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12: Interview with Pete Tannenbaum Executive Director of Alliance Medical Ministry

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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April 29, 2020 4:00 pm

12: Interview with Pete Tannenbaum Executive Director of Alliance Medical Ministry

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Welcome to Crossroads connection to show all about having conversation surrounding life was a quick thank you to our friends at the Truth Network for airing this program welcome. We are back with another episode of Crossroads connection. I am Tyler and I'm joined by Andy and Jamie, how are you guys doing hey yeah, we're doing fantastic. Here you are again doing remote recording for our Saturday show and I was glad to keep doing this right, yeah, I love that we can do this but I'm also kind over it. I'm ready to be back in person doing. I know many I want how many people or listen right now are completely over Zoom or Skype or WebEx meetings right now. Yeah I'm I'm I'm with them as if you're at your over with me to the same time were grateful that we have the technology to continue to not only have meetings but also to be able to deliver here, right here on the Truth Network for this program and were excited to because the words that we want to connect with people, lucky people connected so it's always been a great opportunity to do that. Yeah yeah I know, I mean I complain but I'm just thankful that me. We also get to do our jobs like what we should we should be grateful about young that's very true role and keep doing it. You know, for us as a church were still working through our transformation year transmission 2020 women talk about that allots where the beginning of January we started going through the Bible together as a church and really awesome experience for church and of course right. Two months into it. All of a sudden the coronavirus hits and you know, things become different. We experience were still in this right now are still experiencing a different, normal church, and in those churches listen in as well were all figure out how to do together but you know I like the statement you know the.

The method changes. But what we preach in the mission then were never changes, and so were still walking through this transformation were still preaching sermons based off of where we are reading through the Bible together the church as well.

Now we share our name as timely as ever.

In fact, on recent sermon he preached was called poison to your soul was really tiny based on walking. He tell us the yeah I do agree Jamie I think that timely is the word for it.

Here's what I love about we been doing as a church is were going through the Bible together were really realizing that something.

For example, were in second Kings chapter 4 second Kings chapter 4 was written. No approximate 3000 years ago is when that was happening when that was being written and how something 3000 years ago in Scripture can apply to us today and that the sermon title poison to your soul really comes out a second Kings chapter 4 there's only a few verses in there but what's happening is were doing with the prophet Elisha right now and there's a famine in the land and most theologians believe this is the seven-year famine that's mentioned earlier.

So there are not a pretty steep famine which means there's hunger is always things going on and Elisha is with several of the profits and he has an assistant with them in their together and he turns his assistant and sinkings forces. Go find some food and let's make a stew so this assistant goes out his servant goes out gathers up these wild gourds with his peace. That verse where it says that he didn't know what they were and he put them into the pot and and I can't help but think that at times in our life when we are hungry right hungry for something now that's a physical hunger. But what about spiritually. What about emotionally.

What about relations, what happens when were hungry in our life connection of something deeper than what it is.

If were not careful, we act like the servant who just goes out because they're so hungry and needs because the grab whatever he can get and throws in the pot. Now here's the thing. I'm sure it smelled good. I'm sure that these profits once again there there in the midst of this famine.

I'm sure they smelled that stew cooking. I'm sure that they saw being ill-served in the bowls and they're getting ready to eat and I'm pretty sure that first taste pie was wonderful.

It was quite warm and does hotlink and we can also imagine that right you know a lot of us. We don't know really what hunger at that level is, but we been hungry before you come home you like I'm starving. Just guys want something to eat and sometimes you just settle for whatever's ready at home and in these this is a very serious famine happening. Then all of a sudden they realize that these gourds that the servant got were poisonous and they start crying out to the man of God sends poison in the pot.

He takes flower he puts it in their God is a wonderful miracle and they're able to eat it and and I thought about that poison the poison in the students poison in the pot. I thought about what things in our life right now that we could translate that are absolutely poisonous to our life and poisonous to her, so also give you those gourds as kind of sin and things that we might try to fill that void. Here's the here's the reality for everybody listening every one of you clean myself and Jamie and Tyler. We were all born with eternity in our hearts. We are all made for something more than we are right now and if were not careful will start to try to fill that void with anything will fill it with relationships will fill it with things that aren't healthy for us whether it's emotionally or even spiritually. We go on this search and were searching its colic that servant. He's out searching in the wilderness just for something to eat and people who are searching. We search because we all feel that the film is and be in full from who God is and so that's really was the harpy behind that sermon yet.

