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34: Interview with Chris Dew - Author, Speaker, & Founder of Chris Dew Ministries

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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October 10, 2020 12:00 pm

34: Interview with Chris Dew - Author, Speaker, & Founder of Chris Dew Ministries

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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October 10, 2020 12:00 pm

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Welcome to Crossroads connection is the show all about having conversation surrounding life, ministry and culture on is a quick thank you. Our friends at the Truth Network for airing this program and thanks so much Tyler and welcome to both Tyler and Jamie for joining me on this episode and thank you to everybody who are listening right now where ever you are listening from we really do appreciate you taking time to listen into the program and root quick plug if you want more information, go to and you can find previous episodes there and more information about the church and this program. Speaking of today.

In this episode we've got an incredibly special guest that we interview that actually takes up the majority the time sourcing to jump to a fairly quick, but his name is Chris do. He's a local guy that grew up around Raleigh found himself in Sue addictions and all the trouble that goes with that and got radically save now is incredible ministry and a new book of holding my hand. Call the real answers to addictions. Yeah, absolutely. So let's hear a quick word from our sponsor Chris Steele.

Perhaps you've asked yourself this question. Are you running the business or the business running. You might your teams grow. If your teams are driving the business forward. Instead of you. You are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunity. It takes courage to learn how to create a culture where your people are truly empowered on their seats, my name Cheryl Scanlon business and executive coach working together will go straight to your court challenges to sort through competing demands and realigned to your highest priorities for measurable results visiting three at sea number three all right will welcome back from the break we are here with our very special guests today. Chris do with Christie ministries of South Carolina, Chris, thank you so much for joining us today is an honor and thank you so much RAM you guys absolutely so Chris on this program would love to talk to primarily talk to a lot of people in the Raleigh triangle area with ministries but you are from this area and have got an incredible story and a book that you just came out with which I am so excited for you about in your ministry and so we want talk about your book on talk a little about your journey so real quickly. Chris just give her we just a quick snapshot of just where you're from and that will come is dive and from there yeah yeah absolutely man song from the Raleigh area had a house is also falls in this road is are there kind of the Richford area and had a horrible speech impediment. As a kid is one of those horrible stutters all my life. If you can imagine that was really awkward as a child yeah not be able to order food not be able to answer questions in class and I just had lots of anxiety when along, and then on top. That is this: my soul didn't really understand why was there, like this emptiness that I just had my whole life from a young age.

I made a decision that I have always anxiety on one side almost engine is on the other side and I want to spend my life just trying to calm my nerves and fill that void in my soul and I went after all kinds of things. It was, you know, sports it first. And that's not too harmful but I was short and white and good job so that didn't really work so well. They gave us more than its popularity and all the cool close.

I thought if I could have all the right friends and I be happy and I'd be you know satisfied, but it didn't work and eventually I smoked weed for the first time and it was in the harder and harder drugs, and eventually I was a heroin. Yeah is a 16-year-old kid how I was heroin junkie every morning. That's why I woke up in the morning was to get my fix. It got really bad and I was in and out of treatment centers in mental hospitals and all kinds of different things and I even came to your church a few times as you incredible conversations with Ken Hester there and I know and I just really trying to get help because I wanted off of the drugs. Yeah, lots of crazy stuff happen. I legal issues, health issues, financial issues, all that lost my dad and then after that I just a hard bottom, and out of money and the options were homelessness or go to yet another treatment center and I ended up in Florence, South Carolina Pl. called the owl's Nest. There and I went on I was about 100 pounds, 6 feet tall almost been 100 pounds soaking wet, hold a conversation still had all kinds of shame and guilt and pain but about a week later is on Christmas Eve at 2010 was invited to a church service and house. I got home and I don't really want to go to church. It's Christmas Eve and there's cool music may be in pretty girl Celestica and go in and I just heard the gospel and I had heard the gospel before I heard your church and hurting other places.

