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33: Interview with Dr. Brad Harbaugh from Capitol Commission

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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September 30, 2020 3:00 pm

33: Interview with Dr. Brad Harbaugh from Capitol Commission

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Welcome the Crossroads connection. This is a show all about having conversations running life, ministry and culture, say a quick thank you to all of our friends of the Truth Network for airing this program and welcome everybody who are joining Jamie and I right now on this Saturday at noon program were always so grateful we love our listeners, knowing it's a good thing right that they join us every Saturday very much so you know it's noon. It's Saturday now driving around and getting something done right now but so here we are.

We are now in our 30+ episode 130 now here on the Truth Network and we are so grateful for the opportunity or time here and Tyler's out of town so Jamie and I and a very special yesterday.

I've gotten a special yesterday. I think it's a timely guest was really inspired and excited by the ministry that he tell us about later on.

That's right. When I say it's timely. It's very this political season. We are in right now analysis is this of the were political. I think some people. Moses drove there call, you know, don't turn. Jim and I are not here to tell you how to vote no for our now or even to talk politics, but the season that were in right now it is a very contentious hot stressful season in my lives that vision of this street just minister the hearts of some of our political leaders not to be political.

That's right not to political it's a mission field in the missions field so shine before you to the interview, though I thought was a great tie into what we just talked about Haggai, chapter 2 we just preach the message of the Haggai chapter 2 verses 6 to 9 real quick synopsis of Haggai. So Haggai is writing to the church or the people there. Their main job was to rebuild the Temple. Also Babylonian captivity comes in the Babylonians come in, take them away. Now the exile from Babylon is happened there back in their main job is to build the temple will it's been 16 years and the temple still has a bill yet. Here's why.

Because their own personal preferences got in the way of God's purpose and plan for the life and I just feel like that's a message that we need to be reminded of the concept purpose and a plan for our church for you as a listener right now for everybody that is doing whatever you're doing is a purpose and plan for how often do we do we get our personal affairs or what we personally think need to happen in the way of God's plan and I think at the same time.

We forget that boy our countries omissions feel right now there are some things out there. This only hurting people as people are confused as to her anger. This tubular yelling and there's a job to do so. God has a job for us to do so for those you listen right now if you are believer. Our job is very clearly spelled out where to go make disciples were supposed to preach the gospel teach people obey his commandments and baptize you but that's that's all of our job together, but as wonder how often we lose sight of that because were so busy with our own stuff. We have our own things going on.

One of the things that Haggai was encouraging the builders and is three areas and I want to encourage you with this because the Tizen really, truly with our guest today and that is Haggai was constantly letting them know. Listen, you need to renew your courage you to renew your holiness and you need to have a renewed sense of faith because greater things are ahead, and I believe that you would.

I know you were hanging onto that a huge way that we believe that greater things are ahead of us and listen more to season right now where whether it's racial tension political issues coronavirus schooling Pat finances.

I mean everything your own stuff my stuff. We need a little more courage, holiness and faith right now inside the church and out so it's why love discussed what a great reminder. I'm all fired up now.

I want to hear our interview with our guest, Dr. Brad Harbaugh is the president connection and selects her quick word from our sponsor so we can convince you. Perhaps you've asked yourself this question. Are you running the business as a business running. You might your teams grow. If your teams are driving the business forward. Instead of you. You are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunity.

It takes courage to learn how to create a culture where your people are truly empowered on their seats, my name Cheryl Scanlon business and executive coach working together will go straight to your court challenges to sort through competing demands and realigned to your highest priorities for measurable results. Visit at sea number three This ministry is advancing gospel hold in this nation a unique mission field that is critical to you field your governing leaders and their supporting staff. Paul said I'm that ashamed of the gospel of Christ is the power of God's salvation. The gospel is the only home that does not disappoint.

Let's advance home once it is all right we are back from the break with our very special guest Dr. Brad hardball with capital commission, Dr. Brad, thank you so much for being on the program with us today. My privilege to join you today and share with you the great things that God is doing the mission field of your governing leaders. Yes you and what a time to talk about it when it's time to talk about it right now absolutely. Our understanding on a pretty dark mission field right now a lot of organization like the gospel light shine brightest in the darkness, that's absolutely so before we talk about capital commission.

Let's talk a little about Brad how you ended up down here and the mission and vision that you had and for capital commission. So what brought you to the area.

First of all would be 18 years ago.

