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14: Palm Sunday "Hosanna!"

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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April 11, 2022 4:00 pm

14: Palm Sunday "Hosanna!"

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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A deep conviction when you actually read and understand what Palm Sunday is all about. I would venture to say that most Christians don't really know how the full breadth of what this Sunday right now is all about. Most of us know this. Most of us know that we now have this in our hands and it's kind of fun if we are born a sermon where this Ray got this going on here at if you think about awaiting him on the way out and we know Palm Sunday is this right here. We know that is the beginning of holy week is to be a passion we get stuck around for entry of Jesus coming through Bethany into Jerusalem, but why give yourself to ask why, why was Jesus and his disciples actually going to Bethany and then to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, why were they there for the Passover. What even is the passel we hear about all time you hear about this week that we got incredible Passover communion service this Thursday night that's good to hear both campuses.

But what is all about the why did Jesus go through his final week doing certain things throughout the week so early in John chapter 12. Eventually, again, just little recap on who John is John is one of the disciples, if you read the book of John.

You actually don't see John's name in the book, which is not uncommon for people who wrote the Gospels, but you do see the writer John identifying himself as the one whom Jesus loved. That's how John describes himself.

He also describes himself in many other ways through a lot of the occasions in the stories that we can read next Sunday is Easter Sunday were to celebrate next Sunday dinner see a lot of John and Peter. Mary and the disciples involved in all that pajamas right.

Mr. Johnson one of the disciples. John is a fisherman he's got the nickname sons of Zebedee, along with his brother James.

Most theologians say because he had a temper with them last week.

I said that's how you know he had red hair and so that is. That's my story and I'm sticking with it. That's what he was that James and John Lorentz, Ray Kennedy is right is the one that you see at the Last Supper. You see paintings you see one of the disciples leaning against Jesus.

John John is the one that is at the cross. All the other disciples of left the ball ran away draw hiding Peter's denying Jesus and John is the cross is there with marriage is his mother. John is the one that Jesus looks to you and says this is now your mother. You take care Mary forming is this to John S John as a pastor's heart as he writes John first John second John third John most would say. Also Revelation and you see his pastoral heart coming through the nature of his writing is writing to people and he's really Stony. It. With this in mind in John chapter 20 verse 31 is kind of the theme of John's writing of the report and no, he said, but these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ the son of God, and that by believing by believing you may have life in his name.

This is the heartbeat of John Wilkinson and Bo Road two books called talk through the Bible effectively used in a reference them aloud. We are going to transformation were going to the Bible and they got one sentence I really liked about the book of John and John's authorship. They say this no finer gospel tract is ever been penned than John's inspired account of Christ's life is death and his resurrection. So this morning were Michigan to get to John chapter 12 to where you see John's writing come through and you see that everything that John's doing is pointing to a back to Jesus putting them back to his life, his resurrection is crucifixion it's pointing back that he is the way the truth and the life is pointing back that Jesus is the son of God. But if you believe in him that you will have life and have eternal life, and you see this over and over and over again is John is writing through the so so today as you already heard today marks passion we give marks holy week in March.

The triumphal entry of Jesus coming into the city.

And so Jesus during this week does something unique and different. Almost every day of this final week.

In fact, if you go to hope week.CVP share that with a lot of people starting tomorrow night at 7 o'clock got something every night and were doing this week as we are following loosely falling where Jesus was during his final week leading up to the cross and so you see on Monday. Jesus goes by. He cursed the fig tree and he goes the temple to close out the temple. He clears the tablets on Monday and Tuesday he confronts the Pharisees he goes to the Mount of olives on Wednesday. There's a day of rest with him and his disciples, the resting on Thursday.

There is Passover is the Last Supper tonight that Jesus is the residence. The negatives betrayed this Thursday night. Hassan Daniels got incredible message was in a walk-through what that Passover meal is an elitist and communion.

Passerine will be doing the same of the workforce campuses wealth is a powerful powerful night. In those last week. Is there with his disciples is enjoying the Passover meal. Judas is there. Michigan petroleum. We see them going to the garden later that night and getting arrested Friday of course is the trials to crucifixion.

