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14: Interview with Joel McDaniel from Operation Resolute

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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May 14, 2020 12:00 pm

14: Interview with Joel McDaniel from Operation Resolute

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Welcome to Crossroads connection is the show all about having conversation surrounding life, ministry and culture on is a quick thank you to our friends at the Truth Network for airing this program will welcome everybody thinks for listening.

My name is Tyler and I'm joined by Jamie and Andy, how are you guys doing really well really well. Tyler and Jamie. Great to talk with both of you today yeah man I'm really excited to her episode got a great interview come in little bit later but I want to jump right in and you are telling me the story before we got jumped on and started recording this that I think we really impactful those listening right now. Can you can walk to the store you tell me yeah absolutely I think it's kind of fun, timely exit personal story that happened today. Actually, especially dealing with you right now.

I was with the coronavirus and things are just a little bit out of sorts. Still to this day, and I think a lot of people could probably relate to women talk about surreal. Quickly this morning on the way into the office in order to create some sense of a norm to my day.

I went through a drive through the pick up a coffee and the car in front of me order. There's a bunch of cars you know like normal as much cars in the car in front of me but the order in. But then there is probably two car lengths ahead of them that they could've pulled up, and instead of pulling all the way up. They just pulled a little bit up just enough that I could make my order and having him showed that 74 I'm sure was unintentional hope was unintentional and I could tell they were preoccupied didn't know they weren't thinking and but the funny thing is I actually found myself getting irritated sitting there like gripping the steering wheel with a little more vigor than normal and getting a little irritated and I'm going I am giving them the eyes again, trying to stare them down and there like the review merely in order to try to yell, tell them the pull ahead so I can order and it was almost so irritating that NX became funny to me and actually pause for a moment and I thought, why in the world am I getting so irritated over something that has no merit for the rest of my day.

It didn't matter. When the matter. That altar was faster because we'd still gathered the same time and it was about at that time I started think about how on edge. A lot of people are right now they're just so many people who are on edge.

So many people have been not the stay-at-home order.

They been home them at home with kids and homeless spouses all by themselves.

Work and life is been all disrupted there so much uncertainty in the future that still out there, and so people have a tendency you'll comes out somewhere right we get frustrated and irritated. It comes out and forms and I thought I seen a lot of that I sent a lot of people that just are acting just a little on edge and I thought almost immediately as I got, drop Galatians chapter 5 in my heart. Just me and really any other believer out there and that's the one that says but the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

And I thought while my really showing those fruit of the spirit right now or my allowing what's happening around me to really affect me and that especially for believers.

John 1335 says by this. All people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another and I think that despite a lot of people that are dealing with feelings right now and emotions, and if were not careful we don't allow the Holy Spirit to, nurture that and help that.

Then I have a feeling that were necking to see the healthy fruit of the spirit and what I can see love, especially amongst brothers and sisters in Christ, instead working to keep seeing people being irritated and maybe losing their patients at home or lose the patient at a grocery store.We seen all the media's things of people getting in fights over Masten. You know losing their minds over things that really truly at the end of the day shouldn't matter too much and so I thought that might help us out about you both you, but I know I've been feeling a little edgy, like I just need to get out and get back to norm and and I just think there's a lot of people feel that way, not those good reminder that you know what just because there's something going on right now in the world around us.

It does not mean that I have to lose my character in Christ. In fact, I need to rely on it more.

It's not an excuse site just because there's uncertainty in his happening doesn't give me the excuse to lose my Christ likeness absolutely minor problem we had with children operation messily so we should jump right into that word from our sponsor and we will get into your interview with Joni, your success as a leader hinges upon buying from your teams clear and consistent communication from you and strategic delegation. My name Cheryl Scanlon C3 Advantage helps you steward your most valuable resource. Well, improve retention grow employee engagement and generate higher team and individual ownership. The success of your organization begins with you depends on your team as a leader and watch organization further visit and welcome back from our short break. We got a very special guest Mr. Joe McDaniel from operation resolute Joe, thank you so much for your time and be willing to be interviewed. We appreciate the opportunity yeah what what you tell us a little bit first about you a quick bio about you and really what led you into operation resolute. On the personal bio L 51 year one hey creatures, to write the Arkansas Delta I went to University of Arkansas met my wife to believe there were Southwestern Baptist theological seminary, and I've been married 31 years.

