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1: Interview with author, speaker, and founder of Redefined Courage, Nikki Speer

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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February 8, 2020 10:00 pm

1: Interview with author, speaker, and founder of Redefined Courage, Nikki Speer

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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February 8, 2020 10:00 pm

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Are you listening to Crossroads connection.

The show we talk about life ministries and culture and say a quick thinking our friends at the Truth Network for hearing this program and I'm joined by Jamie Buford. This is how are you today we've obviously got our host George, how are you handy I am fantastic and I'm so excited about today show and briefly your Tyler new Gmail people feel well and when excited about today is not only talking about transformation.

What that means. It looks like but we also have an incredible guess sphere is here how you doing Nikki yet. We are excited to talk to you about your ministry and what you do in your organization and you and what you're here with us now so jump in and have a good time with us all throughout the ship so it can you tell us little about absolutely. So for us here at crosses Fellowship starting January 1. All through the year 2020. We have thinned out this year is a year of transformation, which I'm very excited about II think I love the work transformation with that means and how that plays out not only in our church, but how areas in my life where I need to be transformed were our family or community, and I love that we are crosses Fellowship part of our DNA is the see the triangle in the world transformed and we start to think about what is that look like and how does it play out, and the Lord is really can bring us back to Scripture and one of the greatest ways that we can be transformed is literally through the word of God so taken our entire church through the Bible year. I'm not sure if either one of you ever done that I'm one of the people that have done it and tried it in and stop after few weeks so yeah I mean when I asked people how many people read the Bible, straight through the year you get a few hands and then I say only people started to read the Bible for a year and stop and that's almost everybody else yeah and somehow I Nikki never done that dumb from Genesis always through one yeah now I'm in the crowd that yeah and you're done. It not in a full year now I've started in the next stop. Yeah you but not yet tried multiple times regarding and I'm very excited.

That's when excited about effective your listening right now if you want information about it. You go to and you'll find the Bible reading plan, you'll find a link to the app you find a bunch of other tools you can do so given done it. Feel free to jump in with us but yes we do have a clip from this past Sunday because what's happening which I love.

As a pastors every Sunday on preaching out of what we just read that week so the whole church is reading all these chapters during the week and then I'm preaching on Sunday eight part of what we just read is really really need to see what happens. But this is a quick clip from this past Sunday in the morning. Talk about here is a saying the song is powerfully saying the song when their salvation was real to them. They were singing before they would sing and in the middle of the sequencing and running away from Pharaoh over there singing at the end of it when their salvation was real when they realize that God fully have saved them in a saying it when the power and the presence of God became real to them sooner something in our soul is a mood of our soul. As Morgan states it can only be expressed in poetry. The music is a mood in our soul in the heart of what you getting here this morning over to this whole mess is a federal going to end with his siblings this question.

What is your song what is the song of your soul and of your heart. What is the song that they just they just emanate out of you get a song stuck in your head and is there all day long. Soon stuck in your head. You can just get out of. What is it was the song this in your heart and soul that you just can't shake and my hope and my prayers. By the end of this morning. It's a song of salvation and deliverance that they sang a song knowing that they were to save and redeem. They also sing a song that was not about them.

Did you hear me is not about them as reminders this morning that worship is not about you it's not it's not about you it's not about our personal preferences is not about what songs we like to be don't like worshipers to exalt an audience of one person and that's it and how ironic is it. Trust me, I've said this before and so I know where this comes from. Sometimes there's been times and then my password said things like I really care for worship today may be reset before ironic is it that we say that that I said that before. It's as if God is in heaven going all I didn't realize it was for you. Just think about how ironic that sounds, I didn't like worship was not for you is not for me it's to exalt God is. It's a lift up his name higher than any other name you notice it in the song that wasn't a word about Moses was a word about Moses leadership's ability there was a knowing they're about all the people that came through. It's in the name by names and how good they were.

It was just simply reminding people about the power and the strength in the song of God's will. What happened in our life church if we allow God to truly be our strength to be our strength and our song, the person we rely on the one that we lean on the one that we go to when we have no more strength.

The one that we go to get those news and those reports and those discouraging moments, the person we go to in the middle night we wake up at 3 o'clock with anxiousness. What would happen if we disallowed God to be strength and to be the song of a heart mood. I love this right this little phrase down the mood of our soul.

I love the way that that's worded. What is the mood of our soul.

Is it singing praises the goddess he has become our salvation. That's what they're saying about what I love about what they were singing is that it recognizes something extremely important for us today.

