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47: Interview with Jennifer Grote from Safe Families

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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January 11, 2021 6:00 pm

47: Interview with Jennifer Grote from Safe Families

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Welcome to Crossroads connection is the show all about having conversation surrounding life ministries and culture was a quick thank you to our friends at the Truth Network for sharing this program and think so much Tyler and welcome against everybody for joining us here on the Truth Network on Saturday at noon where you're listening from we will welcome you and really do hope that our time together helps bring connection to you.

We hopefully it's an enjoyable time. We consistently love beautiful to do this for our audience every single week and we also really truly enjoy the opportunity to bring guests and partners from the tribal area, you know that's one of the biggest purposes of the show is to connect you with some incredible partners right here in our own city. So again, thank you over this last year to everybody who have listened who have subscribed to send comments who have made post about this and of course thank you to all of our partners who we interview every week and Allison if you've missed any of the previous episodes. You can go to that's and you can catch up on a years worth of episodes before given to our very special guest today I want to just pause for a moment, because as we reflect over me on this last couple weeks as we looking to see what's happened in our country. There's a lot of people who are very upset.

Very worrieda lot of people are who are happy and people excited. There's also a lot of people that are very, very upset and everybody in between.

Of course we saw what transpired at the capital you know whatever your belief is on protest and things of that nature unity so looking at the violence and you look at not just this last week. By the way her two weeks ago but you look at our country in the whole. It seems like this last year has been such a tough year you notice whether comes down to, because a cool covert things because the coronavirus or because of the racial tension in our country and of course everybody's listening right now you have your own stuff to us I guess is one of the pause for a moment just, you know my my heart first and foremost as a pastor, pastor of a credible church across the Fellowship is been here 15 years and in many ways it's a wonderful, diverse, multicultural multigenerational church which is so absolute amazing but also recognize that there's a lot of churches like Crossroads where it's not all a people all think the same way and we don't have the same backgrounds and would on the same experiences and there's a lot of truth and reality that there's a lot of people that might be hurting right now for the reason. So, if I may. Just things, keep this pastoral hat on for moment and just pray for us and just pray for you as a listener be praying for our country reframe for our own city and all things and up and coming and going. In our own city, let alone around the country so you and mind you know just where you are for driving the car. If you listen to some other means we just pause for a minute and disagree with me as I just pray for you and pray for our country and pray for our nation so let us pray together with father. We truly come to you and the passage of Scripture Chronicles come to mind were says if my people who are, my name and we would humble ourselves if we would seek your face. If we return from our wicked ways, then you heal our land and civil right now.

I just as a pastor in the city we just come before you just humble ourselves truly just humble yourself and little we do repent we repent for our errors we repent for our own bias.

This we repent of our own sins. I pray most of all that we do seek you, and together corporately.

We just seek the face of God for our city for our nation and Lord.

The things that happened couple weeks ago and last week, and throughout this entire year wherever they were and whatever the original motives were. We just pray God for healing and got I just pray that you would heal our land and our nation are for you, heal our city. I pray that you heal churches and pastors and congregation members.

I pray that you would allow this not to be a time to divide the time of coming together slowly to simply just give this to you and we just quickly pray that or that you would just be God in the situation in Jesus name, amen. Where we think so much for praying with me. You know, as I navigate this is pastor and I know we a lot of pastors who listen to this program. It's very difficult season right now as we walk this together as people ministry. Whether your pastor with your staff person with your volunteering. Quite frankly, whether you know you just attend local church or not, you know, it's a very difficult time to try to navigate because often times you feel like you're in a really a no-win situation that you say too much to say too little and it's very difficult to navigate and so I guess I want to speak to the pastors for just a moment and just let you know.

Listen your you're doing better than you think you are, I'll be encouraged.

Don't allow the things that are happening that were see and unfold in our country deter you from the biblical truth in the biblical values or call to you know it's really easy to get pulled into all of these different things and is really to get pulled into circumstances and situations in conversations that are not God honoring. That's when encouraged to remain God honoring and remain above reproach and all this in those difficult but you're not alone. And like you said you probably doing better than you think you're doing, you know, for us here Crossroads. We entered into 2021 and it's a new year, which means that for us as a church we go after them pray over a theme and award for the year as we sought the Lord coming on the 2024, 20, 21, we really felt that the Lord is leading us the church to go to the epistles together and that's what were doing so we across was actually walking through Paul's 13 letters to the churches into the areas starting with book of Romans, which were now in ice when encouraged with a few things that as we been opening up Paul's letters, especially the book of Romans what occurred. You remind you have a couple things we we for Crossroads have deemed this year as a theme. The word is reached, and our goal is to simply reach people and that's our whole goal and want to go and make disciples. That's were all called to do, and here's why this is so important I want to share this with you before we share with one of our guest because his guess that were shared today is doing exactly what were hoping people would do and that is to reach into broken families lives in and create a safe place for kids and families as well for you.

