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5: Special Interview with Kirk Cameron, Transformation: Humility & Obedience

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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February 27, 2020 4:00 pm

5: Special Interview with Kirk Cameron, Transformation: Humility & Obedience

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Locally Crossroads connection is a show all about having conversation surrounding life ministries and culture was a quick thank you to our friends at the Truth Network for airing this program. It is Saturday which means we are here for another episode of Crossroads connection. I am Tyler and I met Jamie and Andy here. How are you both doing fantastic yeah man, I have 30 minutes of arson renters stole the words right out how is this I do I look for this every week, but we've got an amazing special guests that we interviewed little bit later in the show.

Randy told him who is ready for this, everybody I know I'm yes we had an amazing opportunity to recently interview Kirk Cameron Kirk Cameron so here's why we have been in a year of transformation for our church. We believe that the word of God is transforming us were preaching through the Bible.

Our church is going to the Bible together, from Genesis to Revelation as part of the very DNA of our church is that we want to see the transforming of our triangle and the world around us and the way we do that is by making disciples so how that translates into this is Kirk Cameron was here about a year ago at our church with the living room reset and it's an amazing tour that he's on dealing with marriage and parenting which are two huge things right now for culture about marriage and about parenting and faxes can be back in North Carolina on March 25 in Wilmington and March 27 in New Bern so we were thing a while were talk about transformation has a lot to do with us being transformed individually and that has to has to translate into our houses right in marriages and that our kids schools into relations with neighbors and on and on. That goes so what a great support marriage yes I do crack myself up marriage between what words as a church in transformation and the living room reset so yeah we had a great interview with him recently that were going to be let in the release.

And on and just a little bit such a fine interview, Nancy mentioned we are going to transformation as a church, reading through the Bible. You are also preaching. That's right. What were reading as we go. So let's listen to a recent clip from recent sermon.

I will type out a little back sounds great. The fourth obedience that we see happening here is humility. Also the way back to ultimate obedience is through a humble nature. Humility reflects submission and others.

A great passage in James for Marita to just give you a couple bullet points. Therefore, it says God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble, submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God, he will draw near to you.

Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your heart, you double minded. Humble yourselves before the Lord and he will exalt you with a few things about humility that we see here. Humility first bullet point jot down submission in order for me to be humble I need to submit to the fact that not God that he used on the humility to say, submit my life, my host my dreams at the foot of the cross because God your plan for my life is better than my bet six humility that they were prideful for arrogant. If we think we do our own were never to get there billable appointment.

Humility is that humility calls us to draw near to God.

I love whatever says that if we draw near to God you notice what it says it will draw near to you that God is not away from you is I was back turned to said I see your draw near to me on the sea. If this is real or not so that we draw her to him. He's going to draw near to us.

And because we draw near to God to wonderful things happen cleansing of our hands and purifying of our hearts, cleansing and forgiveness of things we've done cleansing and forgiveness of things we believe and thought it's amazing what happens in humility section guides sermon and this is actually called God can use. I love that sermon title and I love the concept right so we were talking out of Scripture were Alem and his dog. It's a very, to some degree, very iconic passage that a lot of people know about and we coarsely that phrase what God is a donkey. You can use us and it's actually true that if God can actually use a donkey. He can actually use us so real quickly.

For those you that may not be familiar with the passage just a real quick recap of what's happening is bail him who is a Mielke is a prophet to some degree, the spiritual man has a knowledge about God, but not necessarily relation with God the way that we would assume submitted, B, and in many ways, he was somewhat of a prophet for hire, which is not the way that you're supposed to do that and so they licked was asking bail him to curse Israel and every time you try to do that he would bless Israel instead will came down to this thing were bail months ago, God told him no, than God gave them over to his own hearts desire told the ghost to get on the donkey. Any and the bleeding and the donkey sees the angel Lord of the sword and so the donkey avoids the angel of the Lord eventually bail him hits the donkey three times a donkey just lays down and read out of numbers chapter 22. Starting in verse 22 says, but God's anger was kindled because he went in, the angel Lord took his stand in the way as his adversary. He was riding on the donkey and his two servants were with them in the donkey saw the angel of the Lord standing in the road with a drawn sword in his hand and the donkey turned aside out of the road and went into the field and bail him struck the donkey to turn her into the road, but really what that's coming down to is more talked about in that sermon was on obedience. The whole sermon was about obedience and the different levels of obedience that we should have in that particular point was on humble obedience and how important it is for us to be humble before God because humble really reflects our submission to God that will were humble before God and submit ourselves before God. Then we see amazing things happening in our lives.