They were singing about and recognizing the reality that we cannot save ourselves yesterday.

Go that's from this past Sunday and I think I'm stocking up on that phrase. The mood of your soul. What is the song of your soul that is emanating out from with in you and that sermon clip came out of the sermon were preaching from Moses, the song in Exodus and when they all crossed the Red Sea and Moses led them in this massive song of this apparently spontaneous song to where he be saying about salvation power of God and I love that thought of that. That song just came out of them because they realize that that moment that God did something for them. They can do for themselves. God rescue them and save them kind sounds familiar to us, doesn't truly that Jesus did something for us that we can't do ourselves. So I guess the question then for us and what we think about is, do we have a song in our soul and heart. The world sees in the world. Here's you know and what is that song look like and feel like and and how to make people feel when they walk into a room and how will we walk into a room to be change the climate of that room. Because of this what's happening in our heart and are so how that such a powerful experience and I think it's got a funny you nuzzles that again. I think of all the songs I get stuck in her head on my goodness it sounds like you had sometimes tell your work and I know I know is always a something always in your head always and and just can't get rid of that you can't shake.

You can't eat you will sing some. He also likes sing a different sonic that song out of your head to Xander all the time at and I just cannot but think what happens of God's people get the song of God, whatever that is right. Salvation and redemption deliverance power and that's the song that this world sees around us and that's really what the heart of this was an effort as you listening even right now. I wonder right now we are sitting across semi cup of coffee and were talking I was like it. What's that was the mood your soul and with the song, your heart, one with that is you know what is it is it is a fear you now is anxiousness is a worry is is about money is it about your job or friend or is a truly just about the reality that Jesus did some pretty amazing for me. So how would you answer this this a question love your single work. I don't have a song and even do I have a song I do.

I actually have a song in my heart or to have a song that I can sing and I think the answer is yes, that every person on the face of the planet can scan if they're willing sing the song of Jesus going across to them because they can do that themselves. Yeah. And God said he sent his son to differ.

The entire world so everybody no matter where you're from and what your background is a matter how much junk you got your life how much baggage you have in your life or how many things you've done wrong that if you would accept that, then you've got a song at the end might be the only son you have, but it's the best song. It's is the best sound that anybody can have.

So that's what I'm excited about transformation and so once again, if you listen right now I challenge you to think about boys you had a loudspeaker back when I was growing up a boombox who tell you to have a box I did not overhear like they were around. I never had one I heard about your boombox growing up bingo boombox actually still have one still have they go.

People used to walk around with this bingo boombox and cassette tapes. He said that he planned and really plan out there and I wonder something.

The visual is but wishes had that with you all time I was playing was in your heart and your soul in your mind wonder wonder what that would yeah how awkward that would be based on our moods, but I think I think that people can still feel that the right whether it singing. I was going on singing, but I think you can sense that people can something that many of the heart and the mood of the spirit so that was that was this past Sunday so were on the transformation and transmission comes in a lot of different ways and shows itself in different ways. Sometimes within the church sometimes is on the community and sometimes with an organization like Nikki started and some excited to talk to Nikki.

I'm excited to hear about what's happening and what you started and when your journey and what's going on and right before that gets a quick break and we got a quick word from our sponsor insults can take a quick break in the interview Nikki right out of the break. Perhaps you've asked yourself this question. Are you running the business as a business running. You might your teams grow. If your teams are driving the business forward.

Instead of you. You are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunity. It takes courage to learn how to create a culture where your people are truly empowered on their seats, my name Cheryl Scanlon business and executive coach working together will go straight to your court challenges to sort through competing demands and realigned to your highest priorities for measurable results visiting three at sea number three are Nikki, we are always excited to talk to you your so fun. You do not bring us coffee today that confession early dinner college I ask you guys there is guilt all over that to never have not tell you guys did this quality. We are excited that you're here is a quick bio for yourself and thereby want to jump into what you doing so. Nikki is my Jared and you got three amazing children Colin savanna and Emma and Collins graduating this year.

Yes, it's pretty exciting.

That's gotta be exciting. Your first one out of the house yeah because I feel it's it's it's different it is.

Yeah, it's really a different feeling now can be a little bit scary but definitely an opportunity to really really trust. Absolutely we we do that with our son. Three years ago. He's a junior now, three years ago.

We are where you are and the whole process of just saying could drop him off and leaving going to be home for a while.

