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8: Be Strong & Courageous

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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April 2, 2020 11:00 am

8: Be Strong & Courageous

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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April 2, 2020 11:00 am

This is a timely episode.  At the time of the recording we (In Raleigh and most areas around the US) are experiencing Stay-at-Home orders due to the covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.  This is an unprecedented time in our history as there are many uncertainties.  My hope is that this episode will remind us that God is still In control and we can be "Strong & Courageous" in all that He Is!

1. God is Inviting us into a Partnership
Joshua 1:2-3

2. God has Given us The Promise of Victory and that He will Not Leave or Forsake Us
Joshua 1:4-5

3. The Condition Is that We Remain Strong & Courageous
Joshua 1:6-9

4. The Encouragement Is that the Lord Is with Us Wherever We Go!
Joshua 1:9

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Welcome the Crossroads connection this issue about having conversations running life, ministry and culture was a quick thank you to our friends at Truth Network for airing this program will friends. I'm so excited that you decided to join me from wherever you are on today's show and I got some very special today that I wanted to share with everybody. In fact the sermon that I preached, not that long ago with the title of be strong and courageous. I think it's a very fitting title in a very fitting message for us right now today before sure that I want to share a quick word from our sponsor your success as a leader hinges upon buying from your teams clear and consistent communication from you and strategic delegation. My name Cheryl Scanlon C3 Advantage helps you steward your most valuable resource. Well, improve retention grow employee engagement and generate higher team and individual ownership. The success of your organization begins with you depends on your team as a leader and watch organization further visit will come back and like I said this the very special message affects the message across his fellowship for last really since January 1 we been your transformation and I don't think that it was an accident that on the very first Sunday when I was preaching to an empty room because of the coronavirus that we were in the book of Joshua and I preached a message Joshua chapter 1 I think is very fitting for this unprecedented time there were in right now all dealing with whatever's happening that the reality and somewhat of the new norm for the next unforeseeable future around the scope in 19 coronavirus. I want to share this message with you today called strong and courageous and my prayer is that it will encourage you that it will strengthen you and that truly is God spoke to Josh would be strong and courageous. My prayer for you is that you right now my friend would be strong and courageous and all who God is in your life. So here you go enjoy this message. Joshua chapter 1 verse one after the death of Moses the servant of the Lord, the Lord said to Joshua the son of nun, Moses, assistant Moses my servant is dead now therefore arise, and go over this Jordan you and all the people in the land I'm given them the people of Israel. Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon.

I've given to you. Just as I promised Moses from the wilderness and this Lebanon as far as the great river, the river Euphrates, all the land of the Hittites of the great sea toward the going down of the sun shall be your territory.

No man shall still be able to stand before you, the days of your life. Just as I was with Moses, so I'll be with you.

I will not leave you or forsake you. Be strong and courageous for you. Shall causes people to inherit the land but I swore to their fathers to give them only be strong and very courageous because being careful to do according to all the law that my servant Moses commanded you. Do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may have good success. Wherever you go. This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth but you shall meditate on it day and night, so you may be careful to do according to all that was written in it for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. Verse nine have I not commanded you.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go list for got it for right now as we begin to open up and unpack these nine verses in Scripture. I pray for everyone watching right now. Got that you would speak directly to their life that the theme of this book and the words that God spoke to Joshua are the very words it is speaking today to be strong and courageous that he's not left us that he is not abandoned us that he is with us. So Lord I pray that you would encourage us this morning in Jesus name, amen. Number one is the partnership let's talk about that first person you see in Joshua is that there's a partnership and you read that in the first couple verses were not as reminding Joshua that Moses the servant is dead now therefore arise in go to the Jordan and watch what he says.

He says all the land I'm giving you. I give you all this land, the people of Israel. Every place is critical that the sole of your foot will tread upon. I've given to you.

Just as I promised to Moses I'm giving and given to you. There's a very critical point in that verse were where God is telling Joshua he saw Joshua was a Moses done Moses that you're now in charge and everything I told Moses and reminds him the covenant I made in all that I promised the Israelites it's about to happen. But did you notice something if you notice there's a partnership there. God told Joshua every place of the soul of your foot tread on every place that you walk every place that you stepped your foot, to give you the partnership. You know what happens.

I think often oftentimes we just want God to fight for us. Now listen God absolutely can fight for you, and he does fight for you, but is also times that God wants to fight in you and through you. There's a partnership there. The weather translates rust today in many ways is is where is God inviting you to join him in his work. Once again, I think too often or maybe a lot of you to sit there going to take.

