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36: Silent No More!

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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October 26, 2020 3:00 pm

36: Silent No More!

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Crossroads connection is the show all about having conversation surrounding life and culture was a quick think you are friends of the Truth Network for hearing so much Tyler. I'm your host Andy George and I when I go that thank you really do appreciate everybody who listen and comment and send us messages about this program. We really do appreciate the opportunity to spread some good news and really do talk about life, ministry and culture in various ways, and so for previous episodes.

If you miss any of the episodes so far feel free to go to that's information just about cross and so should get across is that org so you and I'm Andy and I'm so grateful that you're here with me today would get a great episode plan for you because today what I want to do is I want to share a clip from a sermon that I preached, not that long ago with the title silent no more. Come on, it's no secret right now that a lot of us are dealing with coded and working through it and maybe not covert. Specifically, we've all been affected somehow in some way by and write it maybe job loss having her kids at home to do school. Maybe it's emotional or mental, but I have noticed because I am a pastor of a wonderful church in the Triangle board I've noticed about even our church as well as talking to a lot of pastors and national surveys is that this is really affecting Christians is really affecting a lot of churches in different ways. On the good side of things. It's really allowed people to be the church in the community, which is so incredibly needed, it's allowed churches to move into. Maybe some unknown territories like doing things online and do things virtual but what I've noticed more than that which is a little disturbing is how much apathy and how much of a consumer Christian mentality.

This is created if were not careful. I really do believe we can lose our voice and will lose her voice in our communities were to lose our voice and influence and want to lose her voice in the mission and so were all called to be on mission with Jesus, so this message that wants to hear is called silent no more. And it really is about understanding what your message is what your calling is where your mission field is it's a different perspective of how to look at life in order to do this and if you're listening to this right now in your Christian you are joining me on mission.

We are all called to go in the world to make disciples.

The priest to teach the baptized people and that's were all called to do better for not careful we allow things like COBIT or finances or stress or worry to silence us and sounds the church so silent no more is the title this message.

I hope you enjoy it.

I hope it is impactful to you. I hope you find it encouraging. But first, a quick word from our sponsor. Perhaps you've asked yourself this question.

Are you running the business or as a business earning you how might your teams grow. If your teams are driving the business forward. Instead of you. You are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunity. It takes courage to learn how to create a culture where your people are truly empowered on their seats, my name Cheryl Scanlon business and executive coach working together will go straight to your court challenges to sort through competing demands and realigned to your highest priorities for measurable results visiting three at sea number three for what Isaiah wrote about what this Jesus is actually here John the Baptist. I will highlight four areas.

As I was reading through Mark, and especially through John the Baptist not only these four years service for me, but also there are some questions that I asked myself that's what I ask you this morning. The first one is this is John the Baptist had a very clear cause and a very clear purpose. John the Baptist knew exactly why he was on this earth. John the Baptist knew exactly what his purpose was and as I saw John the Baptist living this purpose. I couldn't help but ask myself the question, and thereby asking offices.

Do you really know your cause and purpose. Why are you actually here, not just your church while you actually on this earth. Why are you where you are and I'm just here to tell you there's a cause and a purpose is not just to fill a void is not just the work a job is not just get married or have kids there something greater that you and I are part of what that cause and that purpose the cycling on talk about today is that John the Baptist had a voice.

He had a very clear message. John the Baptist had a direct message of proclaiming the good news of Jesus and he uses voice uses voice when it wasn't popular. He uses voice of her hair. There were to read about you is not ashamed of that voice and that message and that's what he did. He does he proclaim the good news he proclaimed. This Jesus was coming and that was his voice and his message. And again, the question came the my spirit.

First was Andy how are you using your voice church. How are you using your voice.

How are you using the message that God is giving you. Are we even using the third arrow talk about today is that John the Baptist had a very specific missions field. He had a very specific calling with a very specific group of people. He was called to the wilderness to all Judea and Jerusalem. He knew his audience. He knew where it is called the Duke where he was called to be again. The third question for all of us is do you recognize where you are, whether that's university where that's a school, a job, a family, your neighborhood do we recognize that as potentially that is where God has placed me to be the missionary there or do we look at it as just a means to an end that this is where we are just up you life one day at a time. I think our perspective if we start viewing things a little different on talk a massive suite just up just enough to turn the dial little bit and start actually viewing the harvest as the harvest.

I wonder without due inside of us and the fourth thing will talk about this morning is that John the Baptist had a very clear spirit about him.