A nurse for, points to that one little sermon illustration becomes a humble obedience and that is that humility allows us to submit to God. And so there submission to God because of that submission to God were able to draw near to God and in the verse it says that he'll actually draw near to us as we draw near to him and is a cleansing of her hands in the purifying of our hearts report which reflects things redundant things he felt things we heard and things that we've seen and how critical this is quite honestly, when it comes to our lives with God, and a relations with other people. One of the things that I love when I think about marriage, and I think about how humility and submission works is that part were if we draw closer to God that he draws closer to us and if you can visualize a little bit of a triangle like say there's a triangle the top of the triangle's God and at the bottom corners, a triangle is a husband and the wife and the concept there is that as you get closer to God individually. You're also getting closer to one another together as well so you getting closer to God and as you could, to the point of that triangle smell motor triangle looks like has as those edges are getting close to the point where God is. You and your spouse are now getting closer to each other, but it takes mutual submission to do that that we got a submit to God and went to Smith's one another and honor one another and we do that.

This is where transformation happens in the sub transmission comes in, and this transmission works is in all of this, but what I was about that sermon.

If God can use a donkey. Think about this whoever is listening right now, honestly, and this is not a joking thing, but it is kind of funny that if God can use a donkey he can use you know he can use you. So whoever is listening wherever you are.

You may feel like you're you knows you've done something wrong or you're too far away from God or God surely can't use me and then you read a passage where God literally use the donkey and uses donkey in the way that is actually amazing of how God's supernatural use this when we are disobedient to him that, however improbable it might think of what God might do through me. It's probably not as improbable as I don't talk enough light doing this thing that seems really difficult really impossible. God got open the mouth of a donkey and a donkey spoke praying. That's right so this makes things seem relatively possible. Maybe thanks Annie for walking back through that portion of your sermon. That was really good to take a quick break here word from our sponsor before we jump into our interview with curcumin. Perhaps you've asked yourself this question. Are you running the business or is the business running. You, how might your teams grow. If your teams are driving the business forward. Instead of you.

You are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunity.

It takes courage to learn how to create a culture where your people are truly empowered on their seats, mining, Cheryl Scanlon, business and executive coach working together will go straight to your court challenges to sort through competing demands and realigned to your highest priorities for measurable results. Visit at sea number three joining restaurants balance and celebrate our senior staff during the rainy Easter service. We can remember and celebrate his coming return our weekend services restaurants that morning to clean, welcome back from the break and as we said earlier in this episode we had a great opportunity to interview Kirk Cameron revolving around the living room reset was about marriage and parenting and was a great conversation with Kirk and so real quickly. If you don't know who Kirk Cameron is Kirkham is a television film actor and producer noted recently for his work in the family film saving Christmas and mercy role documentaries such as unstoppable and monumental and the inspirational film fireproof is also known for his noble roles as Mike Seaver on ABC's growing pains, which I think that's probably what a lot of people remember him from as well as the left behind movies and the cohosts of the way of the master television series Kirk spends much of his time producing new television and film projects and speaking the people around the country teach them how to share their faith and live out a gospel centered marriage and family and so with that I was very excited to build a talk to Kirk about specifically the living room reset which is in a blessed people all over the country and once again coming to North Carolina on March 25 in Wilmington March 27, the New Bern so at this time.

I hope you all enjoy our very special interview with our friend Kirk Cameron hey Kirk Cameron I do my brother I'm doing really well are you doing great, thank you so much for taking time out of your day. I know you're super busy right now and will I appreciate your time are having on the program and let me tell everybody about absolute so you know what you come in North Carolina. You cannot hear March March 25 and 27th.

I thought he gets opportunity just to have you speak into the living room, reset the vision behind at the hope behind what you're doing and so I just think of you a few minutes your time.