We have twin daughters Kayla Eric Campbell law school and Kinsey is married and she teaches English as a second language are our son-in-law is in the special forces qualifying course to be a medic with the Green Beret parent. I've been a pastor served as a pastor, about 26, 27 years and an outlet or walk over will. In June it will be eight years. That's when we will relaunch the excellence so operation resolute is something that you created. Yes, it was something I will put it this way toward put in front of us that we couldn't deny how make it fairly quick story started back in 008 really unbeknownst to me, I was serving a college Baptist here in Raleigh over mint ministry in the church was gracious enough to allow me to have mild knockoff outside of the church outdoor Street and a chaplain friend of mine had made his first deployment to Iraq during the surgeon we were hearing things for the first time about improvised explosives all about getting email with the outdoor Street be able to stand fishing equipment and I'm thinking in my mind, your you're in the desert.

I'm not sure how much fishing you can choose a young man would lug 30 will come to find out he had he had access to some places that Saddam Hussein had created some oasis is literally simple, exotic species and so the outdoor ministry in about $1500 for the fishing equipment and she leveraged that as a means of serving the guy gals that were underneath. Now a lot of them who were doing ordnance disposal at that and so it open our eyes look to the opportunity that we maybe could have, but we just didn't connect the dots. Holy to just jumping in and focusing solely on the military four 2013 got a call what you got 12 got a call saying chaplain we were catching up. I was serving a church up to the mountain and fiascoes quality outdoor ministry and I told him are shared we are really a place of trying to determine what God has for you. Don't think were doing exactly what we need to be during any cerebral would you consider coming down meeting with my leadership team and she could not pocket us show a clue down the department.

Special operations group.

We match and this was during the sequester, which was another term that we can get really familiar with and a lot of the money that the chaplain in his group that they were using to take your families what operators were on the appointment had dried up, so we figured out a legal way that the knockoff could help those chaplain monies back in play to take care of families during the deployment took the original knockoff we renamed it repurposed. We renamed the operation of the loot and became strictly focused on the military.

The last evolution of this can be where we are today and Maddie as we one time we were, focused around the United States week block.

The focus just North Carolina huge military credit here in our state and we are currently working with 18 evangelical chaplains were nondenominational, but there are some key doctrinal issues that we could out there. We got 18 guards that go from the Air Force to the Marines to the Army that were working with here in our home state. That's fantastic and it's great service software military so operation resolute to talk about that name was a mean and then wrap it into the mission and vision of what your really trying to accomplish her from the beginning it was the being exposed to the realities of military life in the temple, particularly with special operations, although that's not just our our main focus. We work with chaplain becomes a call to Pat that that were introduced to another firm. Again, those panicky doctrinal statement. We can so that we will but a lot of what we have done is been on the special operations side and see the strain on these man under family are deployed tract deploy trying to portray that were just kinda came to us. How do we come alongside healthy chaplains and just this kind of resolute attitude of bringing help, not politically. The correspondence were not letting things stop this from just a resolute desire to be with these chaplains, helping them so that's kind of the name and again like I said we know what we do. Working with these guys to try and help them do their ministry faster, easier, better not show so when you say help define the force. What was any give some examples of how and materialize or just specifics of how your help in these chaplains with the military.

So let me give a little bit of a Specific that simply could operation resolute not call it or walk a short show or we partner with military chaplain to serve active duty personnel and families.

Those are two very important distinctions that always want to bring out the blood type and shake military people got all your life like that.

I and all for ministry in that ministry love what they're doing that we serve in currently operating current unique niche in that niche is working through chaplain. They are the key to were not coming in with an agenda were not coming were just saying a man. We love you we appreciate you being visible gospel.

In this context, how can we leverage our resources to do the work that usually need to get done so one working with the chaplains back into working with active duty their time and I'm grateful for your time and of great administrator out there that are doing post military very you that are in the day today and so this will make sure that those distinctions are clear. The other concavity, audio, lecture, I don't come across like I'm putting There is an expert.

I am not speaking of an expert on PTSD or military life just a guy I been able to leverage some relationships and some resources to meet a need show you know discounting a general sense, as we get exposed to different chaplains.

We did have a sitdown and just talk through behavior.