If the death is the burial Saturday is the day that we see the disciples in hiding their morning there weeping. There is a loss of words they don't know what to say they're being hunted down by people who just kill crew kill Jesus are now after the disciples. The disciples are behind locked doors and just think on Sunday were in gear moment on Sunday are based in Hosanna, here comes Jesus the Messiah Jesus help us, we celebrate you.

We honor you as a king is a warrior SME coming into conquering some rule. A lot can change in a couple days can we see that same crowd that's honoring Jesus on Sunday we know for fact that is part of the same crowd that you increase farm on Friday. Is this what Jesus does.

He comes into the city as a triumphant entry so wipe home renters and maybe a little about the survey. Grab your polymers if you have it together. I just can't grab a hand way around. You just don't care what you going to so people why why why palm branches well.

Historically, it's a symbol of victory. In fact, is not there. Call Margaret Hunter and she wrote an article literally said why wave palm branches.

Why did they do that, his research, she says that there's a couple vaccinations. One is that was commented that the practice in ancient world. The losses to welcome home a king or war hero. That's what they're using for whatever king or war hero was going back and they heard about their run they would cut palm branches and wave them and they would put them down. It's similar to the red carpet is basically their version of a red carpet here comes Jesus. Another explanation is that Romans in Roman culture, Roman history, they would honor champions of games by given palm branch to the crowd in a sense, was welcoming home. Jesus there welcoming their king. There also hoping that he would be there warrior king. There also that he would come in and that he would finally establish his kingdom now relative to the crowd and the disciples we can't fault them for thinking that because in Jesus teaching he's talking about his kingdom. He say and when I establish my kingdom. I will rule and already my kingdom of heaven's kingdom. The kingdom of heaven.

You are time and time and time again soon. Three years of ministry in the three years of ministry, the disciples and others have seen Jews do miracles.

A single walk on water.

They they saw him literally related raise Lazarus from being dead for four days and were get there moment the exit goes the Lazarus house that and he eats there with them and sleeps seeing all these things that are starting to put two and two together.

The startup put together the prophecies of the Messiah.

It's going to come and here's Jesus who was literally saying I am the son of God, follow me, as they fall and I got all this energy all this momentum. The crowd is crying out and what they're saying is Lord save us. Lord help us.

Finally, the king, the warrior king is here and is going to go over John chapter 6 verse 14 and 15. I think the a very fascinating short Scripture that just gives a little, so a little insight to what these disciples are thinking in John six verse 14 to 15 it says when the people saw the sign that he had done. They said this is indeed the prophet who is the come into the world, perceiving them that they were about to come and take him by force to make him king, Jesus withdrew again to the mountain by himself to Jesus knew they were quite getting it. They were quite understanding what he was talking about when he was talk about be in their king forever. They thought were under Roman persecution were under oppression, we seen you do miracles. We've heard your teaching. We believe you were in here you come.

It's Passover week, everybody's in the city. What a better time than now Jesus for you to come and take your place as her king cc Jesus coming in becomes an victorious is riding on the back of a donkey is prophesied in Zechariah 99 and he comes into the shouts of Hosanna the praise in the cause of the atmosphere from foregoing, so the more context of what that is why was Jesus and the disciples actually coming back to Jerusalem, Jerusalem, as it is a key part. It is a theological significant part in the entire story and history of God. Jerusalem when the Old Testament had a place inside the fortified city that was called Zion was actually a place of the city of David. And so, in the city of David. There is a place called Zion of the geographical location inside of the city and that's important because you you will hear even in this passage you will hear daughters of Zion. You will read in the Old Testament, it's you seven times in the New Testament. This word Zion and so again, why is this significant that well.

Jerusalem is at the heart of it, not only as a geographical, historical place, but as an eschatological place, which means for the end times. So you got this dual theme running you got Jesus that we know is thinking, not just earthly is not just thinking oh here's the city of David Anna come in and I'm a takeover.

Zion, the city of David to design eventually became known as the whole city and then uses terminology like daughters of Zion and sign here's your king, but that reference is for eternity. It's the end times and so Jesus had a completely different angle as to why he's entering the city.