He was filled with the spirit of humility and boldness. What a unique combination that is to have both humility and yet boldness humility to know who he was in Christ's humility to know that that Jesus was coming. That was greater than him but yet boldness to proclaim the truth, even to a politician that ends up in jail and actually ended up giving up his life, boldness and humility so starved for number one. The first one will talk about this morning is the call in the purpose and the cause of John the Baptist have Mark chapter 1 is go there. Mark chapter 1 will be on the screen. If younger Bibles Mark chapter 1 starting verse one says the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the son of God as it is written in Isaiah the prophet, behold, I send my messenger before your face, who will prepare your way voice of one crying in the wilderness, preparing the way of the Lord make his paths straight. John appeared baptizing in the wilderness and proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. John the Baptist had a very clear cause and a very clear purposes causes purpose was to be a messenger for Jesus in other parts of Scripture. I love this passage where John is in the womb of his mom and his mom meets up with married uses mom when she is in her womb. And when John in the womb approaches Jesus in the womb and says that he leap for joy that he responded to Jesus and the other womb.

I love that passes I love that one because it shows that from the very beginning that John had a very specific calling a purpose. His whole purpose in life was repair the way for Jesus and again I guess the question for us is do we actually embrace the cause and the purpose for Jesus in our life we embrace what we are all called to do and said be for Christ in our life now not talk about your interests are not talking about your hobbies. I'm talking about a cause and a purpose that advances the kingdom, that does something deeper inside of who God is, that lines of prescription is biblical when these encourager subjects. I really do think that at times I think that a lot of followers of Christ. Forget this, or they don't forget it, but it is still implemented. Here's the deal church.

I feel it Mike Mike on a job, it is your pastors the not not dumb things down, not lower the bar, but the keep it up here just to keep like this is how resource act. You and I that we are called all of us to call Christ Savior, we are all called to be part of the commission of Jesus, all of us. We are called to go on the goal the world were called to preach the gospel were called the train and teach people's ways were called the baptized people were called to make disciples.

We are all part of the calling if you call yourself a Christian, that is your calling as much is mine. And yet, I wonder.

I just wonder how are we doing in that church. How are you and I doing, not just as a church, not just as an organization is our vision and calling a similar right to make disciples of transferring the triangle in the world below just as you one question member here.

Here's the bottles, not lower it. Who are you discipling lemmings asking who you discipling you, not the person next to you, not the group you're in that the organization just as you who is it that you are discipling them a hard time believing that we are disciples of Jesus of were not discipling somebody as a be a disciple of Jesus means you are discipling somebody else there's no way around that.

I think we've we've done it down and lowered the bar and made it so easy for you just to skip that step Be part of a group Go to church with a checkbox which is all great in fiber but we are called to make disciples. You can make disciples.

If you're not doing life with somebody else. So he's asking, I hope. A little uncomfortable middle step on your toes totally fine with me because this calling in Scripture. If you are a Christian you are called to make disciples know how you do that where you do that the means to do it. Tons of room for that right but are you actually discipling anybody that might be people in your own house, maybe two kids great. Maybe it's a family member minutes. A neighbor Ground Zero to remind us just to bring us back up to were supposed to be. You have a cause and a purpose and tell you there's nothing greater than fulfilling the cause and purpose. There's nothing greater than your Christian journey and here's the beautiful thing you don't have to be this brilliant theologian to be of the mentor somebody or train somebody or disciple somebody you have to be years and years ahead of somebody else you have degrees to do it.

You just gotta be willing to do life with somebody that's it. You want to do life with somebody you want to share your journey with somebody you want to take somebody from where they are in the steps where you know that they're going to speak to those element older and the crowd, and you can gauge whatever you want to call old right on 46 I feel old today. I know some you're going 46 only 40 years ago.

You're not even close. Some you're an teenager like you are super old I get a right raw raw different points of what that means but those you who are older more mature in Christ. I am begging you as your pastor, the mentor somebody we need you. We 100% need you those you who have lived life longer than I have, longer than we have those event successes and failures heartbreak and successes and victories.

Would you be willing to take somebody younger and said let me pour in your life to help you avoid the mistakes I avoided and the point you close to the Jesus we need you to do that and anybody at any age in this room can do that to find somebody I just want to encourage us that this is what we are called to do were called to do this and if we can get this calling and purpose, and guess what were just filling it with other stuff that also in our career or family or friends or schooling becomes our cause and purpose and and that might be part of it. But if we don't loose if we lose sight of what's really important is that were called today to disciple people were called to do that. The second thing is just about the Jesus voice was about this for just a moment. He uses voice. I think this is so powerful uses voice in Mark chapter 1 verse seven.

Data says that he preach sink after me comes he who is mightier than I the strap of whose sandals I am not worthy the soup down inside, I have baptized with water, but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.