Now the Lord led me from a senior pastor in Michigan where I served for 18 years in pastoral ministry and brought Wally about this server and snap signals, just a bright, new ministries finishing solidly within the discipleship and looking at local outreach and it was really that they look at the church and Josť talks about no more coordinates like mercy, not sacraments right an idea of addressing the mass culture really is what led me to You not to get it right.

You know the mass of culture. I think any time there were following Jesus.

He's gonna lead us into the mess of humanity and you just look at what he did in his ministry and he was writing to the mass of humanity, and I think that you hit it right on. And right now Brad it's kind of a messy time right now and a lot a lot of ways in our world culture, and of course in our government. So talk to us a little bit about capital commission. What exactly is it for people that are not aware of its and and yeah Seles's tent a little bit about that most people don't get it most.

Most. Actually, people want to take his political activism. But this approach is similar to what Jesus did, where he said between political leaders as data zealots and the Herodian's and focused on the way the truth and the life in the kingdom of God And commission columns to the capital and our focus is not now nonpolitical and non-lobbying. We believe the gospel is most powerful when it doesn't have an agenda attached are some great agendas.

There are some great things the lobby for their great moral cause, and I appreciate the people that do that but what I found and I think chief Supreme Court Justice Parker of Alabama Senate well.

He said years ago I stood here with Gary Bauer and James Dobson and I realized that we've got ministries here for every issue but no one is ministering exclusively to the legislators and staff and I wanted to say right front pray for the state of Alabama because we're trying to plan another state minister there and I would be developing that field for about a year and 1/2, but eventually the heartbeat of who we are. We are there with the gospel. Our vision is every leader, every capital every day and initiate is bringing gospel hope and spiritual strength to governing leaders and staff so we empower believers we voting those, especially those premises back as you would've voted people have a biblical worldview.

They get to that capital. They are just overwhelmed by political expediency and what capital commission does for believers in the capital. As we open the door for them to come to a Bible study and we have this year it's six loaded near 4050 legislators in many capitals across this country that are coming via Zoom free conference and it's breaking down a lot of barriers that it's taken away some of the fear of people that don't know the Lord or maybe don't want to see tell the people that their somewhat religious in the column on the Internet. Bible study we seem to legislators come to Christ this year alone and in God is just doing some great things and I love this story, I could just share Is That You Know the Highest Ranking Legislator in California.

His Chief Of Staff Came to Bible Study with Him Only Because He Wrote His Speeches He Actually Plastic History Aside and Said I Don't Believe Any of This.

I Really Don't Believe Any of This at All, but III Need to Understand How He Thinks I Can Write His Speeches for Him and He Came to Bible Study for a Year and That Was Really Just Focusing in This Sen. Kept up Putting Scripture Verses in His Speeches That This Needed to Look up and Kept Coming to Bible Study in June. He Put His Trust in the Lord Jesus Kyle Power of the Word of God and of Course the Spirit of God Brings Conviction or Righteousness in Sin and in and Draws Us to Salvation. And That's That's What's Happening across This Country That That's Actually Amazing. I Love Hearing Stories like That and See Her Mentioning Bible Studies and so When It Comes down to What All You All Do at These Different Places. Is It the Bible Study Is That the One and Main Thing You'll Do, or Do You Have Other Support Other Ministries That a Company That's for Those People in Those Positions While Terry What Good There Are Three Words It Describes Our Ministry Approach Presents Prayer and Proclamation the Three D's and I Am a Testimony of South Dakota Representative and Here's What She Said Are Capital Commission State Minister Was a Mixture in the State Capital during the Legislative Session. He Stood by All Times to Observe and Reach out Anyone Needing Prayer in Support and past Session We Had a Chaplaincy Type Program but I Never Noticed before Anyone Sitting in Committee Hearings and an Attitude of Unobtrusive Prayer As I Witness Your State Minister Doing I Intended. 12.

The Legislators Attended Newsweekly Study and Gospel John That Encouraged by His Teaching. I Felt He Went Well. Bob Cautions on Time Constraints We All Work Done. There Was Never Anything but Helpful That's That's Typical of Our Ministry in California with Caroline and That's That's the Big Deal.

I Mean, I Love the Churches That Come to the Capital and Pray. Many Do. I Love Pastor the Company with Their Legislators and I See Some Doing That.

But to Have Someone Who Was There Who Builds Rapport and Earns Their Trusts. Now We Live in a Day When Half of Our Nation Hates Their Legislators or Half Half the Nation Thinks Their Legislators God When Writing. We All Want Something from Them and so All Legislators Are Have Many Defense Mechanisms That Are Layered in They Really Don't Know the People out There. It's Very Hard to Get Them to Trust You.

