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10: Interview with Gateway Women's Care

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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April 15, 2020 7:00 pm

10: Interview with Gateway Women's Care

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Looking across the show all of the conversation surrounding life was a quick think you are friends in the Truth Network. Hey everybody, listening to another episode of Crossroads connection. I'm Tyler and I am joined virtually by Jamie and Andy, how are you guys doing right well staying at home you have a moment. I know man. This is our first when we done altogether, this format excited that we get to do this, don't yeah yeah me too. I think the last couple weeks here on the radio in the little separated, but it's good to have the team back together again. Even though were not together were together I know right yeah yeah not only has this affected like our our radio show we been doing, but it's been affecting affecting every area of life. But also our jobs is working at Crossroads Fellowship. The church and inspected. How were doing church so Andy won't you tell us about how we had to shift and adapt the way that we do church together yeah absolutely no just like a really just said were all adjusting to what's happening in real time to create some new normals for the meantime and I know with churches we had to think about how to we now do everything. Virtually every thing online.

We had already been doing our services on Sunday line but now we have a think about how can we actually connect people every day of the week throughout the week as we can use the building and so is been a very interesting journey for us trying to figure out how do we continue in this path there were in.

How do we continue reaching people and for us. How do we continue to make disciples. That's were all called to do, and that hasn't changed is because were now virtual, so we had to rethink a lot of that we've been able to put together really an online menu. I would say across his fellowship. In fact, if you want to check it out.

I would encourage you to and we got a whole bunch of stuff on a website that really covers everything from the transformation, something we been in since January 1 as well as all the new things that we started during this last week with something every day online virtual live that were real excited about that.

We keep showing and I think it's been a huge difference in that disciple making process for us as a church. Yeah, I'm thankful for all these video platforms like WebEx and zoom in and face time so we've been doing is holding some video calls with some of our teams and kind of our virtual gatherings and we actually played this game heads up that you plan your phone you hold your phone up there and so we are all playing that game and we took time to pray for each other so been holding those kind of you know video meetings to stay connected and of course you've adjusted slightly. How were doing our our worship service in the week and all of that's online right now and work on doing all of our connection via a camera but it really. I've tried not to think about it too differently. I still want to leave people you know people are still worshiping from their homes and so I still want to lead them into the presence of God, and they can still worship the same way at home as they were at church. It's different that were not all physically together, but it's been it's been something that I had to think creatively about and intentional about its I'm glad that were doing this in this time. Right now could work were still able to be in front of people in and be connected to people which is over video how important is it for people to continue to worship like that together as up as a family so important because the isolation that you can feel in a season like this is can be so crippling and so all these opportunities that we continue to provide such charge for people to connect my people have been so grateful for and I keep hearing not getting texts from friends or different people that attend our church and how grateful and appreciative are that connection opportunities that we keep writing yeah yeah I think it's powerful as well and you know today would have a conversation with with you from the Gateway pregnancy and I can only imagine that everybody has adjusting somehow some exit. Looking forward to this conversation with them about how they had just what they're trying to do in the world were you really can't have any kind of meetings and of any type, and so how are they doing that sometime excited about that. But I can also imagine your people are listening right now that are you in business and small business running businesses. People who are completely shifted their whole work mentality has all shifted in this all changed in some pretty unique and powerful ways so grateful that were able to continue to do church. I think that, and my little part with this statement that I said this from from day one in our team is been saying this but church is not cancel it is not the church is canceled and is not that the church is closed.

It just looks a whole lot different today than it did a few months ago, absolutely. Like you said.

I'm really excited to hear from Wendy and Melinda from Gateway as well and how they're adapting because he said church is not closed and women are still pregnant and still need to get served by this mystery, so I'm really looking forward to hearing how they can continue serving women at a certain season so were going to hear a quick word from our sponsor and jump into this interview with Wendy and Melinda from Gateway your success as a leader hinges upon buying from your teams clear and consistent communication from you and strategic delegation. My name Cheryl Scanlon C3 Advantage helps you steward your most valuable resource. Well, improve retention grow employee engagement and generate higher team and individual ownership. The success of your organization begins with you depends on your team as a leader and what organization further visit and we are back from the break with a very special guest Wendy and Melinda from Gateway women's care when he Melinda thank you so much for joining us here on this program today. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to speak about your very critical important ministry yet so we love everything you all do. And of course right now were in the middle of global pandemic for lack of better words and most of us aren't stay at home. So one of the first questions get this rolling is how has the stay-at-home order affected anything if at all of what you are trying to accomplish at Gateway women's care.

Great stories to share and then let her share some of the great things are wonderful prayer supporters and partners when we just thought team.

What can we do, we realize that we could stay out when other pregnancy centers are closing we can stay out that our team of nurses care down staff with all medical protocols in place. Our medical director, giving us greater by that Gateway could stay open and what has happened because of that is I think for 40 years of pregnancy center ministry.

I have never seen anything like this. It's been the most gratifying and amazing situation.