Zion is an important piece of his important part of the history Shepherd says it this way, he says, in a wider theological context.

The early church viewed the future hope of Israel, so the early church was was looking that the future hope was the Messiah was going to come physically rule and reign right then. Right now you see the disciples in Jesus.

When is your kingdom going to come when we can finally be set free when you can finally rule and reign. However, Zion is where God and his people will dwell in an eternal sense as well.

So Jesus coming in with this mindset that this is the city. These are the people I love.

This is Zion. This is where I'm to dwell forever and they got the people waving palm branches going. Finally, arcing is here to do it now and you see the battle back and forth that you might ask yourself why and how does a crowd in Bethany yell Hosanna Lord save us acknowledge him.

People from all over coming to see him because of the count of Lazarus, a story there, no worship to come in the CM they are honoring him.

How does that crowd, turning four days what you can you can picture now can't. On Sunday they thought he was a king that thought he was in a common rule and reign forever. But then he gets arrested Thursday night is put in prison. He's beaten is broken is like a lamb to the slaughter gets his beer ripped out a crown of thorns on his head. He is whipped repeatedly.

The standard be marked with a scepter and a purple garment around him, the marketing of the Jews in all those years. All those people there like our king is here arcing is here now they're going must not be him to just kill him crucified all their hope was gone.

See, I think sometimes were a little hard on the disciples and the crowd. Imagine if your people been oppressed for generation upon generation upon generation your people group from back even in each of his eyes.

His history of war nonstop enslavement mouse up in prison he see that you see Jerusalem being destroyed in A.D. and all the people scattered in a come back in it rebuild the net torn down and rebuilt and torn down enough. Finally, here is somebody that's checking all the boxes is a miracle worker. He's got wisdom he's got truth he saying that he can forgive sins we seen him walk on water. We saw him bring Lazarus from the dead, and countless other miracles. Finally, this is the first victory, Hosanna help us.

Now you see a meek and mild like a lamb to slaughter city writer crucified that must not be the Savior of the world to Jews from all over coming to celebrate Passover. This final week of of fudge uses life so it's Passover will quickly forget the John's whelps leaves a poorness of the stage as to what Passover actually so the Palm Sunday representative of palms being waived to Jesus say Hosanna will get there moment victorious warrior king, the city base, and said he would celebrate Passover in Exodus chapter 12 verse 12 the 14 is a scroll pass through the land of Egypt that night and I will strike all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast, and on all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgments on the Lord.

So this is the Israelites. They been formative years in prison and slavery in Egypt. Moses comes in Moses famous line you feel a lot this week. Let my people go, becomes then Pharisee Ferris is no way it's all these play start to happen with us. The final straw.

The final one that comes the big one that hits is all the firstborn of people and animals are to die, and here's what Passover comes, don't you love how Jesus always makes away. By the way that God always makes a way for us that even in our sins, he makes away. So first people. Verse 13 is of the blood will be assigned for you on the houses where you are and when I see the blood, I will pass over you passel no play will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land of Egypt.

This day shall be for you on Memorial day and you will keep it as a feast the Lord throughout your generations. As a statue forever.

You shall keep it as a feast. This is where we get Passover. This is why thousand years later there celebrate Passover and 2000 years from Jesus there. People are still are celebrating and honoring Passover week because it's supposed to be a time Memorial a festivity of fees. Remembering again precedent to speak about Thursday about some of the elements that are at that Passover meal all go back to this time in Egypt. Their pain or suffering exiting. But then Jesus is all the by the way, which is beautiful. You know that Jesus is in the story of Passover is in the story Passover as a lamb to the slaughter.

So what happened with all these families would go there and take a land there. Bring a lamb to the house spotless lamb. They were to kill it.

Take the blood for over the doors and when the angel saw that the angel passed over Jesus is doing the same thing today is blood is forgiveness.

