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1: The Power of Fasting & Prayer

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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January 3, 2022 8:00 am

1: The Power of Fasting & Prayer

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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You read new year you made it 2022.

So somebody that you made it overly are still have a home you are still having a good year, month two days and is anybody given up already looking forward to 2023, not yet. Yet like today's good. They were so glad you're here this morning as you saw that video and even seeing our social media and on our website that this year for us as a church that we really believe the Lord is leading us into a year of victory as a theme. I cannot wait to see what God does through this throughout the entire year. I often get asked a lot about how we landed there the process to it and quite honestly and very simple, you simply put, I would usually spend time seeking God. Early if all late summer early fall were always seeking God for what he wants to do your crossroads. The next year and that word victory just rang so loud in my heart and our team's hard we start assuring it back in the fall, and every time we shared it, it just seem like people like yes that that's a word that I need in my life as well and so I'm very very excited and quite honestly very passionate about seeing victory in your life. See victory through the life of this church seeing it in my own life as well and see if victory happen outside the walls. This church, and so were excited to come to jump into this little space in the last couple years have been very interesting years right live in interesting is probably a mild way to put it is been an interesting year is no question there's been challenges is not a great things as well and I'll send her this morning and a new year at a credible church with. Also people like you and I'm excited about this year. I really am excited about seeing what God can do through us through our church as we develop fields in this week develop ministries here as we see God move in your life. As we just see it all come together surrounding around that word victory and so want to start off by just asking the question. This question I really want to truly to think about an answer and here's how the base question for everything were doing this year and that is simply this one area in your life do you need victory in other words, where you need to see victory in your life.

I think that's a great question asking to start a new year. What we been hoping for what you looking forward to this year. What's an area that if you and God just had a moment to sit down and chat that you to say God I need to see victory uneasy triumph.

I need to see see just something happened in this area in my life and I believe that we do that and we really pray about that and put that before God because your Susanville as Christians, how you know we should be living, joy filled pictorial and resource life everyday of her life right every day of her life.

It should be joy filled and victory in our life. It doesn't mean circumstances are always good, it doesn't mean that life is not difficult or hard to means that through Christ we have victory in him Amen somebody so our theme verse is first Corinthians 1557. This is the theme verse for the year will see it all the time. You'll see it everywhere and it just simply says this but thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ other reason why love Deborah so much, and that's the verse that the Lord on a broader heart to frost this year is enough and a great way to say that person's breakdown will quickly.

First of all, it reminds us take. We just give thanks to God for what is doing our life. We just give thanks to God for what is doing despite circumstances, despite what everybody else is saying. The spy was happening in the world, you know, it's always a good thing to stop and give thanks to God right that we are doing. Thanks.

Despite her circumstances, he deserves our praise him in somebody like you deserves our praise God is good. Come on, let me take you back to my Pentecostal days, God is good all the time is not to say that God is good and all the time so you get some Pentecostal new to the area right here is that's the truth. Writing is good all the time and and the reason why love this idea victory is not a new concept right now it all suddenly we can go all victory know we already are victorious, come on. You are already victorious in your life. So we just don't know you write is not living in the but thanks be to God gives us victory gives us the victory and it's not for you. Okay the victory is not for you. Victory is not to the person next to you the victory is not how good you are smart you are, how hard you work, where's the victory from three of you 3B got a come on the rest of you the victory is that's a question right insurance whenever one of the pastor as you question nine times out of 10, this Jesus resume if you don't know. I come out where's the victory Jesus the person next to say I love you, but that the victory is not new, it is not time you I is that you is in Jesus right it's in Jesus that said, and I'm convinced that if we put our attention towards Jesus at the center of our life, we will be victorious in whatever area you're looking to have victory in your life in I just tell you listen put Jesus first. I can take this whole sermon is wrapping up.

That was the first most of the point is just begging you just put them first.

