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5: Why You Can Have Personal Hope

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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January 31, 2022 3:00 pm

5: Why You Can Have Personal Hope

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Good morning. You know what your mother as well were so about you this morning very excited about launching in of something that I am very very expected for. I think that really truly over the next three months especially here Crossroads. I am really praying for God to see a movement you know I don't.

I want just build ministries or build a program about you balance your movement.

Write a movement that transforms the city a movement to transform lives contradictory to somebody already, you will be part of a movement right I was to gather something amazing in our city and around the world and I really do believe that often sign that starts with what we do right here this morning right here in this place and as Pastor Daniel said I want to thank you again immensely from all of our elders and all of our staff are the way that you stay connected with that you stayed involved the way that you've given and supported with prayer with financial giving with your volunteerism with serving an across-the-board it's been so encouraging mostly about this the other day, leave this world talking about. Now think about what God has done over the last two years affect myself and David Howell, our executive pastor were talking of the day and sometimes we get so wrapped up in what's happening right now at the very moment that we get so wrapped up in what's happening on the news around us of the world around us or our own lives me know it's good sometimes just a step back and just reflect on what God has actually done and I I just know that when we do that, I promise you, even in your life.

Even if this last year's been a tough year.

I believe that if you just take time and you see where has God actually showed up and move.

You know II just believe there's gonna be there and it was so encouraging for me as your pastor just to stop for a moment say look at what God's done the last two years I would say that it's worth this week, but God the only way this happened is because of God but God, you know we can we can make all the excuses and all the stuff that's happened in the world. But then there's that. But God part and I will encourage you. That's the same true for your life to that whatever brought you to this point. I pray that even right now that that that sentence ends in a new sentence begins.

This is, but God showed up but God move but God healed but God did something in my life.

But God provided, but God moved and I'm just very very excited and hopeful for that. So you know that this last year we've entitled the whole year reached 21 in order to reach people and we will walk you through the epistles and we would go to the epistles and goals of the epistles. And in trying to help us equip and establish what God's trying to do and last month we literally preach through the entire reach acronym. I encourage you go back and watch that there's a lot of resources on YouTube as well that you can use to help train you in to evangelize to reach your neighbors and your friends or coworkers. But let me tell you, to where we got to today and how we got here today because it makes sense as we dive into the next three months couple Sunday nights ago, I was just kind of sitting in a chair at home is late at night. There was, and better just got a chill out of my house and I was, partially watching some TV, partially thinking about Sunday morning a person looking at your comments and emails and praying and in those thinking about the next couple Sundays ahead. And as I was sitting there I was thinking about our next sermon series and the epistles. And in all that and and really choose all those moments that I would say that God as clearly as I heard them just spoke and and what he spoke was just the word hope, and in the in a moments time God was tell me you know whatever you had planned for the forwarders.

Can I get rid of that and literally. That night I just started writing and wrote out the next three months worth of messages for a circus church outlined and it starts with hope. So were to tell you where we are in the epistles so you can finish out the epistles but if it's okay with you on the skin obey God and take a little detour and just how pay attention to what God's trying to do in our life and in our world and and him and so this month effective got a big word, in case you don't know the theme yet the word is hope appear this month is all dedicated to hope I have four messages this month and really what's can happen is your guitar one and two today of a message that entitled why you can personally have hope. So my hope for you is that you will leave your completely excited about the hope you have in Christ and reminded of it and then in three weeks morning talk about why we can have hope in the church for about that for two weeks and so truly personal hope, and hope in the church, not the institution of the church that we as the church and what God's trying to do.

October the title for the month of October and telling of this you can pray, but also seek invite people.

I will tell you this. If there's a time to reach out your neighbors during the church. It's right now between now and then the and the end of the year because I think that really would God speak and is going to be so incredibly needed for right now in the season of my life. I know that for sure. But the whole theme for October is God I can handle anymore and was in the talk very real for about four weeks or talk real about what it feels like will be socially praying anymore words are very real for a few weeks about what it feels like when we don't feel like we can handle one more day, you felt that way last year, there will be some either feel that way.

This morning the November rent talk all about relationships.

