagine the roles were reversed like you know casting sits down and they're like okay we got to have this this this in here and then we can tell the story just tell the story thanks for tuning in to today's edition of Dana lashes absurd truth podcast if you haven't already made sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcast Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts
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