If you just put Jesus first in your life at the center of your life. I'm telling you will see victory in all areas of your life is out of that everything else flows out of Jesus be the center. Everything else flows. So today today I want to set the stage. I was at the station us at the station today for was good to be an incredible year.

I want to set the stage today for this particular month. As we launch the victory were going to go today is the foundation of where victory is at and that is spiritual.

Listen we we can get up here I know. I could talk about all sorts of stuff in all the areas of your life that you need victory and you can see victory in but we have to start at the sole spirit level. That's were all over Victor's in a come from.

So today we'll talk about how to have victorious prayer and fasting life and for some you. You may have never heard of the sconces before others of you may have heard of Prairie made part of fasting maybe never done fasting.

Maybe your prayer life. Is this what you do when you get ready to eat or if you're in trouble. I want to get into a little bit deeper dive today as a foundation to what the rest the years. You look like an effect I want to again invite you this Wednesday night 645 doors will open. We have our first Wednesday this Wednesday night is all geared towards extended time of prayer extended time of worship and we have communion this morning that the end of the service and I love doing together as a church family. We have communion this Wednesday night. The next several Sundays for the month of January just can't tell you what can be happening. So today wouldn't you prayer down front. We discussed a lot of people that are just out today vacation up back at and so we to do that this morning. However, the next couple weeks will get back to doing prep front door also can add one other element during the worship time and that is that around this room starting next Sunday around the room there's going to communion stations with a couple of our staff there and at any time during worship. If you want to go over with your family think together or just want to go take it on your own you be able to do that because we just want to set the stage and set the atmosphere here as a spiritual place that we sing a song earlier this house miracles. I believe that I believe this the place where God can move in God can deliver a God can separate and it's also launching pads also place for us to take what we get here counsel world outside of these doors that so much need to know what real victory and will real-life really truly look like so this Wednesday be here this Wednesday night. Keep going back the next couple Sundays will have worship union messages and this month only preaching out of powerful prayers from Scripture's on five, looked at and thought through and pray through a couple different prayers of Hannah presented here on powerful prayers.

We do that again this morning as well. At the end of the message and I think the reason why we spend so much time setting this up. The reason why were so passionate about it is because I think that there's a lot of us that no understand that what happens in our life.

We base it spiritual first we put God first.

We spent time frame worse than spend time fasting that you just see God move in ways that you wouldn't otherwise enter some of you when I asked you what you see victory in your life, what you need victory in your life and you immediately thought of something or maybe have a couple different things that came your mind tone if you just trust me, you just trust the Bible, just trust God in this and put fasting along with prayer working a belief together to see victory in those areas in your life. I got on my life or pray for for our church as well and it goes beyond that were praying for our community were pray for city in the world around us and we just want to see God continue to do amazing things. So let me first talk about fasting might break this into two parts, real quickness, warning on removing tonic quickly and I'll tell you why, because if you go to crosses.or/victory. There's two downloadable PDFs there. One is a fasting guide. One is a prayer guide the prayer guide is a 31 day prayer guy that started yesterday.

Fasting guide is want to talk about today, can you set the stage to what fasting is hope will bill the answer some your questions maybe take with some your fears or doubts and if anything just challenge you, but if you never fasting before spiritually, you never done a fast in order to connect with God that maybe, just maybe this be the year that you do that and that you see God do amazing things.

It's a biblical concept is not just something that we just do because it makes us feel good, that's a very, very biblical concept that we will see all through Scripture Old Testament and New Testament that very, very often when the people of God sought after God for direction when they saw after God for healing. When a sovereign God for repentance renewal when they sought God for their nation, for their own people group for their family. You would often see prayer and fasting hand-in-hand, and I think in our culture. For some reason in this Christianity today that often times it's prayer and and now very much fasting at all. If I die, I think I knows for sure to talk to a lot of of believers have been believers for long time. That is never faster than everyone thought about fasting and when we fast. We are accessing apart spiritually done just how new you wouldn't otherwise be able to access the something powerful we put fasting and prayer together. So let me just talk about this.

