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2: Live Love Lead

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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February 22, 2021 1:00 am

2: Live Love Lead

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Process connection for podcast dedicated to conversations around life, ministry and culture. I made George's investment process, fellowship, and I'm so grateful that you doing me here on this pocket as well. As David Buford how are you doing Jamie excellent page you want people to do like I said forget about that excited about this podcast absolutely wise. You know the season to now crosses election season one was on the radio. We are on the radio so all of our programs at that point were very dedicated to the radio so twice a minute episodes, but if you miss any of the 50 episodes in season with their 50 episodes one dance. It seem like it's a lot, but what we were doing the whole coven. I know yeah dedicated there is a talking to a lot of our city partners, and so encouraged about some the partnerships that we have here in Raleigh. Whether you're from Raleigh or not it's going to be encouraging to you but now were on the season two and these episodes are now dedicated around reach 21 and the Sunday sermons yes is thinking of retaining that's the season that were in for this year care crossroads. Can you tell us what that means stricken Jimmy yes I love this theme.

The theme reach really is all about. How do we evangelize and make disciples at the end of the day. There's two things that I'm so encouraged about. First of all is that all of us are elements 28, were all commissioned actually go do that. So were commissioning on the world proceed gospel make disciples baptize people teach people. But then the next one. A warm power to do that were Jesus said to go in my Holy Spirit to come and give you power to go to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, as of the earth that it's pretty clear works also do as Christians and as a church as we are praying about this particular year for our church. The theme reach and reach 21 Kandahar because it's all about reaching people courses and acronyms liquids, you will almost a struggle still knew the offer reaches what I recognize recognize five people that you could possibly reach the right he may be a little tricky is he you got it you got the power he quit still knew the day is to actively pray and listen jealous of the people pray for them to see is to craft your sorry story and the H is to help people by serving them international is help you and give me that's okay I can see your eyes working working hard, but it's still new for us in the year but you know we have repeated all time.

Yeah me on the spot the other day on the road and yet you did was reach him like is that I got.

Now you gotta now is not equally poor in power, but the words again and better before anti-so yes, every sermon this year were walking through the epistles, which I think very very it's it's awesome. I love the way that Paul writes the epistles he takes a very systematic approach to them and then gives us practical application and always somehow sues the rabbit into Jesus and salvation in his return and will work on modeling that in all of our sermons.

In fact, so a recent sermon he preached is called live love lean the same idea cautioning us how we need to serve the world around us.

That's right so you got a first grade and 13 live lovely message called live love lead and here's the heart behind it. How we live our life. How we love people and how we lead people what actually determine the effectiveness of how we reach people the way we live our life the way we hold against the mirror of the Bible verse culture the way that we truly love people the way that God has shown us the love and how we lead people so critically important. First is 13. As a pastor been a pastor for 26 years. My 26 year full-time ministry. I have pride done 50+ weddings in 26 years is one of my favorite things I love love love to do weddings. Personally, I do the best seat in the house to the standard of their front. I know that's Italian weddings. This is so wonderful and I would say 9/10 weddings I've done, everybody has wanted first Corinthians 13 read at their wedding. If you had prescriptions 13 in your wedding.

Somehow, someway I have always love people have it's like to go to wedding verse not to break the news to you.

When Paul wrote this he did not write this with your wedding in mind the purpose of first review 13 and now it is an effective one for weddings the wrong but yelling at first really is 12 Angelica prescriptions 14. I think too often in Scripture. We look at this is one little passage. We don't understand the full context of it and we can find yourself in trouble. We do that first Corinthians chapter 12 is all about spiritual gifting's and he starts by talking through all the different spiritual gifts that are available and then he starts talk about how the body of Christ should operate.

He talks about how every person is a member of the body and every body member and every part is so important and he walks through that enforcement is 12 then at the end of that in 1231 there's a part of our success, and now I will show you the better way will the better way to do what was the better way to actually live a Christ filled life. The better way to treat one another here in this building and beyond. This building.

That's what first Corinthians 13 is all about first 2013 is known as the love chapter in the Bible it talks about love explains love but it goes way beyond just the love you have for your spouse or your kids actually talking about how do we actually live our life in a way where God's gift things in our life are being on display in a loving way. We actually treat one another in this room in a loving way and that's her and talk about this morning. I love talk about first review 13. I love when people understand what is really talking about.