I know, but I didn't hear it yet that you try to solicit. It was clear except spiritually I didn't hear and I just want I think probably the reason why that is. Hear your church because I was normally high when I came back was a very good, that's what I've heard it referred the second was either the same time when were you what will you have been a crossroads off 0809 got sooner because I don't think you really pastor yet where you knighted him. We pastor about three years ago, so I came in 2005 as a student pastor sociology pastor until for five years and in 2010. I did the weak force Is so up there but yells asking Alaskan mutual David how one of their staff pastors about it will rehear the case of the same thing. Eddie was like yeah he was here but I think he was pride sign the back row exists on Florence hear the gospel to church service on Christmas Eve on that radically change my life. I have one of those crazy stories where I heard the gospel place my faith in Jesus turn from our sin and honestly, everything changed.

While it was in my soul. He filled it with his presence.

And that's was made to be filled with some right there.

A quick process for people that might not know. Maybe the language in use in or with what is met. That whole film that try to put it in his best words you can. What did the hole feel like when you were younger, trying to fill it, and then went to the hole feel like when when Christ filled the truck try to express it in ways that you tell some of the first time that has no idea who what you're talking about put a put it in layman's terms.

Yeah, I think probably the best way is that I'd like a hunger almost in the eye that you can eat all the food in the world and is not filled still said it's like when you haven't eaten in a few days or something. I know a lot of you haven't had that experience but if you ever been on a fast or something, or been on listening. That's a hunger that almost all consuming. It's all you can think about it. I have to fill this hunger in summing this emptiness and it's exactly like that except it's not just physical.

It's spiritual. It's emotional.

It's all of the above yet that's that's incredible way saying that.

So what age did you smoke that first marijuana when energy is 15 or so, maybe 16, so 15 and then what then it was how old were you at the Christmas Eve service is 2025 so five year journey of going from marijuana to heroin and be straight, addicted to heroin was quick so I went to my first treatment so there's actually Holly Hill value and lots little there. I when I was 16 years old, because I was coming off a heroin SO it was very quick that I went and we not thought hey, this is all a member and I do drink alcohol but it's a slippery slope when I got on that slippery slope and isolated very very quickly. Yeah.

So now talk about the other side of its it's Christmas Eve you discern incredible sermon at a great church and walk us through with FLA. What would happen yeah absolutely so there was clarity around who Jesus was. The preacher explained.

Hey, here's who Jesus is. Here's what he's done that he was crucified on the cross he rose from the grave and through that you can have forgiveness of sin that you can be reconciled to the God of the universe and that you can have eternal life, and I was like that sounds like a good deal. My way is not working at all.

I just want to place my fate and right side a response to the invitation, I prayed with the person that was there is pretty much that I am through trying to do my own ready to follow Jesus. Now will you clean for so many days.

Up until that point of view. Still, someday, just for you today about okay but I was still coming off of all that stuff around with heroin and a lot of the other drawings I was on Ménière's heavy heavy withdrawal sales and I was experiencing a lot of those withdrawals is withdrawal Christmas Eve and and he said it was one of the stories right to walk us through so did the was the desire gone that night like that mean that, that quick thing. So walk us through that so here's explained in the past is that when you ask 12 was like this and when I tried a new drug that was stronger than the other ones that I was addicted to instantly I would switch from those lesser pleasures onto the greater pleasure yet. It was like okay I'm through with. We now because I tried coke or ham through with Coke now because I try to heroin and it was like I got a taste of the pleasure I had always been looking for night. It wasn't all consuming records that can happen when Jesus returns you be fullness of joy pleasures for evermore than a but it was a taste of the pleasure I had always wanted and I wasn't going back to anything else at that. It's like Herbert just tells about the treasure hidden in the field right is like the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field in which a man found and then went home. He sold everything he had. In order to buy that field on.

I love how it said that in his joy he goes and sells everything the as an order to buy that field. It wasn't that he was like well I guess I have to be a Christian now so I gotta give this stuff up nose like you. I found the greater treasure. I want to give up everything in my joy in order to have treasure in a fantastic way to describe that I love that so so walk us through its neck so that you you know you're still there in rehab and so walk us through what's with the Lord done since then Yasser since then about three months after that the young pastor came in and spoke at the treatment center and as he's speaking of the Holy Spirit spoke into me I would have you doing that. One day while and I said no to anything of us probably have done as well, but I really want to do that because having a speech impediment and I couldn't talk at this time. Really still okay, but he peacefully said hey I made your mouth. I can do anything I want with you and I said, will I still do it but that's in there and then slowly he's healed my speech and that was almost 10 years ago now and I just was hungry for the Bible hungry for community men.