The noise and the busyness of our life right is all the stuff going on around us. When you put prayer, fasting together. It brings us into God's presence. We discover his plans for our life and we just draw closer to him and he leads us better when we listen better so first of all, what is fasting. Let me just give you again a real simple definition of what fasting is going to talk about why we should fasten the different kinds of fast and there were in turn the page and talk about prayer and have a special time of communion at the end so fasting, what is it so fasting is voluntarily going without something and replacing that time with God in Scripture. You often see it more food related or meal related, but it can be anything quite honestly. So, for example. Again, this is a simple example, if you want to fast breakfast, then the goal is not just to not eat breakfast. The goal is to not eat breakfast and replaced at time of spending time with God that in a nutshell, the fasting is you can replace breakfast with with honestly whatever you want to replace it with you place with lunch would dinner you replace it with technology with social media with Netflix you replace with all sorts of stuff and what it is that you're here, denying yourself, you're sacrificing that part out of your life in order to allow God to fill it with something he wants to fill with them a sense that that basically in a small sense is what fasting is it is identifying something like I want to just not do this and replace that time with God.

What this is not is not a diet. By this is not just the diet is not just a way to lose weight is not a way to just reorganize your life is not a way just to get more discipline.

Those could be byproducts of the which are all great and fine. But that's not the goal.

The goal is to replace whatever I'm saying. Okay God, to give this up and as I give it up, the replace with time with you and it should stretch us should challenge us there something about talking to some of the team earlier this morning and there's just something about when you are denying yourself something and your body or your mind is, is wanting in our longing for and you feel that any replace that time with God.

I think this service with the with Chuck this morning were talking just a little bit ago and I made this, said II think that fasting is probably one of the fastest spiritual connections that I've ever had with God. Meaning it doesn't take long. It doesn't take long. Typically lease lease for me and for most of I know that fast it's almost like there's this immediate connection in a new level in a new way with God. So if you're looking to go deeper in relation with God. If you're looking for direction in your life.

If you looking for victory in your life.

If you looking for wisdom in your life for provision in your life for all these things often times what happens that we try to figure it out on her own and then will goal pray a little bit, which I figure out her own that we don't prayer a little bit one that's that's the common thing that we do. There's just something amazingly powerful when you take time and you spend time fasting and praying. At that moment's of your breakfast is 30 minutes in the morning and take that 30 minutes and just give it to God.

I just pray, read your Bible, pray you devotion just to spend time with.

That's what fasting is this denier so something in order replace it with God. So why should we fast went why why should we even do this. I want to give you several reasons why government, quickly through this is all on that guide on our website are encouraged to download. You can look at it in way more detail melena highlight a few things that I think are irrelevant maybe for you this morning. One of the things that I personally feel and see in Scripture is that Jesus is example and getting ready for ministry before Jesus did his three years of cortical, full-time ministry by Jesus and enter ministry until really late in life and that's when his ministry began before he did that Jesus did that to pretty powerful things to get baptized in water, which is pretty powerful. He set the example and baptism, and then the Bible says in Matthew four that he was led by the spirit into the wilderness and he fasted and prayed for 40 days and 40 nights at the end of that is when the enemy comes the enemy attack so and he pushes back by use of Scripture and then his ministry begins. Sometimes you wonder why how is Jesus ministry so powerful in three years. What could it be that he spent the first 40 days just fasting and praying for its getting ready for ministry and the reason why I want to bring that up as I think everybody in this room has a ministry. Everybody does every one of you no matter your age, you have a ministry that God has called you to do. It might not be full time vocational ministry, your ministry might be your neighbor. It might be a classmate of yours. It might be a coworker. It might be something your family that might be your ministry. Your ministry may have been birthed out of the misery you had from pains of the past that is now your ministry platform and again as we prepare to reach people as we consistently want to transform our triangle in the world, then how about we start first by spending time fasting and praying about just seeking the Lord and so one reason the facet is to get ready for what God has for you to do. The Bible says that that God is already ordained good works for us to do and often times were seeking for his will will try to look for them and I'm sounding there something about fasting to get ready for that ministry.