That's about so I let Wendy share a little bit about what's happening every day is amazing. So what's happening. It is his amazing experience to be part of day and everybody's safety team and volunteers coming in and minimizing the number of people she centers operating Wendy Rane running Darren pregnancy center around the place and so we getting women that when I was gone for an abortion clinic. We went on, that is God's scheme. I'm telling you proud what happens struggling with an abortion decision is merely just seeing women abortion appointment bought well the women that me saying ass schedules attacked every day and they just believing that because there's no way I can have the baby and said that was standing forward with counseling and education, which the state replies before these women move forward and have an abortion instead ran across this crisis right up into the lives of these women and yeah how about that you talk to some of our supporters about this and I know that many, many people are praying that the abortion clinics close during this time. You know that probably doesn't look like it's going to happen, but in talking with our supporters, several of them said to me you know we've been praying for the abortion clinics close, but we never thought about praying for what God might be doing with women look at this is yes, we know that the worship clinics are making millions of dollars during this virus millions. And yet God has provided a way for our people to speak again to see lives saved to see Hartsfield the gospel was back up just a little bit in case people don't really know what, exactly, the mission vision of Gateway women's care really is. I think people could put together at this point, but for those that might be tuning in right now maybe never heard about it. Let people know what an abortion clinic is, but what is a Gateway women's care. What was the mission vision behind what you're doing well mission vision picture here is Gateway women's care is part of now were over 1200 pregnancy centers around the country and all who share the gospel and reach women facing abortion so centers there is approximately hundred thousand plus volunteers that work in centers around the nation.

So where part. Our supporters are everyone is part of a much bigger movement for life in America that really came into existence when Roe versus Wade became the law of the land in 1973 and no one had this land. There was no centralized plan to do this, but literally God raised up in thousands of communities across the country.

Pregnancy centers and Gateway is one of those long-standing sensors, life transforming mission statement and that this why we exist and that is to empower women to choose life for themselves and children and says Melinda said the gospel message essential to what we do and why we said it is not something that is pushed on women it comes out naturally as you can imagine talking about serious things like avoiding an unborn child questions essay and spiritually very easy to just sliding conversations and said to empower women to choose life itself means introducing Jesus Christ right life is transformed and enables the life of the baby to have that opportunity to be born, and just say a quick story was yesterday that we have a concept director Sarah who is amazing she's not stop detoxing client prescreening outside the building will bring ranges not to touch anything.

You would think you're missing a lot of the human connection when eyes are on that she really felt with this pregnancy that God would judge because of the previous abortion is no way that she could really Stiles gave Sarah the opportunity God is not a God of vengeance and punishment in that sense God that wants to forgive and restore this woman was just so ripe and ready to hear that message conversation had a little bit more to it and share the name of the mass carnage he was contemplating the abortion that she had scheduled he made a profession of faith to follow Jesus ask for forgiveness and she dedicated yourself to following human being is chopping his daughter live baby's life the way God dies and she canceled her abortion appointment and so you know we are thrilled just grateful when that is opportunities, because we are gospel based pregnancy ministry God gives us the steeple people to find us and come to us. That's fascinating and so walk us through some he comes into your doors and their contemplating you know what abortion are not just pregnant and they don't the world to go in the end up at your doorstep. Walk us through what is the process that you take somebody through what can you actually do for four woman coming into your your program before it's interesting I think for people to understand before Wendy describes this amazing process. When women come to last. They almost always know very little about abortion. They assume that the abortion provider has has all the information and it's a very simple procedure and so they have no idea what they're getting into, or what it's really about and so you have to things going on. They know nothing about what is really going to happen and what's behind it, and they illicitly trust the abortion provider so that when we get an opportunity just we have a strong commitment to honesty to education to nothing that is not being judgmental because it would be easy to imagine that a time of crisis. It would be really nice. Sometimes the accusation get directed our way. We want a title opposite to what a woman would experience when she works in the abortion 99.9% below that exit interviews.

Instead, they say that helpful. The pain and laugh for us.

Really, what happens when they come in we do a little bit of a preassessment downstairs some paperwork and it gives us an idea why they can what they want to talk about what he wants from the managed to sit down, we break down those barriers and to develop a relationship with that we get maximum 60 minute trespass to care about the baby with genuine and then counseling questions that the pregnancy test is positive today. What are your thoughts about your options.

What are you thinking you choose depending on which of the three options that maybe she thinks the adoption or she is wanting to abort somewhere in between stage IV ADTRAN climatic tickets and we have an amazing team of start asking her well tell me why you believe that abortion is the best option for you right now we are asking questions and prompting and crediting through rather than telling her what to do and then nurses come and talk to the medical side of things relational and student take the abortion pill and this will talk through what looks like just information and then we have any ultrasounds I must women that are pregnant and want to abort the ultrasound is done right when they get to see which lets them know what abortion procedure they want, and therefore how much money to have to come up with and because of the vast services free women coming. I just want that upset.

