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0: Intro to Season 2

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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February 8, 2021 2:00 pm

0: Intro to Season 2

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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The Crossroads connection Amanda, George, your host in the senior pastor crosses Fellowship Church will welcome you to the introduction podcast two season two of Crossroads connection.

Season one was dedicated to 27 minute episodes that were made strictly for the radio where we interviewed city partners around the area and inspirational messages that I believe will really encourage you. So if you missed any of the 50 episodes in season one.

I encourage and make sure you go back and listen. I really do think that you find them encouraging. So here we are entering into season two of crosses connection in order to do this season is we are still going to be addressing life ministering culture, however, were becoming from the sermons from the weekend before. Right now, as a church we are in the year of reach 21. What that means. Russ would also think is applicable to all of us is that our desire are calling our commissioning if you will, is to really go and evangelize and make disciples the word going all the world right were to pursue gospel to make disciples in order to reach people and so for us as a church. Our theme for this year is reached. And so what we did is we are actually preaching through the Pauline epistles. Starting with the book of Romans.

Going through Paul's 13 letters 13 epistles throughout the entire year. So this podcast is dedicated to those sermons.

So if you're looking for a place to know and be inspired be encouraged also be challenged and here sermons. This is the podcast for you. So, as always, make sure that you subscribe should you comment machine you like. Make sure you share this podcast as I am excited to enter into episode one coming next week in season two of crosses connection to be a great time and I'm glad that you're here with me on the journey. So again is the introduction so welcome to season to everybody. Can't wait to have you join me on this journey through the Pauline epistles as we start with episode one next week.

Drop in next week so don't miss episode one. This can be an amazing message that I preach called a common table. I think it is timely is effective and you will not want to miss it. So again she subscribe like comment and share this podcast and look for to have you join us again on our next episode. Episode one.

A common table

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