Another reason why we should fast similar to praying is that it's somewhat of an expectation that Jesus said that we should fast in Matthew six verse 16 to 18. He says two times in a row. He says when you fast, and she is his eyes is when you fast, don't look gloomy like the hypocrites, for they disfigure their faith that they may be seen by others.

In other words, what was happening as we were fasting and they walk around like all gloom and despair because they were hungry. They walk around like oh I'm so hungry why young well you know I'm fasting also spiritual fasting is another. That's the reward that they're looking for they're looking for attention just is that when you fast, don't do that a lot attention is that when you fast, doing secret due to private people don't see what's happening.

But Jesus, sets the standard said when you fast again.

What how it can so we can appear about prayer. It was and if you fast or sometimes you think about fasting or maybe a fast Peter Sibley says when you fast. In other words, it should be part of our spiritual journey of our spiritual life. Another reason the facet is that it draws strength personal strength in our prayer life and our intimacy with God. See other one of the greatest results of fasting is in this early what God can do through fasting, which is also also but how about it just draws me closer to edges it just draws me into an intimate relationship with them. That is stronger than before. Again, we can certainly get there with prayer and reading the word of God. It and you know things in worship we do on Sunday morning.

That's all part of it. But when you add fasting to that there something supernatural that just kinda takes over and cut up pushes us towards so fasting. Why do we do well we do it because we wanted to ministry for we do it because you set the example is expectation of us. We do it to draw closer to him, we do for intimacy. We also fast to seek the Lord's direction we fast we don't know what to do, see again the Scriptures this regularly in that I just don't think it's part of the everyday modern Christian's life enough that often times what happens when were seeking direction for something to though we do is we do our homework will Google it. West friends will get wisdom from people we might pray a little bit about it and a lot of people miss the part of why not also fast over what I just fast over take a time. Maybe just take a day is it today got a fast and all the supposing the doom is going to take the time to just listen and ask others a great passage in Judges chapter 20 verse 2620 is is all the people of Israel the whole armies together by the whole army together, the people of Israel together and went up to Bethel and they West and they sat there before the Lord and they fasted that day in Celebes solicitor for a day.

It was the morning until the nighttime biggest facet of the got together and they fasted, they prayed they were weeping. They offered burnt sacrifices and offerings and this is why, because the people of Israel inquired of the Lord. Should we go out one more time to battle that was it that they wanted direction I whether they should go out one more time to face the enemy in battle at dinner that fast. The Lord tells of a go out victory is yours.

Often times were seeking direction. We we we don't do it. My opinion, the basics of our faith it gives us the answer pry quicker than other ways. If you have big decision coming up. I wonder how many people even think about just going peg a major decision coming I need some direction nights of wisdom. I must go take time on this day and I'm still take the day and fast in those times that I was going to eat or do whatever. I'm so seek the Lord and get direction must not overcomplicate this right is not to get that Masters degrees in doctrine degrees in theology and understand that when you fast and pray something amazing, supernatural spiritual can happen in your life and I will speak to it and threw it. Another reason the fast and the pray is to show repentance.

I think often times again we see this in the Old Testament we see the New Testament, but often times what happened is they were fast they would mourn there would we and they were they were afraid they would ask for forgiveness.

They would repent before the Lord. There are take all their sins and just take a day or take a time. I just fast before the Lord. It is asked for God to forgive. Again, this is a powerful time.

It draws us close the right way, gets rid of distractions are life replaces that it aligns us with God and expresses our love and our commitment before so all these reasons, and again earlier I asked you what's in area of your life that you need to see victory and I would say that that that whatever that is false and probably a bunch of these categories we need direction we need wisdom we strength we need alignment with God.

We need God's supernatural power to work in us and through us all these things that we would truly have a victorious joy filled Christian life, so to talk about types of fasting go to Scripture not give you all of them will give you good handful of them.

