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4: Did God Really Say That? Transformation & a Conversation with Missions Pastor Doug Gamble

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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February 19, 2020 8:00 pm

4: Did God Really Say That? Transformation & a Conversation with Missions Pastor Doug Gamble

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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February 19, 2020 8:00 pm

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Welcome to Crossroads connection is the show all about having conversation surrounding life, ministry and culture was a quick thank you to our friends at the Truth Network for airing this program will hey every body. It is Saturday and it's another of Crossroads connect Saturday I got Jamie and can be a great time yet excited very much so yeah it's very fun.

We have a good time. It's Saturday. It's noon is great now to see so what's got you excited any what we have in store for people not only are you talking about transformation and what that means and how that looks like but we also have Doug Gamble who is missing pastor from Crossroads Fellowship here in Raleigh. This can talk about all things mission and is an incredible event coming up called the annual community partner dinner. That was real excited about hosting a Crossroads.

Very unique is a very special event partnerships come together and network any really good to get the sense of what's happening in the triangle which I love. Once again it's all about transformation writable transmission. So what is that what's that been like for us here in our church yet.

So starting right at the beginning of this year, we started a year-long name call transformation 2020 and really what that stem from was just the Lord leading us to that word is a theme but more than that. When you start unpacking. What that means. It means how do we allow God's word to transform us. So, in light of that, we started January 1 going through the whole year of reading the Bible together as a church from Genesis through Revelation and it is been absolutely incredible to see and to hear Anaheim open the questions that are coming up because let's face it, let's face it you start reading, especially the dependency of the first five books there a lot of questions I have received landline is not a law wasn't just stuff and you read it, and the questions that our people are asking is just a blast to secure to answer questions in hand on top of that, were also preaching through the Bible which personally I obviously preach from the Bible very important note, but was never preached through the Bible mean through Genesis to Revelation and overdoing is as were reading it. We are preaching in real time out of the passages that we read that week, which I love doing. It's challenging. It's fun and so wherever you are listening right now you can actually join in on this.

You have to be part of Crossroads and go to Do it now over. Right now you can download the PDF version of our Bible reading plan there's links there that will take you to the app that were using from the Bible that reason, the canonical plan on the Bible app.

You can also text in your number to get weekly updates and all that is on the website so all that to say that this is the year transformation. It's been pretty awesome and I can't wait to keep talking about.

It's really because there are some phenomenal resources there unless she had a clip from a recent sermon. That's the only content that did you notice that Satan all he did was just challenge the word of God.

The only thing that serpent did was say, did God really say this planted the seed of doubt. Watch what happens or washes since first thing was, wanting Eve to forget all about what God said just to go against God's word, but the consequences of sin and Satan's first direct challenge to Eve he tries to get Eve to doubt the goodness of God signal this for moment because of God lies to her. How can he be good. The very first thing that the enemy did was just to get Eve to think for a moment that maybe God wasn't truthful. Did God really say this challenging the goodness of God because of God like her than is no longer good. God is no longer good and everything else that he says can also realize well that's all you do skin the mind just a little bit. I'm trying to say thing that happens us today is the same thing all God hast also nice of you and your mind is the Dell for just a moment that God cares about you. Just a moment all he needs to do is just for a moment to get you out the goodness of God in your life. How often have you thought or asked or heard. If God is so good then what then block the wind is all that is a do just to get you to doubt the goodness of God. At the same time that is getting you and I to doubt the goodness of God. It seems also direct challenge. He tries to get Eve to doubt the badness of sin. If this fruit is something good. Further, why doesn't God wanted to have. To see what's happening. Satan wants us to see sin as something good and God as something bad that's all I need to do this may lie to us is sin is not that bad.

God is not that good is the very first thing that the enemy did. This is not that bad. And maybe, just maybe, God is not that good and happens every day in our life will make him a diet fight do this the rest the world they live their life this way, we see sin all the time. They're not getting punished there doing good. What why why why why does that happen. If God is really that good then why is this bad thing happen. I'm just telling you why this is so important right here in the beginning is his enemy hasn't changed in 4000+ years to say my cell and you say my he whispers in my ears all the time. If God is so good then why are you struggling if God is so good in your following his rules. The why.

