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6: Faith - When the Impossible Becomes Possible!

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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February 7, 2022 1:00 pm

6: Faith - When the Impossible Becomes Possible!

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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When the impossible becomes possible. This month of February. I want to talk to you about how to walk a victorious faith filled life of faith that believes for the impossible to become possible things in your life that you are praying over and having faith in God's get a move that seem like a mountain that Godzilla move so that seems so crazy to everybody else but to you your haying on the faith affect another little titles playing with this kind of this simply it's only crazy until it happens. Others things. I believe for that. Hopefully your believing for that seem crazy to everybody else until happens and is not what faith is sometimes faith is believing the impossible. Faith is believing whatever they also say and it's not possible enough when the doctors say that's all they can do when the job market looks like there is no job when your kids are running away from God when you're struggling in areas your life when you're struggling in a broken marriage, is it not that that time when everything seems impossible until you look to a God of all possibilities, helping somebody this morning to grow in your faith, listen.

It's about faith as well, believing that God can do the impossible, believe that with you, and you might not believe it today.

Maybe you'll start believing it next week or the following week, but I am praying and believing that God will do something amazing in your life was defined faith versed in Scripture in Hebrews chapter 11 verse 1 to 3. It's how the Hall of Fame of faith, but it starts by this says faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Verse two it says for by the people of all receive their commendation. In verse three by faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.

This is what faith is. In other words, faith is things that are hope for its things in our life that were hoping for that we haven't seen yet is believing in the impossible things is believing that that if I take this next step that God you're not me me there. I love how they associate faith with hope, because faith godly faith.

Faith not of myself. Faith nodded you are an organization, not even in a church or title, but we put faith in God. It leads to hope. It just does. That's how faith works. The reason why we are hopeless is because possibly we haven't put our faith in God. We put it in something else he put in what we can do it ourselves, and often times I find that that's my greatest hindrance the faith my greatest hundreds of faith often is just I'm just trying to do myself.

I'm trying to figure out the next.

I'm trying to figure out what's going to happen next and trying to figure out the next move and sometimes what God is wanting is a just just trust me. Just trust me that what I said I'll do just trust me when you stand on the true biblical morals and guidelines that God's gonna be there with us, so faith is believing in the unknown is believing in what we cannot see, so there that the people of old, the faith receive their account accommodation that way because they were trusting in your believe and I want us to be a people that trust and belief of the impossible. In James chapter 2 verse 17 it begins to define faith even more. I think is very important when it comes to faith. I me know that faith is action faith action in James 217, 18. This is so also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead but some will say you have faith and I have works. Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works, faith requires action.

In other words, you after talk the talk. You have to walk the walk through this this high translate that often times in our lives. Don't just tell me that you love God show me don't just tell me that you know God is shown by the way you live your life in other words you can't say that we love God, then verbally attack people and gossip about people and slander people we can say we love God and then not love our neighbor because of some weird difference we have with them. We can say we love God with a never serving never given never connect with God see this is what happens. Often times in Christian life we say we love God we attend church and kind that's what stops and often times we kind of think just as I'm a good person. This is I'm not making big mistakes and that's enough but know where the show our faith but will be due by our actions by how we operate that I know this to be true.

Our Christian life. Our Christian life will become exciting and victorious when we are walking in active faith now walking and more knowledge now walking through another study, not just attending more things, but an active faith if you're not practicing after faith that your Christian life will be boring.

It will be lazy and will be purely for self consumption. That's what happens.

Often times in our Christian life and become stale because lazy becomes boring and also becomes all about me what I want. I like what I need for my life. It's kind like feed me feed me feed me entertained me sick to my ears. If you're the program I want to be of this thing that I want all these things mean me, me, me, me. See a true Christian life of faith is action. It's going out and giving and serving as putting the practice all the things that we say that we believe ever I careful becomes dull. For I careful worship this morning was just something else that you did. There is no life there is no passion.

There is no connection to God. But when we live in our life in active faith or actually outside the walls. This church in the trenches living by faith, witnessing, sharing our faith trusting God for that miracle or something that comes alive inside of who we are becomes alive and who we are. Miss you question that I often ask myself in order.

Just make sure that I have this check moment. Here's the question, what are you doing right now, today, that if God does not show up.

It's doomed to fail.

I want to think about that hard for a moment. Is there anything that you're doing in your life right now. Today, where if God doesn't show up. It is all going to fall apart and here's my asked that question I asked that question because often times, the extent of our faith is what were able to do whether God shows up or not. And that's the extent of our faith, but that is not faith church. I want to instill nonsense and growing us almost as this crazy amounts of impossible until it happens. Faith. It's kind of similar victory where in your life are you living by faith where you walking where you don't know your next step.