In November and then we start Advent at the end of November. Going into the Christmas season and a and then there we go through the rest the year of LC pray because I really think that what God's driving us to and given us for us right now. This morning for the next 23 months is give you so clearly needed and come from a biblical point of view right so not talking of putting our hope in the world are prayer hope in somebody else, or even a program that works with Randy dialing into Scripture. So today would give us five reasons is the part one, five reasons why you personally have hope this morning and so you need to get your Bibles out you get some pens outward some devices out to take some notes. Each one of these five points is got off pastor Scripture. I want to share from an title together, but I will start with Romans 1513 Romans 1513 urine here a lot this month and did many different ways that I think can shared it on the lead in coming in and I love this verse because it simply says this may the God of hope will just pause there for a moment as I out what's happening around us in the world and we know this to be true to the happens and Olive were not careful in the set of may the God of hope, we say, made the job of hope Mayor finances of hope Mayor own personal skill set of hope. May our relationships of hope soon I think often times we find ourselves finding hope are looking for hope in the wrong areas. And that goes true for Christians to I think often times we forget all yet there is a God that is a God of hope and want to watch what this means. He says, may the God of hope fill you possibly say fill you by.

This is important, fill you so is not just give you a little bit of hope, somebody is not just give you a fraction of hope. It is May the God of hope fill you and would hope brings is a couple of things it brings joy in it brings peace so hearing this whole month is about you and I getting back to a state of joy and of peace. I know I'm enjoying peace in my life. I know that this world and your neighbors and your coworkers and your classmates, your family I know they also need joy and peace and as this verse continues with similar services as you hear ago. Trust him as you trust him. See hope comes from trusting him. The reason why we don't have joy.

The reason why we struggle with peace at times.

The reason why we allow anxiety and worry and stress and all those things hit us. The reason why we have those sleepless nights could be because we stop trusting him. It all comes from trusting them in this is that when we trust him then then we will overflow with hope.

So if you want to reach our world. We want to impact society and I know we do. I know that this is the church that wants to see transformation happen. It happens when you and I overflow of the good things that God is doing in our life. And so for pursuing and trusting God for hope in our life. And there's joy and peace inside of us. Guess what's going to come out it bodices were overflow overflow with hope. One of the reasons why think God is love.

This way is I've had a time of conversations with people over the last year and 1/2 tons more so lately again as we see just different things in the world happening again.

Not all bad things right this good things and great things happening to better see the things unfold the world.

Most of the conversations I have with people have a tendency to start to turn to where people start saying things like this and abscond exhausted.

I'm just tired.

I'm tired of working from home and tired of zoom. I'm tired of kids being home all year just how back-to-school I'm tired of having to do all these different things. I'm tired of the unknown, just exhausted's exhausted. I think if you're honest with yourself. There's times where you probably felt that same way tired this last year and 1/2 is exhausting. If not, emotionally and mentally I'm highly concerned of our mental health of the things that's affecting us right now and I think so many people right now in the world and maybe you are in such survival mode.

We just trying to make it through it mean justice beyond his home. He thought we got defaulting to be a little bit different than they are right now.

I know I did.

I was so excited about fall coming in and getting a sense of what we we can get Sue in and now I know here we go, and it just really go here we go again. Again, some people have a great year to have some people thrive some human up and down so it's on warpaint this gloom doom picture is not all bad, but I think that we can all agree that it's been exhausting. It's been a little tiresome, I get taken more naps in the last year that I think I had II hate taking naps and meals with me. Anybody hate naps. I hate taking naps. I always feel worse after a nap. I don't feel better. The other day. It was like middle of the afternoon was last Saturday I was just on a home is watching TV and I added I maybe because I'm old Daniel M 4047 47 I met the age where have to stop and do math and so 47 and I think I just I just fall asleep no and don't even realize I fall asleep and emerge summary like that missile you walk in a room they're totally talking and the next thing you know they're out, that's now me Kristin like I am like that died out and I woke up I startled the other day I might my son is standing in the doorway just staring at me coming like the man cave TVs islanders Audis us there in a minute. We got a little like what's wrong with you. You I've taken more naps in the last little bit.

By the way naps are very biblical.

Jesus took naps. Okay, so was his call.

What is the fact he took naps on the boat. So come on people with both the lake houses your your following Jesus all the way to the two, October, preacher one passes the entire month with some subtext. I feel so strongly to preach out of the book of Kings with the story of Elijah and only get ahead of me but it paints the picture were going. Elijah, who is a powerful profit. God uses him to destroy the profits of bill hundreds and hundreds of profits, and then Jezebel threatens him and he literally runs he has full on depression and he literally sits on of this tree by a broken just wants to die and I just think that if again if were not careful and if a ruler self.