I want to know how far along I am trying something like that but these are really seeking to show that to cry on listening care that time living on the ones that they have to talk to can release that the onto his ass as a sounding board as they look to see what life might look like this certainly whatever they choose is to be the same right so what what ongoing interaction you have with these women who come into the program. We really develop a very Caldecott process with each individual client depending on the name so we will all the way through to delivery.

Depending what she wants from us and how we said so I need help with Medicaid applications, I need help with finding an OB/GYN in the pond with an amazing Christian medical ministry night Health Center. Many of our clients because they take Medicaid now insurance private insurance line style if they are resources that are looking for 70 now to find women emergency housing genetic testing what ever it is land that Steve deceived you on half and focus on providing clients with taking boxes of diapers and supplies and see the clients hearing need whatever it is we personally said them and many do you continue with wanting to stay in touch after that babies born and we very rarely.

In fact, I don't know anyone who has regretted the decision to have that baby women who wear and originally right talking about. I think highlights very important distinction for Gateway, and that is that we believe there's there's two victims abortion and the baby right so that keeps us so in touch with the needs of that woman and where she's coming and I think the word that characterizes our relationship with her is that we respect her and I think for many women that something that they probably weren't sure they get, and maybe haven't gotten from their families or anyone so everything that Wendy's describe it just highlights that you respect and care and and realizing that the woman is so valuable and so important no matter what decision she makes absolutely once you have that trusted people know how much you care. It's amazing how much you can speak into their lives and so as the gateway women's Carolyn for work about other time. Unfortunately, this particular program, but one of the lease as couple questions that are tied together is simply what's next for Gateway will miscarriage you are looking to the future what would you hope and is going to develop and then second part of that is how can people who are listening right now. Get involved in some way into what you're doing well. The first part of the question I think is we are committed to going through any doors that God opens up and we are in the triangle where also mentoring couple centers around the stay who are interested in adopting our model for their centers which is wonderful so we are always listening and asking God where you want us to go. Where is the greatest need and where can we serve and collaborate and be a part of what you're doing and so were looking at different opportunities in the future. Absolutely great way to do to write got where you are working.

How can I join where he works much better.

Absolutely, absolutely. Melinda getting involved is losing right now. How can they support what you do and how to get involved talking to the more information nice people sitting here listening to this would think this is something I could never be involved in that experience that kind of clutches in my chest abortion on I would say anybody who is interested in setting is one of that train client applicant is truly a life-changing opportunity and I've been with the ministry now, and I began as a volunteer just turned my life upside down. It gave me a different active on how God works in the world spirit needs in people's lives and I got to be part of something that is changing and so we are always looking for women and men who are willing to be trying this volunteer we have a very strong prayer ministry people can contact us and will add them to that we send out a once a month a mile. I will say send out emergency prayer requests. Please pray now absolutely the last people to engage directly as in real time, and PA financial support, but principal to this ministry. If you could just see the white and the burden of what our team is shouldering right now.

We just had a woman 17 weeks pregnant. We got so close to the and she went and awarded and got straight back on the phone with us and she said she and her boyfriend have not stopped crying and I wish that my best decisions I was still walking with them and that's the kind of prayer that we need to cover acting and particularly right now they need extra prayer that God would sustain them and hold them through these difficult difficult one after another.

Clients is often time any angles and notices the last ones to say that living baby before clinic. So how can people get a hold of you.

Zero somewhat so you want to share with us all our phone number. How can people contacted care if they wanted to email on the windy gateway women's.gateway women's.that would find us and direct them in the rock, and tells the gateway women' American know we love your ex and you just talk for the whole rest of the time to go.

That's wonderful. Thank you so much Melinda and Wendy for being on this program with this and if you wouldn't mind I love to pray for you both. And right now just wear what is listening from just join with me in prayer to pray over Wendy Melinda and gateway women's care so you follow thank you so much for Wendy. We thank you for Melinda. We thank you for the incredible work that they're doing at the gateway women's care loafer so we just pray for protection. We pray against the enemy.

We pray for finances and pray for volunteers and most important, pray for these women and their unborn babies and we pray that God that you would turn their hearts that you would use volunteers and nurses that you would use Melinda and Wendy that you would use everybody in your power to just influence and to draw these women closer to you and we pray for more testimonies like the one that Linda shared already with the young lady who comes in and after hearing all that she accepts Jesus and changes her whole course of life, not just the baby and not just her immediate but we have an opportunity to change eternity for these women and slowly pray that you would continue to use them continue to put a hedge of protection around them and provide them with their needs financially and volunteer was. We thank you for them. In Jesus name we pray.

Amen when you so much for your time and really appreciated them over to look at both as well to our program so possible you can find out if this response as we look forward to having shout. Perhaps you've asked yourself this question. Are you running the business or the business running. How might your teams grow. If your teams are driving the business forward. Instead of you. You are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunity.

It takes courage to learn how to create a culture where your people are truly empowered on their seats, mining, Cheryl Scanlon, business and executive coach working together will go straight to your court challenges to sort through competing demands and realign to your highest priorities for measurable results visiting three at C number three

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