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3: Search Me O God

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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January 17, 2022 1:00 am

3: Search Me O God

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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I can send you a conversation about how to fall and live in victory in our spiritual life and hear something as a praying I find often that our prayers before going last week we talked about prayer is a blessing and protection. We can certainly pray got you a blessing that you protect me.

We bring God our requests and is biblical right.

Bring all your request forms.

We give him thanks.

We we thank him for who he is. We knowledge God in all these different ways, and I find that often times that when I'm praying what's happening is not only am I giving God my requested and thanking him, but God is also reminding me who he is. I think that's a powerful thing about prayer the prayer can remind us of who God really truly is the nature of God's character the way that he views us and so this morning I want to talk through a wonderful prayer in Psalm 139 and work talk through Psalm 139 that I believe that as we talk through this. I want to just bring before you some reminders of who God is, that as we are praying.

May God remind us of himself solicited up. I don't pray and remind God who he is a God doesn't need me to remind him who he is. God knows who is so often times when I'm thanking God for who he is and otherwise known thanking him for being kind run, thanking him for being gracious enough, thanking him for being all-powerful and all-knowing when I thanking God for the way that he loves us, or that I'm not reminding God because he forgot, often times I find that as I'm praying those things is on praying those characteristics of who God is his nature that I find encouragement and that that I'm also walking away from a person reminded God yes you you are powerful God yes you are loving God.

Yes, you, you do know me and you do care for me and there's something about those private moments of prayer that will remind us who God is, that there's freedom and that and if I can use the word there's victory in that because now I know that the all-powerful, all-knowing, loving God actually cares for me and is guiding me and loves me jump right into it. I want to share six principles of who God is his nature out of 139 was gonna read through it, break it down for us for a few minutes and so here we go, to the point. What is the first reminder of who God is. As a reminder that God knows us that God knows you, God, you know me you know. Psalm 139 verse 1 to 6 and start their so Lord you have searched me and known me, you know when I sit down when I rise up, you discern my thoughts from afar you search out my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways. Even before a word in my tongue, behold, oh Lord, you know altogether. You have me in behind and before and lay your hand upon me.

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me. It is high I cannot attain it. If you think about the reality that God knows you. I like to start here because it's a reminder that I remind myself often is that God knows, maybe loves me. Anyways said, I think that one of the realities of God is that he knows is he knows everything about us. He knows the words our lives before we even know what they are. He knows what's going on in our heart. He knows what's going on in her mind.

He knows everything about us. He knows our darkest moments.

He knows the thought life we have.

He knows the things that we've done and yet he chooses to love us anyways. Now there's a lot of humility in that quite honestly, there's a lot of humility there because I know what my thought life at times is like this a lot of humility in that because I know what I feel. Often I know what I think about even God at times and to know that there is no place that I can go that God doesn't see me and he doesn't know me yet he loves us anyways effect is the whole purpose of Jesus coming to redeem us by God's book is Bible is a story of redemption is were so lost without it. I got recognize that we are so lost without him that he had to have a way to redeem us. Why, because he knows us and he loves us, Ira, and years and years ago that I really enjoy, and it just simply says this it says it's okay to not be okay. It's just not okay to stay that way and I think at times we think about who we are. We think about before God. It's okay to not be okay. It's okay to come before God broken. It's okay to come before God with our needs in a request it's okay to come before God with a lifetime of sin is just not okay to stay that way and that's what I love about our relationship with God.

The reminder of this prayer is that God you know me so so guess what, there's nothing that I should hide in other words, we can be honest with God, I encourage you just be honest with God. Be real with them in your prayer life. As we talked about last week. The week before God is not impressed with our lengthy prayers is not impressed with our words is not impressed with his lofty speech God. I think at times just really wants the raw me just the real me.

My heart bear before him my my honesty form. To be honest when I'm struggling to be honest when I'm afraid to be honest when I'm angry. To be honest once disappointed. To be honest, I'm questioning him and I think that because we have this relation with God who loves us, that where it's okay to not be okay but it's okay to say that way. So it's okay to go into our prayer time and seek him and have all these things that we have, but we have to leave their change impacted in Psalm 69 verse five it says, oh God. You know my folly the wrongs I've done are not hidden from you know the words God already knows you can't keep anything from them. You can't hide from him.