Take some time working a walk through this passage and I'm telling you pride you learned some things this morning. Your learned some things about this passage, your list of things about what God is trying to show you and in full to you. It and how is going on, walking through and I'll tell you it's can be life-changing forces morning really is to start with the first point first one is live, how we actually live our life based off of first Corinthians chapter 13 in verse one and three was a ceramic housetop through the explain a few things is as if I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, and what is referred to here is the gift of tongues. So it's one of the spiritual gifting is a gift of tongues and what he goes on and says that if I speak in tongues of men and angels, but have not love, as I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. The reason why Paul addresses, it's helpful to know is the church in Corinth were abusing the gift of tongues.

So again, understanding context is pretty important in the passage the church in Corinth was, there were there elevating tongues above all the other gifts and so is Paul's writing them you solicited. That's all you focus on, speak in tongues of men and angels you don't love each other, then you're no better than the pagans. In fact, is Paul's writing this to the church in Corinth. In Corinth there is a God of wine God of wine, one you drink, not the wind at your three-year-old does raise the God of wine, and what happened is the pagans would class symbols together and as a classical Scarlet pagan ritual and so now put this context together with Paul sales and I don't care if you speak in tongues, but you can't love your neighbor, you know better than the pagans over drinking all the wine including some of your you're no different than them. I love Paul's first point here is first point is if we don't have love. It doesn't matter how many gift things you have in your life you can love somebody, you actually don't have anything you're missing a big part of it in as it keeps going.

Verse two keeps unfolding is as if I have prophetic powers and understand all mysteries and knowledge, and if I have all the faith so much as the move mountains, but have not love, he says I am nothing if I give away all I have a nice talk about about sacrifice of a giveaway. Everything I have and if I deliberate my body to be burned, which was happening to Christians at this time is a real thing. If I given sacrifice, even to the point of death to become a martyr. But if I don't have love is again nothing. There's three quick things under live a long talk about this morning for going to love the first one is this too many people to be Christians are all talking no-show. They talk a good game. They have all the right answers. But when push comes to shove, there's actually nothing substance behind it. Will Paul's warning about is that that your spiritual gifts, but you have love what you're doing is you're manipulating those gifting's influence people around you to spiritual gifts without love is really easy to manipulate.

It's really to become prideful delicate look at how God has chosen to use me, look at all the great things that God is we get all of my abilities that I have right now would look at what I can do no substance behind this is talk and talk and talk no-show what happens often is, without love, there's a temptation to seek the gift and not the giver is a temptation to seek healing and not the healer visitation to have a life that is good and blessing, but forget to seek the one who is the blessed and will Paul's warning aboutto say listen if you if you seek me for all the wrong reasons, and I'm confident you know here's the thing I love the say and I think this is true as part of this year that I'm hoping to inspire us with is that every Christian's got the Holy Spirit inside of us.

But not every Christian is walking in the power the Holy Spirit when you with the moment you accept Jesus in your life God gives you his spirit all these gifts that Paul talks about is all inside of you.

It's all there. All the things that God wants for your life is all there, but way too many Christians are not walking in the power of that spirit and the trap is that we know things and we know about God and we can do things and see things and say things but where's the love was love at the heart.

Listen, you're here love a lot in this message is not just because they Valentine's Day.

Trust me, it's not all because of that, but listen, if we don't have love in our life.

There is no getting around the reality that God is called us to love one another. You can't get away from in Scripture.

You can try as hard as you want to try to justify it as much as you want but if you can't love each other, especially in this room, let alone Jesus also tells us to love our enemies. There's no escaping. You could be the most about believer in the world and study everything there is the know about God. When push comes to shove, can you just love the person that lives next door to you cues love that person. Despite their differences in your life despite who they are. Can you can you simply just love that person into often answers no, yet we want to go deeper.

We want talk about theology will talk about all the things of God and were missing the very first thing that got told us to do. Love God, love people will Paul's duties warning he's given the church in Corinth and thus a big warning flag. Listen, you might have gifts, but if you can love each other your empty inside.

I think of the Pharisees in Scripture. Jesus love the kind of poke at them rightly so. And he says it multiple times in different ways. One at times was the Pharisees. This is a year you're all talking no-show, your you worry more about the outside and inside at the trap is just focus on how we look, let us focus on how we look as a family. Let us focus on going to church and smiling even though we just fought for 20 minutes on the way to church where this is focus on looking the part. So the deal of the inside again. There's no you got a view of the inside and he was on.

He says this.

We talked about knowledge and faith. Again, you can have all the knowledge in the world you could study a study study have all the knowledge you can have as much faith as you want enough to the pulses you can make a mountains move. You have that much faith licenses is a review of love is empty inside. There's an emptiness. There I think.

