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10: You+Me: Everybody Has a Place

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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December 21, 2021 2:00 am

10: You+Me: Everybody Has a Place

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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I turn your Bibles now go to Scripture leverage a message on their wood has a place for just a few moments of our time left the ties altogether again to get the Lego in your hand Artie told you that meant that all of us have a piece.

The play that will play an important part in all this and honestly takes all of us together and quite quite true. Listen you need us and we need you of the church needs each other.

We as a church needs you and and the church needs us to be a part of this the way that Jesus model is the way that Jesus, push, therefore, that you and I would be the church. Jesus left the great commission into the hands of the church to push forward and so we need each other and you need us as well in your life and so that she will excel and talk through a wonderful passage Scripture that I think really explains the body of Christ together and talk through it and so the first one hits this morning is this that the body is diverse, that overcomes the body of Christ and the things that we do together that says that the body is diverse, that as we create this and you can even sell on this Lego building that there's all different pieces right if I called you get your piece your hand, your drawl different in all of these are little different and requires all the different pieces that come together to create something actually beautiful and that's the picture that is using in the body.

As Paul writes in first Corinthians chapter 12. He says the human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body so it is with the body of Christ. And here's the description as Paul was writing of the diversity says in verse 13.

This is some of us are Jews summer Gentile summer slaves. Some are free and I love that verse that's in there because we could use that same verse here were not all the same role different raw from different parts of the country and parts of the world. We all look different.

We all have different education backgrounds will have different ideologies coming in with different backgrounds with different hopes and dreams and yet we come together and create something actually beautiful. It calls requires always is and I'm just telling you as your pastor, I don't want to be a church where we looks like me. I just don't. I don't be a church filled with good-looking redheads. I just don't want to do that all right, although we would dominate the world to be awesome but I want that now maybe I do have no is appealing for a moment with Debbie terrible's I know who I have made the awful.

I love that were all different.

I love you got people from different parts of the world here, not just the triangle not just North and South with the world.

We have different people different gifts of different settings.

Yet you unique this is that are here, and as Paul wrote that now he's writing that the early church, the early Jews really struggled with everybody else accepting Jesus like that heart. Peter had a hard time with that, by the way, it took a long time for for Jesus and the Holy Spirit to get into the site was a listen is not just for you.

Salvation is not just for the Jews. Salvation is not just for the people. Crossroads is not just for people like you is for everybody and this is the diverse picture. He talks about as a body which what I think is so brilliant the way that the Lord led them to do this. He said your summer Jews Gentile slave summer free but all them baptized into one body by one spirit that is the common factor come on church, factors Jesus in you, that's the common factor. The common factor of all of us coming here with all of our stuff is that we've got the same spirit inside of us is that the body is different parts but one but just but it's one body I love that. Well about the diversity is that the picture of heaven.

You and Scripture says that that it's from every tribe and every tongue, every language, every walks of life is going to be an eternity.

I love that I love that as part of crossroads one of our uniqueness is that we feel that God listen is that were multicultural and that means across the board, and I love that we gets a little snapshot of heaven. Every time become her on Sunday to worship. I hope you enjoy the I find that so refreshing to come.

I find it so refreshing that all of us diversity make up the body of Christ. The second point, he talks about is this and that is that you have a part to play. So not only is the body diverse and not only does the body function in a diverse way but also he said that everyone has a part to play starting verse 15 says this in verse 15 he says if the foot says I am not part of the body because I'm not a hand but does not make it any less part of the body and of the year says I'm not part of the body because I am not an eye.

Would that make it any less part of the body.

If the whole body were an eye, how would you hear or if your whole body were an ear, how would you smell anything but our bodies have many parts… Last part of this verse checking up here says and God has put each part just where he wants. That is a good reminder church. It's a good reminder that not only is the body. Diverse meeting. Every has a different function but also means that God has placed you here for a purpose and a reason.

And so, let me just how to be blind and be bold and just challenge a little bit what your part in the body. What are you doing doing to serve the body of Christ what your role where you serve.

And as I said before, there certain things that as a pastor I just was herby understood. It's the it's the serving component of what it means you part of the body, not just in the church, by the way I'm outside in our community where we are mixing we we will need each other. God crafted you for purpose and reason and not everybody can be the hand nerve is the foot numbers and know so what that means is, as the bodies put together every part of the body has a specific function. You have a specific function in the kingdom of God. So what is it what your purpose which are why where you tied into the body at large. I think if there's one thing that coated her and because over the last two years. It is very much a consumer mentality in Christianity. It's because a lot, especially whenever we had to shut down the reset home every circuit used to be in at home and every surrogate and used to not be a part of this beautiful body and every started doing church in her pajamas on the couch, which was first season and a purpose and and hey, I enjoyed it's either of their times are like this, nice will enjoy this kind enjoy this then people started to not tune in on Sunday Cesar Watson Sunday night or Tuesday and and kind of drifted and and what I find is a lot of conversation I had with people is when people are honestly minutes. It was tough to come back.