You can't just keep things secret from him, you know, you might live a life where everybody thinks your fine and everybody thinks you're okay and everything on the outside looks good everything on the outside looks like it's altogether bubbling inside your broken you are hurting your loss. You're afraid you're angry God already knows that he's just waiting for us to come and give that to. And here's the thing God doesn't just know us cares for you said this a beautiful day. Right is not just all-knowing, so it is not just that God knows everything about you is that he knows everything about you and he loves you. Anyways, any cares for you. He really wants to care for you and if anybody on this planet's anybody of all time knows you and care for the best. Is it not the God who created you the second point will I bring this morning is that God you are with me that as were praying.

Often we are reminded that God is with us. Let's continue to read in Psalm 139 verse 7 to 12.

This is where shall I go from your spirit, where can I flee from your presence.

If I ascend to heaven, you are there to make my bed in Sheol you are there.

If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there your hand shall lead me in your right hand will hold me if I say, surely the darkness shall overcome me in a letter about me being night. Even the darkness is not too dark for you. The night is bright as day for the darkness is as light with you sad. That's a really well-known verse where can I go where can I skip your presence. I go up hide, although indices to the ends of the ocean in darkness and what the psalmist is reminding us am sure reminding himself as the psalmist had some pretty dark moments of his life. Some valleys in his life as a psalmist is writing this is a reminder to us that God, you're with me everywhere I go. In other words II find great assurance and that quite honestly, I find great assurance that God you're here with me everywhere I go. When I walk into a difficult meeting God you're there have to make difficult decisions. God, you're there amount about God you're with me when I'm struggling in life. God you there at my highest levels when I'm joyful and excited.

Got you there and got you're also there at my lowest moments in life got you were there. There is no place that I can go back and escape.

I like the idea that he is behind us that he is with us next to us and that he's in front of us and that's a beautiful picture of God's presence of his timeless presence that he is behind us is next to us and is in front of us in Deuteronomy chapter 31 verse eight it says it is the Lord who goes before you.

Not only does he go before you, and says that he will be with you. He will not leave you he will not forsake you. So do not fear, and do not be dismayed and let me just bring that encouragement, you can see we are in 2022 and already we carried in fear.

We carried and worried. We carried an anxiousness you may have carried an doubts you may have carried in all this craziness of the world from last year, straight into this year. Let me just encourage you at the God of the universe is with you. We don't have to be afraid. He says right there. He is going to go before us. He is with us he's never gonna leave me he's never gonna forsake me.

So don't be afraid. Jesus reminds of that in the New Testament. He says listen, I'm with you to the ends of the earth. He is never left us, God is with us he's with you right now and you and I feel that at times you might look around this world might look in your own situation and maybe years look around wondering will God where are you seeing as we pray at what I love about these kind of prayers is that just remind us that you are with us.

If I don't encourage you maybe in your own perlite to take a moment and even trade these reminders that God that you are your form he got you love me God you are with me. I think sometimes we speak those words when our heart and our soul winner. Echoing those words and does something to the fear makes it go away because, listen what John can stand before God. What wall can stand before God with sickness can stand before God when virus can stand before God. Listen, none of them can stand for God. He is with us is with this is behind us is next to us. He's in front of us. I find great hope I find this a grateful hopeful prayer of faith that the all-powerful God is in all things. The third part of their principles.

This is a reminder for all of us that God created me. So not only are you with me. Not only are you guided me know if you loving the God you actually created me in Psalm 139 verse 13 the 16th.

This is for you formed my inward parts you need me to gather my mother's womb. I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works, my soul knows that very well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth your eyes saw my unformed substance in your book were written every one of them.

The days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them again this another reminder that God knows this he knows everything about us. He knows every one of our days, but that he created you and I guess this will remind you of this morning that you are not an accident that you're not a mistake that your life isn't worthless, that your life does not have any meaning.

I will remind you that you are none of those things which you are is you are a beautiful creation from God that God created you when you read that prayer and you pray that's a God and you believe that it does something inside of you. It also then makes you realize how special you really are that knowing that God creates you but he created only you uniquely you like you're the only you that there is there is not another you that there's been out of the billions of people on this planet and the ones that have gone before you are special times when I feel that way, we might be floating and wonder what our purposes in life. But let me just encourage you, you have a purpose for your life God and not make a mistake we created you he made you the way you are in beauty. This is why we hear across his fellowship in most believers. I would hope value life so much that the sanctity of life that life starts in oh in the will.