You don't know how it's going to work out you just know that God called you to do something so your walking and entered in Truscott until that and if you're struggling to find an answer. Then you my friend are right on the verge of having a dull, boring, self consuming Christian life is similar victory similar to that in our nature that we got going do something with the faith that God's given us the fact that as a reminder victory. We got these little cooler penance by the way I had appear to serve the early brochure now so on the way out the experiences above the doors.

The North, the south side of NE cider and get these on the way out, but reason I bring this up now. Sometimes I'll use a little reminder. I love that guy when he's hanging in my office raises, hang in there with a magnet on the side of my cabinets is sitting there reminded me okay got on the walking victory over walking faith unlocking trust in the walking hope in all that you are a good opportunity for us to put in the practice were believing that our church on many levels were believing and trusting that God can give us favor and approval of the city to these fields out were believing for you in your life, or believing for the ministers are going to happen we we for the lives or to change here. We don't know all the next steps which makes it so much passion in our prayer life.

The hunger for the pray for to believe God for in Hebrews 11 six is a verse that I read years and years ago, resident young believer that is always stuck out to me and says this in Hebrews 11 six without faith it's impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.

In other words, even even just the ability for us to trust God and believe God requires faith in others.

If we don't trust them were not walking in faith. That means were not pleasing and it requires faith to actually please God, I'm often amazed at how often we can trust God for eternity with our souls, we can civilly trust them with our everyday life, that amazing, we can begin we can accept them in our life. We can ask you to forgive us of all of our sins we can read Gobi foreman open up our life and sig. I want to trust you with my very soul for all eternity.

Beguile take her tomorrow beguile take care of the situation got. I can walk in faith and my life and my relationships in my health, like a walking faith in my finances and I can walk in faith for my children so got an anonymous almond to take care of this guy just take care of all the big things. That's not trusting God that's not pleasing the guy we talked about faith and we can often get to the point in our life. I've seen it happen in my life is to happen, and countless others lives that that our life would not look any different if we eliminate God from this the kind of faith I'm talking about again. Just think about your life, would your life look any different if God didn't even do anything with your life. Just look the same with to be any faith any drive any passion without God or just be the same so often times we get so use in so used to living our life safe so used to living our life. Maybe, without godless we actually really need him in a big way that often time we get our life so used to living without God that we don't even recognize that is with us on take you to the Old Testament. To me this is one of the saddest passages of Scripture that I've read personally and it's in Judges chapter 16 verse 18 to 20. Just a couple verses.

This is near the end of Samson's life by the way, you don't know Samson is Samson is the strongest man recorded. There was a covenant made that was directly tied to the hair on his head. His mom made a covenant with God when he was young that no razor would touch his head and that covenant remained that he be strong God-given supernatural strength and answer Samson at one countless battles either. There's amazing stories of you if you want to read action based Bible read about Samson's victories in fighting where he grabbed the jawbone of a donkey and beat down hundreds of men are coming out repeat took out armies by himself and people by himself and then he meets Delilah. It's a woman that he never should've been with.

He enters into a relationship that was never meant to be and she starts to get played by the Philistines who is the director enemy of Samson. The Philistines start to go to Delilah basically said while we know that Samson's, and all of you got a got a right in the palm of your hand, Delilah, would you would you find out the source of his strength for us and then were to come over and capture so Delilah tries us a few times and Samson also displays with various toys with her.

She asked one night to give you strength and he gives her to some weird answer and that she doesn't and the Philistines calmly breaks free and it beats him away.

This happens a few times. You would think that by now Samson get the point. But but listen when we stop living with God the Holy Spirit just doesn't sound as loud as he normally does. We stop living a life for God.

We stop living our life with the Holy Spirit's guidance and Samson ignore what God was speaking to him ignored it because Samson started the live life on his own strength. This brings us to Judges chapter 60 says.

When Delilah saw that he told her all his heart's meeting. He finally disclosed that he cut my hair. I lose my strength, she said, and called the lords of the Philistines saying come up again just told me all his heart to look lords of the Philistines came up to her in and brought the money in her hands paid her off. She made him sleep on her knees.

She called Amanda and Adam shave out the seven locks of the said this begin to torment him and his strength left. Here is the saddest verse in the Bible to makes it so real. It is so scary happens by more than you think. She said the Philistines are upon you Samson and he awoke from his sleep and he said I will go out as before, shake myself free losses.