I jumped headfirst into all the things of God and had a lot of junk still in my life have a lot of things I had to work through you know past stuff I've done a resentments I had issues from the past but I work through those and then eventually phone call to ministry obviously and I got the opportunity to be on staff at a church appear in Anderson which is about three hours from Florence as an apprenticeship. It was a cool gig paid to read the Bible and to learn how to diminish. Yeah, it was excellent yet the end of that two-year program, really felt like the Lord was telling me to travel and preach the gospel the great Lord. But what does that look like, like how do you travel and preach the gospel like in their health insurance and that that's included not, but I am in and he has been so so faithful to open up all the doors to speak at churches in rehab centers in prisons and jails and all kinds of stuff like that. We been doing it for 5 1/2 years now I've spoken it almost 300 events and it's been crazy.

That's our life not yet is weak to travel all over the world in two share my story. Share the gospel and watch people respond to so sudden about Christie ministries so wind that started was that five years ago is that been so yard that read the same time start Christie ministries and recently you have written a book called the real answer to addiction him holding it in my hand as I finally got to love a man I love that you wrote this book, and so talk to us alluded about the book talk to us about the reason behind it up as it is a powerful message in there but yet it's not talking about your book will is obviously a huge issue right now the epidemic of addiction is is huge and massive. It is all are in place and it's not just in just one part of the world. It's in the suburbs. Now it's in the white evangelical hounds right it's it's everywhere so I know Christie in the had an insert in the package you sent me. I know idea that nearly 20 million people.

I got over here.

No twining people in the US are battling addiction 70,000 die every year from drug overdose, and you broke down hundred 92 every day eight people in our like one person every seven minutes. I had no idea that many people are doing that. I think you're right. I think the the pandemic we have now. This epidemic is only price increase in this.

These are people are struggling so absolutely it's really bad men you know how the idea for the book came about as I would travel I now would speak at you churches are prisons or rehabs, and these people who were struggling with addiction.

Respond to the gospel. They say hey I want to follow Jesus and we have a conversation and they say what do I do now and I didn't have a great answer for because it's a like I will go to church to get played in the community yet that's that's hard for person is in prison Harvard prison that's currently in treatment.

So what came out of that was I was like man I have all these things I've learned over the years. I honestly can't spend three months with everybody who I lead to Christ and personally disciple and personally to do life with them but I could write all of that stuff down and put in the book in order that a person it hears me and or the gospel in response to it has practical action steps of how to follow Jesus a banana seminar really wanted to explain the gospel and thereto so person it's in a prison cell right now that has all this extra time on their hands able to hear the gospel that's explained on their level and also have a practical plan of action after that as well. You yes powerful and you know in your book in my go to chapter 10 the five makes I thought this was.

I do know this. I thought this was just I was reading a going you kidding me the chapter 10 is how to never relapse but you open it you got arrested on your honeymoon what you have a real good this You really, really you like the story we got we got Singleton on go over that real quick is great and I believe a married how many years now. Three. Natalie, so if you're just not that long ago seven years ago after 3 1/2 years ago as well as preacher stories you know that like anybody else, and in the middle of that I'm thinking this is going to be such incredible and clean and sober for how long that of been like seven years. He has about like six or seven hours and Is a sign in your ministries up and running yet traveling the gospel a microgrid charge of a church outfit I'm saying else I know. I know what why get arrested but yes good absolutely. So I you know I'm Christian drop allergies is have a past.

Obviously, I have explained that some legal issues in the past that had all been taken care of though have a lawyer in Raleigh. He handled all that I've been forgiven all of those things but then we had a great honeymoon I were flying back into the states had come through customs and apparently did an active arrest warrant in the system and I got arrested in front of my wife of eight days I been married for a day thinking did I marry you there anyway we can like I don't know. This geyser it was. It was crazy. They only help me for four hours and then they said this is an active anymore so they start so so walk us through use of the title that chapters how to never relapse and connect the dots force yet so yeah so how explain in that chapter is an old plane that are passing a pop up unexpected sometime you there can be times where you just live in life and you been clean for three weeks three years 30 years and the temptations got popped back up the you know old friend is gonna call you the instant cravings can happen in the grocery store that you haven't had in a long time and we need to be ready for that.