Just ask a few questions in the his encourager was going on so I guess the first question Kirk is what can people expect that have never seen the living room reset before so the coming of the of the night. What can they expect to have a great time devoted to the home run cake make it in your spouse is right to get away and to be able to just reading reprioritize to refocus and reinvest thing that will really make a difference in your marriage and your family with your kids. It's a time where we will laugh together, we will sing and worship together with my friend Matt Hammett from Sanctus realtor who wrote and finger song lead me and what you learn together from God's word heart downloads from Scrooge into our marriage and into our family. That is has the power to set us free. Where where we are in bondage where we are imprisoned either due to bitterness or past mistakes or were just frustrated and overwhelmed with challenges of raising kids in the culture it it's good to be a real breakthrough time and special time for couples last year and it was a wonderful time just for my wife and I but also for church and say what with the was Matt singing that song that was so impactful last year when he sang that special song number. There were couples here that had just amazing things going on their life either by something you said or by some of the worship that really just help them in their marriage and their parenting even deal with some past hurts and pains and so in light of all that you just said what you see Kirk as the biggest challenge facing marriages and parenting today. I think a great question because nobody goes to the altar marriage walking trail at family that's right, all of us want to get this right, we spend varies something sacred about marriage and family, and we desperately want to do well and we want to finish strong with and so I think the biggest challenges that I have found is on well 100 finger is the inability trip for gears past mistakes.

Yeah. Especially if it deep wounds that have been inflicted by the person that you given your heart to and without forgiveness without the ability to be able to reconcile move forward in a real and healthy way hot relationships just stagnate it it it. Sure you from growing in so many ways you can't really worship God with all of your heart.

If you're harboring bitterness toward another person and get it so difficult to forgive and reconcile easy to say, it sounds spiritual, but how you do it is something that we need to to really learn in order to dive deep Internet subject forgiveness and being set free to cherish one another again even after deep hurts. One of the other challenges I find it is a challenge of raising children in this unique generation social media smart phone, Internet, all of this technology is making the whole task of parenting infinitely more challenging with new new challenges that previous generations never had to deal will talk about social media and raising care. Talk about disciplinary how to share the gospel with your children.

Establishing authority in your home or so it can be a rich time that will really make a difference in your marriage and with your kids.

Yeah, I'm 45 and imagine what would my life would have been like as a teenager. If I had the technology in the smart phone and the social media that we have today. I can imagine the stuff that possibly I was safe because I didn't have access all that and I got 15-year-old daughter and a 21-year-old son was in college, my dollars in high school and I know you have children as well and for you that that social media age is just so impactful and I'm so glad Kirk that you're addressing that you know the forgiveness with spouses is so critical that piece of you know, leaving your family well and leaving your kids well and social media is such an important conversation. So thank you for having a conversation. If these events are nevertheless on your here was it was just a great reminder of how to do that as well will regret our couple who come to living room reset on the brink of divorce, who actually been divorced.

I have not remarried and it comes to living in reset together as parents wondering wondering what God might do in their relationship and couples who are newly married and cover engaged so it's a great part for everybody to come because it's really about relationships.

Focusing in on our marriage and parenting but it's really all about healthy relationships and ways that and and where do we find that God's word so you know you been doing this by the way, how long had you been touring with the living reset so we been to about 70 different cities. So far, while in the United States with the living room reset and are more excited. There were excited to keep going. Yeah. So, in all those different cities you know to the degree that you can share zero a story or a testimony that really stands out from you because I know even after the show, your people are talking to you, and before hand and end. I'm sure getting testimonies or stories after something that you can share. Obviously, you know, I think it in a two clutch confidentiality with anything but his story or testimony that you could share about something just stands out with you over the last 70 city Benin well we are.