It's it's it's a whole different sentence, need to see them grow up and see them do that. So I didn't know this about you Nikki, but you authored two books. What are they called amazing live in Paris, but Cairo got my unplanned pregnancy test, and really honestly my journey of redemption. What you're talking about songs. I was thinking the song that I live so much as buying a car model and I believe it is in its Redeemer and is something that I am just incredibly grateful for staff.

My first book and my second line is the silver lining of cancer. 12 other authors and we all shared our story about what we found really joy in a silver lining with a cancer diagnosis went personally with family that's pretty awesome, congratulations on those things can't be.

Also speaker. I know that Joe is out speaking and you speak well and you are a nonprofit, founder, and I got this correctly, you started redefine courage in 2016 and he started as a business, but as of October 2008, Tina transferred over to a nonprofit and a gift. Hope boxes for free.

All across not say. Some will toggle with that is, I'm sure, to women undergoing double mastectomy's and hope all capital letters. Hope I guess this is a special T-shirt that you designed as a promise to your mother and most of the stream unfolded right here cross fellowship.

So let's let's dive into this this is pretty powerful and your your your your organization is outstanding. So just talking about that would what is the mission, vision and mission wrapped around. I guess the why write the why, what are you why are you doing this. The why is really to make women feel less alone and more beautiful. Yeah I think that's what I wanted so much for my mom and she was struggling to figure out what this new body wise because of so many surgeries and having breast cancer and I just the words just came out. I guess they say what's in your heart comes out of your mouth and that I promise. I'll design clothing for you and Dan. That was actually I think I got the job here and I told Daniel C. Weeks because I need to go visit my mom in the Lord. I'm really unfolded this promise within my heart when I visited her and then I came back here to Crossroads and he just started blaspheming on these different ideas, and meeting all these meeting people and yeah it's Sosa redefine encouraged burst out of your own journey with your mom so so what what how that more from okay your deal from administering her and she is you and is in your heart how to go from that's actually becoming redefine courage well after I drew the shirt after I made the promise and share and tell my house and this is to do it the rest of my life. We start talking to family what you know. What does this look like what does this mean and really honestly start praying was asked to start, join the prayer group right here while I was working and that we not like 1/2 an hour and we shared our dreams or goals are and our prayers and it really honestly unfolded from that and have to tell you Google will explain that I don't know how to design clothing to spend money and clothes that I have no degree took me three years to get to your degree in psych associated science or something like that even the science. What I know is that God burst this thing inside me to help my mom and allowed it to unfold.

When I let other people what he was doing and it was amazing to see that people really wanted to help and really wanted to know by quote what can I do here and what I know this person that shows an just started really kind of unfolding, sharing, started with the T-shirts T-shirt design is More often than people Come around you and absolutely is basically the share is made for. It would be for the first surgery that my mom my mom hat which is a tab on the second and you have drains and you need to hold the strain somewhere, they pin them to a surgical garment and I was very uncomfortable. I sent this needs to change and women need to feel beautiful and special and laughed and how can I do this, how can I make this better and just started googling and drying and searching and asking and praying. So T-shirt now social explain a little bit more to compute price. His undershirt, the thing designed to T-shirt more than that. Yeah taco you mentioned a little bit of a talk about what exactly is that the functionality other than why it's so needed.

An important absolutely, absolutely. And not first-hand. Actually, because I've had it up on the vasectomy preventing please understand it's like to come home from the hospital with surgical drains hanging from your body and that they pin safety pin to a garment and sell. I realize that there needed to be a holder inside of the shirt that could help the women place the strains so they would no longer have safety pins and they would be able to be comfortable and so the share is but not very hard to raise your arms after you've had the surgery and so soft and easily washed box or cannot I say, why don't washing and sometimes you can wear it to Q3 for weeks and sometimes the trains don't come out once people can have 1 to 6 drains and so it really is important to have these interior pockets to have a soft cotton material that's able to be washed and something that you can buy a map that you don't have to raise your arms to put on as fantastic as amazing as as well as things that unless you've gone through it or has been closely going through it all. Think anybody you don't really know anyone else knows that the problem you hear the terminology cancer you hear about the sector you hear about your like all hot, but you don't think at that level of what's required.

So what a fantastic niche there like that that you're feeling need that you're feeling so talk about the boxes. What were the boxes show that is in the court file that that you gift hope boxes for free. All across United States women who have undergone done, vasectomy. So talk to us a little bit about those boxes sure.