But he did not know the Lord left so he goes out its capture that actually take out his eyes and string between two pillars is Michael imbued him. He did not know that the Lord left, he thought to himself I done this before than this 100 times out as God is before never sought the Lord never asked the Lord stop living by what the Lord told the live broke the covenant with God and still expected God to bless him to ask fearful not to me is more requesting a prayer and that is simply this May we never live our lives apart from being led by the Lord to the reminder. There's a meal that sets adverse it's it's it's big, big flashing sign reminder in my life and in your life.

May we never live our life apart from the Lord, and if we live our lives in and for him. It will require faith because faith is the substance of belief. Faith is the driver of action. My biggest fear for us is that we get so used to live in our life apart from God that we almost fool ourselves in thinking that were still being led by his Holy Spirit. This happened to Samson.

It can happen us from assuring out opposite side ousting enough faith in figure 2, Scripture, and of course I thought about Noah and just think about Noah for just a moment. Noah is building an ark, and is never seen rain before not just think about that moment for second God comes to Noah he asked in the build an ark citizen to be rain and floods know it has never said no rain from heaven, as has fallen the earth at that time was was water from within.

Noah has no idea what rain is, no idea what a flood looks like and then he spends years upon years building an ark for something nobody's ever seen before and in Hebrews 11 seven. This is by faith Noah, being warned by God concerning events as yet unseen in reverent fear constructed an ark for the saving of his household. By this he condemned the world, and he became an heir of the righteousness that comes by faith.

In Genesis 622 I love this versus Noah did this three words he did all he did all that God commanded. This is what faith does teachers faith leads us to do all that God commanded, even if it seems crazy even if it seems impossible.

Are we willing to do all that God commanded us to. Now the question begs will how to know in no that this was God and not just him because Noah had a relationship with Noah knew how God spoke to Noah knew that he knew that he knew that this is the voice of God speaking. You can only imagine how many people walk past Noah building a big boat for a flood and rain that has never happened. Up to that point and yet Noah did all that he called him to do. Listen, you don't have to understand what God may be doing in order to obey, you have to know every next step in order to obey God. If we did that would require any faith would. I don't know sometimes most of time what God's trying to do in the future. I just know is common to take this step towards it. We don't know the outcome. Often time we don't know what's next. Sometimes what God is calling us to take a step toward the impossible, just up believe what he is and God is calling us tell you right now I know is calling you to unique to crazy to impossible faith. We walk in it, will we believe God for the impossible possible.

Matthew 1926 Jesus looked at them as they were talking about talking about salvation, talking about what was happening in the life and the response was this, he says with man this is impossible, but I love this next point. But with God all things are possible. Just another reminder that what we look at what God might be calling us to do may seem really really impossible but with God all things are possible. I hope that's is well with you. I hope that you find hope in that it is member faith and hope, go together so you might be senior struggling with an impossible situation in your life have you stop believing for the impossible heavy stop trusting and believing that God can actually do the impossible make it possible to close this morning by reading a passage in John chapter 9. The concern over there.

John nine verses 1 to 12. It's healing miracle that Jesus did this miracle will not give us for final thoughts about faith for chronic takeaways that you and I can apply in our life. In John chapter 9 verse 1 to 12 as is. This is Jesus passed by, and he saw a blind man from birth. His disciples asked him, Rabbi, who send this man or his parents that he was born blind out the reason for the question is, that was the great belief early on that if you had any sickness. If you had a disease. If there is something wrong in your life. It's because either you or your parents and was merely painted you in a bad picture if you had an element and that must be well there sin in your life.

If so, me sick. I must mean that there sin in your life.

So the disciples are simply asking a question that I would just assume this guy's been blind since birth. So who send him or his parents love Jesus answer is, as it was not this man sin or his parents, bosses, but that the works of God might be displayed in him so wasn't any fault of his parents are him.

Could it be that this was a set up for God to be glorified in his life. In verse four it says we must work the works of him who sent me while it's still day night is coming when no one can work as long as I am in the world I am the light of the world.

Having said these things out bosses work.

This is were beginning to get a little crazy impossible always thought this was, not funny but interesting passage of Scripture because what happens next in trying to some trying to hear it from the blind guy's point of view, here's commotion he hears you live you can see, and so he just hears things at his hearing.

She is have a side conversation with the disciples and that all sunny hears Jesus spinning in the ground where I go do that this morning or we can imagine Dreiser close also to hear how Jesus spat, but he spent he spent so much that he made months.