It cleanses us and makes his claim in first Corinthians 57 a speaks of Jesus as the Passover lamb says the cleanse out the old leaven, that you may be a new lump, as you really are. 11 for Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed in John chapter 1 verse 29 is John the Baptist to the first time he sees Jesus coming to them on the horizon coming he says next day saw Jesus coming in is is behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

Jesus is entering Jerusalem as the perfect lamb in Exodus chapter 12 verse five and six and speaks about the process a little bit. I will just drop something that is amazing and just let it set for a moment in Exodus chapter 12 verse 5 to 6 is your lamb shall be without blemish, a male-year-old you'll take it from the sheep from the goats and you shall keep it until the 14th day important day when the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel shall kill their lambs at twilight was an important city of Mark chapter 15 verse 25 Mark 1525 is is and it was the third hour when they crucified him.

Titus paint the picture of what's actually happening. How awesome and amazing goddess you know that on the exact day that all the priests are sacrificing lambs in the temple courtyard at the same hour of twilight around three in afternoon is the same time Jesus is hanging on the cross so that's it for a moment from the Golgotha word use is hanging more than likely could hear the screams of lambs being slaughtered while the perfect lamb is on the cross.

There is no accidents to what God's plan is. Jesus comes into the city. He comes into Jerusalem as the perfect lamb, a lamb without spot, a lamb without wrinkle a lamb without sin on the same day at the same time that at that very moment that priests are sacrificing lambs Jesus hanging on the cross for me the perfect sacrifice. So who is Jesus and the Passover story, maybe three things of the time remaining three amazing concept of who Jesus is and Passover that he still is today. What you write these down.

The first one is his number one is this is that Jesus is our King is our King to know that Jesus is born a King.

He is anointed a king. He is crucified as a king and is actually buried as a king. And that's not just putting a play on words that that's actually how he was. He actually was born as a king. He was anointed in Bethany by Mary as a king is taken and is crucified with a sign over his head as a king and is buried with the royalties of a king. There is no escaping that Jesus from day one came to be our King and that hasn't changed at all. And so the crowd yelling here's Jesus, here's our King is our warrior king, in a sense they were absolutely correct in saying that, but it took him to be crucified for the sins of all the world.

Let's now go to John chapter 12 John chapter 12 starting verse one for six days before the Passover Jesus therefore came to Bethany, where Lazarus was who Jesus raised from the dead to give a dinner form there. Martha served, and Lazarus was one of those reclining at the table with Mary therefore took a pound of expensive ointment made from pure nard and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair. The house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume. But Judas Iscariot, one of the disciples who was about to betray him, said, why was this ointment not sold for 300 and Mary and given to the poor. He said this, not because he cared about the poor because he was a thief and having charge of the moneybag to use the help himself to what was put in it. Judas was stealing from the offering basket and Jesus are we talked a few weeks ago about being not overly righteous.

Here's a great example that you not overly righteous means like your your self-righteousness, your pride, your ego that steps then I'm holier than everybody else and we see Judas in sin, acting in in the self-righteous more righteous than he should've Goliath hey I want wisely taken that and and basically wasting it on Jesus.

As we said we could take that money we could give it to the poor. That sounds a great idea doesn't sounds good, and sees to the heart behind it is the same Judas that in just a few days is gonna sell Jesus for 30 pieces of silver same genes that later goes and hangs himself in the field of the guilt and shame any sin there self-righteous mode acting holier than everybody else. So as it continues says verse seven Jesus leave her alone so that she may keep it for the day of my burial. Again disciples have no idea even up to his actual burial. They still are thoroughly confused about his burial, his life and his resurrection to the poor. You always have with you, but you do not always have me to the anointing of Jesus is significant, the anointing Jesus all the way through the anointing of crucifixion that barrel but it starts first-tier stars that Jesus was born a king in Matthew chapter 2 verse 11. All this ties in Matthew 211. This is going to the house, they saw the child with Mary his mother and they fell down they worship and this is the Magi's the Wiseman they come as is opening their treasures, they offered him gifts of gold of frankincense and myrrh. We talk about this often, especially around Christmas time, but there's great significance to this goal is representative of a king. If you can honor a king you would bring that king goal and so the Magi brought Jesus goal, but they also brought in frankincense, which is typically used by a priest. So in one fell swoop, the Magi, the Wisner's in love you. You are a king you are a priest which Jesus self recognize and is a priest is our high priest, but then they brought a number. The goal of fragrances makes a lot of sense effect most people say that they use the gold when Mary and Joseph and Jesus go to Egypt and so they use the money to go frankincense.