When They Trust You Think about Their Life Because They're under Duress There under so Much Pressure There Always Talked about. It May Have To Live Their Life in a Glass Bowl so When When You Get to That Point When You're Not There to Get Something from Them.

But This Year Really There for Them, Providing Soul Care. That's When Their Heart Opens You Apps That When We Have the Opportunity to Minister to Their Personal Needs and and the Word of God Penetrates and We See God Work So Talk about Your Team so You Keep Mentioning Your Team and and Tirelessly across the Country. So How Does the Organization Work and Who Are These These People That Are Holding Bible Studies How Are They Connected and Swung Me through Really Just That Structure of the Organization. Each Each Thing Were You Were in 20 States by Need for Five Additional That We Would Save Endorsed Burger Interior Very Similar Philosophies Were Not Were Half the States Missing about Half the Legislators in the State Capitals. We Also Minister to Atty. Gen.'s New Movie, Go to DC Which We Knew Frequently Will Minister Our Congressional Leaders There, but Each State Minister Is like a Missionary to Grant State and the Legislators in the State's Always Present in the Capital.

He Builds a Team around Noon That Would Help Them with No Various Events. This Year's That's the with the Width of the Virus Right and so A Lot Of Prayer against Whatever Neck Happening, Whether Public Gatherings, but Prayer and Dance Events That Would Bring Biblical Worldview in North Carolina, I Do.

For Instance, We Did Some Become Books and Manuals and We Gave Away Christian Will Be Book and Breakfast for and I Think Some of That Changed a Little Bit.

We Had to Do It outside under a Different Location but We Were Able to Give out over 500 Christian Books and Talking about the You Know I Don't Have Enough Not Enough of Faith to Be an Atheist. All Right or Will the Book. It Presents Evidence That the Means of the Object or Member Books about the No Apologetics but We Wanted to Stay Away from Political Tone Books, Nine Vehicles We We Trying to Minister to the Soul and and We Saw God Use That in a Great Way the Food and the 88 of the Book Is Capital with Christian Worldview Is Real XXL a Deal. Both George Barna and George Gallup Are Telling Us the 2% of the Millennial's Have Called Biblical Worldview Today 2% So You Know the Greatest Thing We Can Do Is Give People Read the Bible's and Understand Biblical Worldview. That's Actually Right.

I Think That's All of Us Cemented and Is Missionary so Talk Little about How Capital Commission Is Funded Is Its Are They Truly Raising Their Own Funds Is Its Really Our Mission As Well, so to Talk about How People Can Support That and What Is Kinda Next for Capital Commission Is Look to the Future. Excited about What the Future Holds.

We See Each State Minister Raises the Poor. When We Launch a State Minister We Try to Develop the Field, Which Means Bringing Some Church Leaders and Business Leaders and Legislators Getting to Know Context of That There Is an Open Door, and Then Do a Launch Trying to Raise Some Support Open the Door Allow That Allow That Person to Begin to Be Funded and Be Able to Function in That Field and Continue Working Towards His Hundred Percent of His Need of Each State Has Has That Need to Raise Support and Our Men Are Our Our Seminary Professors Pastors We Have Amended or Are Serving in and We We We Also Have Women Directors to Come in and Teach My My Doctors in Counseling. I Realize the Importance of Having a Woman Counseling Women Women Leaders and and so so Important for Us to Bring Women on These Teams As Well. But Yeah the National Ministry Is Is Focused on Advancing. We've Got A Lot Of States to Fill Some Day God's Good Elitists Were Already Looking at Doing Ministry in Nations around the World.

How Do We Do That so We We Are Already Exploring That Reporting of People Asking Us to Do That You and so That's Part of That's Part of the Prayer Locally Were Working with That the National Day of Prayer Were Were Ministering Both Sides of the Aisle. I Think That's Important to See What Peacemakers Because We Are We Are Ministering to Both Democrat and Republican in and in and in a Time When You Know It's Very Hard for Them to Talk to Each Other and All and Really Have a Conversation about a Problem of War There Being Those That Are Actually Providing a Way for Them to Have a Discussion around the Word of God and Build Some Relationships Are Tennessee State Minister Has Taken Three Some Legislators on Mission Trips, Lawful Size of the and They Get to Know Each Other Sooner Would Never Have the Opportunity to Get out and Get to Know Each Other and so Now You Got Legislators That Are Working Together An End. So These Are the Kind of Things but That That Is How How This Is How a Person Comes to Be a Statement after We of the Training Process and I Encourage Anyone Listening This If They've Got This Desire Gospel Advance Shares Information about This Ministry and You Can Find That It Capital,.org, CAP I TOL and on the Left Side You See Gospel Advance and As You Walk through That You're Going to the Testimony of One of Our State Ministers about His Call. And of Course You Can Just Send Us in Foley and Kaplan,.org Would Love to Communicate with You. That's Excellent. So One Final Question I Have for You and You Imagines Earlier That You Are Excited.

