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37: Interview with Robin Pate with Operation Christmas Child

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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October 28, 2020 4:00 pm

37: Interview with Robin Pate with Operation Christmas Child

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Open the Crossroads connection is a show all about having conversations running life, ministry and culture was a quick think you are friends of the Truth Network for airing this program and thank you for joining and listening today I'm Tyler and I'm joined As always, by Jamie how are you Jamie I am deeming yeah we got Andy here as well. In any Merry Christmas hey Tyler, it feels so good to say that I some people are listening and they probably think that's too soon, but not us. Not me. I think right now is about the time when we can start getting more so that Chris's attitude in the Christmas spirit. But yes, I echo the greetings to everybody who are listening right now.

Love that you all join us on this program. Saturday at noon and for more information and if you missed last episodes of the past episodes were were in like 37th episode range right now. You missed any of the previous 30+ episodes want to go to working on notes for people to go back to listen to a lot of the risk is what I love about this program is that primarily it's the three of us and then we interview one of our local partners which always, of the do now is talk about and come to go that route.

And so that's what's good so if you miss any episodes go back to crosses, or/radio. In the meantime you have to do with it.

Merry Christmas, and you will notice that stores are getting their Christmas stuff out even earlier than normal white what he think that is I think it's because this is what I've been saying for weeks. We need some Christmas money not bringing the Christmas twice a week I bring yeah right you're absolutely right think that blasts RCN Christmas stuff in stores in September which is a little early but I think I think you're right, it think the people are just done not only with this year, but also we need something.

Look forward to happiness the air. Late summer I like. I'm this is the biggest Christmas for everybody operations more like just Christmas a worship pastor and even humming Christmas music now because we can ready for all of our yeah Christmas stuff like like the feeling that it's felt pretty good. Yeah, I mean yeah normally I wouldn't start listening to it as much. I'm doing it just to get ready for service, but it could play someone I think you also said Merry Christmas because of our guest we have today yes yeah special guest Robin Pete's operation Christmas child a fantastic fantastic ministry and want to learn some stuff today about operation Christmas child to be amazing. I learned some things I did not know so exciting.

Let's jump into it. We had a quick word from our sponsor and I will get to our interview with Robin. Perhaps you've asked yourself this question. Are you running the business or is the business running.

You might your teams grow. If your teams are driving the business forward. Instead of you. You are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunity.

It takes courage to learn how to create a culture where your people are truly empowered on their seats, my name Cheryl Scanlon business and executive coach working together will go straight to your court challenges to sort through competing demands and realigned to your highest priorities for measurable results. Visit at sea number three All right we are back from the break with a very special guest Robin Pete's operation Christmas child this November we say Merry Christmas Christmas home the other night a meeting late night and I was going on the main road back to my house and one of the developments have their full Christmas yes Christmas so Rob season, it's high time for you Christmas child so so you are sure we get every understanding of the coordinator for the volunteers shouts unnoticed by oversimplifying it so want to talk a little about you and your role with operation Christmas child force thinking I'm the leader and the greater Raleigh team, which encompasses most of my counting are a lot of White County and grandpa County. Pants County and Franklin County sorry sets obtain big area. That's a huge area that we and we typically collect around 40,000-ish boxes coordinate all those volunteers and all that start here. The what what drew you personally be part of operation Christmas child begin packing shoeboxes in 1995. I heard about it on the radio and got my church tax, and sheep access and just can't packing everything here's some point somebody noticed me. She might be a good volunteer but I was at a point in my life right where I had the space to do that as I grew nearer to the time when I had space God just began wooing my heart and he Kept saying to people around me. He's telling me to something global, but something local, and I can imagine what that is because what is global and local and then December. Before I was can it be ready in May to do something he just plopped us right in front of me operation Christmas child year-round, volunteering, and so it that Jean and I began my role in 2015 and haven't looked back since.

Well, I think most of you probably don't realize what you said year-round operation Christmas child in our churches just started. We just started a week or two ago Crossroads so you think of like it's Christmas time.

You know all the leaves are changing and you know music saponin pockets. I saw Taser, basil, something about Chris is what you said your sub year-round so before jumping the what you do for people that might not realize what is exactly operation Christmas child was the mission and vision behind that organization. So we are the largest children's ministry, for Christmas gifts that your mission is to share God's love in a tangible way and together with the local church worldwide. The good news of Jesus Christ.