It smells good it's it's a great essence right.

It helps but why the world would you give a baby murder because this time.

Myrrh was used in barrier murder was known to be used in embalming. Why, because even then, God understood that one day this King was going to grow up and die. So they brought in those gifts is anointed as a king Marious in their anointing and first crucifixion. She's anointing him to take his place on the cross to take his place in the two to take his place being resurrected. She anoints an affront to everybody can imagine that dinner that maybe should try that today got to eat somewhere the sesame come from behind break this rule. Expensive ointment, take your shoes off and start the port on your feet and the wife with your hair by him that I would get the attention of the entire room and so the attention entire room are watching Mary do this to Jesus which is anointing. There is a plan. The purpose this is just days before is taken away is anointed as a king is crucified with the Kings inscription in John chapter 19 pilot who spent time with Jesus. So the day of Friday as an exhausting day for Jesus is captured Thursday night immediately thrown in prison. He's immediately beaten throughout the day Friday.

The high point is when he comes, he gets beat with a whip metadata broken shards of clay and pottery and last. So Jesus is standing there literally unlocking the overly graphics and with kids in here but you nursed any sin with flesh ripped off his body gouged off his body. His beard is been pulled out his face is been punched repeatedly that the Scripture says that they could even recognize that this is the same Jesus is a crown of thorns jammed onto his head he's been marked with a scepter in a row Varanasi bar mockingly bowing down as he is a king pilot spends time with pilot.

We know finds no fault in Jesus. If either there's probably enough evidence to their interaction. The pilot is actually believing starting to believe that this is somebody of importance that this guy could actually be the king of the Jews he asking what truth is to have this dialogue, but at the end of it will get there in the moment when he saying on the cross pilot had the Scripture made this is pilots doing inscription read Jesus of Nazareth, the king of the Jews.

Many of the Jews read this inscription for the place where Jesus was crucified was near the city and it was written in Aramaic and Latin and Greek effect pry one of most well-known signs and most you see piercing the word In re INR IBC not cross before you see that hanging above it that the Latin abbreviation I Jesus stands for Jesus and is of Nazareth are as king and eyes of the Jews that in Reeves, Jesus, King of the Jews. It's real strategic of why he put it there because the crowd and the priest they lost their minds when they saw that way when they saw that pilot put a sign over Jesus written in different languages all say Jesus of Nazareth, the king of the Jews they lost. I think there's two things are happening.

I think one. I think Pilate actually did want technology as is King of the Jews, but also think colleges want to rub it in the face that people are crucified, that you're not claiming a massive king of the Jews, but listens and that sign one over the cross that is recorded for all history pallets authority recorded for all of history that this is Jesus the King of the Jews in John 1921 or 22.

This is the chief priest of the Jews said the pilot do not write the king of the Jews, but rather write this man said I am the king of the Jews and Pilate answered what I have written. I have written was also buried as a king. We know that Jesus is in the a borrowed tomb with somebody with authority and with some money. He's in a nice to but it goes beyond that in John 1939 and Nicodemus, also, who earlier had come to Jesus by night came, bringing a mixture of myrrh, there is again Myrna Alice 75 pounds in weight that 75 pounds away to significant because that is how much they would use for a king's burial. That's not common, they they wouldn't use 75 pounds of Maranello just to bury somebody who hung these cross between two other thieves died as it is a criminal on a cross. And, when taken in rapid and 75 pounds of Maranello and by the way, there were rapid so they would do a layer and they would put in the Maranello there do another layer and another layer and another layer wrap them up and then new parts separately of face cloth over the face and over the head, which is why the burial when Mary Peter and John get there. They see all the clothing in one section in the head rapping in another section folded up so they came but again this is another way of of people just acknowledging that this was a Kings.

I thought about this and and can either stop and laugh a moment. I wonder if Nicodemus on Monday said boy I wish I would have wasted 35 pounds of myrrh on Jesus because he didn't need it might only think that way the reader of the answer Nicodemus as excitedly as you're alive, but I was a lot of money I spent on you and I can get it back.