I just take care of everything and I was considering honest and await, and there are times where God says just be still and I'll fight for you.

But listen, there's also times were God saying to get up off the couch. I want to use you this time that God is called the church. The church got not the building, not a certain church but the church you are the church and on the church and God is calling you right now tell you to get up auto La-Z-Boy out of the couch out of the coffee seat and goby their heads and feet of Jesus in the world right now that needs us to speak truth in life, so I wish I can hear you say them in right now. That's what God is calling us to do, not to sit still not his way. He's inviting us into a partnership with him and what that requires is for you and I just like this is almost likely Andy wherever you set the sole of your feet to give you favor you blessing we step in the coffee shop on the give you the ability to share hope students.

We go back to school, coasters, or watch it. We step that put on your campus, you pray and claim that Is in the name of Jesus that is not going to be Satan's missions field that's good to be a place for God to beyond her walk around her neighbor and was stepping and walking every place that we walked. We pray that God blesses that it anointed, and God uses us see God.

God easily could have just with a mirror on God could've just wiped out the enemies of Israel, which is even a thought… Just thinking the thought could've destroyed every enemy in Joshua's path, but you notice they fought more than 30 enemy armies. Three major military battles and God fought through them and God fought with them once again, there's actually times were were wherever the case may be that God fights forced on telling you I'm telling you he's calling us into a partnership and the God of the universe right now he is still calling you and that's a partnership. It takes action on our part to join God in his work. It's identifying where God is working and joining him in that but that requires you and I to live our life was, and it does it requires us to liberate with our eyes open. It requires us to limit our mind and our heart open, requires us to live with her hands open to be a blessing and not a curse to go wherever you go and not just get in and get out but to go and you think I what can I do what can I do right now who can I show kindness to who can I speak life to who can I pray with who can I lead to Christ. See all these things on a regular basis and it's amazing how things just come up and opportunities just come up bounce tell you every day every day. I promise you every day. You've got opportunities to do something to reflect the heart of God. In partnership with God. If all we do is sit back and say, God, you just do it for us.

You just go you just make it happen. You and I are missing being part of the great commission you know Jesus when he told his disciples, he didn't say hang out here, the goats all the world and preach the gospel 30 now. He looked at his disciples that I'm commanding you go down to the world preach the message make disciples baptize people teach people the way of Jesus is partnership until you got: you do partnership with them. So I questioned you before your point number two is where right now. You already know that God's call to the partnership. Where right now. Can you just show a little bit of kindness a little bit of love that you can walk into a hysterical moment right now in trust of the world right now it is not politics, it is not disease. It is not finances if it's not held, it is not relationships and we could sit here I can take the next 20 minutes of our service and just list all the things wrong with the world. There's hysteria happening, there's panic happening. And guess what a lot of it's very real stuff is real, but what a great time to partner with God be the church. What a great time to be the person that walks into the workplace or walks into the school walks into the restaurant with peace with joy, not ignoring the reality not putting her head in the sand and and plug your ears and say, okay, nothing's happening understanding that there is real stuff going on in this world is also a very real God. I think sometimes he is focusing on all the real anxious stuff that's happening. We forget that is a very real God that trumps all that other stuff number two is this is the promise is the promise in Joshua chapter 1 verse 45 said from the wilderness and this Lebanon as far as great River Euphrates, all the land of the Hittites of the great sea going down through the sun shall be your territory… Here's the promised no man should be of a stand before you all that is your life. Here's a promise. Just as I was with Moses to tell you something got say the same thing to you and me.

Listen wherever you are, just as he was with Moses, just as he was with Joshua. Just as he was with everybody in the Bible that reread just as he was with Esther.

Just as he was with Mary Peter and Paul just as was ears with everybody, so I'll be with you the promise that he will never leave you that he will never forsake you any says I said you all these things that you may have what come on you headpiece all of this is because he wants you to have peace. In John 1633 I said all these things that you may have peace in this world you have tribulation hello somebody, but take heart of overcome the world.

This is the promise. This is the promise. The promise is victory. Write that down somewhere. Victory is assured victory is the promise is assured because Joshua is called by God, it was because Joshua was good enough is not because I'm good enough or cross is good enough is not because you're good enough you might be really good and you might be a great leader. By the end of the day. Victory is base our faith in God not in my faith in myself. So, do we live like we have victory. Do you and I live Millicent, you and I live like we can go to the back of the book of Revelation. You know I get book. Sometimes a girl last pages of the book sometimes lies see what the ending is like you and I read the last part of this revelation right here and really believe that God gave us victory that we went.

