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7: Interview with Hope Reins Founder & CEO, Kim Tschirret

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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March 12, 2020 10:00 am

7: Interview with Hope Reins Founder & CEO, Kim Tschirret

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Welcome to Crossroads connection is the show all about having conversation surrounding life, ministry culture is a quick think you are friends at the Truth Network for airing this program with the moment you've all been waiting for another episode of Crossroads connection. I get Tyler and he's here. Jamie's here ready to go. I like that it is the moment we probably honestly it is time Crossroads connection to connect crossroads 11 were looking. People expect this week horses where drawn the audience and absolutely. But in all seriousness, we do have a very incredible interview with Kim Charette who is the founder and CEO of hope brains I love I love this ministry.

Every time we talk to her. Not only do I get teary eyed Nelly diecut again, chills about it, but it's such a unique and powerful ministry certainly doesn't like I'm sitting so for those you listening outsourcing of the of this program will be interviewing Kim and really, what helpings does the matches up kids who are going through trauma with horses who been rescued out of trauma absolute fastening and so we have a interview with her hair in a little bit yeah really excited for that interview a little bit later but were also going through our year of transformation at the church we been talking to that each week on the show and he tell some more about what this your transformation means for us here. Crossroads yeah I think is a very powerful word transformation we think about all the areas of our life that need to be transformed. I know I have him. I certainly know you to have areas of transformation while and I know that every listening has areas of transformation in their life.

So what we decided to do after praying about it or the theme for 2020 was at work all your transformation is not just a theme that were thrown out the disable well to be transformed. We are tying it to reading Scripture together because we think, and I do. I do believe this wholeheartedly and I think most people would say this, that the best way to be transformed is by having the word of God transform us so we been going to the whole Bible as a church from January 1, all the through December 31 going from Genesis to Revelation. And it's been absolutely transformational really is an honestly peer so we get off the as our users will probably so

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