There's different kinds of fasting that we see in Scripture first one that we'd look at is abstaining from food and only drinking liquids is more of a food base fast donate just bring stuff and then that you're fast that that's have a complete fast is a selective fast which I would say that pry most people probably do a selective fast would take certain things out of your diet Daniel and the book of Daniel. For example, is one of them. Daniel and his group. The rest of the nation were eating certain foods and Daniel and and his team said they solicit where I can eat that words can eat this at the end of the time. Daniel and the other guys were stronger and healthier right was a selective fast so maybe there's things out of your diet that you're used to doing and by the way, like Ike, I don't okay. I hate meatloaf and we just say that right now I hate meatloaf is pry one of my least favorite things on this planet meatloaf. II don't know what is about it I just I hate it with everything in me so and every time I say that somebody makes me meatloaf. Listen, don't make me meatloaf all sobbing out. I'll be very kind, throw right in the trash when you walk away not any meatloaf I make mistakes. Ellie Jolley, the stake of a great so for me, a selective fast is not good for me to say hey unlike any meatloaf for the rest the month while Marty not any meatloaf so like I could be like well like a spiritual. I am not even below for the next 30 days so fasting to degree when it comes a selective fasting. It needs to be something that we like, really pry like and again you're you're denying yourself that you're denying it. So the song I'm personally doing a selective fasters now sounds to me earlier for the next there is a probably one of the hardest ones I've done because I'm selecting things I really like and getting him out of my my life in order to spend time with God. Selective fast and so to go through and say okay, I'm not to do caffeine for the next I'm not doing chocolate and I can do meet whatever it is I just cannot figure it out as a partial fast partial fast is more about time were inviting you and him explain this in the mail were inviting you to join us in a month-long fast 31 days or 30 days. As of today is also partial fast. That's totally fine to a partial fast be like just taking part of a day I just fasting sunup to sundown a meal here, there weekend notice, spend time fasting is a partial, fast is also what I just put into our notes on our thing to explain it is a soul fast and what that really speaks about that. That's a get faster. Some people that you can do food fasting can fast foods or drinks because of just health issues but you can fast Netflix. So hurry up and binge watch cobra Cairo quick and then and then start your fast tomorrow so you don't get all your networks on your system today and start tomorrow, so, so fast, be just time to replenish it to social media activity, Facebook, Netflix, whatever. Just something that your fasting again, though again it's not just about sitting at home be bored now because not watching Netflix.

It's taken that sign that she would've watched Netflix and spent my Guinness can imagine you would if you would just pray during the times of US Netflix what God can do in your life in a matter of a week if I pray more when we can frighten 30 years your life will we just take the time and spend it with God.

There's a total fast as we see Jesus do we see one or two people in the Old Testament. This latest there's nothing Jesus fasted everything for 40 days no food, no Dragon so that that's a total complete fast others of private fast which is basically just what you're gonna do privately, just seek the Lord on it.

Others also was known as a Congregational fast which is were asking it will were doing together as part of a mixture between up personal and a Congregational and let me explain why I want to encourage you personally fast. Whatever you guys want to do it between you and it was checking in on and that was in the grade you on it is between you and God and and it's about things in your personal life but also thereby suggested as you'd also fasting as a Congregational fast the pray for church to pray for our community to pray for transmission to happen in our in the trying of the pray for Liza BJ's impacted through ministries and programs out here in the city and in the church to pray for our nation together. Imagine that this pray for our nation. You're the Bible there's what's known as a national fast with the leaders of the nation would call the entire nation to pray and fast together can imagine what happened in our country. If you ever do that. Pray together for our nation and so all that to say when it comes a fasting on encourage you to do it with wisdom pray about it. Seek the Lord on a do it do it smart. Make sure your healthy right I wouldn't set yourself up for failure necessarily. If you never fasted before your fast before. Maybe just try and dare to just try something small, just to try to subdue it. She goes, I would recommend if you never fast before just to go ahead and say okay for the next 30 days I'm doing all this. I hope that can work out but I also know that oftentimes we need to ease in the thing so if you've never fast before December. Some small maybe just pick a day into something small and see what happens when your place at time with God. Here's a couple questions that you should as well. Fasting one of the questions is how can I experience God through this time of fasting.