Can I just tell you something you and I we win we win the victory. It's it's already written down God's already one. So how then is it translated my life today is that I can now walk in today assured that I have victory. Now this does not mean that we don't have hardship, it does not mean that we don't have battles. It does not mean that right now wherever you're watching from the you're not dealing with something very, very real and very very painful. Jesus address that he said you could have tribulation have problems in this world and he starts by saying I tell you this is the piece. It's weird to say I may give you peace but at same time you have a lot of problems because the piece is not in the tribulation. The piece is not in our problems. The piece is knowing who holds the universe that is the piece so the promise that was given to two Joshua is this listen to these three little segments I am with you I will not leave you and I will not forsake you. Jesus said the same thing. I am with you always, even to the edge of the earth. I will not leave you all and I forsake tinnitus encourage you this morning. I'm telling you. Somebody needs this today, the God of the universe has not left us. He has a forsaken us he has not walked away from us and not just us corporately, not just us in America, not just crosses fellowship but the God of the universe wants to be with you. He wants to be by your side. He's not leaving you, he's not forsaken you and this is enough.

Or is it.

Is that enough is enough for the God of the universe to tell you I'm with you I will not forsake you, and I will not leave you is that enough or do we so often say Yep I hear that but I think I'm to take care of this on my own or we hear that we certainly don't act like that, and sometimes our actions many times speak so much louder than what we say we believe are active my actions right now in the year 2020.

Right now my actions and my demeanor my face the way that I am just showing Jesus to the world. Is it showing people that I truly believe that God is with me that I truly believe that he will not leave me that he will not forsake me, but there are conditions number three.

The third point there's conditions on this victory. There's conditions on this partnership even in God spells enough to Joshua and I love about this first chapters God is not only spelling this out to Joshua the conditions but quite frankly, this is good advice for us this morning to grab a hold of as well.

In Joshua one verse 6 to 9 reminds him again. Be strong and courageous. You show causes people to inherit the land. Just be strong and very courageous.

Be very careful no watches the conditions.

Be very careful to do according to all the law that my service commanded you. Do not turn to the right hand of the left, so you may have success wherever you go. Molasses is the list. This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth but you shall meditate on it day and night stage, you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it molasses very so all that is written in this, then you will make your way prosperous, then you will have good success. Have I not commanded you. Be strong and courageous the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

There's conditions. The conditions that Joshua put on the Run.

Joshua is not very different than the conditions that you and I have today. First off, the condition is Josh was called the boldness boldness is not pride.

Boldness is not ego boldness is understanding he was fighting with you and for you in front of you that you like a livable life. Even Jesus said Jesus as you know you can approach the throne of grace with confidence.

Boldness is not arrogance is not pride is not that God owes you and me anything at all has nothing to do with that. There is a a a a such an assurance boldness that says go in number be with you.

It also exposes their weaknesses doesn't because we have to realize that if we go I need God's help, I can't leave this church about God, I can't leave my family without God we can change and transform the trying of the world without God. So yeah there there's boldness with the boldness is not me. The boldness is who God is.

Joshua did not only just need to read the word he needed to do something with it once again. This is where I want to encourage you year transformation 2020 year transformation that is not just about reading the Bible is not just about reading there something that we have to do with it. Transformation doesn't happen just because your reading the something powerful. The transformation movement is is a great movement is a great thing to be part of affect Osaka pastor Ryan he was sharing from the weight force campus all the way for us folks he was sure that upper weight force that through the one, a program that 51 kids ages 3 to 12 memorized and recited 414 Bible verses and in doing so they raise enough money to sponsor 98 kids to do. Alana summer else in the world.

Conservator three awesome that these kids ages 3 to 12 memorized foreign 14 passages in a did a little bit a little fundraiser with it to help sponsor 98 kids summer else around the world to part Alana said that's part of transformation.

It's wonderful to get this word inside of us to memorize it to understand it to do something with it but watch there's three things real quickly can jot these down that are conditions that God told Joshua that her good advice for, say, the first one was that this word had to be on his lips. It had got it.