So that means we partner with churches on the sending side, but we also partner with churches on the receiving full wonderful and so for those that don't know it's basically so is the shoebox is that the main or the only thing that the child does or is it beyond even that almost recognizes the shoeboxes say we actually call it the key you talk to people on the box. They will tell you that she boxes the key that unlocks the door to the gospel.

So you had a distribution child when they receive their boxer given a colorful booklet called the greatest gift and in that there can see the story Jesus partying and getting that there's been a gospel presentation that happened at the church or on the mango trailer at the school you are on the local church that's doing a presentation to then they get that shoebox and they get very colorful blocks of you often see them just paging through the book division and the children are invited back to our 12 week discipleship and that is called the greatest journey and it is because VBS on steroids here in the US is an amazing amazing program and we know that through that program about four-minute four children per minute are coming to Jesus, Savior, four children per minute.

Now Jesus is and then additionally about a thousand churches in Europe implanted as a result of that program really have no idea. Most churches, but I think also something nice for family to do to help somebody that we might never read and spell shoebox and some toys that on over. So what's actually in the box. While that what what goes inside of that shoebox for people with first thing that we ask everybody to pack is a wow item something that when that kid opens the box. I just touches the heart that, in general, small toys, school supplies and hygiene items in the box also picking out a letter or picture of your family is always very well received because it helps that child make a connection.

Excellent. You're dressing a little bit. First of all, do you know offhand how long it's been around for long as operation Chris child in existence, 1993 well three and outside of just the few things you mention why is it so important for people to get involved with this and for the church like ours on the churches is more than just shoebox so wise and so needed. It's the way to share the gospel for the churches that distribute the red and green boxes we call the skyboxes gospel opportunities.

The folks on my team. We see each boxes that gospel opportunity and so when you pack shoebox here on this side you are enabling a church that has no resources and may not even thought of having children's ministry before to minister to children in their community. They might go to the local school to do it. They might have to do it under mango tree. They might have a church to do again but they are able to present the gospel and then discipled these children to that program and it just opens up doors for them that you can imagine, and in addition to that we are able to take the gospel into unreached people groups and so we have partnered with the seed company and the Wycliff translators to translate our materials into languages so that we can reach 290 unreached people groups in the next few years, but we don't intend for it to stop there. I think probably the coolest things about all of you, but I think for me, one of the neatest thing would be to be able to actually see a child open that shoebox on the other side.

Have you seen that half how how that impact you just see and that is your story or testimony about that as well.

Actually can send in 2018. I was just blessed to be able to go with the ministry on what we call a vision trip to Mullally, Africa, and while there we got to attend several distributions that were already planning going on and that the first place we went, I had stayed with the boys because I pack more boxes and some wanted to see what happened with the boys and it was really wonderful for the most part. There were a couple of boys that just maybe didn't get an age-appropriate box right mean it. They still got great things you not see the difference in their boxes and other people's boxes and I knew that you knew they were to get invited to come back to the greatest journey so we get to the next location and it was probably the poorest neighborhood in which we plant any children are asked to wear their best to to the and many of them just had 70 holes in the class. She can't even count them. It was just a very, very poor area and I we were told a little there that the culture they are in that area and it just wasn't a good culture, especially for anybody really the boys weren't being raised to be fathers, and so we walked into it with that in our minds and so were there. Just observe.

But you know they want to be hospitable church as they want us to help pass out the shoeboxes and so I had in my hand a box and the little greatest gift booklet in their language in front of me comes a subway he's about nine or 10 years old. I could tell from the sound of his close at his} all design and that's not young and suddenly it was just like time stood still and in that moment I knew that little boys only hope was to come in Jesus and it then it suddenly it wasn't just that little boy was all children.

All the boys and girls around the world needed to know Jesus and what I knew was it that box wasn't a well packed age-appropriate box with a wow item that when the pastor said to him, he will you come back to this program working he might not come sure and I knew if he came back that program. That's where he might meet Jesus would probably meet Jesus inside you said this like really fast prior to slaughter. Please let this be a good box and I was so overwhelmed and had to turn around.

Much like now and so all the boxes got passed out, and when it was time to open them. We were milling around the children.

