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6: Hope Has Come

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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April 5, 2021 5:00 pm

6: Hope Has Come

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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April 5, 2021 5:00 pm

Easter Sunday Message: Hope Has Come!

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We're glad that you're here will never be online as well and was eligible to John chapter 20 this morning you know is as a church and as a ministry as a pastor I I thoroughly love Easter Sunday service anonymously just for the crowd to see everybody in every house look so good news pictures taken the beautiful day outside, but I love the hope that comes with Easter Sunday euros. Last week we call that hopefully this entire last week and if you missed any of it. By the way, I encourage you go back to just go to hope. We got TV and you can check it out. You can watch that we, creatively, followed what Jesus was doing throughout the entire week of his last week leading up to the cross, which then brings us today and the beautiful thing about today is this side of the cross and the side of the empty tomb. We look back and see all the hope that was there but in order to get there in order to have hope of first we had to go through a little hopelessness and some of the disciples and some of the story about Easter where on Saturday, for example, between the time that Jesus died on the cross he raises again that Saturday will be a call Saturday is so quiet and and there's hopelessness that's there and there's Lawson there's a lot of confusion is what I heard that's there.

But then, but then early in the morning.

I love that early in the morning.

Mary goes the tomb she finds the tomb empty. As of this morning for just a few moments I want to give you three reasons to celebrate this morning. I know you probably got a lot of reasons to celebrate. I got a lot of reasons to celebrate is being able to be here and to have churches all of you bowing was three reasons a celebrate out of this Easter Easter passage that we can read this morning.

No one is this the first reason that we need to celebrate this morning and feel free to celebrate as I say this is an exciting thing. The first reason is we celebrate because we have hope that Jesus knows our name, somebody is not good news this morning that he knows your name.

I think it's great news I think is fantastic news that Jesus knows her name and also with Mary at the tomb and were go to John chapter 20, reverses one into the ring to drop to verse 11 and will come back to 3 to 10 to wrap it up your little bit to give us the full context of this beautiful Easter passage in John chapter 20.

Sorry verse one says now on the first day of the week Mary Magdalene came to the tomb while it was still dark, and saw that the stone had been removed and the tomb was empty and so verse two says that she ran and went to Simon Peter and the other disciple, the one whom Jesus loved, who by the way, is writing this book is named John is like a funny house like John's rightness like you comes tells Perry Peter and the one Jesus loves a.k.a. me to find that Peter's got a little challenging happening with the with John here in a little bit I said. Then they taken away my Lord out of the tomb, and we don't know where they laid him now stop verse 11. So she runs to tells the disciples will come back and realize that Peter and John the to governing the tomb since now Mary coming back to the tomb lysis in verse 11 says, but Mary stood outside the tomb and as she wept she stooped to look into the tomb. The other disciples went inside the tomb and saw two angels standing there might went ahead with the foot where Jews have been laid. I want to hear the words they said to her to the this is a Mary why are you weeping this is like RI question right. Why weeping while she's weeping because, listen even Jesus closest disciples still didn't understand what was happening that she was hopeless. She she thought that stolen Jesus body they still doubted. Even all the way up to literally see in the tomb. Those empty they still doubted and didn't even fully understand what Jesus was doing and what he said he was going to do source there she is.

She's thinking that somebody had stolen the biopsy is a wiry, weeping, and so she tells them to.