How can I experience a more another question you should ask is what fears what obstacles do I need to confess we forgot about this. What what what's hold me back from fasting. Let's hold me back from from trying to get to know God more.

What obstacles are in my life know the question is what will obedience look like in fast will this actually look like for me is all that to say, transition over to prayer. No. Is this. I just know spiritually speaking, that when we fast and pray God is pretty amazing thing and it gives got opportunity just to speak into our life and it gets for the noise. It gets rid of Mavis of the chaos in our life. It gets rid of some of the hurdles in our life in order for God to speak to us. One of the things my prayer for you, for the most of this whole year is the center spiritually. First I I'm believing with you on all those areas that you need victory in. I really am, and I hope to hear testimony upon testimony on testimony of victory in your life over those areas.

If you really looking to be victorious and I'm praying that for you but but above all that my my heart for you is for you to be grounded spiritually. First, to grow spiritually. And prayer makes the fasting is a beautiful way to do that as I just challenge you that I leave it to you is between you and the Holy Spirit for figure it out to pray about and asked to do what you can do just tell you that it's it's an amazing experience that got something cool your life will prayer a quick and was about prayer and were going to a time of communion for the great things about talking about fasting and prayer, and ending with communion is communion is all about remembering what Jesus is done for us and that's really what the heart of communion visits to remember what he's done force of his body was broken for us that he wants the cross in our behalf or that that's overdoing this morning at their the service.

It's about remembering him in prayer is one of the most powerful things that you and I have access to is this direct connection between us and God effect in Matthew chapter 6 verse five and eight it says when you praise very similar fasting when you pray, it says don't be like the hypocrites they like to stand in the synagogues and on the street corners that they may be seen by other people, he says, truly, I say they've Artie received the reward. In other words, if they don't only like don't be like them, don't don't pray just to try to impress people don't pray just to be louder than everybody else. Don't pray that every look at yourself spiritually, you are he also says when you pray going to your room and close the door, pray to your fathers. Secretly, her father who sees in secret will reward you. He says the third time and when you pray, and I really like this one. I think this one, especially for people that are used to praying regularly.

This is intimidating. Sometimes he says this he says when you pray, do not heap up empty phrases as the Gentiles do, they will think that there will be hurt by their many words.

Just like he was talking about. He would just stand on the corner synagogue and pray really loud and wrote boisterous that he would see them is also acknowledging a don't you don't need to use like special words, you don't. You have all this smart intuition when he prayed on to have his vocabulary that is so deep you want to have all these eloquent words and a lot of were sometimes the greatest prayers we can phrases. Lord help me but I need you, doesn't have to be pretty all the time right this is the matter of our heart ever there for you.

Once on those me with a guy one Simon, and I kinda came in and and and we just talk about his life and and will also will they listen since pray about it and this guy was beneficiary for long time. You look back at many studies I don't know how to pray, but I like that. I don't know how to pray that I have no idea not to start how I pray I find that question honestly I get asked a lot and for those you that that made up and around her. She had a long time, or issue. Jesus wants you would be wondering what was it's not that difficult but but just think about if you never done it before or or if you're new to this or volume present always been just Hail Mary prayers or dinner prayers it is it is kind of intimidating to think it will willing to first 30 minutes. Modify how I pray, like how can I pray for even longer than a minute like five minutes. Like what happened. By the pray for 10 minutes. Also, we start to think like a how to working at there's a couple things about prayer versus I just mentioned it's an expectation that we should pray it's not about praying fame prayers to impress people. Certainly not to impress God is not about our eloquent words, saying all the right things but rather it's the sincerity of our heart or close this morning with Matthew chapter 6 verse 9 to 13 this is the Lord's prayer and the disciples turned to Jesus at one point and they asked him to teach them how to pray. I was father that was interesting.