My family, his name was happy he didn't look happy. The children they are had no concept of the gift they didn't know what gifts were again understand that what we were given them. They were taken home.

So many of the children morning opening their boxes and he was one of them. He was opening his box and he and because he lived in such a remote area.

He hadn't learned English yet, so he didn't speak English that and I did have a translator but I began to mention with him.

I finally convinced him that box and in the box was soccer and I wish I could show you the picture here today if you could see what he looked like before he could open that box to what you look like after His smile took up his health And in that moment I knew then when the pastor asked him to come back he was probably going to come back and today I don't know happy ever came to Jesus, Jesus, but I can tell you there's not a week that because by that I don't pray for that little boy is so powerful and I love your passion for them and it's really not as big as a poor review little listening now here for churches that Wanda will talk about how churches can get more information know about here a minute to realize the impact that they can make an and how you know of the gadgets on the story of the good of my own kids, your Christmastime like they open ghostly throat live it just like a normal thing right that there to presence in the play with the and there's some selfishness in there. I'm sure in some greed and why did I get this is that because they think people forget that much of the world is not like that. It's not like that. And so for people will bless kids in that regard is is we are so grateful to be part of the people in realizing depth of that of what's happening there because it is more just negatively want to bring joy to the child but there's a reason behind it because we only continue that relationship child or that local church dies and and lead them to just to know Jesus told of the key risers called earlier yesterday, especially the key that opens the door for you that that shoebox gets them into a community like in unreached people group. That's what you see happening at church will take the shoeboxes into an area and because they're bringing these gifts. These people who don't know that the gospel or may even be opposed to the gospel will allow these boxes to come in for the children and then just amazing things God does simple shoebox gets fantastic so people are listed no rights.

It's almost mid-November.

As you know, when the cesarean up you are listening to your car and get that holiday mindset is how can people be part of operation Christmas child. As individuals, whether that's serving Sukkot three-part route serving donating in the how can churches be a part as well. So help others through WhatsApp so there's lots of opportunities to get involved. The first thing that I would say is just pray we need prayer and we actually have system in which you can get signed up to pray with us. And so if you go to Samaritan's with OCC or just Google that you can get signed up to get prayer request from the ministry that come from around the world. These are real prayer requests that come from actual teams around the world meeting prior. It's very powerful. I'm obviously can expect shoeboxes are no one or multiple, if you're able include those wow items in the school supplies and hygiene items on and your donation and turn them in at multiple locations around the triangle while I'm on that note of occasions on the triangle.

We are looking for additional drop-off locations in the area, so we would be glad to talk to you about that as well.

If your church and you want to go deeper with this ministry. This year we've had this for a while that were really pushing this year.

In light of coded packing a shoebox online. It's incredible value for $25 that includes shipping. You can virtually pack a shoebox that somebody else will pack for you and send it on. Churches can create a goal page and that is new this year for them to create an online goal page for their church or their organization to pack virtual boxes so that a Samaritan's online is a great way to yes, the great nobody is so somewhat cautious about going places are doing things or something so that's pretty it's pretty amazing.

The thought ahead's ability that's what those loops are fascinating so is almost like a little mini Amazon thing for certain is that you really into the build online and I will ask you what age and gender that you want to practice much like if you packed an extra shoebox and then it'll you can select tollways in school items again when you're box and said then at the end and then you pay the $25, which include that covers the shipping as well and said then some. They'll have a group when they get enough orders they have groups that will pack them shoeboxes for you and him sites and can individuals do that on the capsule, such as part of the church they so anybody listening to many battle in the act for a while that we really pushing it to the front. This year they have an opportunity to still write a note to your you know any news personal touches or remember it's been about a year since it is very, very quiet and I don't remember that. And then the other things just to get more practical for those who really do want to get involved. We have multiple opportunities to get involved on a personal level. One is that you can just volunteer at one of our drop-off locations. We have the need for people to help pack up those cartons and get them onto trucks and we especially need strong arms and shoulders, especially the last day of national collection weakened national collection week easy way to remember it. Is it always the third week of November and it ends the Monday before Thanksgiving so people probably say what the dates are asked not saying dates and third week in the Monday I do say the dates but if that's in like a Monday of Thanksgiving is when the done at our line one day and we always need a lot of extra help that day are central drop-off location, then you know there's a processing center you can go start the processing center we are observing special disk at our drop-off locations were doing everything curbside this year should mention that. So if you're if you're bringing in boxes.