Says they taken away my Lord and I don't know where they laid him. Having said that, she turned around and saw Jesus standing but did not realize that it was Jesus. So Jesus says there are woman, why are you weeping. Who are you looking for and supposing him to be the gardener. She says that Jesus serve you carry him away, tell me where you've laid him and I'll take him away. When I famous or my favorite lines in scriptures right here really truly it just simply says that Jesus says to her. Mary calls her by her name and says that when he does this, that she turned him in Aramaic is is Ramona which means teacher. She she recognized who it was that had called her name. Here's why love this pastor so much of his life. Think there's so much hope and so many symmetries of the celebrate in this passage, and that is if I try to place myself a little bit ingenious issues. If it was me who had just been crucified on the cross and put on trial found accused taken away caramel cross being taken to the you humiliated. The whole thing that goes with that and I'm risen from the dead on Sunday. Who do you think the first person is on the legacy to see the people that put me on the cross, ever honest, you probably are to writer me like I need the name and address of all those people make a quick stop row thousand on the Pharisees and on the rulers. I'm going to pile them. But all these people, proved to them and show them that they did not win that is now doing and if you're really really honestly Fry would want to get a little bitter eventually would and have all the powers of Jesus. Who knows what we are deriving tournaments like a platypus or some like that. He knows something really ran well about this is Jesus, the very first person that he not only stops for but talks to is a woman whose hopelessly weeping at an empty tomb. CI I love that about Jesus because to me it shows me so much of his heart for people remarries hopeless. She's lost any calls her by name, but here's a celebration for this morning is that he knows your name to and from the moment that he created. You know, in the womb. The moment that he needed you. Together, Jesus has a plan in the future for you and why celebrate in that knowing that if he knows my name and he knows my hope and my future that I get sick joy and hope and celebrate that he wants a relationship with me that Jesus is just gonna leave me on my own is not just in a bad enemies expose good luck in and go ahead and just do what you gonna do now he knows he knows her name.

He wants a relationship with me. He identifies me by my name, that he's given me. You've heard this before. I'm sure that's a very timely statement, but let me just tell you, Satan will consciously call you by your.

Since the counselor will though be a voice in your ear forever call you by your sins, your past putting guilt on you putting shame on you not call you by your neighbor call you by every other name that you're associated with and maybe that's helpless maybe that's that's sooner and me.

That's all a liar and a cheater. Whatever it is that we used to be known for.

But see my Bible says that the new creation. Amen. Somebody were new that that because the tomb was empty and we know Jews that were a new creation were no longer identified by those sins but Satan will will constantly want to call you by your sins of your past Jesus called you by your name Jesus speaks licensee. He knows you put you together and in the challenge that often is then what we call ourselves where were we. I how do we identify who we are and maybe 70, the enemy whispering in your ear mate. Sometimes we give too much credit sometimes at your own voice sometimes our own voice telling ourselves that were not worthy or were not good enough and we made too many mistakes and it's never going to work. It's never going to happen. I love that you succumb and give us hope every knows your name which does knows your future soon. Take joy and celebration. Knowing that Jesus is in my tomorrow said to me, that's why love this so much and I know it is such a simple little statement. Jesus calls her Mary but did you notice that Susie called her name she knew was him as a passive Scripture says that his sheep know his voice. There's something about the voice of Jesus that calls us and listen in my not be this audible voice that we here might not be this person like very experienced with but is there not tell you in our hearts is not a sense of right and wrong and sense of morals and ethics that the counselor poses are not up the Holy Spirit that is given to this world to convict the world and call us to himself. It is his voice is calling us. I'm amazed often how often we fight that how often we fight the calling of Jesus in our life.

And again you got a picture what's happening on Saturday. Your pictures have been the day before the early morning. We know the disciples are hiding. We know that there is loss. We know there's morning. Listen, Mary came with ointments to anoint his body. She she had no idea they still had to put it together can mention it earlier this last year maybe has felt like a very long Saturday summer.

You this last year maybe is been a year of a lot of loss and hopelessness are for maybe not that, maybe just frustration. Maybe some anger, doubt, some even homeschool your kids for the first time ever, so you lost a lot of hair got a lot grayer this year.

It's been a wild year, but through that, is there not still open on the scope through the through even a year like we had. There is still hope in their slow voice that's calling out. But sometimes when I careful it's, like Mary, we just expect Jesus to still be in the tomb, we expect an distributor of the second reason to celebrate, as this then again, I love this. On the second reason celebrate is that you and I have hope in grace and forgiveness.

Anybody grateful for grace and forgiveness are this morning there so much grace and forgiveness and as again as I as I look at this Easter passage. I look at all that's happening yield. This empty tomb is symbolizes grace and forgiveness, among other things that will talk about but Melissa because he knows our name because it is alive.

There is also grace and forgiveness that goes with that.

Let's go back to John chapter 20 an hour to pick it up in verse three to John chapter 20 verse three.