I go on to explain. I believe the passage is Luke eight parable of the sower, and Christ only gives us.

Hey, here are the three pitfalls that you need to look out for in order to not fall away, yet you and he goes through the types of soil in their obviously benign. In the story with the fact of how I got on arrested on my honeymoon. I was not because I was spiritual or that read my Bible that morning or that I was a pastor or that I worked at you and I tried all of that. The reason why I got on arrested was because years prior, that I hired a lawyer and he had gone to the judge pled my case on the judge slammed on the gap once and it's been paid for its forgiven – how were able to break free and I don't totally overcome all the temptations that come our way.

If we end up relapse and for some reason it's absolutely the reason why we can be on handcuffs from that right is all because Christ came to the father pled our case on our behalf. He slammed the gavel down and that you are forgiven your whole blameless, without spot or blemish happens to the gospel. Yes, well about that chapter what you just said is every has a past my past may not be addiction to drugs I got past, and Tyler and Jamie, the past and you're right. Even whether it's drugs or addition addiction or whether it was a mistake you made a similar category's amazing how quickly the enemy wants to throw that back up and you're ready to be 10 years later, 15 years later, and then you're trying to fight back believe we live in the guilt or shame and what a great reminder that is Chris so well to ask you this because I know you wrote this book. What is your favorite part of the book every authors got their favor chapter. So what it what is it in your book that you would say listen, that was that's my favorite part. I wrote that book there's a few sections I think chapter 3 and just clearly explaining the gospel is incredible. I think that's my home on evangelism. I want people to respond to the gospel and to know Jesus and the taste the way that I'm chasing in my life right now that I think also the end, the last chapter is one where I talk about. It's also in Luke chapter 8 is about the demoniac and is where Jesus goes over there and he has an encounter with the demoniac in the demoniac pretty much was instantly changed that he was homeless. He was cut in salaries living in caves and he has encounter with Jesus and he's in his right mind, and some historians have done some research on his story and have found that he was a great evangelist in the end up planting churches in all kinds of things in this town and that's my hope for people to read this book as if they're not just any people that you know have an encounter with Jesus and then kinda hide in holy huddles for the rest of their life, but rather that they would be saved, set free and sent on mission in order to impact others. That's awesome. So Chris with our time remains got about a minute or so left, so let somebody howling get a hold of you and what exactly would you say that to Peabody listening to you know hey bring me into do XYZ's so every cup, there their niche and I've ever just be you spoke for. I think a student thing here from time to time. Here we can vouch for you in that regard, but you know what is it that you love to be able to come in and talk to a church or a minister organization about the few things I think my two specialties are evangelism.

If you have a you know plan for like a youth event or an outreach of Anderson, Mike Bowers, the big Sunday of the year were you bringing evangelist may preach the clear gospel. I mean, that's my hope.

And that's really what I love to do is to clearly explain the gospel and clearly have people respond gospel and then the other thing is just on addiction.

I love teaching on addiction because it's a big felt need, and I think that a lot of people who have friends or family members who are addicted that they don't really know what to do or how to help her how to love them and stuff.

I love to come in and teach on advances or my two things and obviously that we have a lot of copies of the book there have a podcast and it's also called the real answer to addiction of the books available on Amazon if you want to get a hold of me. I have Instagram Facebook or the website is just Christian and yeah that man absolutely will Chris we are so proud of you and praying for you and your ministry you doing amazing work, and congratulations again on the book your marriage for three and half years even after being arrested on your honeymoon is pretty amazing. And yet I keep it up. Keep going and I will pray for you along the way and thanks again for being our guest today. Thank you so much and joining more information shall not Your success as a leader hinges upon buying from your team clear and consistent communication from you in strategic delegation. My name Cheryl Scanlon C3 Advantage helps you steward your most valuable resource. Well, improve retention grow employee engagement and generate higher team and individual ownership.

The success of your organization begins with you depends on your team go deeper as a leader and what organization further visit

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