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Absurd Truth: Buttigieg's Beltway Brain

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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June 30, 2023 5:00 pm

Absurd Truth: Buttigieg's Beltway Brain

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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June 30, 2023 5:00 pm

Pete Buttigieg thinks most Americans have access to EV charging stations. Meanwhile an Oklahoma school is being sued by the mother of a female student assaulted by a transgender male in a women’s bathroom.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast sponsored by Kel-Tec.

It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. It was an alligator with a knife in its head found in a Florida pond. And they had to euthanize it, but it was an alligator with a huge knife right in its head. It was scaring passerby. It was spotted swimming in a pond Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said they were notified about it. They said photos, you know, showed this. It was on Click Orlando. It said they had photos showing this this reptile with the knife out of its head circulated on social media. It was in a pond. Now, I immediately thought, do you become like the queen or king of Florida if you pull the knife out of the alligator's head? Is this like Excaligator?

I'm curious because it very much is. I mean, if you can get the alligator, you can get the knife out. Well, now it's it's been euthanized. They said this it was really severely injured.

Bless his little heart. I know it's an alligator, but you know, they said that there was a similar incident like this in Texas in 2019. There was an alligator that had a steak knife protruding from its head and it was in Pumpkin Lake in Sugarland, Sugarland, Texas, and they had to get it. They had to euthanize that. So that's kind of sad, but it is Excaligator though.

I'm just saying just it seems hmm. A couple of other. This is kind of a wild story. A wife and a boyfriend were charged in a murder for hire scheme of her husband.

This is in Santa Rosa. And there was she confided this Florida woman conspired with this other man, Florida man to kill whom they called Lil Man, who also is a man from Florida man. And apparently she shot him in April of 2022. Originally, their wife had been released on bond. She was booked again in Santa Rosa jail for violating domestic violence.

See, women can be domestic abusers. She had been booked again in Santa Rosa jail for violating the domestic violence injunction against contacting her husband. She apparently was talking to somebody in jail about getting her husband killed.

So Sheriff Bob Johnson, he said that a necrotic confidential information, some of the information made controlled calls. They said that her husband, she didn't seem too upset. She met her she had met the love of her life. Jail records show she was charged December 12 felony conditional release violation. So she apparently did like planned all of this when she was in prison the first time. Now she's back in prison, because she killed her husband. This is crazy.

This a couple of other ones. A Miami woman was charged with COVID relief fraud. She was using the funds on purchasing designer shoes in a Bentley. Daniella Rendon 31 made her appearance in federal court today after she was charged or sorry Thursday of last week after she was charged with seven counts of wire fraud, two counts of money laundering and one kind of aggravated identity theft, according to the US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida. So she's she lied to get the relief loan, then she spent the money on everything.

Oh, designer shoes, cosmetic procedures, a Bentley all kinds of stuff. Oh, and then she also she enrolled with a payroll processor to read to issue fraudulent payroll checks for herself. That's how she did it. So she faces up to 20 years in prison as our tax dollars as our tax dollars.

This is wild. Also, I won some of these I you know, I can't. There was a Florida man who was charged with mail theft in Florida. As part of a joint investigation mail theft. He had the master key somehow so he was arrested and charged that because it's felony and then also fleeing and eluding and reckless driving according to St. John's County Sheriff. They had worked with US Postal Inspection Service and Darren Simmons 28 charges unlawful possession of personal identification of other people. You can't do that.

That's all felonies folks weirdest crimes. All right, stay with us third hour on the way. Caltech launched into 2023 this year with a new addition to their lineup of innovative high performance firearms. The new Caltech p 15 has broken the mold compact and maximum firepower generally don't go hand in hand. However, the p 15 offers both in a uniquely small package. The p 15 is an excellent choice for concealed carry. It offers plenty of dependable firepower to secure your world. This striker fire pistol is the lightest thinnest double stack nine millimeter handgun on the market at only 14 ounce is seven eighth inches wide and a four inch barrel.

You could say many but mighty. The double stack magazine holds 15 plus one total capacity that standard all Caltech firearms are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty as the original owner with proof of purchase. Sign up for the Caltech insider and get a 15% coupon for your next order of gear and accessories. The p 15 is an excellent choice if you're looking for concealed carry. Learn more at Caltech That's K e l t e c secure your world with Caltech. The other thing I want to keep reminding the drivers of is that many American drivers, as a matter of fact, a majority have access to some kind of charging in front of infrastructure in the form of a plug in the wall.

There are many ways in which charging an EV has more in common with charging your phone than filling up a car that runs on gas. It's just a different paradigm. I am short circuiting right now with the amount of jokes that I could make. That is the Secretary of Transportation, the former mayor of South Bend and previous Vice Rear Admiral of the canoe fleet at Camp Windy Tonka. It's a real position, Kane. Secretary Mayor, new mom, Poot Booty Juice. Don't you correct me on that I say it like our President of the United States and that one guy on MSNBC who thinks that he's the second coming of Shakespeare on stage.

Your lovable curmudgeon here with you, Dana Lash. What about people who live in apartments? What do they do? Well, I imagine that most people, many, the majority, in fact, have access to extension cords.