We do have an opportunity to talk with people backstage where the IPX variance, which is a special ticket that you can get it get you backstage for private Q&A session. We also have an 80 bus party barn blast through the past about them during some of those times where the big crowd not your duty or stories that are pretty personal people sharing your heart really kind of bearing their soul about their marriage and infidelity and difficulties with their children's unique challenges to this generation. With regard to kids understanding of their identity, their purpose where they belong and and so while I couldn't get into the details of people's personal stories. I can tell you that I'm people are finding living room reset should be a time of personally connecting with God and reconnecting with one another in a more intimate and transparent kind of way, and couples are coming together to the front of the church holding hands husband training over their lives. Some single moms are here begging God to heal their marriage and our family to help their children and so like a sandwich. It's time to meet with God at the time to reconnect with one another and reset the things that matter most to us all and that's faith family and finishing strong with our family. Let's actually Kirk and so working people go there to listen right now to get more information to get tickets you mentioned VIP he's bus party that sounds that sounds awesome is bus party so working people go for more information and to get tickets and you how to find out more like a go here to my website go to Kirk you'll see all four different ticketing option, bear and gate locations for 400 and reset about excellence will Kirk thank you once again so much for doing this and easily said of its impactful end. The importance of marriage and family and parenting is such a it is a hot button it is the button right there, is there so much that goes in that. So thank you for you and your team. Thanks for travel and I know pulls you away from your family as well. And so, so I guess one final question for you. I think it's important. How can we be praying for you in the not not just for the living room reset. We can't get that right will pay for marriage and forgiveness. But those listening in and I will pray for you can earn 40 off the phone, but how can we actually pray for Kirk and your family. I know more than anything. I just pray that you are that you would pray for my family and that my Walla Walla mama wrote that my family would be safe and that my kids as they venture out into the world in college and work, marriage, and all those things that they would continue walking with the Lord's will Kirk for just to pray for you so much for Kirk I think you first team. I think you for his willingness to leave his family for different parts of the year and seasons to travel his wife and kids and we just pray for nominee his protection as he travels, but we also pray for his wife would pray for his children. We pray for the different phases of life that they're going through. So Lawrence, he's not just here tell people how to how to have a marriage and parenting that works but letter pray that you would strengthen his own marriage and his own family that she would just truly give them protection and blessing for we pray for all the people that are going to be coming to live in reset what I know. Just even being a pastor of a church there.

So many families that are hurting and often times they might not say anything at all, and the putting on a face that looks good but behind closed doors.

Their families are falling apart and are struggling and I pray for events like this and how you been able to use Kirk and in his life and this ministry to really impact families on. I know he's impacted families. He might never hear from that have been redeemed and forgiven and are walking together healthy because it was happening so Lawrence pray for blessing on the tour and on this family and we thank you for his life in Jesus name amen or will Kirk think that you absolutely Kirk, thank you so much and I look forward to hopefully see me again and rally leaks are coming here in March so have a great trip and have a great rest of your tour and appreciate your time really do your job a great work and God bless you and your will they have in our interview with a very special guest on this episode Mr. Kirk Cameron and our special thanks Kirk and his team for just give us that opportunity to chat with him just for a few men. It's about a very very important conversation surrounding marriage and parenting on encourage you to get more information, visit Kirk will also be in North Carolina area on March 25 will be in Wilmington and on March 27 Hilty in New Bern.

I think for me from last time that he was here a crossroad. You don't miss this event. It's a great event. Great tools great tips and they said it's a great date night for you and your spouse as we talk about transformation, and rightly so. Transferring marriages and parenting and lives but also you hear is a lot on this program talking about transformation and primarily that's because we as a church have been in a year-long journey about transformation started January 1 going all the way through the end of the year. This is our year of transformation.

Know all the seven areas of our life will be transformed.

Whether it's physically, emotionally, immensely relationally in our jobs. The off areas and can consistently be changed in and the weather were looking at it for this year is what better way than to get into God's work. The very word that is transformational in nature and powerful nature.

So we've challenged our church to go to the Bible throughout this here with us. While doing this together so we started January 1 with Genesis 1 going for the entire year to the very end of revelation of December 31 invite you to join if you have the part of process fellowship.

You don't have to be in the Triangle area to join us in this I believe so powerfully that God's work in absolutely transformed lives. I want to invite you to join us and here's one of the easiest ways you can go to Once again, that's and on that resource page you can find small group guide. You can find kids resources. You can find our Bible reading plan that you can download this also links to the Bible happened to the specific plan that were doing try to make it easy as possible for you to join in with us also. We are preaching to the Bible, which is very exciting for us as a church and this simply means this, that whatever you are during the week that you read out of those passages were to be preaching a certain segment on that Sunday morning, so all of us are in this together.

All journey together. For more information on the sermons you plan to visit find the sermon tab that will take all the sermons you get all caught up and ready to go once again I want to thank you for joining us on this episode wherever you are. However, your listening. I really do hope that this episode was transformation for joining into our program to request for network for making this possible. You can find out more information about grassroots transfers, shelves, and we'd love to hear from you can contact grassroots network.

Thank you to see. Manage sponsoring this program. We met forward to having you join us on the next shall success as a leader from your team clear and consistent communication delegation. My name Cheryl Scanlon C3 manage helps and steward your most valuable resource to improve retention role in plan engagement and generate higher team and individual ownership.

This organization begins with you and your team as a leader and what organization further visiting.

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