So often we can fill her head with so much knowledge of forget to fill our hearts to the something in here that needs to know and live out and be who God has created us to be in the third part of living a life he talks about sacrifice versus obedience. He says because the sacrifice you can you can literally give your body to be martyred right to give your body to burn.

But if you have obedience.

Yes, again, nothing. You can be the most generous person in the room you give away all your wealth. Paul's given the Nazi geniuses discussion with the rich young ruler the parallels were Jesus goes the rich young ruler since I give everything away the poor get all way we couldn't do it is a pride and ego and you send Paulson on the other side listen even if you do that you actually love people. You actually gain nothing. There's no blessing in that there's no gain in that again, the way we live our life, how we live our life matters.

How we treat one another matters. How we walk. How we talk all of it encompasses together all policy and right of first group is 13 in the beginning members coming out of a capacitor that was spiritual gifts and how we treat the body in chapter 14 actually goes further into more spiritual gifting is its sandwich for reason between these two things because the danger and the risk that there is its colic. Don't tell me what you know. Show me it's the Scriptures.

I don't just tell me you have faith, shall you have faith, but just say you to get things show in your heart that you are if you're hard-core doing it for who God is and he was on the second. The second part is love as a kind of the bulk the meat of the thing I don't If I can want to write down several days as we go. So get something ready to write down a few things in this passage of love.

This is the part that if you attended any weddings in your life you have heard these verses read pretty much at night outside weddings. Love is patient, love is kind. How we notice you see it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not arrogant is not rude, it does not insist in its own way is not irritable or resentful. It does not rejoice at wrongdoing. Verse keep going says this is says rejoice with truth for seven. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and doors all things. This passage is very interesting because the word used for love is agape love. This is the Greek word, it is the highest form of intimate love that you can get affected such a highest form of love that in our human sinful nature we can even accomplish this level of what love is very interesting is that Paul is now beginning to list out the actors and the characteristics of a love that without God's help, you and I can actually even function it, and what is big in the list out all the entries in the characteristics of what Jesus showed us and who God is. If I dollars of this is fascinating those you know Scripture you know when Jesus restores Peter after Peter denies Jesus and Jesus comes in restores him.

Peter denies him three times and Jesus asked him three times. Do you love me. Each version of love. He uses a stronger version of the Greek word for love.

It starts off Peter do you love me and he says of course I do less you choose, the friendship version of of a rope basic love and Jesus use a stronger terminology will be habit you really love me and Peter says yes again. The next version. Then finally went. Jesus asked Peter, but you really really love me.

This is the love is talking about. This is what broke Peter. This is where Peter said, Lord, only you know this is a deep, passionate, intimate love. This is the love that you and I are called to live our life with and I'm telling you can do without God's help in your life. Your your marriages, your kids, your neighbors are church without God.

Spiritual help in our life. You and I cannot love at this level sounded possible in this what God is calling us to the highest form of love and in fact is not just something that God can give.

It's actually his nature, which is why it is such a deep level of agape love is the deep intimate level. Love that God in his very nature is is begins to talk to us and publicans unfold.

This recognizer sinful nature doesn't allow it.

But Paul defines agape love in this passenger write these down. These are the attributes I want to see how how are you doing what comes of this list here.

Wonder how are we doing what it really comes to the way they were supposed to love one another. The first one Patients have a lost anybody already patient, love. How meaningless, hard at times be impatient if you're married.

If you have kids if you're single. It doesn't matter. Patients is really really difficult to have. And yet, the God of the universe is so patient with you is that wonderful it is so wonderful that God is been patient with you about you but I so appreciate that. I appreciate that. Anytime I get online.

God doesn't fly off the handle in anger as is loose and I knew that I knew one person for gay guy near Galveston again here we go again knowing so patient with us again just reflective. I wonder how patient we are with one another how patient are you just imagine this is one attributes is one. How much better with your marriage and your family be if we just practice patient, love patient with each other not just expecting people he patient with you, you also be impatient with one another. How about with you and your teenagers you and your kids coworkers on and on it goes. Patients are often Jesus was patient is patient with the disciples patient with us the next 20 months, is this one again.