So it really really was just the share we started business and we were selling them and realized that we really they were supposed to be given for free. So with that as we transition from a business to nonprofit psych, more to go in this box. Like if this is for my mom, this is for my center when I open up this package and I saw shirt like that's amazing like that deftly need to buy more like my mom was always about making people feel welcome in laughed and letting them know that God loves them. So how could I tell when I start reaching out to businesses and asking people to partner with us. There was some amazing businesses like Thrive cosmetics nor wax and has body clots for the winning and then an organic tea company. I came well how they can we put this stuff in the box and kisses amazing.

I want all four pockets filled basically with things that can help the women in some now it's not just hope shirt I said actually hope box set box of things and were starting actually put some gift cards and then sometimes attack we are really wanting to meet the need of the women opening up this box in her to say I feel really, really special.

Yeah, so I'm sure you got tons of stories from people are impacted by this is there is a one or two that really stand out that you can share with us on just the impact that what you've done is made and some is life. I think the first line and the one that just comes right in line actually and that's why said that all started. Here's because there was a beautiful one.

The name Suzanne going to breast cancer right here at this church and pastor Anthony was so gracious to actually gift her whole post capture the very first one. Oh well, fantastic.

I didn't want to get emotional. That's good. So just that really blesses my heart to know that there was someone right here where God is unfolding the story had already lost my mom. She actually never got to see the hope sharp pastor Anthony came alongside and sat like that. Like I could give that shirt to sitting in him we live in healing now and goes right here to this church and actually changed her.

She became a model for us and she became you know she never saw herself as bad, especially being a breast cancer survivor beauty and modeling isn't always the first thing on your mind. Survival is and I think that I'm just her attitude and her joy in the way she allowed God to use this story.

It really was a picture of hope, and that's one of my favorite stories, but there's so many amazing women and stories that we we get to hear personally not always on social media by emails and texts personally that weekend that have touched women. What a dynamic start, the head of the house feels so right on track with what God was leaving your heart to actually see it unfold right in front of you that here's here's this dream those put in your heart right and started out of your what you go through your mom and you personally sucked design and do things and then lo and behold her Sunday right here that you get to actually see firsthand the head of fuel you had that a spark something in you that was like okay this is something that is amazing and so you took it and now you're a nonprofit and so how can people. I guess one. How can people support you and you find information about its and contact you some shirtless people listening right now that there are impacted by this promise everybody, to some degree the know somebody or is directly impacted by what you're doing right by by this whole thing that's happening.

So how can people contact you, and before that, how can they support it. Yeah, I think the support really is. Honestly, this you guys inviting me here, allowing me to share what we do think it's sharing whether that be just sharing this or sharing on social media finding mass and social media through our website redefine Those things are so amazing and if you have opportunities for me to speak or share your office.

I love to do that and there's that sweet kind of teambuilding thing that we I do when I speak and in small settings and in businesses and so those ways are always amazing because it gets the story out people are able to now women that need to be served are served and then really donations that come in from people's hearts being moved. It's all it's all really beautiful. So website again is what redefine redefine is the best way for people to find more of a nation be part of it donated having contact you and here's one more question.

What's next what's what's next for you and redefine courage what's on the horizon anything anything that you're looking at her hope for. My biggest dream and hope is that we would have our own space. We would have our own warehouse and that we will ride higher people that would not likely have be able to get a job anywhere else except volunteer right now that is in a wheelchair who we adore and she works rest about three hours a day contacting businesses and so my goal in dream that we would have our own warehouse our own space that we could hire people and that we can fast and live important other people's lives. Excellent as well about being able to do this now is people listening.

Who knows who's listening so fearless right now. You just heard a needle fantastic organization for warehouse for Bill to hire employees.

So if you got a way to help with this machine reach out and contact Nikki and Nikki, as always it is such a blast to chat with you. I love redefine courage, love your family, love what you're doing and I'll thank you for giving us time today to be on this program.

Thank you, thank you so much Nikki and thank you for joining and listening to our program today thinking across his fellowship and the Truth Network for making the show possible. You can find out more information about Crossroads Fellowship at crossroads stop work if this shell has impacted you. We would love to hear from you. You can contact us at and thank you to C3 Advantage for sponsoring this program. We look forward to having you join us on the next chapter. Your success as a leader hinges upon buying from your teams clear and consistent communication from you and strategic delegation. My name Cheryl Scanlon C3 Advantage helps you steward your most valuable resource. Well, improve retention and grow employee engagement and generate higher team and individual ownership. The success of your organization begins with you depends on your team as a leader and watch organization further visit

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