It was hard to come to get back into the groove of things and and get back into the church community and get back serving and what's happened is that this is created a major consumer mentality.

And so we just kind of cherry pick all different things and it's also created a lot of people that could just ask us tons of different churches is now people that were at a church serving started going home and that was her watching here and here and here and now instead of being plugged in in the church and serving a church were just consumers of many first season that was what was that seasons over. So where's your part in the body, and I do as unchallenging that everybody's got a part.

Your ears may not be appear on stage. Maybe yours is on the parking lot waving at somebody. Maybe it's serving in our ministry summer maybe serving the community maybe serving your neighborhood wherever it is weather since the church are outside where's your part in the kingdom and is often little plug because if your sinner going. I'm not sure where my part is let us help you. We love helping people do that were not perfect at it. Where's sometimes it it's, it's, you know, we dropped the ball.

Or sometimes you drop the ball that we we want to try to help everybody get connected so one of the easiest ways you can do that please use it.

We have the cross was out of work/connect is the QR code or just go to the website is a form they'll take you less than three minutes to fill out and you say just reach out as one of us want to find my place. We'd love to help you do that we would absolutely have yet why because will because we need each other. That's the third point this morning.

Number three is we need each other you need us and we need you, the body needs one another, not just for service, not just forgiving not just because we need people to help in different ministries but for personal reasons. The body actually needs each other are your first Corinthians 1219 us is this places. How strange a body would be if it only had one part.

Yes, there are many parts were only one body. The I can never say the hand I don't need you. The head can't sit and feed.

I don't need you. Some parts of the body that seem weakest and least important are actually the most necessary so I pause a real quick listen, don't ever underestimate the role you play the never think well all I do is this.

Sometimes those statements all I do is this make the biggest impact really truly in every area and every category.

Don't ever underestimate what you're doing to somebody's day by serving in any category with kindness and generosity holding a door open, holding a baby working in our tech love and the neighbor taken Grotius a somebody I just heard last night Osaka somebody at our Saturday night service and they said that encoded that there they got a lot of health issues and their family and so they really stay locked down it and they could even get out the Kindle store is really the beginning of the just put up on our Facebook page packages you some help with in that day there is two people that were going to storebrand groceries getting Grotius thing the house that made a huge impact on the family.

Nick accosted of the person just a little bit of time to the impact we can make were not consuming but were giving can make all the difference in the world underground verse 25 verse 25 says this makes for harmony.

In other words, when the body needs each other or functioning together as we should actually brings harmony among the members so that all the members care for each other.

That's the body of Christ. The body Christ is not meant to be divisive as stomach to fight with one another. It's not meant to sit on different sides of the sanctuary. Never cross the aisle.

It's meant to have harmony in this with healthcare.

One of the most beautiful things I saw over the last two years is verse 26 if one part suffers, all the parts suffer with it and if one part is honored, all the parts are glad this is why we need each other because when somebody struggling in many people come alongside of them and weep with them for a moment with some is going through a rough moment they need a church to come alongside of people of the church not just talking programs are talking talking the body of Christ coming together saying he were here with you were here with you during your long night were here with you during a weak moment. This is why the church body is so good together.

Because of this reason and of one's honor. All parts are glad that since I want to celebrate is not a jealousy thing if you're doing great. We want to know we want to hear test was what celebrate could also be people that are cheering us on. In an excited force verse 27 says all of you together are Christ's body, and each of you is a part of it to go and take out your legal piece of yarn you have in your hand and watch as the holder for a moment was to look at it. I want to know that you are part of something bigger than yourself. You're part of a beautifully diverse group of people from all walks of life that although Jesus with you. You have a part to play in it and we need you and you need us. That is the body of Christ. Everybody has a function, everybody has a role and together, listen together through God we can make something amazing we could trance we can live. I believe that we could transform our communities. When the church comes together when the church is for each other.

Transformation will happen. Lies will be impacted and changed, but requires all the pieces to come together with all of you to stand your feet this morning and as we close out the the teams in a calm and their close out the song and and has been using, give us a few quick next steps but I will encourage you listen. Everyone has a place to talk about relationship serve as a place together will connect together and as we end this time of worship. Just pray that you would to seek the Lord and that that you would just not only find your connection to him as most important.

The greatest connection. We can have relation is with Jesus with them because of that, hey, let's celebrate.

We celebrates what it is that God is actually doing through the kingdom

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