This is one attributes is that these earth shattering concepts. We never thought about before, but he mentions kindness does love is kind. At the heart of it is kind kindness is so free it's so easy to do anything. Often times, maybe word lease kind of the person that we should love the most. Sometimes we find that were not as kind to the people just in her own household. This the people around us on a regular basis, just kindness to treat each other with respect to each other, not not even know and and and being different at the heart of it to succumb to it and say I'm a treat you with just respecting and kindness and again just what happens in our life. We just lead love with kindness when you just practice that even the strangers around you when his practice kindness and listeners opportunities all the time there's opportunities constantly about being kind to one another, be impatient with one another.

The next one is this.

He says write this down as a tumble. Love us humble meaning it's not prideful doesn't boast.

It's a humble love and this the love that Jesus displaces enough that Jesus humbled himself that he came here that he humbled himself to the point of going to the cross that he was humble enough to say I didn't come here to be served.

I came here to serve a humble love serves one another again just put in the context of just your relationships, the people in your circle. What if you lead the way in humility. What if you lead the way and putting somebody else in front of you and not just doing it because Sony does it's you, but leading the way and listen. I love that we got all different ages inherent definition watching online kid students lead the way in humility for your parents.

What will change your dynamics in your household students.

If you if you do is actually just let go of pride and ego and just humbly serve your parents. What would just change since this is simple things that we talked about is a sacrificial love it. Sacrificial Jesus, and any gave his life. He sacrificed everything he had gave his life for everybody. So again, and not our circle in our life. The reason I like list is out one at a time like this is that, as Paul is talking Paul does so wonderfully. Which is why level going through these epistles. Is Paul usually up front takes a very systematic approach and he systematically goes through doctrine and theology source.

Explain very complicated things.

And then he starts unfold and peel away to talk about how we actually do it, and almost every time he wraps into salvation, wraps, and who Jesus is and this is exactly what is doing. He just spelling out defining what agape love really is it's patient it's kind it's humble it's sacrificial and you're putting other people in front of you. You're willing to sacrifice. Maybe your own interest for the interest of other people and on and on. The goes next one is this.

He talks about pure's the big one. It's a love that is pure, it is not a love that is self-seeking. In other words, I don't love you, just you love me back.

It's I don't serve use you serve me back Islamist show you love because I expected and return back if you don't give it back to me that I'm not a mystery. Love ever again the purity to security to. It harnesses all those things you said into a level of just good, honest, pure love and then he wraps up into truth and you speak about truth. He says true love that the truth and by the way is he response the truth what Paul is saying is truth based on Scripture is very important.

As Paul saying this, the wording he's using for the word truth is a biblical truth is a biblical understanding is not cultural truth is not truth that some else's told you about is not your own truth that you made up. This is based on who God is in Scripture and what he says is that this truth allows us then the truth of the way that love is in the Bible allows us to barrel things believe all things allows us to hope in all things, and it allows us to endure all things to truly love people sometimes really, really difficult is it's hard to love people. It's hard to look people because a lot of broken people in the world and you are one of them right. It's hard for us to look people maybe at times it's hard for people love you. And with this level of love does agape level level to says is based on on not what you've done for me or read the truth about maybe who you are is based on the truth in Scripture because the way that God has love me that my love for using a barrel.

Things it's gonna believe the best it's gonna be based and hope it's going to endure hardships. It's can endure the ups and downs.

It's can endure all these things that happen it will trivia the estimated number of people get engaged on Valentine's Day notice numbers. Think about what is tell the person next to what you think it is all said again what you think is the estimated number of people get engaged on Valentine's Day going to tell to the person I should answer we think it is really is how you said it's more than 10,000 names in 1000 this is global. By the way I global dancers 220,000 people getting A's on Valentine's Day during 20,000 people. Anyway, here get engaged on Valentine's Day. By the way anybody in here.

I talked to some of the early they got engaged on Valentine's Day 220,000 people get engaged yearly on Valentine's Day. We also know that there's countries in the world that have pretty seven-year escape clause on marriages were little after seven years you can just say no. This marriage never happened before you think about all the stuff when it comes the love anything about endurance. Love takes endurance because the people that we love her just as broken as we are to the point that when Jesus is speaking about love.

Don't miss this when Jesus said love the Lord your God and love your neighbor the Jews of the time were tracking pretty well with that concept. But Jesus added something is adjuster Gallagher neighbors to tell others things were in the circle amongst Christians often.

It's like hey love God and love people. Yes, that sounds great and over. That means you gotta love your enemies to not just tolerate them, not just like them. Just as a love them so again it's easy love people that are like us is and it's easy to love people of who we are. One of our favorite things to do. Me and the kids that we love the due we love to go to alehouse and watch the bills games on TV. There because there's other bills fans there and we get to this year we got to celebrate together. Usually we get the cry together this year were like celebrating together as a matter you are.