They can just hang those out of their window and plug in their cars. It works just like that. Does it, though? Wait, but how many volts is it? I know enough to know that I should ask a question about that because I don't want to get electrocuted or blow something up or break something or whatever. Because there's a little bit of a difference there, yeah? Kane? Yeah, it takes if you want to effectively charge.

You're calm now? Look, if you want your car to take, I don't know, 21 to 22 hours to charge, you can find a way to plug it in, I guess, like you would plug in your refrigerator. But in reality, you would need a plug that's closer to the plug that, like, your dryer uses. Or maybe if you have an electric stove, the one your electric stove uses. That's 240 volts.

That takes, you know, more. So not everybody can just plug it in. And that's why they sell the Tesla walls, too, because they understand that you can't just plug it in. You can't just plug it in like you do your vacuum cleaner. And you would probably have to get like, I don't know, maybe an electrician who knows what they're doing to put something like that in.

Yeah, seems like but you know, you just, um, I love his statement is so stupid. Many American drivers, as a matter of fact, a majority of drivers, they got access to some kind of charging infrastructure in the form of a plug in the wall. We're talking about plugs.

In the form of a plug on the wall. And, but so he's saying that some don't. Only the majority.

I mean, there's a small minority who have. They don't know what plugs are. They've never seen them.

They have no access to them. I can't believe we're doing this. But yes, just so people know, 120 volt, the regular plug you plug a lamp into or your, you know, your vacuum cleaner, it would supply two or three miles of range per hour of charge of your EV.

This is one I'm trying so hard because this is not waterproof mascara. I'm trying really, really hard. So you're not charging your car like you're charging your phone. It's just not happening like that.

Sorry. Just ask your neighbor if they can, you can borrow their plug. I don't think plugs are shareable. Like that. You mean it's free? I think he thinks it is.

Who wants to tell him? You just get it out of the wall. Yeah, just put it in the plug. Plug it in. Never use the plug. They didn't have it. Oh, my gosh. I just want to know who are the people that don't have access to a plug?

What do they do? We need some plug equity. This is what happens when you hire somebody who's only accomplishment. Well, this is what happens when you hire someone who's just who just he just wants to be known for being gay.

What are you? Well, can I see your resume, please? Says here you're gay.

That's right. Give me the job. Okay. Hiring for a heart surgeon.

It says here you're gay. Did you ever go to medical school? Nope. You're hired. I hope you know what you're doing, doctor. Well, I don't, but I am gay. Let me tell you how a plug works.

You just plug it in. I'm never going to get off this topic. Can we save this for forever? This is this really competes with my Kylie Jenner. You know, we're just realizing stuff. It really competes with that soundbite. I don't know which one I like more. I mean, he is the well, at least she created a business and is a billionaire because she makes money off Instagram. I don't know what the hell he does.

He shows up and in a hard hat like Baba Berder. And I feel like this year is really about like the year of just realizing stuff. And everyone around me, we're all just like realizing things. Never realized things before.

That's the that's, that's, that's Secretary Mayor, new mom poo booty juice. For real, though, who are the people that don't have plugs? Well, you know, the majority of people, well, you know, the majority of people, many American drivers, you know, they have access to sleeves.

As a matter of fact, a majority of them do. I mean, just what a statement. This is what happens when you hire based on identity, though. It's our transportation secretary. By the way, you know that they're striking again, I think at one of the ports in LA. Now we hear about Oh, well, maybe there's going to be another supply chain thing.

Great. Where's the Secretary Mayor new mom at? Just is he out there talking about any of this?

Just wondering. Because I there were reports, they said they had container they had stoppages. It was a it's a West Coast port labor issue. Some Long Beach rail shipments have been paused. They've been persisting the West Coast port labor issues have been persisting from LA to Seattle.

CNBC, not even 24 hours ago, supply chain frustration mounting. And then this guy. Well, let me tell you how plugs work. There's electricity in them. And to get it out, you got to put that plug in there. And then you got electricity.

And that's how plugs work. Thanks for coming to my TED talk. Oh, man. Oh, my gosh, I can't even deal with it. Oh, man. Okay.

How does like a Saturday event live not jump on things like this? Right? Come on. I've never he is literally you don't you don't even have to hire somebody just bring him on SNL and he would do it. Right.

Just be yourself. It's all you have to do. I mean, I just and the electricity in there. It's just in the walls. It's where it comes from. Where does it come from? Secretary beauty juice.

The walls through the plugs are why they put plugs in the walls. She's one of the dumbest people I've ever heard. Okay, I could I just want to sit here make fun of him literally for the rest of the show.

But we have more things to do, although don't judge me if I come back to this because it's just it's too good. It's I just want to call him Biden's diversity hire. I think that's I think that's accurate to put it like that. This is just the diversity hire. What is the fastest growing international crime network that the world has ever seen?

It's already passed the illegal arms trade and soon it will pass the drug trade because someone can sell a bag of cocaine one time, but they can sell a child five to 10 times per day. On July 4th, witness the gripping reality of true heroism in the film Sound of Freedom from Angel Studios. The force behind His Only Son and The Chosen comes an extraordinary true story of courage and redemption.