The disciples could ask him to teach them a lot of things, but they honed in on something that was pretty special. I believe that what happened was the disciples honed in that when Jesus prays things happen when Jesus does something miracles happen and they locked in on that for a moment. So Heaney can you teach us how to actually pray and so this is where the Lord's prayer comes from many of you know this project and reciting her to before you see the written down and let me just give you a little little precursor.

This prayer is not a silly meant to be the only prayer you ever praise when Jesus says this then is how you should pray what he wasn't saying, is this the only prayer she Scherer, pray, and just prayed exactly come pray it will. Jesus was saying to them and showing them is that these are the kind of prayers that you should be praying and this is how you should pray. So for those you that maybe again, maybe you're new to praying or maybe got a rhythm or maybe you're looking just to hold it in. Let me break down the Lord's prayer will quickly with the kind of prayers that we should be praying. The first one is this is a worship and prayer its worship and prayer. It's acknowledging God and Knowing Our Pl. in Matthew 69. This is the Lord's first start he says pray then like this you know it. Our father in heaven, hallowed be your name what that prayer actually is saying is God I worship you, God, I honor you, God, you are holy and and in our prayer life. There should be a moment in our prayer that we just acknowledge how holy God is that we just worship so for some you that pray maybe spend the first part of your prayer just worshiping God just telling God back to himself. How amazing is how awesome is how wonderful he is. Because what it does something God needs that for his ego. What it really is doing it's it's kind of Putting Our Pl. in God's place in the right position that God is God and we are not the second part of the Lord's prayer is an invitation and a submission. This is inviting his kingdom into our everyday life and submitting to us of the rest of the Lord's prayer in verse 10 says your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. This is a wonderful prayer to pray this a great prayer to invite his kingdom into my everyday life. Listen, you don't have to wait until one day when you're in eternity to them to enjoy the kingdom benefits you can enjoy the kingdom of God's benefits.

Now you can enjoy the hope and the peace and the love you can enjoy the miracle you can enjoy healing, you can enjoy relation with Jesus right now, today. Amen somebody like you can do that right away and so it's I got as far away just waiting for you to die one day to go to heaven know he's with us right now with the Spurs doing it is inviting his kingdom and submitting to his kingdom's will. The third part of the Lord's prayer that might help you as a prayer of provision it's welcoming and requesting God's help in all areas of our life. Give us this day our daily bread. This is acknowledging that guy. We need you God. I welcome you got. I need your your your provision of my life. I need your help in my life in all areas of my life. The fourth part of the Lord's prayer is a prayer of forgiveness and is a prayer of repentance is asking and allowing God to search your heart search your mind to remove anything that might be sinful and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.

So I think that that's a powerful prayer.

I think that some people you don't have that spiritual breakthrough in your life. It could be because you have forgiven somebody. Forgiveness is very powerful, to realize that oftentimes forgiveness is more for you than it is for the person that you're forgiving.

Sometimes a person that you're forgiving doesn't allow forgiveness or careless about it but for you it's free and so this Prairie. It's acknowledging and it's asking God to forgive us of our debts, but in that same time. It's actually forgiving other people as well so you your biggest breakthrough this season of your life might be forgiving somebody else. The last part of the Lord's prayer is a prayer of protection as protection against temptation against evil tax. The enemy verse 13. This is lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Again, this is the Lord's prayer. This is what the Lord says would use that when you pray this is how you pray and he gave us paisley five kinds of prayers five focuses in our prayer life again. If you are new to praying this is a great way to structure possibly your prayer time. You could take the Lord's prayer and structure your personal prayer time off of those five components. You start off by worshiping him start off by inviting his kingdom into your life specifically, you can then move on to asking to provide for you for provisions.

You go to forgiveness asking for forgiveness, offering forgiveness pray for protection. It's a great rhythm for

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