That's awesome you mentioned for areas during that sermon that there are four specific areas are poisonous to your soul.

You walk us through those and kind of lay those out yet so it comes from the idea that's when were famished would attempt to fill the hunger with anything, even things that are poisonous to our life and so I label them in four categories. The first one was starvation of our spiritual life. We are not feeding our spiritual life the way that we know were supposed to and what I mean by that. So our prayer life. Our worship life. You know the lifestyle that we choose to live our life with reading the word of God warned him transformation 2020 year all about getting in the God's word.

Well, the opposite is true when we don't read God's Word when we don't pray will be don't worship we starve or spiritualize me Tyler your worship pastor, how critical is worship on a daily basis not just on Sunday, absolutely.

It's it's really critical. It's a easy thing to kind of, you can if you can feel a kind of going away like you can go out and try to do all these other things that seem really good like fill your schedule up and do things that maybe are necessarily bad, but you're right to say that when you when you start your spiritual life that that's really where the poison is yet so instead of worshiping as a lifestyle's not just about singing and sensible playing instruments but this is truly worship as a lifestyle and what you said you try to fill them something else.

So if were not careful. What becomes poison store so the first one was starving. Our actual spiritual life by not reading the word of God by not praying by not worshiping on a regular basis. The second area. Actually, two and three I think are a real critic right now, combine those two together.

It's stress and anxiousness and its fear those three areas are absolutely poisonous to her. So I I broke those out in the message. Stress and anxiousness is one of them and fears the other one, but 100% when we are stressed we are anxious that it will cause us to move either too quickly or move too slowly it will cause us to miss what God is doing. I think this is probably one of the biggest takeaways that will more stressed about tomorrow were going to miss what God is doing in our life today and more anxious about tomorrow we might miss opportunities to really see were God's working and in Matthew, it speaks that were the writers and do not be anxious for anything, don't be. Don't be wanting anything if God takes care of the sparrows any clothes the lilies of the field, how much more does he love you, how much more Xena care about you so it it speaks about not worrying about tomorrow. One were not in guarantee. Tomorrow is going to come but also tomorrow's got enough problems of its own and salutes focusing on today so that we don't miss what's gonna happen today because were so focused on what's gonna happen tomorrow and the third one is fear. Just having fear and how to summarize for this week's we all know what fear does, but I think fear freezes us, and fear causes us to just not respond cause us to live once again frozen cause us to hide. Go back to Genesis in the garden with Adam and Eve right wooded wooded sin and fear do them because they sin, they were afraid and because they were afraid they hid. In addition, frozen head because he had no idea what to do so. Fear of what's going on around us.

And of course right now and will be talking to Pete Tannenbaum in just a moment who's our executive director with alliance medical that right now in the middle of this coronavirus that's happening as a recording it and even as were playing this out on this particular Saturday that it still affecting the world and so when I careful we can live stressed and anxious about that or live in fear that and what the enemy will do a cell use that just to rob us of joy and rob us of peace in our life because were so fearful and let's not forget we have a God who's not afraid of anything in God's not stressed by the Gazan anxious by it, and so why should we be.

And I know that's easy to say and it's a lot harder to actually develop as a change that. That's the truth right through this truth, whether we feel it is or not. The fourth areas this its sin and guilt obvious poisonous to our soul, our sin and guilt. Sin and the very nature is poison that is the thing that will keep us from walking the way that God has us the walk and the real danger and, and this for areas with this.

The real danger is when we have sin and we have guilt now, the Holy Spirit will convict us of sin convicts the world of sin, but we can't live with guilt even after he been forgiven of sin. So is come to different areas of poison its original in our life, which is sin in all that we do that sinful and then the guilt that comes with that can be just as bad at times and I think that sin is kind like that first bite that the prophets eight. It probably tasted good. At first it was warm.

That's what sin is sin is pleasurable for a moment, but then you realize how deadly it really is and so those areas Tyler those are the areas that are poisonous or so we starve our spiritual life we live a stress and anxiousness. We live in a fear and we have sin and guilt. Those are the areas that will actually just wreck us in our soul, and those are poisonous to our soul really means conversation with our special past Executive Director for conversation with Pete. Perhaps you've asked yourself this question. Are you running the business or the business running. You might your teams grow.