We will never tear away from that you always stand on that's truth we pray we pray for for life we want life to happen we have to stand on because right there in Scripture says that in the womb, God created as God knew us that his life life is there life is precious. It is beautiful and so we have the safety of life that week we value life so much, why not just the given arguments and fights, not just to make a statement because it's true is God is the one who created us. God is the one who created you, and so we should praise God for that. I hope that in your life they will be able to thank him at some point, hopefully right now. This morning, just the take a pause or just a guy. Thank you, thank you for created me think. You forgive me purpose in life. One of things I think most people deal with, especially in students then going to college and even into adult life is finding the purpose in life. One of my here for well when used when you start with the reality got actually created you and that God formed you for a purpose and a reason.

Also, the accounting gives you that that maybe the driver that encouragement that yes God does have something for me to listen. There's great things for you to do this great ministry ahead.

There's great works for you to do. You can make a difference in Ephesians chapter 2 verse 10 it says we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we would walk in them.

In other words, God just didn't create you. Just think of space didn't create you. Just be here walk randomly on this planet for 70, 80, 90 years and then pass away really crazy to do something with your life. If I purpose with your life and we could try to figure that out. You could try to navigate it on your own. But why not go to the God who actually created you and go reforms in God you created me you you made with a purpose and start to actually seek him for that purpose in life. The fourth one is as number four is a reminder that God is precious to us that God is precious to us in Psalm 139 verse 17 and 18. He says how precious to me are your thoughts. Oh God, how vast is the sum of them if I would count them, they are more than the sand. I awake and I am still with you. I love those two verses there loses two verses there, just right there in the midst of Psalm 139 it's a reminder that the psalmist is thinking about what got us thinking about him this just think about that for a moment here thought about what God thinks about you know we know what we should think about God and God should definitely precious to listen and holy to us and righteously listed but they are.

Take time to think about what God thinks about you and the security God thinks about you and your precious to God thinks about you and you are the apple as I got thinks about you and he wants you in the palm of his hand. God thinks about you and God is and think about you in order to destroy you.

In order to ruin your life is think about you just us, might you just to punish you, but God is thinking and believe in the best of you. How I know that well because he believed in you so much believed in you so much that he sent his son Jesus to die for you. He believes in the in the creation so much that is what I need in the parish and go into eternal hell he wants them. With that he didn't want anybody to parish wants them all with the why because we are so incredibly precious to so now you got creates you for purpose and reason but God thinks about you and he loves is precious to is not sharing free to fail, but to live what he already sees in you. God sees his son a new God sees the spirit in you. God sees you as a living being, that is eternal and I can tell you that he wants the best for you that he is for you and so is Jesus and the Holy Spirit comes and guide us all of that. This entire Scripture. The 66 books is God's trying to redeem you back to himself. The fifth one is as number five is a reminder that God is holy. I think this is an important one because it is not just about God creating a sing and God be with us and got in around us and in us calling God has friended and sacrifice his life, which is all true but let us never forget that God is holy, that he is righteous.

In Psalm 139 verse 19 to 20 through the psalmist when he is doing is is he is basically standing up for the holiness of God.

He's busy writing that that he wants his enemies to be destroyed.

He wants everything that's sinful to be away because he knows that God is holy and so he writes oh that you would slay the wicked. Oh God, oh men of blood depart from me, they speak against you with malicious intent.

Your enemies, take your name in vain do I not hate those who hate you, oh Lord, and do not load those who rise up against you. Verse 22 the strong wording here. I hate them with complete hatred. I count them my enemies. Now you may be like me when I read that I made out like hang on a second. I hope they were supposed to hate people that Jesus says that were supposed to love your enemies, and the pray for those who persecute you and of course Jesus comes in and when Jesus is given us the greatest commandment to love the Lord our God with all our heart, also on my and love our neighbors. Jesus is the horses. But I also tell you this to love your enemies as yourself with the psalmist is relaying here is that were not called a people, but rather called to hate sin never when Jesus comes in delivers us and redeems us as Pastor Daniel so wonderfully talked about earlier with communion. It's a new covenant, Jesus comes in a dozen new thing.