John had a very clear message very clear message affect every time I picture John the Baptist. I can't picture some of the sandwich signs in the end is near.

Just kinda shouting that those in scoliosis purpose or to repent for juices near your calling repentance and again. The second question lies want to keep in front of us is how are you using your voice. As we all have a voice. How are you using it and again in the context of your cause and your purpose that we understand our cause or purpose alternately is the lead people into who Jesus is and disciple them, are we using our voice to do that because we can use our voice to encourage people, we can use our voice to lift people up we can your voice to give hoping to get victory would use our voice to speak life in the speak peace to the people's lives or we can use our voice to completely tear people down and by the way is not just what you say it's us that's what you tweet it what you put on Instagram is would you put on Facebook is not just the thing that's coming verbally out your mother said that you're sending stuff on social media does the stuff that you're saying and the things that your posting lineup with your cause and your purpose in Christ to listen right now we all know this to be true right now.

As of right now, today there is so much room in this world and in our culture to actually speak life and hope there is so much room and take your pick of whatever area you want to take your picking take your pick. In your area. Politics of racial tension. Take your pick of coronavirus figure. Pick a finances of education, take your pick of stress and marriage jobs to me just take take a pic of any of the issues that we are all seeing and experiencing right now and will happily start speak in life and of that, you start as your voices speak encouragement and that you started your voice and so the ripping people down you start building people up so use your voice to go to that coworker that neighbor because you're on your cause and your purpose and you start to speak life into them and hoping to them that you and I and the power of our tongue, since both life and death. Jeremiah the prophet says that there such a fire inside of me that I that I have to actually speak. I love when Jeremiah writes that the such a fire inside of me that I can't help but proclaim its people got put in my heart were not us were on us is this is a passion and fire and hope inside of you that is just cause you to speak hope in life because you send that Encouraging Word said that destructive word. All eyes are watching everybody right now, the church included in how respond right now, today matters. It matters not just for today in matters about your influence for tomorrow which is the point number three point number three is mission John the Baptist had a very clear mission fields in Scripture Mark chapter 1 is is that he went into the wilderness baptizing people. Being a witness for Jesus proclaiming the baptism of repentance in the wilderness in Judea and all of Judea and in Jerusalem that was his mission field and guys want to pose as a question of front of you of what would happen if you and I would view whatever God has placed you and again it's for all of us. As a matter of your elementary school, middle school, although through retirement.

Where is God speaking place you right now and what would happen if all of us just turn the dial little bit and instead of look like a place that we go to just to get out of her place, the income what if we looked at it as that is actually what got us placement whether I like it here now whether I like my job or not, whether I like my school are not with our like my relationships are not aware. I live my house that's secondary what we looked at it and said there's a harvester in Scripture says that the harvest is ready but the workers are few church.

I would argue that the same words that Jesus uttered 2000+ years ago is just as true today as it was then the issue is not lost. People the issue is not the harvest.

The issue is now we leave here.

It's hard to find someone that doesn't know Jesus.

That's not the issue.

The issue is us is the workers. So what would happen. What would change in your heart and changing your mind if we started understand our cause. Our purpose was something greater than just a hobby or an interest or job if we all had a voice that we could use to give life and we looked at in the context of wherever God has placed me in there I am for a purpose and a reason we start to look at our classmates in school is not just friends or acquaintances, but but the harvest's are looking at our coworkers, not as people that we just work with an associate with but but there's a soul there. Slowly start looking at everybody through the lens that everybody has a soul and every soul matters to God in every souls you spend eternity in one of two places and you and I could it be that you and I are where we are at this very moment, to help them change the ending of their story to tell them the good news of Jesus to share what we've gone through the share who we are to share our testimony John the Baptist was proclaiming us all around the country right that was his calling his purpose. His mission field in the way that he did a number bringing home with this is the fourth point the way that he did it made all the difference in the world. He did it with a spirit of humility and boldness. He didn't do it by yelling and arguing and fighting Jesus himself didn't accomplish what he accomplished by yelling and fighting and arguing there is a certain spirit about him. We know that he was humble, John the Baptist had a following here disciples it people to follow them. And yet he evades about me. I've got to coalesce. He's gotta become greater.