That is one of the share just the process of thinking for all believers. You first of all, everyone who listening right now.

If you are a follower of Christ, you are commission to go. Matthew 28 is beetle passage. Therefore go and all the world are all called to preach the gospel to teach people. Jesus ways to baptize people that's that's something that all of us are called to do it as a matter of your pastor doesn't matter if you're just a volunteer, a layperson or just in the tender if you know Jesus than you my friend are called to that commission.

You're called to go. The beautiful thing though is that you are not alone and left alone to do that calling. Acts 18 says you will receive power the Holy Spirit comes on you to be his witness to actually fulfill the commission any groceries is in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria to the ends of the earth, and that the Holy Spirit and Jesus are with us always says my courage as we enter into this year. Don't worry. Don't be afraid except the calling you have as a believer and walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit on a regular basis, and trust me this year got you great things in store so that I want to go quickly to our sponsor and the room jumped right into the conversation with an incredible guest list today that's gonna bless you, I'm sure. So here you go, a quick word from our sponsor your success as a leader hinges upon buying from your teams clear and consistent communication from you and strategic delegation. My name Cheryl Scanlon C3 Advantage helps you steward your most valuable resource. Well, improve retention and grow employee engagement and generate higher team and individual ownership.

The success of your organization begins with you and depends on your team as a leader and what organization further visit we are back from break with our very special guest Jennifer gravity RSA families ministry director here at crossroads you happy new year happy new year wonderful law. Hey, Tyler, and I know you doing a lot about you and your husband Jack, but for our listeners. Could you just give us personal bio who are you guys had you find Crossroads and went to UT being a part of the state families ministry so I'm Jennifer Jackson. We are probably started attending Crossroads probably about 15 years ago I was single all actually came and left it both grew up Catholic and was a total change that I experience across red when Jeff and I started dating I was a little overwhelmed Crossroads.

Let's see, we both own their own businesses I work with individuals as well as work seems a strengths-based approach is that residential helper. We we trying to remember exactly how she had done some volunteer work, but we are really trying to find a way thinking about what works were strangely expert about the different roles of the families we were trying to the host family will talk about that little bit more volunteering with families just say it was 2018 2019 60 a few years ago and quickly got very involved ministry liaison and organization is an awesome one. This is would be a great time to jump into that then because some of our listeners may not be familiar with what Satan means is what is the mission and vision of this ministry means originated in Chicago. It is a great organization founded through churches and is churches response to kind of foster care instead of waiting on the state waiting for situations to get some children need to move from their homes and families realize that there was for people to come families in crisis help them through these tough times families that mothers, fathers didn't love their children and their kids are struggling in one way or another, joblessness, homelessness, drug or alcohol addiction is for me. You both starters, we're used to having a network of support, family, friends, people that weekend, something happened. There are quite a few people out there that don't network of people and that's where Emily stepped in. I love that I love how you're talking about. It sounds like it's a ministry that is try to be very proactive. Like you said about but before the situation can get worse than it may be, already is. You know, say families is trying to step in and be that safety net and in and be that help for the families and for the children so wonder if you could walk your listeners through the process of what it might look like in some of the roles that are involved with say families to maybe say someone has found themselves in some tough times and they realize they need some help and they reach out to say families. What is a process look like and how to say families help them cite that yeah absolutely say families cite the rally chapter where people can find out more information. Usually first connection with the current intake. There will find out of your situation.

Some questions go through a process.

What is how can we help you right now what is the first time. That might mean that their children go to hell for whatever reason there crisis. They can't really care for their children and so we set up temporary housing for their children would also just take care of the parents are provided with assistance as well. We tried to help the whole family get back on their feet, so mom might help them with finding employment with fixing up there.