We have one moment where we say God your amazing look at how did you showed up the next moment you would be sitting by this brook that's just right up and your families, your tired and your exhausted. The thing I love about the serializer's when he was struggling.

God didn't yell at him and beat him up what God did. That's it going. Rest in God gave them food and God give them drink.

I just feel that that's the state of where a lot of people are right now and if you're not in that state then then you need to be the ones that are hope of the rest of us out because you're overflowing with hope and so that that's what this whole thing, comes in the play that if you're having a great season. The life and I pray that you are by the when I hope that by the end of this morning.

It's good to be even better. But at some point we have to be the ones that are just pouring out and pouring on the people's lives, so you only give us five reasons why you personally can have up this morning .1. Is this the first reason and some loser to be 10 things you've heard in some of them might be have a different spin, but the first one that I personally I started with this one because I'm so excited about sharing this. The first ones this is that those who are for you are more than those who are against you listen to me church.

You can have hope today because the God that is for you and the Angel army that is for you is more than anything and anybody against you two of you know that the rest you're gonna learn that real quick second Kings chapter 6 this is Eli Shaw not to be confused with Elijah. So what happens is Elijah God actually takes his anointing and God takes Elijah's anointing and gives it to Elisha and Elisha them becomes this profit that come up there, comes after Elijah, and so this is now Elisha and Elisha is now established himself as a prophet, a miracle worker is an amazing things and just real quickly and second Kings chapter 6 Elisha and his servant are in the city and it says this when the servant of the man of God, rose early in the morning and went out, behold, an army with horses and chariots all around the city. You can imagine that this.this is Elisha's servant gets up, you know you all wake up right you wake up very few people wake up ready to go right you wake up you can leave a groggy know you for the coffee you're looking for whatever you go for run whatever you're doing this, give them get ready magic walking out with your cuppa coffee her head and see in all of Raleigh, surrounded by an enemy of physical enemy would chariots and horses in artillery and military imagine them all coming because they know that you're there and they want to take over that city and they're all coming to kill you and your master and the people there so this is what the servant sees so you can imagine him like opening the door walking out and going, back in a little bit.

I want everyone running into Elisha's room screaming auto on the what his tone was a something you can't tell tone right but I can imagine his toe wasn't like alas, my master, what shall we do when you think your toe would've been some of you are been little panics.

I remember little little little worried a little bit coming at running your like me.

It's time we can imagine them as a moment and I love Elisha Elisha didn't even go outside. This is the kind of faith that you and I can have you committed outcome is Elijah's gonna sitting in a chair reading the paper. Drink some coffee. Servant comes tearing and yelling were beginning to broken the die is Elisha's response 11 Elisha's response says don't be afraid, those who are with us are more than those who are with them. Then Elisha prayed a prayer that I'm afraid for you. He prays this prayer Lord, open his eyes that he may see. So the Lord opened his eyes of the young man and he saw, and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha Curtis encourage you this morning that the God and his army are with you wherever you go, the God of the universe and his army is with you and he is for you.

My prayer for you is Lord, open your eyes to see that sometimes with rock careful what we do we see the mountain we see the enemy if you're talking David and Goliath you're seeing the Giants if you're singing a song that Emily sang so wonderfully about walking around these walls wish they would follow these relates all walls 40 thick, about 40 feet thick and in huge is what what are they gonna fall make maybe your look. Looking at all the stuff in all the circumstances you're looking at the news looking affect in a study looking at the earthquake you're looking at the that the hurricane you look at your finances you looking at covert you look at sickness you're looking at kids make the list as a mile-long. The reason we lose hope is because were fixated on that we forget to say you have a look at God, look at what God can do is listen to me. The first reason you need to have hope is that the God of the universe is on your side, and with him all things are possible.

There is no enemy to big. There is no sickness to strong personal financial situation. Too bad that God cannot move and heal and set free. Amen.

Somebody that's the first reason why you and I can have number two. The second reason why he moved through these, the second one again maybe is a reminder that God has a plan for your life affect look at something next year just to God's got a plan for you. Tell them that remind them of that God has a plan for you.

It's true.