Kids gone is buried as a king is no accident that uses whole life pointed to immunity, the question of course is, it is your king said that's the question you have to wrestle with today is the king of the world what you believe him or not way whether you acknowledge and cannot is he is King of the world is King of the universe is the King of Kings is Lord of lords, but see the message today is the your king do you acknowledgments king. The second thing is this is that Jesus our story pointer to Jesus.

Our story went back to John chapter 12 verse 911 says when the large crowd of the Jews learned that Jesus was there.

They came was this not only see Jesus, but also to see Lazarus who he raised from the dead, so the chief priests made plans to put Lazarus to death as well because on account of him. I love this point here's the one main point of this passage for me on account of Lazarus many of the Jews were going away and believing in Jesus. Lazarus plays a key role.

His name is mentioned multiple times in John chapter. Chapter 12 as is talking and going there and implore Lazarus right for Lazarus. You got a feel for Lazarus healing was dead for four days. If we believe Scripture and believe in the end times and then God will react that that means that he's in the presence of God Lazarus body is dead but he's in the presence of God. Would you want to leave Paradise heaven to come back here. Listen, I'm telling you right now if I die, don't bring me back like don't bring me back is in the public was that DNR would yet just publicly don't bring me back cannot be with Jesus.

I'm sorry but Jesus better than you.

This is assuming that heaven is way better than Raleigh, North Carolina.

I don't think there's any pollen in heaven, no pollen. In fact, the Greek word for hell is pollen.

The Hebrew word is snow. Look it up.

It's right no pollen to imagine Lazarus walking hanging out God's very presence and also he hears his voice and Jesus calling his name. I can't help but go to the Carmen song is Alyssa my that old know we know the song and we know the Carmen solid Lazarus, now I can do it yelling to Google later you will be less demand and then watch the champion right after that. But you can almost imagine Jesus standing at the tomb, and it says that Jesus called the name Lazarus and Lazarus got brought back to life.

I'll know if Lazarus is happy or not about imagine Lazarus coming on the really really and now and now they want to kill Lazarus you as now I want to kill him again. But here's why here's the point. People were coming though Jesus not just because of Jesus like and what Jesus did, they were coming to Jesus because Lazarus told them the story of what Jesus did in his life.

Allison Lazarus has a powerful testimony Lazarus's testimony literally is I was dead and now I'm not that powerful but can I tell you that that's your testimony to see your testimony in my customer the same. We were dead in our sins and our not come on somebody Friday. That is our testimony. Sin leads to death were on the wrong path.

And Jesus comes and he saves us in first John chapter 5 verse 11 and 12 as is. This is the testimony that God has given us eternal life in this life is in his son and whoever has the son has life over does not have the son of God does not have life. Listen, listen, can we say the same thing are people coming though Jesus because of our story again you know I have to wrestle neither wrestlers Jesus our king. We also got a wrestle with how we actually telling the story of what Jesus did in our life. Are there people, neighbors, coworkers, classmates, other people in our community. Comments know Jesus because of our story is we have the greatest story we have the greatest testimony. You don't have to literally be brought back from death to life, to have a good story. Our story is beautiful in itself. We were created by God for God in God. He loved her so much that he sent his only son to give his life on our behalf that we could have eternal life. That is a great story in this world is filled with people that don't have that story.

They only have the first part the first part is that God gave Jesus for the whole world were all grateful for that.

So the whole world has that part of the story, but somewhere it has to transition from from the general to a personal Jesus you are my King which was the third and final point… That's Jesus.

Our helper so Jesus our king, Jesus, our story and Jesus our helper in John chapter 12 verse 12, the 19th as of the next day the large crowd that, that have come to the feast heard Jesus coming to Jerusalem. So are you alright this is your Mr. part Saverio Richard branches of palm and went out to meet him and they cry here. You got me a one line your writing that they keep one person got right on the count of three. Yet one line you write your writing.

By the way, works with Zana I Palmer is a rape 123 chemical. Imagine a crowd yelling hosanna yelling hosanna waving palm branches uses on the donkeys riding through it.