There's a whole host of things that we might do a one-sided thing right here and get involved and we involved to be a willing protest in order to participate in this ministry and date they want to get Tyler yet know you actually did so. The goal is that these reasons is a temporary way of serving you. Families with the goal of reuniting families after their crisis has passed. Okay, so Jennifer I know that here at crossroads. This ministry was just sort of starting to get off the ground. Creek O'Bannon units are starting to get some traction on and like all ministries everywhere. I'm sure you guys had to adjust and maybe even rethink some of how you serve your families can you walk us through how could it is affected your ministry like you interesting factors that play into this was that kids weren't going to school for a while. Often times teachers that are interacting with the kids, they would be first or suggested that day while Johnny's come to school in the same clothes every day is different things that would maybe alert these people. I children regular basis will call center decreased significantly from all multiple families that we are in the beginning of the year that we are still providing housing for children. We are still providing say families processes and procedures that we go through were coded to make sure that both the family and the child are safe and healthy everyone. We certainly don't want to be a factor in providing care for the children. The family yeah absolutely, and at such an important ministry that it's awesome you guys able to adapt and still serve families because coveting a code that is so needed and it's so important in speaking of which, I'm sure you have any, of course, with confidentiality in mind.

Stories are testimonies of how you've seen this ministry serve administration.

Some of the families that are involved. He is there a story that specialty that you'd like to share my thoughts when it comes to my mind is on her two daughters are twins and we got a call I got a call from say families. That said, there is a mom is facing homelessness and she was kind of rough situation with her partner and she found her and her girls on the street. She she was willing to go to a shelter or even sleep in her car she didn't want that for children actually to the public library searches and found families patient herself.

It was probably like 12 o'clock in the afternoon at 530 that night we met them at the library library twins and thinking like 12 years old any strangers at the library so right very interesting because new locator 12 on their you know set up dinner little bit by yourself, give them as much space as they wanted the choices I join a year really just didn't know. I like the third or fourth day. Stories like credit or just copy and after dinner.

I brought her upstairs and immediately started the giggling was a great ice breaker story short is that we were for a while over a couple months.

The mother ended up getting housing able to stay temporary apartment full-time job on the girls are able to maintain school to their school to come out as they try to host family actually lives in the area where the kids go to school. Not much is possible. He still for coping cards and I got chills at the beginning of that story. Jennifer, that's incredible. That's really the opinion being hands and feet of Jesus and stepping into someone's mass with them and how neat to be able to see full circle get to be part of that and see that they got a stable place to live in the family got to be reunited in really scary to know the situation they don't. It's really beautiful to see how you know. Over time we had another family. Three kids that seem to ask for them at their house over Christmas and it was still in touch with mom have my number. Every situation is different. Guidelines for people stories that may not as awesome as I'm sure yeah it so I said, I'm sure because you've shared this story, which is so inspirational. There probably listeners that are like you that they have remained at home and that just putting on the heartstrings is something that they think that they could do so without Bob mentioned to us before we recorded this conversation that you might have an interest meeting coming up soon. Can you tell us how people can get involved excellently. Let people know that obviously family is one roll that there are many ways to serve there.

There's a family friend, which is where someone actually supports the host Tammy kids and bite your neighbor will bring dinner over Wednesday night. You know, awesome resource friend may bring closer different skill set, their coach actually work with the children become apparent lots of ways to get involved here thinking about all I don't know right now with everything going on. Please let that discourage you from getting involved because there are so many ways to help us out into your question Jamie.

We will be hosting an informational session over so you can either be a lien or call in January 20 Monday this month of January at 12 o'clock time information meeting all in the beginning overview during that meeting will give you access to sign up for dictation. I'll be sitting for Q&A. I'll be there will give you my information. If you want to contact me off-line and asking questions, and then there is something called core training. So no matter what role you decide on part of this and everyone goes through a core training I spoke with the Raleigh director Sherry this morning and she is actually run a training lie will be virtually there's like that online version virtually find it to our training and & once we know how many people are interested. After sometime in February and so how can folks need to RSVP for this is their website that they can visit to register or to find out more about attending that virtually such a great question after and I are working on getting set up email out to the crossroads members. People that are registered there will be sending out will also put something on the website will also have something to show that we will yeah so if they went to crossroads out or is it/just under the care that wonderful. That'll help our listeners find you guys so much for joining us today. This is such a fun conversation and important incredible ministry.

Thanks for you and just the way you serve and we hope that people will get stirred in curious about the organization and either attend the meeting or send this email are happy to share more about her experience and the opportunities to volunteer and serve awesome things so much, Jennifer Jennifer, thanks guys think you for joining and listening to our program today and thank you to Crossroads Fellowship and the Truth Network for making this show possible. You can find out more information about Crossroads Fellowship if this show has impacted you. We'd love to hear from you.

You can contact us at Thank you to C3 Advantage for sponsoring this program. We look forward to having you join us on the next show your success as a leader hinges upon buying from your teams clear and consistent communication from you and strategic delegation. My name Cheryl Scanlon C3 Advantage helps you steward your most valuable resource. Well, improve retention grow employee engagement and generate higher team and individual ownership.

The success of your organization begins with you depends on your team as a leader and what organization further visit

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