You don't even have to get your car you pull up early QR code that you can scan with your find your information somebody will get the boxes out of your car and you just stay right there at all times. Everything's been done outside this year because of Kevin and then at our processing centers master can be required. Social distancing will occur. There will be hand sanitizer and gloves available as well. For those who still want to process shoeboxes and then as we mentioned, I am a year-round volunteer and we serve a pretty big area. We have a need for volunteers in White County, Franklin, Vance and grandma counties in all areas of our team. I we have multiple teams and that's something I would love to share A coffee with folks or even just meet virtually online and if people are interested in knowing more, there's no harm in expressing interest.

There is no commitment in that moment just an information session to let people know what what's is one or two things that you do year-round once again from the outcome of the user side of just packing boxes or donating it's it's Christmas time.

November no time year.

So what happens the rest of the overseer that does get ready to reward two things that rights in the first part of the of course were planning for the year processing. Thank you. So we happily con information campaign in which we pick groups to reach out to a test to say hey thank you for packing shoeboxes lack last year. It's really about building relationships worse were trying to build relationships start that in the first quarter then and then late spring early summer. We made into engagement season and that's where were trying to engage new groups to pack or a lot of churches have what I call shoebox fatigue and they been packing a long time, but the vision and so part of our team's job is to do what I'm doing today to get out there and tell you these things are happening beyond the shoebox said that that that you can get that vision again and to enable our project leaders. We can't go to every church right every church has a project leader that is organizing back shoebox collections.

Often we project leader workshops and different things to equip those project leaders to take that message forward for us and then we made into supporting season, which is where we are now my logistics team is kicked into high gear as they're getting ready for national collection week, but the rest of the team is making sure that everybody's got to shoeboxes that we get a lot of last-minute calls for. I need some pamphlets are adding some sheet she boxes I'll unite those kinds of things so and actually the date of this is a hearing we are at three different Chick-fil-A's in the area, passing out in the in the drive through weeping feelings that during this season and said that'll be our last day of Chick-fil-A.

So if you're in White Forrester Briar Creek and come out get shoebox from us in the drafter, that's wonderful." Thinking you were thinking about it and other moving towards it so well.

She won't talk about with the prescription show that we have a lot of areas under your passion about it. Just as well let you know. Is there any area that you wanted to hit that we didn't hit the window doing mail it.

I think we covered a lot of talk all day on a short show so we would you present your passion for your 04. Are there promotional things that churches were showing we showed a video already a crossroads on this error 400 certain plays were churches can go to grab videos. A resource is what is that safety just Google operation Christmas child and you come to the operation Christmas Child page and you click on resources and you just keep clicking and clicking and clicking. You can be there all day so many resources out there for folks to help their churches, and I mean there's videos they are things you can download there's different things for the kids there's programs for church. There's information on packing year-round or collecting year-round all sorts of in our team will be glad to help guide people to those things as well so I guess there are two things I probably should mention on my favorite item for shoebox hands down is the soccer ball is that he is the international children's toy as if you pack a shoebox pump and needles in your we want the deflated soccer soccer ball. Now you need it needs to be defined to get out of bed and leaving what they need to pump and needles in your box.

It really didn't matter what else she put in their cassette.

Kids can be thrilled, and people always say what about the girls were girls like soccer balls to light. I also like anything pink, purple and fluffy just like girls and worship those scarves going out scarf seasons. Garcia is right on you not know we we covered a lot of ground today a high level but in our team would be glad to engage with anybody who wants more nation. I'm so there's a couple ways you can reach us one.

The local team. You can reach wonderful.

Or you can reach out OCC Carolinas or you can just go online operation Christmas child and do the contact desk will eventually get to thank you so much for coming to talk with us and those you listen right now listen in on the Christmas spirit by milk in the Christmas spirit given. Be generous and Whataburger. What a great way to truly serve and help of with kids, you probably never meet no distrust of this ministers doing such a fantastic job in doing that you might need one day that is true, that is true absolutely and what a day that will be so big so much and Merry Christmas to you the source and love. Everyone was there but you for joining and listening to our program today and thank you to Crossroads Fellowship Truth Network for making this show possible.

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