The resources that a war could be outdoor related the backbone of the ministry, hunting and fishing is just a ton of those guys that we work with what they love right show offering outdoor ministry components are the other things that we do we do family oriented oriented that there are no government money for so like a big event will be the scholarly done it six or seven years now is the big day and show reducing ticket.Crawford very very instrumental in that particular effort in helping us because it's about $24,000 expenditure and so you know we have several different partners, and make available to the chaplains and so this last year we had 755 active duty member service members and family members. Apogee caretakers care watch but again you're always putting the chaplain at the portal calls projects because of the guys debated a lot got tickets to like yeah I do think it would get done. Chaplain yeah I'm not really sure where you serving 010 user chaplain get you connected with this job until the whole thing is just to accelerate the relationship so that they know who their chaplain is they relate to their chaplain at the person and not necessarily kind of this officer that stuck out there so we can connect soldiers and airmen and Marines leave family members to a strong chaplain.

I think I think those individuals have a better chance to address issues like PTSD divorce suicide before these things grow critical data that's really where we operate fantastically great way to ensure solace assigned to someone in done event or one and done here some material I hope you your connecting with us chaplain is there and you can build a relation with without these men and women.

That's fantastic.

So, Jill, is there a certain story or testimony that you could share really just to drive us home even more the importance of what you are dealing with operation resolute. Yeah, I do wonder how I will repeat and reasonable repeated use. Y'all did a video golf.

Y'all put a lot forward to the church family). Last year, and I shared a particular story. And so the people are interested, we have this one on our website and I know y'all highlighted it had at the core of it very decorated Green Beret guy that after his active duty over 20 something years on the court line serving and training the next generation of Green Beret and he was contemplating suicide and God news awarded connect him to us.

Chaplain and just a powerful statement of the power relationships and how we were able to leverage that so that went out there in the quick collect the one the one only gets you is a little more reset documents just as last year, read the email that I received one of our chaplains chaplain serving the special operations group had bought some guy got your and 37 it is email follow-up.

He said I without training over the last couple weeks wanted to report back to you about ministry opportunities that I had recently about the man that went on the OR hunt with me last November came to visit when tragedy came to both of their lives over the holidays.

They were explicit in saying they likely would not have come to the if they had not gotten to know me on that trip, both separately were experiencing death in the family and having struggles profit.

One of them would be the quarterback of the appointment because of the first thing he did when he got off the airplane was grabbed his wife to come see while these are hunting. While these are pretty struggling and I'm very encouraged. They sought me out and are actively pursuing faith is a major recovery. There is no doubt due to the relationship began by Our hunting lodge. These men were getting help. I greatly appreciate the partnership you created in the fruit of God's kingdom is seen because of our diligently taking care of his people so that's just one of dozens God which is given the privilege of being able to see the status powerful and you know it's authentic and real. Because these are men and women who are out dealing with things that I'm never going experience, you know, and most people that are listening primarily experience and for them to have chaplain and then had the chaplain have the support of the ministry leg operation resolute to help them connect even further is such a beautiful beautiful ministry. So Joe what's next for operation resolute as you look to the future what you see happening as this continues to move forward and grow. What's what's going on in your mind for what's next with this without ministry. One of the big years. We are actively pursuing by our old place. So what we have done the motive ministry has been a lack of an outdated big ceiling and barley property in North Carolina since 2013 and you know I could be running a dear heart up in Caswell County all the way down to the coast and so we we can literally have developed laser people would be so kind and so gracious to give us access to those properties, but there is an inherent weakness with that and that we can't control the schedule and with the military.

You just gotta be flexible in any number of things, and so even trainers.

People are graciously scheduled us to come into maybe there hunting property or they had about tragedy gets within the group or there's a there's an emergency department. In all these plans just come to a screeching halt and soak what we want to do is buy property down East in North Carolina to where we would have a schedule and we been looking and people are graciously we've already raised over a couple hundred thousand dollars will be great support so that we could pay cash for it, but the main focus of the future for the ministry as were continuing to do the ministry is to get our own home base and then be able to maximize that year-round chaplains that were working. That's fantastic and the counties to this question is I guess at multi-part of how can people get a hold of you and find out more information and with this being I'm assuming when your biggest needs now is to raise the funds to purchase place.