It should it what he was saying is don't depart from this don't depart from what this word says church you know why were the trouble were in when it comes to moral and ethics and social justice is around the world is because we departed from what this says we don't trust it will trust the God who wrote it and so we read this Bible we say will I see that the Bible says is but I don't think I like that part. Some of the change that Parliament ignore that part and listen to pick one thing out because we do it in a lot of ways this word should not depart or mouth. The other condition is this that had been his mind and he challenged the meditate on it day and night to get into this word this meditate on. Here's a good reminder. The goal is not just to read the word of God. It is to let the word of God. Read us. That's transformation that's how transformation happens when I meditate on it was to a meditate on. This means that much as reading it and check in my apt to say Yep Yep Yep done done done got it. It's reading it and let it examine my life. Let it examine my heart. This is how Victor happens is the condition is the condition for the victory for the Israelites that God told Joshua it's the same advice that he would give us today get to the word of God understand it, meditate on it and the third part is that he had to do something with it. God challenged him to do according to all that is written in it. So is actually behind a such as reading it. There's action behind it is not the secular boxes we had actually do with that Bible says we gotta do it's when the Bible says the love one another love our enemies is not just an idea. It's command of gotta do that we love the Lord with all of our heart and soul and mind, and strength love our neighbor as ourselves love our enemies to go in the world and preach the gospel to make disciples are just suggestions as her commandments. It's a calling that we share the show love to one another. This is not just reading the Bible is not just meditate on it. It's actually doing something with it. Then he says, for then you will make your way prosperous, then you will be successful is a great definition of success. Success is discovering the will of God and doing it. What a great definition of success that is so what is God's will for your life. What is God uniquely wired you to do and sippy maybe to CEO Mavis lawyer able to stay at home parent.

Mavis and Ashley wherever it is, if we are doing God's will. Are we not successful. Success is not based on all the things that the moth and rust destroy, it would put so much energy and effort in the things that don't even really matter. At the end of the day, which leaves the four.

The final point, close with this.

The encouragement, the great encouragement of all of us is that the end of Joshua 19 have I not commanded you see that it's command, God wasn't just suggesting it. He commanded Joshua be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

I hope you find encouragement and that I hope that strengthens you right now wherever you're watching from today you will find strength and hope in the encouragement that God is commanding you and is commanding me to be strong and courageous that is commanding is that he is with us wherever we go to the ends of the earth.

So just imagine church what would happen in our life if we first partnered with God saw what God was doing and partnered with them that if we secondly believe in the promise that the promises victory. Thirdly, that we do our part that we understand that there's power and there's condition on us see what that does is that then creates the victory that God is with us. That is the encouragement I will leave us with one question number for a force in the final question is this where is God calling you right now to be strong and very courageous. What is the area of your life right now. Today were God is telling you I'm commanding you to be strong and courageous. I'm commanding you to just go with me to trust me that I'm commanding you not to be frightened not to be of fear to believe that I am with you to the ends of the earth, so church where can we practice this right now, today, where is God calling you to be strong and very courageous, and then let's do something about it. Let's put our faith and obedience into action, but I pray for us as we close by thinking this morning that you are with this. I think that we have the opportunity right now to have church online. I think you for the opportunity to stay connected to our church family around the world. I think that we have the opportunity to give it support to connects to grow to serve one another, all from wherever watching right now, the Lord, I pray that the end of this, I pray that this message. The message of encouragement that we are accepting and believing in the command to be strong and courageous to not be frightened to truly believe that the God of the universe will not leave us will not forsake us that he is with us always, and we believe that that there's victory for whatever we're facing in this world so gotta pray that as we are are are trying to answer that question. Priority been able to answer God where you calling us to be strong and courageous and that I pray that you would then as you already said give us the strength to follow, and obedience to see Victor in our life but a prayer now as we wrap up this online campus that will be able to be encouraged by your word that we received your word and that we put your word in the practice.

It's in Jesus name. Everybody said amen for joining and thinking of making this possible. Find out more information about CrossFit summary showed you that you can contact you to see advantage for sponsoring this program. We met forward to having you join us on the shout. Perhaps you've asked yourself this question. Are you running the business or is the business running. You, your teams grow. If your teams are driving the business forward. Instead of you. You are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunity.

It takes courage to learn how to create a culture where your people are truly empowered on their seats, mining, Cheryl Scanlon, business and executive coach working together will go straight to your court challenges to sort through competing demands and realigned to your highest priorities for measurable results visiting three at sea number three

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