Why is your marriage having such a hard time today.

If God so good and and since not that bad, why why why all he has to do is challenge the word of God and I'm just telling you in real time that challenge against this word is not changed.

There's a challenge right now, I guess, is very aware that you are not happy but doubting and challenging all the time. Why know it says that is that what it means. I know the Bible is clear about this in my lifestyle wherever that might be that that's what it means and all enemies do is get us to see this and doubt are going to do. Did God really say you can do that really say that happens all the time, the power, the word of God is why this is so dear to my heart important to me is the church. Quite frankly, the biblical literacy and America's dismal.

I think I can only speak about that live here but we we are. We are very uneducated when it comes to this work. And yet this 66 books that God gave us his house was live a whole life and yet we don't read it. The whole Bible is relevant to us affect all of the Scripture in Hosea chapter 4 verse six says my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

It was written to the priest the time who were getting away from the word of God and God say that my people are getting destroyed his lack of knowledge rejected the knowledge I tell you that say thing, I think got the same thing the data to us. The reason why we are destroyed. The reason why work rejected to rejecting this this very worthy God gives it was on second Timothy 316, in case you're wondering about Scripture says all Scripture every say all Scripture, all Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness, that the man and I could say woman of God may be complete, equipped for every good work. This Bible is breathed out by God, so that we can teach and learn it and understand it. It was on he receptor forces the word of God is living its active this is a live. This is critical. This is life. It's sharper than any double-edged sword, it pierces to the divisions of our solar spirits or joints and marrow, discerning of our thoughts and intents of our hearts is already here and that was such a good sermon. I really remember that when it stuck with me and there's a really strong theme from the client. It's this idea all Satan needs to do is get us believing that God is not back at, and sin is not that bad, can you tell us a little bit more about that. Yeah, absolutely.

I think that that is really the underlying theme of Genesis and the first sin in the fall of man, and really the thing that I think most of us probably deal with more than he realized it really comes out of is from Genesis chapter 3 were the serpent approaches Eve for the first time and there in the garden.

Adam even this perfect environment and then the serpent comes up to them and all that. If you catch that the only thing the first thing that the serpent did was just question God's word. That's all the serpent did did God really say that you could not eat of this to God really say that you would die.

That's all that that's all the enemy did and I'm just saying that that's the same thing than he does today is all the enemy needs to do is get into our mind, does the Bible really say that is is that really that bad and we look at all the gutless way to look at all the cultural sins that are happening around us, let alone all the sins that we know of in the Bible just up the stuff that's in the world today and how many believers fall into a trap of well maybe I don't know. Maybe it's not that bad you.

Maybe that thing that I always thought was sinful because it was in the Bible.

Now, I don't know because now I got close friends that are doing this I got, I see people over here I see other Christians acting this way and so maybe it's not that bad and I just it's almost humorous to some degree that that the enemy Satan uses the same tactics he uses against Eve that he uses now is the same thing. Mia just question to God really say you couldn't do this. Yeah. And I think that what you're saying is really hit home for me. Nothing about a variation of how I think the enemy is still at work today. It's a variation of the statement that you are saying it's this idea that God is not that good in your sin, is that bad. Another way that the enemy is still working this idea that we can't take God's word for what it is you know, believing that God is a God of forgiveness.

Ryan and mercy and and of love and assure that yeah yeah inspecting that's another variation of this out of the enemy still working and saying no to God's not that good in your sin that you committed maybe in your password of your past Maui.

It is that bad. That is another way is not halfway forward for you. He sees consul he working constantly get us to question what what God has said yeah I should preach that where were you when I present is really good but God does want us to come to own where we are and that's what the enemy wants enemy wants to stop us before even changed in just don't a you messed up you send, you fell. God is love you. You're not good enough. You muzzled his hide and run from God and God's going told you that that's awesome over to go ahead and transition to we got our interview coming up.