It is a meta-get a bill shirt on. I walked in, what were friends were automatically friends and if there Steelers fans there we run them out as fast as possible leg. See you later see you later.

You have her own place. I know your plays will go to your place. You can are places me with the way it is. Are you even in a hall this right. All these things were to love people, regardless regardless I know it's a silly trivial thing gets real complicated, doesn't gets real hard to do that he was on the file they want talk about is leading. How do we actually lead our life with love how she walk in chapter 13 first Corinthians, by the way, if you are in any type of leadership. If you do any leadership at all in your company or business in your school. I highly recommend that you read and reread for scripting 13 because just as much as it is about spiritual gift things. It's also about leadership. Just substitute the word leadership in here to teach you the better way to lead people to leadership. What if you and I let our companies and our staff and our employees in the same attributes when it comes in a for scripting 13. Three powerful goes on says this prescriptive 13 verse eight says love never ends. For we know in part and we prophesy in part.

But when the perfect comes. This is tell he owes. This is the second coming of Jesus.

So again, what Paul does as he takes a systematic approach, the love he then says, and action define it for you how to do it and he always has this tendency to wrap it into Jesus coming back in salvation.

This was doing. He says so just to understand we know in part and we prophesy in part. When the perfect comes when Jesus comes back, the partial will pass away, and this is when I was a child.

The term child here is for three and four-year-olds. This is the mentality so what Paul saying is that when I was three or four years old I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child by the way, how many adults in the room with love just have a day we can act like a three-year-old anybody was you love yourself all down at your work and throw a tantrum and just like kick your feet and go you always this talk is we all have that inside of us. Still, those moments of like you know what I was good aggregates all the right knowledge go through my city cup across the room number go that's nominative, and so your sizes for now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part with the night shall fully know even as I have been fully known. Close in talking about the smear. When Paul was writing this to the people of this time, their mirrors were very different than ours. There usually round like a shield that a leather strap on the back and hang on the wall and there made on a bronze or metal and there's polishing it was polished enough that they could see the reflection but wasn't a good reflection and so is very different and I thought about that when I was researching this passage and in reading up on it for some reason that's jumped out at me will grow strong in which of God is me and the question, followed. It was was telling Andy what are you using to reflect your life where you were you comparing your life to what you looking at hopes to see a reflection back, you know, it's really easy to want to look at culture and the way that their veils ask and say all I see that that's how I'm supposed to be nothing in college you experience at a time. My sons in college and we got college kids here all time and I that's always sits at that age were you starting to craft even more of your identity is my identity going to be wrapped in what they believe was my identity to be wrapped in who I am in Christ that that's that's a straw it's a real thing and with revolving through college and you remember those years.

It's half right because you all the influence around and you got God and it's so easy to say, it will. They're doing this and I know God wants this, but then is a stop there is a change for us as adults. The same way we see how people act and treat one another. We sell people run their businesses and run their marriages and how they act in their lives. We see what social media says right we we look at social media.

See what all the different social be Alice or San of how were supposed to be the world right now. It's consciously telling us even what the church is supposed to believe cultures trying to dictate what the Bible actually says is true tell me that this is not happening all the time. So who's reflection are you looking what reflection he trying to see when you look at your bank statement is that is that you reflection we look at all you accomplish is is that the extent of your reflection when you when you look at your fraternity or sorority ligature friendships is that is that your reflection is that is that all work is that what identity really is Cisco back to truth, the word that Paul uses for truth is simply the Bible there's a song I remember way obvious by 20 some years ago that talked about removing the draw server moves a worship song talk about skimming away the dross on the top and it comes out of a passage Scripture speaking about the refiners fire with the with the refiners fire was meant for was that the Goldsmith will take chunks of gold and they were put into a large cauldron. They were heated up and what happened is the dross is the impurities.

That's what dross means the impurities of the gold would come to the top and the Goldsmith with with skim away the dross and re-fire it reheated up and more.

More dross will come out in the Goldsmith knew that the gold was pure when he saw his reflection in the gold. That's how he knew Satan that God is doing us the refiners fire in our life. The reason why he's refining us is not so that when he looks at me. He sees culture. It's nicely Lily looks at me. He just sees everybody else when God looks at me and my soul and my heart what he wants to see is the sons Jesus reflection. That's what this passage is about. At the end of the day you have all the knowledge of the wisdom you have all these attributes, but when God looks at you disease see his son Jesus reflected back

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