If your teams are driving the business forward. Instead of you. You are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunity. It takes courage to learn how to create a culture where your people are truly empowered on their seats, my name Cheryl Scanlon business and executive coach working together will go straight to your court challenges to sort through competing demands and realigned to your highest priorities for measurable results.

Visit at sea number three art so Pete wont you tell us little about you so little about you and then really the mission and vision of alliance yeah so I am actually by education on the water and on the former investment banker okay not your typical background to be an executive director of a lot of loan profits right medical family in Greensboro and 12 years ago who wanted to do something different. I been on an airplane three days a week wanted to do something different and was involved in several nonprofits around Raleigh's 230 my kids school and really discovered a passion for doing something outside of yourself and really enjoyed my nonprofits. When the opportunity arose to join an organization like alliance I wanted I wanted to do that. I brought organizational role in leadership skills and fundraising skills transfer across industries, absolutely, I guess so I guess being study them on doing all the things with everything in business stiffly transitions over to it, so, so, tell us a little bit you know I was looking earlier at the website alliance medical course were familiar with it and I really like how it's clearly laid out with the mission and the vision and values are buffer people who are listening right now. Would you just give us, summary of that of the vision vision, mission and values that really drive the heartbeat of alliance medical so all or mission is to provide access to primary medical care to the working uninsured population. White count and pre-pandemic. There were about 117,000 people in wake County alone. That did not have healthcare charts that while go to the hospital for primary care and our vision is that all residents of wake County will have access to coordinated primary medical care that improves their health and their well-being and we do that the holistic approach, body, mind and spirit.

Our goal is is for our medical providers to have a relationship to know our patients or patients get incorruptible medical care they have complex medical problems.

They have complex social problems and in many cases they been coming to alliance for many years. They all have jobs are most or somebody in the household has a job and they must fall within certain income parameters in order to qualify to be a patient so you mentioned that holistic approach to body, mind and spirit take me a couple examples of what you mean by obviously, I think we can get the understanding of the body part-medical peace there but we all deal we provide to help really was somebody's emotional state their mental state as well as their spiritual state. That's a great question and it all works together all hand in glove. Obviously, the medical part we take care of their bodies.

Most of our patients are diabetic, all have severe chronic health issues but also a lot of our patients have experienced some small remote form of social trauma idea that your social situation impacts your health greatly and there's a lot of studies that showed 75 to 90% of a person's health is based on their social experience in life. I can explain a little bit more because that's by something I love you will think about what you mean by that could explain all of the force. So in our world we call the social determinants of health in their train a person's transportation abilities, their housing situation, food insecurity, interpersonal violence situation. All of those things come together and impacts a person's health on both physically and mentally. And so the mind part of alliance in body, mind and spirit is we have for behavioral health and pastoral care counseling team on the all-time alliance and the medical side of the hallway refers patients for whatever behavioral health types of issues they might be having to do staff on the other side of the hall and that staff consists of a director to be James. He's been with us for about seven years, we have a full time social worker on our staff and we have a number of psychologists and psychiatrists that work with us as volunteers and it's fantastic. What a great approach that I would assume that a lot of other places don't offer you just go in for a checkup and that's it and then out the door you go and not that they don't care. But there's really not that extra push for that and so how do you see somebody's spiritual life impacted in this way, and I was that we know this is important because as you said there was 117,000 uninsured only counties that right so as we know it we know the needs that's an obvious need, the need is there for physical care that the need is obviously there for the emotional mental state. How are you guys also impacting somebody's spiritual life as well so we the core of our values is the belief that every body is of worth and value, and that every body is created equally by God and we want to provide whatever spiritual care. We can look or patients to come from all over the world all different religions and all are welcome.

Yep, that's fantastic.

So obviously a lot of pretty much most would you jump sure is confidential to degree but is there a story or testimony that you can come to share with us that just you know disk is another picture and you inspire us live a moral theology and yet and will first off I would tell you every day is like what you see on television. The stories in the medical shows on television or people are staff there so committed to our patient patients.

There's one story in particular that I think really tells a lot about alliance and it's about a physician and this was last year there were was a day a week where there were three straight days of rain and for our patients.