Yelling hosanna here comes Jesus the King of Israel, just on the young donkey sits on as it's written here is that science is I am again if you're not daughter of Zion, behold, your King is coming sitting on a donkey's colt.

So he's coming to the city again. There there putting the putting these pieces together. This is Jesus, the prophecy here he comes, the king of the Jews are coming there land on the palm branches. This is a crowd of them with them when he was with Lazarus calling him out of the tomb like they literally saw this across all Lazarus coming back to life raising from the dead continue to bear witness. The reason why the crowd might want to meet him is that they heard he had done the sign. The first is said to one another. You see that you are gaining nothing look I love this. The world has gone after him high stuffer moment we live as if use their king and we live sharing his story. My prayers at the world will follow Jesus. The Pharisees are seeing this in action. There are literally see and here's the story referred to Lazarus. When we see Lazarus when you know it's real referred all the accounts and the size of Jesus done in hearing on the Ferris are going well world is going to follow Jesus was the meeting was an hosanna the word hosanna it's in Aramaic and Hebrew as originally right for help. The word is actually cry for help is also a cry of happiness in the world. Zana Trevor happiness is what's happening is that as the crowd is celebrating Jesus there also asked Russell Selby here comes the king of Israel, the king of the Jews. Here he is now more will you help help us will press, we are lost we are needing of the Savior. We need the Messiah. We've heard about this passed down from generation to generation to generation. Now here you are. Zechariah 99 like to go into detail there but Zechariah's name means Yahweh. Remember Zechariah's the one who prophesies that that Jesus is coming on the non-is writing instances going to come in and sit in the seat of Zion is all this is happening. Could it be that Yahweh, the Lord has remembered the promise king is here. All our hopes and all are all are ambitions all the things that we want. He's finally here. The crowd is yelling hosanna to level one women, one moment yelling received by him.

The next line and that will hopefully now you can see a bigger picture of the crowd is acknowledging Jesus coming in and be a warrior negotiating in establish his kingdom.

Now they're seeing him being on trial and crucified so that very moment perhaps they were full of hope, thinking that. Is the one sending see it happening or happening the way they thought it was supposed to happen.

How quickly they turn in youngers Matthew chapter 27 of us in a paraphrase this but Matthew 27. You get the picture that Alex got Barabbas Jesus now it was customary for than the release of prisoner this time of year so pilot again not find anything wrong when Jesus says will bring me up Barabbas's unknown criminal people only Kim Shirley Bill same release Jesus and prescribe Barabbas that that was Pollard's heart behind that. We know that was that's what he was trying to do and so he brings about their reasons we want to release something to the crowd parcel same crowd that acknowledged hosanna that the Pharisees and the chief reason the elders were persuading the crowd to answer Barabbas and to destroy Jesus so the governor against that which of the tsunami release and they said Barabbas deposit again and what you want me to do with Jesus else in the crowd said person causes why, what evil is done, but he shouted all the more, let him be crucified. Here's some irony for you ready for a little irony of this passage, Barabbas's name has two words in bar and bar means son Robin means father son of the father, Barabbas known criminal. They actually release a known criminal and killed the actual son of the father, thank you so see a lot of people have expectations or needs. I do have expectation of Jesus to save us from some rescue us from some. What happens in doesn't work out the way you hoped. What happens if on Sunday or waving the palm branch going yea here's Jesus using a rescue. As you can help us and that the same renters and use help me with this.

Whatever it is now in relationships with finances would help help me with my life in general. My future help with everything. What happens if we view it as if Jesus pelvis because he didn't answer.

The way we thought.

What if answers now 21 is still your King is still your King infuses and answer your prayer the way you think is going to answer when you crucify more you worship the crowded crowd wanted him to be the king.

These reasons, and all were the right reasons from the moment that they didn't see it go on their way there, like who needs Jesus amazed at how much we did this, Lord, rescue me, Lord, save me, Lord help me Lloyd and do it right into the way I want to do it so I'll move on to something ask you this morning.

Will you acknowledge him as your King you see your King whether he answers your prayer the way things are not will you become your story is is see your testimony and ultimately your home is he the one that that we still go to that we still need that we still shout hosanna to and trust that he is

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