This is now Peter and John who start running to the tomb.

So again Mary comes to reports news a semisolid use body so Peter takes off and he goes out with the other disciple, verse three and they were going towards the tomb and both of them were running together.

Watch this but the other disciple outran Peter really like that has to be in Scripture. It's as if John's leg listen for the entirety of eternity. Every guy know that I'm faster than you. That's my take away of adverse I have no idea there's writing zero spiritual meaning there. I just think it's actually hysterical over what Peter thought we read that for the first time is likely to got your John Weiner's second sleep takes over the RNs Peter and Reese is the tomb first and Steubenville again. He saw the enclosed line there but Peter did not go in the John the Lachlan but then Simon Peter came, following him, and went into the tomb. He saw them in the clothesline there. The face cloth with you but I Jesus said that line with a limit clause both for that up in a place by itself was first aid again.

Then the other disciple, remember just in case anybody forgets who reached the tomb first is gather first, also waited, he saw and he believed for as yet they did not understand the Scriptures, we still haven't quite gone the other day. They believe that his body was taken, that's but they still haven't quite put together that Jesus said that he had a rise from the dead to so put that together.

But once first 10. This is very interesting. Verse 10 says then the disciples went back to their homes. We actually know that they went back to their homes and they just started going back to their old jobs. We know that because later when Jesus comes attraction down there fishing there working there, not outdoing discipleship's of their there just they go back home again. Now you think about this you think about the loss that they must've felt ready to the tomb thing and some are still in the body that that Jesus is gone but for just a few minutes though.

I want to zero in on Peter's journey for the next few moments see Peter out of all of the disciples maybe maybe a Judas but not all the disciples.

Peter, I think the reason why he takes off running to the tomb first is Peter, notably amongst the disciples is usually the first to go is the first one to say something that's right or wrong.

He was the one that got of the boats walk on water is the one who took sword and cut off the soldiers year when they're trying to capture Jesus. Peter's the one that told Jesus. I will go anywhere you want to go and I will die for you. I'll give my life for you. Peter's also the one that Jesus turns to insist get behind me Satan you're in a deny me three times before I die and you can imagine all that leading up so that's a good fried elderly up to the cross. All boiling up that moment to where Peter is thinking that he will die for Jesus. It'll give his life for Jesus's analysis go back to Friday in the afternoon.

Jesus hanging on the cross and was Friday that Peter denies Jesus three times. Jesus's words came true. I don't know what Peter was feeling, but I can imagine.

I can imagine after the third time that Peter denies even knowing Jesus and and the Scripture, says these are some pretty strong language in that series is Emily denying any knowledge of Jesus that at that moment in time the rooster crows.

Jesus dies on the cross what you think you would do if your Peter and heard that maybe, just maybe, Jesus was risen from the dead. See Peter was caring that we know the disciples, although in height, except for one, they're all hiding because there now in fear that their next they took away their leader's another to come for his followers there hiding there in fear since shambles.

There is no hope. Peter's last acknowledgment of Jesus was denying him to be.

Here is the grace of forgiveness part, here's a part of what the empty tomb to me and to you can really represent. If we allow it in John chapter 21 to just a short time later, Jesus is now risen from the dead, and is make and stop these meeting people and talking to people in the he finally has a sitdown moment with Peter. The first time they really had a chance to sit down after Peter denied him three times in Jesus and Peter have this exchange of fact when Peter realized he was in a bell when he realized that it was Jesus on the shore this is that Peter just dove in the water and swam to shore. Why would he do that why think the answer is pretty clear. Peter's level with a whole Lotta guilt right now Peter is living with a whole Lotta shame.

Peter's living with a whole Lotta regret right now. I denied Jesus three times, just like he said he would. I didn't die for him.

I didn't do what he said I should do like I did what what do you know what anybody in fear would do. I denied him. Peter swims the shore goes up on shore and has a sitdown conversation with Jesus.

No accident. Jesus at that moment asked Peter three times.