It is, it is the working poor and these are people that you see every day whether it's in a restaurant or hotel grocery store on your roof in this particular patient was a roof in our doctor knowing that Monday Tuesday Wednesday were going to be rainy days needed this particular patient who would not been evidence for months needed come in and have their A1c, their blood sugar tested because they were extreme diabetic so Hilton started calling this patient on a Monday put into calls put into calls on when Tuesday finally Wednesday morning got a hold of the patient who is not been working his cause it's raining outside and he can't get on and convinced him to come in and get his insulin and to have an A1c test taken which showed that he was his blood sugar level was set up really dangerously high level and kept them out of the hospital. My doctor when I miss an appointment sends me a bill they don't call me up and encourage me to come in right.

I'm proud of the personalized care and the relationships that our medical staff has ruler patients.

What a great level commitment because they view it. I'm sure as a ministry is not just a job is onto something to fill in in.

This is an actual ministry.

That's changed some of his life, not just to make their life better here, but also for eternity as well. And that's really the heartbeat of all that going into it so.

As you look to the future of alliance medical. What is it that you're hoping is can be happening over the next you know with her skull, months and years ahead.

Woody hopeful for that. This will continue to do well. We would like to. We have a waiting list of 500 patients.

These are people that are qualified to come to alliance we have the building capacity we have the capacity building to bring on additional providers. I think in the next year to year and 1/2. We would like to bring on another physician and team that is associated with that physician.

We think that in this particular time of the coronavirus with every body losing insurance. All of those issues that are weightless in the demand were primary medical care for people without insurance is really is going to explode and in the demand for what alliance does and what we offer is this going to explode in wake County. There, there will be no shortage of New Hampshire in the future.

Absolutely. So how are you all supported so people who are listening right now I guess to parse the question, how can people, if at all.

If there's any way that people can come and just give their time and effort and energy but also how can people support you on what you will.

Great question and their sick several ways to do that if we take coronavirus out of the equation. We have a community garden and in we grow vegetables to between 2000 and 3000 pounds a year pairs tomatoes, you name it we grow it and we give it to our patients and we teach them how to cook and how to eat nutritious sets excellent.

We have plenty of opportunities in the garden for volunteers and in that gives people an opportunity to get their hands dirty to learn a little bit about nutrition and grown vegetables.

So that's one way to get involved.

Another way to get involved in courses is financial and in your 100% philanthropic league driven through community philanthropy and crossroads is been a terrific supporter of alliance for many many years in a one of our most valued relationships. We have so there is a financial way to get other ways to get involved, and can't really bring people into the clinic because that's an environment lest you're a physician or an RN or something like that, but we have lots of church groups in different groups to put together flute kits for the fall we have hit may be more important than ever right now real, and that includes some hand sanitizer Tylenol so clean acts in whatever patient might need for Lucy's that's excellent what so real quick sale of that community garden and of course financial supports and you put together flute kits and other ways.

So what's the best way for people to find out what's out there available to help with to be able to give financially, what's the what way would you like people to be directed to just get more information and to find out more about you. Well, so we have a website alliance medical and you can find out plenty of information about alliance there and there's an opportunity to donate their one of the neat things that were doing now all our volunteer coordinator is very artistic, and she is been doing Mother's Day cards and were doing that is a small fundraiser for $25. We will do a hand written core to your mother with a nice piece of art with it and it would come from alliance medical ministry, but our website is is the primary place where somebody could make a donation again excellent okay thank you Semites for all y'all are doing for the alliance.

What a crock community for the County and as you said, there's a lot of me that there is a feeling of me that is very unique and not a great way for people to support you financially as well as being involved so Pete Tannenbaum, the executive director of alliance medical ministry think semi for being honest with us today. Thank you for having absolute key for joining and listening to our program today and thinking across its fellowship in the Truth Network for making this show possible. You can find out more information about grassroots fellowship crossroad stomach.

If this show has impacted you. We'd love to hear from you.

You can contact us at info@grassroots.thank you to C3 Advantage sponsoring this program. We look forward to having you join us on the next shall, your success as a leader hinges upon buying from your teams clear and consistent communication from you and strategic delegation. My name Cheryl Scanlon C3 Advantage helps you steward your most valuable resource. Well, improve retention grow employee engagement and generate higher team and individual ownership. The success of your organization begins with you and depends on your team go deeper as a leader and much organization further visit

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