Jeremiah 29, 11 to 13. I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans for welfare not for evil plans give you hope and a future. They will call upon me and come and pray to me and I will hear you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all of your heart to God's plan for our life was in a few things God's for you guys not trying to ruin you is not trying to end you he's not trying to make your life miserable. God has a plan for your life, and this plan is for you to do well. This plan is for welfare not for evil. This plan is to give you a future and a hope. And again, just like just like the first point we made mention of that Elisha prayed for God to open his eyes and he saw this prayer this this prayer is simply similar that if we want to have the hope in the future. They got has forced what is say we have to do seek him and with the cecum with all of our heart. So yes, it's true that God has a plan for your life is at a hope and a future for your life.

He's got welfare and not harm for your life is like God has a right here force in the way to get that is that we got a cecum with all of our heart and always seeking with all of our heart. Then we actually know how were supposed to live our life the way they were supposed to walk the way they were supposed to interact elegantly with this way, that in order to take what God has, we gotta let go of what we have so some point in our life. We gotta let go of our own plans and our own hope in our own future and we gotta grab a hold of what God has for sick and I know that for some people it's very scary for some people it's really difficult to do for some people it's really difficult to let go of that control to let go of what God's trying to do and you like to let go of your own plan in your own purpose and what you can do and just trust a member, the God of hope, right give it to you. But as we trust him so overgrown walk in the plan God has for our life. Gotta trust him with a plan we are. Trust that he knows us better than we know ourselves. We have a trust that he knows everything that's happening before it even happens. We trust that he's got some plan in this life that he saw a friend that is good even through the difficult points in life to know what some you're thinking your thinking well that's true God must not have me high on the list right now.

It's been a struggle. It is been hard to the same time they got has a plan for life and will call the cecum Jews also told us that is can be difficult that their sin enters disease and there's difficulty you can't control what other people do all we can control is what we do.

So the second reason why you need to have immense hope today is the God who created everything has a plan for your life. The question is are you walking in it are we being obedient in the plan that God has for us right now.

This morning, and again, maybe you don't have peace in your life or hope in your life or join life because somewhere along the way, you kind of taken off your own planning, peeled off at God's plan, but your your close enough.

You know you're close enough to still feel gotta be a part of Dell but you're not really walking in this plan. The third thing is is number three.

The third reason why we can have personal hope is because God is already in my tomorrow which means I have strength for today this once it's so very real with me. I often think about this point that of God's already knew my tomorrow that I don't have to worry about tomorrow. If God's already knows what my next step is tomorrow, then guess what, it gives me today gives me total confidence to be in the moment today. This is why tells us not to worry not to be anxious. In Matthew 634 E. is therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow tomorrow.

Be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day as its own trouble.

In other words, today's got its own troubles for today.

There's things facing us today. There's the God has for us today.

Don't worry about tomorrow.

He reminds us in Scripture that if you take care of the birds in the fields and the flowers isn't going to take care of you. The God knows exactly what we need when we need it again it comes down to trust of Oregon Avenue. Hope you have to have trust someone 39 verse 16 says your eyes saw my unformed substance in your book were written every one of them. The days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.

In other words, God formed us in the womb he newest God marked out our days ahead of us. He already has a plan in our life, he knows us. He knows her next steps. This is why it's so important for us that we are there we are for life. You don't look much further than Scripture understand that that there is a living being inside the womb.

The gun needed us together inside that will that is a new business together. He's already ordained all the days of our life. Life is so incredibly precious, so precious there. There was thinking that as I was I was, holding our our six month old foster child that states and I have had him since birth and sooner holding and I was thinking about this morning. I was looking at him and and I was honestly praying the prayer of Jabez over his life.

I I did it with all my kids by the weeds when I'm going a little Parker Kennedy. I got them like a little coin that hasn't I see it like tucked in their wallet and they they got with them.

I pray that her regularly over this little guy that we have become a blessing that God would keep his hand on the guy would expand his territory.

The guy would give in favor of the God would not harm them. They would be free from harm, pain medicine there thinking about what, life he has in front of and consider going down this this path of why he was in foster care. The thought came across my heart right to suffer moment is praise God that his mom decided to give birth. She could decided not to. And yes you she has her own stuff and then everything that goes with all that, but she gave birth. In this little guy's got a whole future ahead of him and senators looking at this little guy going God. You gotta a plan for his life is hell for your life. The God who formed you all those years ago has a plan for your life. He's ordained every one of your days. He's in your tomorrow is gonna purpose for you and because of all that, do not think that is also been assisting you that if he says the trust him that it's not like I'm in a trust you and then also it is like up. Just kidding. You're on your own. No reason he's gonna sustain us. He's in the goddess and walk with us, please number for the fourth one is this the reason why we cannot hope is because Jesus cared enough to die for us to rise again and to give us his Holy Spirit you want talk about hope with.