How can people help you do that you are creature. His way to get up with this is just go to the website and post the website has a tremendous amount of information, not just written but there are a lot of different videos on people like of what the ministry is about. It's a ministry that is hands-on and so we want people to be a part of it, we got everything from a cooking team since the food guide that go on the trip, so there's just a lot of different ways for people to be involved, but you can get a hold of me through our website also get a strong Facebook presence Instagram so all those things will show people and those messages always get back to me so you're different like the people can be involved. One of my favorite verses has become our set of verses in Psalm 127 were the Lord showed a little more built out the local board keeps watch over the city conveying thing in as a as a pastor I have found myself just getting into the stream of ministry, along with the you can give a mobilization yeah yeah Yet but I think the Lord in his mercy at times just brings us face-to-face with our inadequacy in this ministry. Show me my inadequacy and so when I say we need people crying over this ministry genuinely believe that this ministry should have died a natural death.

Probably a dozen times over.

I'm not that smart. I'm not that good. And the Lord just continues to grow it and so we need people to pray with ours and then there are those times, particularly with regard chaplain right now that we serve liquor in the middle of the Italy and with the coronavirus and produce chaplains and chaplains. Why love knowing that there are people, not just praying come about. Hey gorgeous left the chaplains with their praying for Chad and Katie call they know Chad and Katie Kolker.

They've been on trips with government interconnected soak part of it is the first thing is just crying and then asking the question like I know you're asking a lot of readers are asking board what would it look like on the other side of the quarantines that is just really promise for little but we know God. We know he has a plan so really seeking his design for. I didn't dislike us to go to operation that'll. You can sign up for email updates, communications director does a phenomenal job of getting info out on a regular basis so people can see that on the website to our people can buy all-news devotional that I put together a bit of conduct during dynamite. Can I originally wrote it or the servicemen that we could really go on a trip we don't charge them anything. We always have just one to say thanks and so I had several people demand a lot of you copy of that to what we've done is we put it on the website and all the proceeds of that book go right back into the ministry Show Great Opportunity for People Just Are Financial Plan Directly, One about Themselves, so That's Another Thing Another Way, People Can Get Involved Is to Introduce Others to to Operation Resolute Particular People That Want to Start They Want to Say Thank You Man Appreciate the Servicemen and Women Appreciate What We Say. Thank You Betty What so Much Further When We Serve Them in a Practical Way, and so Being in North Carolina Where You Got Strong Churches and a Strong Military Presence Would Discriminate Help Us Get the Word out Connect with Somebody We Would Love to Talk with Them about It and Then Get a Final Thing This Two-Step Financial Support Because No Soldier Airmen and Marines Pay Screening. We Just Say You Have a Valid Hunting-Petition Or That We Got so Doing Something That We Do It for Me to Just Take Money and Again like You Were Referencing Is Putting Together the Final Portion of the Capital Campaign and We Need Help with That and One for Properties Bought the Need A Lot Of Volunteers to Go down and Just Be Again Hands-On in Helping Us with the Monumental Task Take Care Of These Things. But Recognizing That It Has a Bigger Importance Than Just Doing a Hunting Trip Trip.

A Trip to Paris Crocuses All behind. So I Will Tell You Again.

We Had Been so Grateful Crossroads, Which Are Been a Key Partner for Several Years Now and Dan Are Nothing but Encouraging to and Will Grateful for That and We Wish More Churches Would Come Alongside the Way Crossroads Are Absolutely Right.

Now That She Had Operation and Check out All the Things That Joel Just Mention What Fantastic Ministry. And As As You Just Angel Dust Funds a Way for People to Involved. Whether It's Hands-On or Whether Supporting Financially and so Joe Once Again Just Thank You so Much for the Ministry to Our Military to Active Military and Their Families to the Chaplains Really Appreciate It and I Especially Appreciate Your Time and I Just Thank You so Much for the Work That You're Doing. We Appreciate All the Time to Talk with Management. Always Good to Go over the Story of the God-Fearing Vehicle Shared with People That Care so Thank You for Joining and Listening to Our Program Today and Think Either Classic Spanish and Truth Network for Making Michelle Possible. You Can Find out More Information about CrossFit Scholarship Crossroads, If This Shell Has Impacted You Read Left to Hear from You. You Can Contact Us at Info@Caskets.When I Think You Do C3 Advantage for Sponsoring This Program Forward to Having You Join Us on the Next Shadow.

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