Imagine this conversation Peter dripping wet. One of the first encounters he has now in Jesus, maybe not even feel the find the words to say I'm sorry and I can't leave her alive and give me another chance. Jesus looks at Peter and asked him three times. Do you love me. Imagine what that must've felt like the Peter is no accident.

I don't think it's any accident that Jesus asked him three times because, to receive your pay attention how may times the did Peter denied Jesus three times and each time that Jesus asked Peter if he loves them.

He uses a stronger tense of the word love each time it stronger and stronger and stronger the first time Peter responds. Of course I do. You the second time. Of course, are you by the third time. Like why you keep asking me this piece her pride actually and finally says, only you know it kind of reminds me of the writings of David in the book of Psalms, Lord, only you know my heart my secret places of my heart that this David who says search me and know me, even the hidden places that I will even know myself exists. Peter now has this moment of grace and forgiveness because in that in Jesus asking him three times. He restores Peter he forgives Peter there's reconciliation, there's grace. There you know I Peter took from that moment GSM or build my church. You can feed my sheep.

Peter goes the rest of his life serving Jesus, even to the point were with the story and say that Peter is crucified upside down because he doesn't feel worthy to be crucified. The way that Jesus was. He gives his life or she is again along with almost every other disciple, except for one. Why is he is for is experience, grace, forgiveness, and a second chance soon I read that story I think the question do you love him is the question that every person is ever been born sometime in your life testarossa with an answer.

Do you really love them. I wonder what would happen if if you and I had the opportunity to sit with Jesus over a meal and what if Jesus licked you in the eyes and in your heart and ask you do you love me. What would you say I think most of us would probably Peter like he of course I do absolutely see.

Then Jesus begins the search. The inner parts of our EB is the search the inner workings of who we are reminded a heart and all sleep comes down to. Lord you know all things you know everything about me some is ask you which is to think about it.

Do you love them too often fitting. Sometimes we can live our life a little bit with regrets and little bit with fear. Maybe you'll feel worthy enough, maybe we feel that we let them down too many times or maybe maybe you feel that God let you down sometime in your life will wrestle that question, though, and I guess I was here to encourage you before going on the third and final point is that the he is the God of second chances, and for many of us is the God of the thousand chances. Amen. Somebody he's not just one and done with you. You haven't seen so greatly that God doesn't love you anymore. You're not so far removed from him that he doesn't know your name anymore. The entire Bible is the story of God's redeeming love to get us back to him, his back to see the love that God has for you requires sacrifice.

That's what Easter celebration is it's tied to Passover.

It's tied to the Lamb that was slain is tied to those very moments, like some people would say that his views would be crucified around the same time that that that Passover lamb and crucified it so tied together because love also required to sacrifice God so loved the world that he gave Jesus the didn't give just give us Jesus to walk around the just leave know you gave them to us to die. That's the sacrifice so so. Love requires sacrifice. But it also requires a response. Love also requires response and only I can give and only you can give effect. Love requires a response that only you can give your parents can give it for you. A grandma grandpa somewhere in your life can't give it for you, your spouse can't give it for you and do it for you. There is a response that only in your heart of my heart that love requires the third and final point… The third reason that that I love celebrating Easter and hopefully you do as well is because Easter represents hope in victory and in life that ultimately at the very end of all that the empty tomb to make his or so much hope and so much reason to celebrate because it is in the very nature hope and victory in life because Jesus conquered hell and the grave. Because the tomb is empty. I can actually have victory in my life I can have life, not just here but for eternity and Luke chapter 24 verse 1 to 7 is the same account of the surpass is now written from from Luke and it's a slightly different account and I love the wording here again it's early in the war early in the week at dawn they go to the tomb so picks up from their taken spices. They prepared they found the stone rolled away just like before, but they went inside they did not find uses body, and while they were perplexed about this, and says behold, two men stood by them and I love this in dazzling apparel we get something next year just say dazzling today. We'll use that word often enough last time can semicircular dazzling doesn't have. I love that your use can explicitly make a deal use that word five times safer somebody assists see what happens goes for Easter lunch was extended family dazzling today. This is now. No I don't catch them off guard, maybe a little bit but the resort dazzling like dad dazzling in these two men by the here's the line I love this.