We didn't gamble. Cannot wait. In just a moment over to go ahead and hear a word from our sponsor. Perhaps you've asked yourself this question. Are you running the business or the business running.

You might your teams grow. If your teams are driving the business forward. Instead of you. You are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunity. It takes courage to learn how to create a culture where your people are truly empowered on their seats, my name Cheryl Scanlon business and executive coach working together will go straight to your court challenges to sort through competing demands and realigned to your highest priorities for measurable results visiting three at sea number three back everybody from the break and we are here with our good friend and credible pastor Doug Gamble.

Doug, thank you so much for being on the show.

This really appreciate you taking time to be here think for a chance to do so.

So Doug, I know we have a short amount time with use. We want to come to jump in the few things that are pretty important and pretty dear to your heart. So one of the things as a missions pastor that you probably have a unique lens that you see our city with you been around for a long time. How have you seen rally change since you been here when it comes to just you anything just the people here, and the economy here in the gross here in the church culture here how that'll change the last 20 years. That's a good question.

I thought some about that even on a regular basis. It feels like it's just like a kaleidoscope every month changing now that I think the pace of change now has accelerated because her's.

You were pine trees left were going up were not making one level things, but even more that when I moved down here, the people said wow you're going to a hot sitting came down here and it looked like Barney still lived here. I really owe you and same as the A & I've been in Indianapolis net ground and I'd watched them grow big put interstate through the city north and south.

The ring road, I saw that in Annapolis and we didn't have any that when I got here so I thought where's the big growth, but I watched all that happen, roads being widen schools being torn down and rebuilt the bucket with my own kids.

The gentrification of downtown downtown was a dead spot 20 years ago nobody went out there. The mall was down the middle.

You could drive through downtown. I watched all that be tore up just old homes being renewed just whole areas of the city changed that the housing is kind of change in schools of gotten bigger more complicated. We are now. I think were right neck and neck with McCumber, but when the largest school system is not estate but in whole Southeast.

That's because were consolidated system. There's benefits and downside to that in you know we've been heavily involved in schools so the way our school system has adapted and changed. We have a ton of private schools because their income in the intelligence unit where concentrated brain city you know from the triangle. So with all the changes you seen happen in the city.

How is that set up the harvest even better. I'm quite literally the people from the world are actually coming here that's right.

How is that from a missions pastor's corner when you see people from all over the world literally here in the triangle. How does it actually help us accomplish the mission better in one.

Interestingly, when I came here 20 years ago global missions felt like was on the other side the world missions hurt like it was right down the street right now those are so blurred because the game now is we have to know how to building disciples means finding lost people discipling them into full maturity right and making that a movement that's the global goal and increasingly that's the need of here in our own city and we have the whole world. Here we have 192 countries. We have a big festival every September and we have population so big from the Philippines from Dubai. You'd be shocked at how many different nations are here in significant numbers have their own little communities or pockets here and there. So the good news is the world is come here and we have a number of missionaries who come home to minister to here for strategic reasons or for health reasons or whatever suite we can really parse our missions, simple now make disciples who make disciples and turn it into movement. It has simplified our missiology is a matter of the Gospels everywhere not need to get to everyone that's a really good statement to to understand that our job is to make disciples to make disciples and the people of the world aright around here so talk a bit more about that what what is actually transmission look like you're in the triangle so if you could project your hope to the future. How do we do that hot hot hot.

What is transmission look like in the future for all and all of our efforts are trying to do.

Yeah that it is such a good question and it it's it's that hard and that simple and in the simple thing is we have had it home-court advantage in America for so long we have forgotten some of the hard work of persuading people why the Christian ethos and values make since in business and education and health in law. Being a farmer a minute assuming the issues at her if she wanted any descriptor speaks loudly to it. I mean we have the world here and we we have the know-how here to to be helping solve some of the low-end you know the people of who were not sufficiently cared for this role.

So we have those solutions and then some of the big arguments of our day are all being fought right here on university campuses in our legislature.