Part of that newness that he brings us to love our enemies are the newness he brings us not just love God and love our neighbor deliver enemies and we are not meant to hate people, but we are meant to hate sin affect the very things that God hates we should hate the very thing that turns God's God's heart and eyes should turn our heart and eyes, the very things that that moves God should move us the very things that God tells us to separate and should separate us so the old statement is true and I know it's used often and it's all but it is true that we are to love the person and hate the sin. And I know that you probably heard that a ton of times what it is true like we got a love one another, doesn't mean we love the sin. That's why love our church, by the way.

That's why love that that at this church. A crossroads where you are life. Whatever kind of life you're living.

You are welcome here. This church doesn't mean we agree with your sin doesn't mean we won't call it sin doesn't mean we don't stand on the word of God were not changing our theology and our doctrine.

Just because we want to be friends with you Alyssa. We do love you.

I will encourage you if you're looking for place to lastly love you and this is the place that will do that doesn't mean we agree. That doesn't mean that will tolerate sin that we will promote sinful things. It doesn't mean that we will speak out against sin because it is in Scripture because a very things that God speaks out against the very things that we speak again. So it is true.

Romans 12 nine says let love be genuine up or what is evil and hold fast what is good. Jude 123 or just you. 23. One of my favorite verses in Scripture. I love this one so much assist to save others by snatching them out of the fire to others show mercy with fear, hating even the garment stained by flesh and love that picture that picture is literally route rescuing people fully just go off the deep end and snatching them by the same time that were loving somebody were hating the sin were hating the sin this weekend and tomorrow we honor and celebrate Martin Luther King Martin Luther King day is tomorrow and and there's a lot of wonderful prayers that my lifting praise and and part of his platform and part of what he did was to try to bring unity together and to try to live out the unifying of all different races in all different ideologies in all different beliefs and so our team came across as great honor of a prayer and a statement that as I watch that I thought while this is this is really lines up with this of of were not called to hate people were actually called to love people were called to follow a holy God, and that drives me to love you not hate you, not hate you for your beliefs not hate you for your political party not hate you. Whether your vaccinated or unvaccinated nothing hate you, whether you like the steamer. This theme but to love you into embracing this time as we get ready to close.

I want you all to this watch and enjoy this brief honor attribute but also encouragement regarding Dr. Martin Luther King. Thank you God for the spiritual nature of man we are in measurably live above. Help us to never let anybody or any condition so low because of your strength to love our enemies and those might use this thing turns on my word challenges us more go out and work as though the very finely. Help us to realize that man was created to shine like stars and live on through all eternity. One rating the others and lived until that they all why go over and rejoice in our common band of humanity. Meeting 1 prayer that is as I was watch that yet again reminded of that beauty of the psalmist as his writing those very were the same words, Lord. Let us love people list that paperless love it and the only way we can do that God is is by having relations with you because in our human nature. You see the world around us. You see what happens when God is in first you see what happens when we don't live a life that is God honoring and an holy, the Bible says that God is holy, so we should be holy. It's not a suggestion it's a directive that got your holy, so my life needs to line up with you and listen if we don't know what we stand for.

We actually fall for anything and everything so we stand in God's truth so that we do not fall on this. We standing God's word so we do not trips we don't falsely don't go straight because were not standing for God were to fall for the sins of the Buddhists that were sent on the biblical truths of who God is in his nature and his character so we don't fall the last part of the psalm 139 that I want to dress as we close is a prayer that I was to close on and is simply a prayer for God to search us effect right now where you are. Love you, just to name just close your eyes for a moment maybe sit and watch it by yourself right here on Sunday morning. Maybe with your family.

There was a loved one, friends, maybe watch this some other time after Sunday. Would you be bold enough and trusting enough to just ask God to search to know you.

I love this final part of this prayer I will if you pray this with me this morning if you're there and you don't know Jesus as your Savior's a great opportunity to invite them in your life. It's a great opportunity to acknowledge that we need God that he already knows us. Listen, he knows you.

He loves you he created you he wants to save you.

He wants a rescue from sins. You are an eternal being that God wants for all eternity that comes is just accepting him acknowledging his son Jesus in our life by will and being willing to believe in our heart that Jesus is Lord that that we confess our sins reform. In this prayer right here such a wonderful wonderful prayer. So whether you need to vitamin C your life or this is a good prayer for us to close in on. I want to lead us in our prayer and soon as I same and the teams you lose in the final song and then as rising come out with some final thoughts but Psalm 139 disclosure rising just for this with me. Verse 23 and 24 search me oh God, and know my heart try me and know my thoughts and see if there be any grievous way in me and lead me in the way everlasting

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