So What Is It That You Are What Is It That You Are Most Excited about Right Now. Looking.

Looking Ahead, If You Could Just Pick One Thing That Just Really Got You Excited. I Believe This Time Later Served Three Years in the Kentucky State House Is a Democrat Legislator.

He Shared with Me Last Fall Something of Being Excited, but Also Many Sadly Said No Other Ministry Is Having the Impact on Legislators like Capital Commission Is in the Name of Jesus and and As I've Met with Others They Send Hey This Ministry Is Is Doing It Right. There's A Lot Of Ministries. A Committee Capital and They Have a Political Approach with Its Lobbying against Them. Don't Get Me Wrong, but but but This Is Desperately Needed Some Excited Because America Needs Christian Worldview American Indians.

The Gospel American Music Bible Are Our Leaders Are under Attack and Harass and so Were There Providing That Area Proclaiming the Gospel of Christ, and That Excites Me Because This Is a Mission Field. I Was Scanning a Bible Study out in the in the NC Capital A Few Years Ago I Gave You a Colonel's Tradition, but Let Me Give You a Fierce Illustration and in This Legislative Assistant Chased Me down the Hallway in Her High Heels Clicking on the Tile Floor and She Had the Bible Study Rolled up in Her Hand and She Shaking at Me and When I Turned I Saw an Image and I'm Thinking Controlled Business. This Is Right and and so She Said You Know This, and I Looked at Her Timidly Nice and It's a Bible Study, and She Does Know It's Not. It's Dynamite and She Said How Many People in Here.

Do You Think Go to Church and I Knew I Knew Was about 20 to 25% of the People That Are Legislators and Staff and She Said Not Very Many. Keep Doing This. Keep Doing This. We Counted Three Years Ago and in Weekend out, Clearly Written Expository Bible Studies Weekly during Session Monthly outside of Session in and We Had Distributed 100,000 Handwritten Expositional Bible Study. Why We Do Ask This Question so We Don't Say Okay Here's the Text and Applies That This Bill Right Right Hip You Will Let God Speak to Them and God Addresses Sanctity of Life God Addresses What Is the Purpose of Government. God Addresses Moral Issues and in You through the Bible You See That the Miles Written to Address Life Wrap so You Know, and so That's the Power of This Ministry. That's What Excites Me Because Were Coming in in No Matter Who Wins This Election. We Still Have a Great Minister Because the Leave the Whole Country Needs Jesus and That's Never Change. That's an Average Absolutely about Dr. Brad I Want to Thank You for Your Time and Truly 1Q Echo What That Woman Said. You Keep This up Because You're Right It Is a Is a Mission Field Right Here in Our Own Backyard and so I Think You and Your Team for All That You Do and A Lot to Be Praying for over You and for Your Team Survey. Listen Right Now.

Make Sure That We Are Praying for You Supporting It. And One More Time Tell People How They Can Get Connected with You with This. The Best Way, Cody capital,.org, CAP I TOL so that CAP I TOL COM short for capital commission.

Make sure it's capital of all that means that people capital not the geographic location right to capital, Don Margie excellent will thank you again for your time and for your ministry, and every listening mission that we are praying over you over our leaders, especially, even right now during this third very political season that went as well so God bless you, sir, and thank you for your ministry. Thank you for joining and listening to our program today and thinking across its fellowship and the Truth Network for making this show possible. You can find out more information about CrossFit scholarship concerts.

I like if this child has impacted you.

We'd love to hear from you. You can contact us at thank you to C3 Advantage for sponsoring this program. We look forward to having you join us on the next shall, your success as a leader hinges upon buying from your teams clear and consistent communication from you and strategic delegation. My name Cheryl Scanlon C3 Advantage helps you steward your most valuable resource. Well, improve retention grow employee engagement and generate higher team and individual ownership. The success of your organization begins with you and depends on your team as a leader and lecture organization further visit three

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