So were at Ground Zero of the big problems in every major city of a million or two which were headed toward we are right in.

I would say if we can figure it out here to work anywhere and what God is doing in other places, prickly other major urban areas were that are global or US, we can probably import proven strategies and find root forward and some pocket because one size won't fit all lesser winning.

I don't mean Crossroads will probably have a common core, but as we multiply will probably come more diverse.

Not so an expression, not in our DNA because were we just have so much difference moving here and that's a good thing we have the flexibly to do that now that 20 years ago. We were sure one brand we did know that we do so. One of things you keep touching on is that it takes more than Crossroads to reach the city so requires us to network. I think Doug one of the things that you've done so well is lead our church into networking mean that we have city partners not just organizations but also other churches, so can you speak to a little bit and then elites of the annual dinner that we have which is amazing event that when talk about here in a moment. But why is networking with different organizations and churches. Such a passion and such a need now and and also how many would partner with Jeremy share some of that as well. I'd see the thing about people to know is everyone, realizes that our Christian culture that is Christian principles embedded in our culture that we see disappearing and evaporating that legacy from previous generations of Christian living and it's gone we realize it, but we often don't connect is a lot of the problems hunger pain divorce, child abuse, sex abuse name any problem you want. They all have a derivative from the loss of that, Christian culture embedded throughout the culture and healthy families and organizations were we still respect the authority where the court still open in prayer, we have prayer in school work companies expect God to help them do business well and take care the environment. That stuff is disappeared.

So we now have a challenge what's happening is, those who were task like the government.

We can human services the police. They're all gone. We are not dressed up to handle these many problems in their know they're not in the changing of the heart business so the church kinda could want to run away from this, but really in previous times of church history.

This is when we got bold. We have to have all the answers but the one answer we have is Jesus Christ. And we know that when he is adequately proclaimed and transforms the heart everything downstream is better in most organizations trying to solve our problem's good intentions there necessary but not sufficient, in the church needs to be bold and partnering with the police not to be the police but to help transform the heart of that person that they've incarcerated that will someday have to come out the person who's who's stuck in poverty. How do we help them only get out, but stay out and understand what got them there.

The churches got that cradle-to-grave heart transformation care for people all the time you there's no other agency none at all in our city that has that not even the government so we need to a new confidence in Christian leaders pastors to say hey we need to be right after mixing up with all the problems in the cities because we do have an important solution transforming the heart reconciliation Inc. where it's between black and white, rich and poor anywhere there's brokenness. We got a message but we need to get bold and confident to work in the power of the spirit because were not a home-court advantage and I like the mentality that I believe we have and that is that people honestly just to come knock on our door so the mentality will are churches here so viewers can come here that really doesn't hold love our mentality that we have working to go swearing to raise our own city and were in a linked arms with other organizations and other churches, even in order to reach our city because it takes all of us because he said the church yet we we got the heart and we got we got that cradle-to-grave mentality but there's resources that other people have that are churches that we also need to meet together now. So we got a real transformational moment happens in somebody's life. So, in speaking of that, one of the events that you created and and want to talk about that here were quickly about the annual community partner dinner. What's the vision behind that and how have you been doing about Alyssa be our 10th year. Hence you're doing is now and the week just paid off the billing credo foundation and started giving significant ROI on order six times more money locally than we were up at that point right and I would say because of that, we divested of trying to do too many lay led ministries that really we didn't have the time and energy for now we can send people out to well run, well-managed, well organized ministry so they have a better experience to have a higher percent of our people going and experiencing positive experience that we can see weekly annually review the money were going in and what it's accomplishing so the reality is, nobody can get the people who have deep needs. It's not one need and so even ministries a try to do holistic stuff there still in need of the Raleigh Raleigh restricting help people for a year, but they still need someone to hire them at the end of the right to try every ministry have, you can still have child protective services, but you still need a safe home and parents to take the child. So, everywhere you turn, we all need each other we need. It's rather there's a pathway in the church, shows up in a lot of places along the pathway. Unfortunately were still silent.