Experience the spirit of hope and the power of human resilience. The goal is for 2 million people to get into theaters the week of July 4th and remember the 2 million children who are trafficked every year. Visit slash freedom. That's slash freedom. Buying tickets in advance sends an important message. To show your support, purchase tickets for yourself or pay it forward so they can pack theaters the week of July 4th.

Visit slash freedom. And now all of the news you would probably miss. It's time for Dana's Quick Five. This is one of the craziest stories I've ever seen courtesy of our friend Larry who found this. Tourists watched a Russian dude get devoured by a shark off the right on an Egypt beach. They were visiting this resort of Hargada and they watch this guy. He was attacked by a shark. I mean the beach is crowded. It was the Dream Beach Hotel and he was a Russian citizen. Their Consul General in Hargada told the country's new agency that it happened Thursday and it killed him. He's a 23 year old guy.

He wasn't a tourist but he'd been living in Egypt for several months. And there's video. The encounter shows hotel staff are screaming for swimmers to get out of the water. You can see the shark's fin approaching and then you can see the guy struggling with the shark and fighting out and it's oh man it is so bad. They tried to rescue him. A boat got to him finally but the shark had already killed him at that point by the time it got. That is an area if anybody watches Shark Week that's where they're really really active by the way.

That and like the southern you know the Horna also Horna Africa are there are sorry the bottom of Horna Africa and also south like the south of Cape Town on that. That's where they jump out of the water eating those eating the seals and all that's crazy. That's a shark's house. That's terrifying.

Oh what a horrible way to go. A driver was cited for going 20 miles over the limit. The fine though was $129,544 a Finnish driver in Finland. ABC says the Finnish driver was fined 51 miles an hour in a 31 mile per hour zone. That's awful specific 31 mile per hour. And he got a 10 day driver's license suspension earlier. Now he had to pay $68,000 in 2018.

Apparently they don't tolerate speeding I guess at all. That's kind of that's really wild. Also a couple of other things here. Oh goodness. I wanted to get to this one.

This is the one. Toe wrestling. They're actually going to have a toe wrestling champion. World toe wrestling champion. That is one of the nastiest things I've ever seen in my life. They call it a strange beleaguered sport. There actually is a toe wrestling championship.

They had it in Ashburn, England in 2022. And they these are they actually do it. They actually have oh my gosh it's some of the nastiest things I've ever seen in my life.

Oh I'm sorry I just can't. But yeah they've been doing it since 1974. Of course it was born in a pub in Britain. Of course it was. Staffordshire Britain.

That's where it was that's where it was created. Stay with us. We have a lot more on the way. The latest with DC. Wilkery. All else.

Stay with us. Oh this made me so mad. This is in California. So there was it was a track and field California high school prelims for track and field event. And this story it started out with these male athletes who identify as female. They wanted to run in some of the races the 1600 meter heat so that's the mile. They wanted to run in the mile which is you know that's a that's a tough race.

I was varsity long distance in track and field when I was in high school. And they had men who were identifying as women who were running in California state and track they were they were going to compete in California state and track field championships. And then you had one of them who beat out an 18 year old female. Another one beat out both both of these are boys they qualified for state and then they qualified to compete in the prelims and then they didn't go.

They had displaced two female athletes. The boys names are Athena Ryan and Lorelei Barrett and they're boys. I'll call them by whatever you know name they have legally but they're boys because I don't pretend that science doesn't exist.

And men don't control my speech. They're boys. And so the controversy not only did they displace the female athletes for those positions and for the shot at prelims then they didn't show up. And then when they were criticized for not showing up, they said that oh well it was because of the criticism and harassing behavior.

That's why they that's why they didn't show up. So women speaking out against men intruding in women's sports is now considered abusive and harassing. They had the organization CIF, California Interscholastic Federation, that's the governing body for high school sports in California. They told the LA Times that they denounced discriminatory or harassing behaviors that impact student athletes opportunities to participate in interscholastic competitions. There was there was debate over whether or not boys could actually compete with girls in track and field.

And they were mad that the debate was happening. And because the debate was happening, they decided to say everything was harassment and discrimination. It's not harassment discrimination that they displaced two female athletes because they wanted to cosplay as their sex. But it's apparently harassment and discrimination. If women, you know, with all the female empowerment and everything that we said that you know that that the second wave feminists said we were going to have taken by third wave that but you can't now you can't criticize the men who cosplay as women who want to compete in women's sports.

And then they went complained to the LA Times about it. So it's more emotionally abusive. So women who feel uncomfortable or who criticize if they bring it up, then they're further abused and told that they're discriminatory, and that they're and that they're harassing the male. That's abusive.

You're you're trying to you're teaching women that they can't speak out. All right, so coming up TSA screenings apparently are going to this is this is something that I saw pop around on social media. So apparently, according to some of the reports, they're talking about TSA and whether or not they're going to include men who identify as women being assigned to do pat downs of females. That's gonna, uh huh. That's gonna be the new thing, dude. Yeah, I'll be in jail. Thanks for tuning in to today's edition of Dana lashes absurd truth podcast. If you haven't already made sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcast, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.
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