I'm letting worthy touches feed that the person you to follow. He kept pointing people to Jesus as a humility site yet. He did so in a climax and and acclimate of such political unrest and religious unrest with boldness in Mark chapter 7 is when a highlight this passage in Mark chapter 7 starts by saying that Herod had Jesus over our head. John arrested as a reason jail he's arrested is that passage unfolds. There's some amazing things that is said about John the Baptist, that point to his character is on John and Mark chapter 7 is our Mark chapter 6 were 17 for heroin who had sent and sees John Bonner in prison for the sake of Herodias, his brother Philip's wife because he had married her now. Why is that a big deal because John had been saying that Herod it's not lawful for you to have your brother's wife John the Baptist was speaking a very hard truth to a political ruler of the time, knowing that there might be consequences but did so with boldness to watch the rest of this Herodias had a grudge against him, wanting him put to death, but she couldn't because Herod actually fear job. This political ruler actually feared this guy in camel's hair, eating locusts and honey, and here's what else happens.

Watch this knowing he was a righteous and holy men. Knowing he was righteous and holy. He kept them safe when he heard him, he was greatly perplexed, yet he heard him gladly.

When I read that it jumped off the page at me when I read that when I read what Herod had said about John the Baptist that he feared him because he was righteous and holy in fear John the Baptist as John the Baptist lowered the bar and made excuses that was too afraid to say they John the Baptist will go very hard truth so but here's what I know about John the Baptist is because his voice, his mission, his spirit. Guess what, they all lined up. He was who he was.

He said what he said and he did what he did and he was still maintained his righteousness is holiness church we cannot lose sight of righteousness and holiness as we try to navigate the cause and purpose in voice that God is given us, and too often we just lower it because were afraid or intimidated or doing an argument we know if you will not like us. I love this example the John the Baptist shared, he went straight to Harris today what you doing is not lawfully should not marry your brother, sister, because that ends up in jail because that ends up losing his life. But here's what jumped off the page at me and said that Herod was perplexed by what John said to him, yet he heard him gladly church that's my prayer for us.

My prayers we navigate into a world he says in Scripture that the cross to those who are perishing is foolishness. Many people who don't know God. It seems completely foolishness that some will go to cross on their behalf just doesn't make sense yet. Will they hear you gladly proclaim the good news.

And why would they hear you gladly will they hear you.

Gladly, because your genuine your authentic you actually love people. Your action your cause your voice what you say it all winds up you not plan church on Sunday and live in like the world.

The other six days of the week. Every day of our life that righteousness and holiness. Bar does not lower just because were not in church or just because around certain people. So again, the question to us is how is our spirit. Do you have the spirit of's of humility in the spirit of boldness, being willing to proclaim the good news, even when it's not popular even when it's difficult even when it's not what everybody else thinks and what everybody else feels just the proclaim that good news gospel message and yet will people here. You gladly. My prayer is that they will my prayers at your cause and purpose for Jesus. Your voice and your spirit will line up so much so that people would gladly hear what you have to say to them, and here's why. Because they know that you care read that old saying is so true. People don't care how much you know it's the know much you care that this is a true statement in almost every category of our life.

People really don't care how much you know so they know the checks to care for and if we would actually care for people and display that and look into the eyes of some of the Jesus so desperately loves and with genuineness view them as a soul and a harvest. While imagine what can happen.

Imagine what happened in your own family in her neighborhood school workplace in special and are trying on the city's that's my prayer for you. Supper for me for our church. Would you favor and just simply stand your feet this morning and that I want to pray those four things over us today, and Daniel T. Morgan closes with a with a course and then past as we come up and give us some exciting things that we could put her hands on solar pray for us in our pray those four is a cause and purpose in our voice and our missions field in our spirit was pretty a father think you're right. Now that that you are here in this place with us.

I think you for that example in Scripture John the Baptist you had a very clear: the purpose he had a very clear voice hit a very clear missions field in the spirit of humility and boldness and Lord I pray that for my life. I pray that for this church for everybody's individuals that we would accept that cause and the purpose of being a follower Jesus that we would use our voice not to tear down with the lift up and occurs in the speak words of life and hope and peace and redemption. They will review wherever you place this is that potential mission that potential harvest that is ready. Lord I pray that we would all do with the spirit of humility that we would do with the spirit of boldness and Lord I pray that just like hair even though he was perplexed by it. He didn't understand that he was maybe confused by a buddy gladly heard John the Baptist speak. I pray that a world that is so confused right now in so many ways. In the so hurting right now in so many ways that even though they might not fully understand why and who God did what he did. The Lord, I pray you give us opportunity to speak into them and that they would gladly hear the good news gospel message from the people here today, and though we thank you for that we thank you for the harvest that will come as a result of that in Jesus name, amen for joining and listening to more information shall not contact responsible forward to having your success as a leader hinges upon buying from your teams clear and consistent communication from you in strategic delegation mining Cheryl Scanlon C3 Advantage helps you steward your most valuable resource. Well, improve retention and grow employee engagement and generate higher team and individual ownership. The success of your organization begins with you depends on your team go deeper as a leader and watch organization further visit

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