This line loosely stimulated an epic movie. I can imagine this is sleep.

They responses. This while you looking for the living among the dead. I love that line so much of what are we particularly fantastic response. Why are you looking for the living as if to say why you look for Jesus in the tomb were dead people are these not here is alive and they talk about. He says that you didn't get the Son of Man has to be delivered so that he can rise again.

I love that line because when I read that line is a challenge in my heart and maybe for you to and the challenge that I see every time I read that line is really a question that I have to ask myself in my looking for hope in hopeless things in my looking for life and lifeless things in my looking for joy and temporary happiness, and I guess the question for all. This is why do we do that, why, why do we look for real life and real joy and real hope in things that are only temporary and things that can't really give us victory and give us life and yet and yet we always seem to do that often we get so fixated on things that that we can have right now are on on accolades here and a promotion.

Here are not good things here. So again I wonder how would you respond to that question. Why are you looking for the living among the dead.

Why do we cost we put our hope in our trust in things that actually can't give you eternal life Cirillo about this is that Jesus, Jesus has the ability to bring the dead things back to life and here's some encouragement for you. That includes maybe your marriage includes maybe your relationship with your kids. Include your job finances you purity your heart that Jesus has disability to bring things that we thought were over that we thought were lost. He has this ability to bring them back to life, including you in your heart and your soul in your purpose in life is that if you're here this morning in person or line, you still have a purpose in your life. God's got a plan for your life and it's not found in hopeless loss things that are temporary. It is found in victory and the life.

Because the empty tomb that is worth celebrating that Jesus knows your name, which means he wants a relationship with you that Jesus offers you grace and forgiveness that you don't have to carry around the guilt and the shame of the past doesn't call you by your sins ecology by your name and ultimately what it really represents is you and I have victory in this life and the next and that Jesus himself offers it to us this morning with that. I love you to stand your feet this morning as we begin to wrap up Eastern again.

I hope this morning as we close that you find great joy and great celebration. The fact that the King of Kings and Lord of lords, and he knows you.

I pray and hope that you find celebration enjoy and a reminder that he can give you grace and forgiveness and there is nothing so big that you've done that separates you from God.

What he doesn't love.

I hope you find joy and celebration. Again the reminder that you can have victory over whatever it is you're facing that you can have life and that because Jesus is alive. You can be truly alive. Got answer the questions you love them and why do you look for the living among the dead, without ecstasy, close your eyes from oil, pray for us today in and as I pray Fiona or pray that the guy would just give you that joy in your life as a reminder, but but what I want to get. See also Liz is a prayer of salvation. See also laid the empty tomb represents the cross and Nancy represents the forgiveness of our sins and the hope of eternal life. Jesus goes on the cross on Friday and he gives his life for us on the cross he dies on the cross for our sins, but because he is alive. You and I we we have not just forgiveness of sins we have eternal life with them. The Bible says that if we confess that with our mouth and believe that in our heart that we are safe member fired sacrifice, but also requires response that only you can give this a lot of pray that our budget or pray with me got right now. We just thank you so much for the reminder that because you love the world so much that you gave your son Jesus because it required a sacrifice because of my sins give the things that I've done in my life.

This is use right now.

I pray that in this room that you would remind us and invite us into that relationship that you would remind us that we have grace that we have forgiveness that you would remind us that we have victory in this life and in the next that Jesus you've overcome grave you've overcome sin and death and because of that we have life this morning and required a sacrifice. But now it also requires response from us. So there. He had brown eyes close and invite you if you're here this morning. If you've never given Jesus your heart in your life. Or maybe you need to just repent and and and return back to him on invite you to pray this with the usual words you can you can pray these words, if you want Jesus right now I give you my life. I invite you into my life to be my Lord and my Savior. Thank you for going to the cross for me and died for my sins. And thank you for rising again so that I can have life eternal. Jesus forgive me, forgive me of my sins, I thank you for your grace.

I think you for your forgiveness. I thank you for the way that you can remove my shame and my guilt out of my life and replace it with hope and eternal life. I pray that for the rest of my days.

I will live my life for you in Jesus name. Everybody said

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