I'm not blaming what I think it's endemic to the nature of a modern urban culture right I'm not blaming for that. But the reality is it takes will check it out of our silos here in our church and we have and work hard every night to make sure we get tunnel vision on you were called to do and don't realize that there's a whole and if you look as she held out the survey shows that we should blame anyone for that Sherry can learn to say how you look over the wall on a regular basis.

I gotta connect and start dinner is unique in the city that we don't raise money were here for face time. I love that about its area that were not here get all his people together just raise is actually it's a free dinner that we actually give free dinner. And honestly, at most.

I don't know if these people have any other time in the year when they get with each other without the pressure.

There's no competition between ministries and for our church leadership blade leaders, elders, pastors, councilmembers, people running ministries to have access to that kind of leadership you know it's always kind of electric in the world and we do have a theme about partnership but fate what we know is city partnerships only work at the level of trust, trust building takes time and it takes face time so were just modeling 90 minutes of face time among really good people hoping that it creates more ongoing phase time throughout the year because we got him introduced. The trade occurred where this our people and leaders or each other and that's why we often invite people were not parting with yet they'll come and get a taste this year were inviting, we invited hundred 20 pastors and we hope that about 35 or 40 of them will actually show up. We have room for all of them, but if they come to realize God's given us the stewardship of a really unique event and we need other pastors to come and learn, taste and see, and say wow we can bring an elder deacon and take advantage of what's in the room and help our ministry and think Rogers is doing it's thing and being catalytic is sharing one of our big assets, so I'm grateful that the elders and you have a vision for us to do what what I love about it Sue have been been all over the last 10 years is you get to see people handing business cards one another and there there there and they are networking and slitting what they're doing. Like I did know you did this I hey, let's get lunch.

Let's get together and you see that happening in the room all over the because nobody is in no is there. They're not selling their stuff there that fundraising that out there trying to sell their ministry were all trying to work together and that piece of that networking pieces is really phenomenal watch and every year I get this at a different table and learn. Snow is the networking piece of it, but there's also the educational piece were we could learn what is out there and you get the learn people and what they do is what I love you for getting make for you, making our pastors go. They don't realize that. Like I said, that we got yes you make will help you we have what's called mandatory church events.

This is this one on what happens is there accumulating wisdom and connections they don't know that will help us right and that's what we want about other pastors as well. So Doug, the event is the annual community partner dinner.

It's a meet and greet network dinners on Tuesday, March 10 from 6 to 8 so some is listening right now how do they get a hold of you. Notify dogs more information about maybe this particular night or how to actually network or absolute know how you make a great directory online and hard copy which would be great for people have almost everybody in there if they want to get in touch me the best thing to do would be to email me at Doug There's a couple of us that monitor that inbox and were looking right now for all that kind of activity.

So Doug replied. I just had someone do the blue from light dill and we got hooked up and they're on their way.

So were glad we got room and that we can hold about 300 and where we have room for extra excellence.

Once again it's the annual community partner dinner if you're listening right now where you are if you are somehow in the city. This is something to be especially come the network and learn more about what's happening in the city around us, so contact Doug at Doug gamble across was that or Wilson website can go there and go to missions pages as well funnel more information about all that. But once again, that is coming up on Tuesday, March 10 from 6 to 8. Pastor Doug, thank you so much for your hard first city. Thank you for leading these incredible events and thank you from all of us for being on the show today. Yeah thanks for your support and chance to absolutely key for joining and listening to our program today and thinking across its fellowship in the Truth Network for making this show possible. You can find out more information about restaurants on the ship crossroads.

If the child has impacted you. We'd love to hear from you. You can contact that has had stuff going to see three paintings for sponsoring this program. We met forward to having you join us on the next shout, your success as a leader buying from your team clear and consistent communication from you in strategic delegation. My name Cheryl Scanlon C3 Advantage helps you steward your most valuable resource. Well, improve retention grow employee engagement and generate higher team and individual ownership. The success of the organization begins with you and depends on your team as a leader and what organization further visit

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