Look no further than the cross of Jesus to know that that Jesus cared enough for us that he was willing to give his life force the Jesus cared enough that he didn't stay dead, but rose again that he didn't just do that. We also give us his Holy Spirit to guide us enough to leave us. John 316. I know I know the verse that all of you know, but so powerful that God loved the world that he gave his only son. Whoever believes in him will not perish or have eternal life setting. Sometimes we think about hope coming back to the basics of our faith is so important. The basics of our faith that says that God cared so much for the whole world that he wished that nobody would perish for that everybody would have eternal life. That's hope, because now I know I have hope for eternity. Listen to my hope isn't just how good I can do today. The hope is that one day hopefully many, many, many years from now. But one day they'll take my last breath here and immediately opened my eyes and eternity that is the hope that the world doesn't know that's the hope that people just have no idea what's going on in their lifecycle saga similar day and they made a profound statement stalking. We are talking and we are just talk about life and ministry and just know whatever and it was an older gentleman. He leaned across the table. He said you know he set him he imagine what people without Jesus are doing right now he imagine how people are responding to the world and the chaos without Jesus right now and it stop me just coming in my mind I'm going and sometimes it's so easy to forget that it's hot come on how we view your trip coming know it's hard enough with Jesus her life to sometimes keep moving forward in and keep Evan hope right so it's hard enough with in our life. What about your neighbors who are lost, was last time you thought about how hard it must be for people with no eternal hope to navigate what's going on right now. I can imagine like I literally tended I can't even imagine what that must feel like because I have so much hope and who Jesus is at the end of the day.

I can always say will. Today was a bad day or is a bad week was a rough year and 1/2 but hey Lisa, Jesus loves me and died for me please I have eternal life leases give me his Holy Spirit I I I Elise have that hope even if I have nothing else I have that. What about the world around us that don't have that what happens when their life falls apart and maybe you're one of the maybe you're here in this room, watching alignment and you're going hey that the chemists conflict me.

Sounds like me was the fifth and final one for this morning.

That's this the same spirit that rose Jesus from the dead, lives in me to the source of the hope that I have also is that Romans 811 says if a spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, he who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit to the hope that I have is this is power. The knowledge of Jesus love me and died for me. Not only did he raise again Nelly to give his Holy Spirit buddies Holy Spirit exiting the power that I actually have all the power inside of me as God's child to face whatever the world's coming sodium.

The Holy Spirit inside of you has all the power you need to be victorious today tomorrow and 10 years from now. His power never runs out his power doesn't one run dry.

His power is there you have the Holy Spirit are you walking in his power setting. Hope and trust.

Enjoy peace all that comes out of.

Honestly, I'm knowing who I am in Christ knowing who I am and him knowing the power that I haven't him knowing that I am who I am because God is who is the church this morning. I hope you find encouragement and hope in that those who are with you are more than those against you, that God has a plan for your life that God is already in your tomorrow so you can have strength today that Jesus loves you so much that he took your sins to the cross and you have eternal life, and that the same spirit that rose him from the dead is the same spirit in the same power that seer with you right now where prayer in just a moment and rafter.

I pray I pass the sum of the team to join me on stage to lead us in a him and adults return these messages. So when I was going to church is a teenager of the church.

The primarily hymns. I grew up on him site I personally love love hymns and striper so I have both extremes so I love hymns, possibly striper and Petra Nuno 80s rock so get a bounce about it so we can do an 80s rock version of hymns who, that's what I do every Sunday.

Just be ready if any wafers to do that every Sunday to be 80 rock him.

Can you just hearing your head home. If you are hearing in your head.

Come on, like I do not know Marty down that road is this massive guitar solo and four town on the drums and we are solid but the him came into my mind because he lives semi-regret him where close singing that song but I'm run reaches the first verse in the course as God sent his son, the column Jesus became to love, heal and forgive.

He bled and died to buy my pardon and empty grave, is there to prove my Savior lives, the courses, because he lives I can face tomorrow because he lives, all fear is gone because I know he holds the future and life is worth the living just because he lives

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