It was like a little I'm sure he made mud out of his saliva so, does the passage right so he spends in the ground makes mud and then he thinks the mother is spent on it's not a guys eyes never been done before. There was a mud spinning ministry that I know of in Scripture, there wasn't some kind of organization that taught how to do this back his disciples to be cut. They never asked him how to do it by going what is wrong with Jesus. He's putting mud and this guys eyes. He puts his mother's eyes. And then Jesus says this he says now go wash in the pool slow doesn't even heal right there on the spot. He still blind Jesus now blind was spent mud on his face.

He still blind this guy goes and washed and came back seeing comes back the neighbors know we'll find this later.

Jesus didn't even stick around to see the miracle happen to spit in the mud made mud. But as I said go wash in the water.

And Jesus left he comes back in the neighbors and those who had seen him begging as before were saying is this not the man who assisted use the bag and some said it see other said no, it's not him but he kept saying I am the man I am the guy in other words, people, even after the miracle.

People are still doubting the miracle this guy comes back from birth.

I never moved from that little town set in the same spot begging every day completely blind comes back seeing and some people are going to know I'm not sure I you be like if media like the guy I was blind, now I can see I don't know maybe you can look like a baby what you mean up on the guys like trying to talk to people this way, please send them with and how are your eyes open and how this happened and the answers that the man called Jesus made mud and anointed my eyes and send me go to Sloman wash. So I went, washed their see my site, but they said where is was is got Jesus and you said I have no idea. All I know is I can see for a quick takeaways this morning. First, what is this faith is God working through us set the works of God might be on displayed in and through us. See oftentimes what faith really is is God working through us just simply said his work is on display for people to see is that our faith is common to believe for the impossible.

And then when it becomes possible. I don't get any credit for. That's kind of the best side of faith is not about me receiving credit is not about this guy receiving credit, it's about the works of God being on display for all to see our life as followers of Jesus should be on display for all to see. The Bible speaks that we are light of the world that we should shine bright that Jesus through us, should shine to all the ends of the earth was hard to do that without faith is how to do that without action second one is this number two that faith requires trust required trust. Let's talk now from the side of the guy the blind man a required trust for him just to do what Jesus told the do you know was going on he just heard it, he felt it he could've sat there and said this is disgusting. This is grosses makes no sense. I never heard about this before. This never happened before. Some I get this mud off my eyes and we go sit back down and beg instead what he do you follow the one simple instruction Jesus on the do go wash your face. Go to this spot.

This location and wash your face I believe that that guy was not healed until he went and washed his face, but you can almost imagine his heart. Every step he took was his faith increasing more and more and more you think you pride battle, doubt and fear probably maybe battle some doubt.

Maybe that'll some fear maybe battle the what if's in life. What if this doesn't work when you found out the blind guy got spit on, and that's why I am now worth this doesn't happen to study does he follow Jesus's commandments and went and washed his face because he trusted up. We don't have to know every step to trust him. God I'm sure is recalling some of you to do something and the only thing holding you back. His unit is afraid to take the first step is a miracle waiting at the end of it.

There's something that God's gonna do at the end of this journey and if you're too afraid to take the first step.

It could be that you never see that miracle happen.

You never see what God's going to do the third one is this that faith can be unique for you and it could be for you in the circumstance for you of the way I read this verse, the disciples and us today. We don't have a mud spitting business. Now that might sound funny but often what Jesus did the people just began to mirror and doing and try to emulate it. This is a one thing for one individual and one circumstance's personal your faith journey is going different than mine. The steps that God's calling you to do might not be what is calling anybody else to do, but God can speak to you specifically, he could have a unique calling in your life and the unique ministry is got something special for you.

You can't just do what I do, you can just follow with some else does God's call me on a certain path.

That's not your path. My path we can encourage each other along the way.

We can shout along the way but I got what my faith journey because his mind walk and you have to walk yours. You can't get on the back and piggyback some else's journey, your faith, your relationship your calling is yours. But when you walk it.

This was going to happen. Others are going to start to walk there as well, something amazing about on the fourth point is this is faith should always point you will back to Jesus as your stepping in your faith and walking in your faith and and walking with God's called you to do.

As scary as it might be as fearful as you might be in as doubtful as you might be as you're taking that step as shaky as it might be. It should always point people to Jesus and you listen, the server says that let us brag on Jesus, not ourselves. Let's make much of him and and less of us is not about walking in faith and in turn ongoing and look at how amazingly faithful I am everybody, look at how great I look at all the guys doing because I'm so wonderful now it's his is walking in faith do we do that others will see that man, your household will follow that people walk and follow what you do what you say how you lead people in your company's in your school, your friends will start watching that will see that the start asking the questions about what you doing and why you're doing it where the faith is what an opportunity to point people to Jesus. Faith the impossible until it becomes possible

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