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32: Interview with Michelle Zechmann from Haven House

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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September 28, 2020 2:00 pm

32: Interview with Michelle Zechmann from Haven House

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Welcome to Crossroads connection is the show all about having conversations surrounding life history and culture on is a quick think you are friends of the Truth Network for airing this program and thank you for joining and listening us.

They were ever you joining from weather riding in the car you listening phone at home. I was glad you're taking time to join us today and I'm Tyler, I'm joined with Jamie as always Jamie, how are you I yeah I'm doing great and I'm glad to be here I'm sitting next to Andy as well. Our other cohost, how are you this is just mortal right now is the role of the like in half like mood and have thought so as you can so we like to be real well polished will have some fun on the tech has some authenticity of the people wanting to share is yes Tyler thank you so much and thank you Jamie, and of course, as we Artie said wherever you're listening from thank you so much for joining us today.

Hope you have a great Saturday and really truly hope that this will add a little bit of boost to your day. Not only will wardens talk about what I love is a will is good to try to draw something inspirational that were gleaning from Scripture as we are in this your transformation.

About halfway more than halfway through the year of information. By the way, were now in the New Testament come on somebody, so for those you couldn't come soon. Here's a question for both you what's what's one thing that you learned from reading to the Old Testament about God to something something to learn from God is and what you're thinking about.

Here's way reason I asked.

That's were finished we finished up the Old Testament now in the New Testament and you know a lot of people do little to long minutes long and got some harder books in there and it's not as quick paced as the New Testament, but it's got a lot of rich deep theology and doctrine in history, and it but what you think when you think about the God of the Old Testament knowledge read it through what question yeah I think often times eating with the Old Testament in kind you think about some of the maybe maybe some of the violence. Or, you know, the exile, and Yuki to think of you that the Old Testament is as an angry God, or something like that and I change a little bit and not you read through it and more detailed with us. Yeah so you don't see that you know God as getting dizzy or angry.

And I believe that it will side of and able to see more as were kind of seeing in the whole, especially the Old Testament writers while their mother writing in these times of pain and suffering is always this picture of a future hope you know it and kind of seeing that God's faithfulness is on the other side of the suffering, something that's been something I've been up to see her again my answers slightly similar. I immediately know this right. It was that reminder of the story and these Israelites who are so fickle and disobedient and they return from him and and he would sometimes allow them to face the consequences of that. Then he went drinking then dilemma them and restore them in back and forth and back and forth, which he a lot of that I was reading through during this time of quarantining and the struggles that were going to the nation and in just clinging to that concept of heat, but he always brought them back. He always gave me now sound yeah that's very true. My my my one-word response that is the word redemption.

Yeah, I think it's a story of redemption from the very beginning that you write both your actually right it's there's there's sin than this, consequences, and then is redemption and there's hope, and unfortunately their sin. Vendors three times and then there's hope and counselor. Then, of course. Again, there's this couple thousand year period of Old Testament history where it is a roller coaster of sin, consequences, redemption all the way up through the Old Testament, you know. Recently we just wrapped up the Old Testament and prior to wrapping it up.

We spent the time in Daniel chapter 6 with Daniel in the lion's den and one of the takeaways from that I think can also summarize the importance of what were doing together atoms, drop this as a question and not really discuss it for everybody because we are very special guests they would Haven house that I deftly want to get to that, in relation but just for a take away thought. Tickly thought is this is how are you living a biblically centered life in a modern-day Babylon so the Babylonians come in and they take into captivity.

A whole lot Israelites in the come in and Daniels, one of them. Daniel 16 years old, was taken away. In fact, most of the profits we read are ones that were taken away and so Daniel is there and Daniel has this massive ability to maintain integrity and maintain his spiritual growth maintain who he is in God even in a foreign land so got me thinking about that question. So for people to think about today and they will talk about again the future but just think about it for a moment. How are you able to live differently centered lives in a modern-day Babylon real quick. Daniel you had a powerful prayer life. You know that was a big piece of it is spiritual growth was important and one of the things I love about him that I hope we can all save ourselves is that Daniel had an impeccable attitude and he lived his life above reproach. They said that they could find no fault in him at all.

It awarded this way and the version that I like to read the SB they said that he had an excellent spirit, and I think that while what would happen if we lived life now with an excellent spirit, fasten inspirational. While we do have. Like you mentioned a wonderful interview with our guest Michelle Zachman from Haven house today so we want to get to that. Let's listen to a quick word from our sponsor and will jump into our interview with Michelle.

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Visit at sea number three all right and we are back from the break with our very special guest Michelle Zachman from Haven house. Michelle, thank you so much for joining us on the episode today absolutely no, I am very excited to know not only you but also more about Haven house one of the things we love to do on this program is to give partners, especially here in our own city opportunity to share the heart that you have for this ministry and this organization and then of course how people get involved with that support that Michelle wanted to self little about you and and maybe leave it up to you. How did you get involved with Haven house so working with her makes me all save.

You can go down that road that road and get scary.

Quickly start doing things but that's wonderful career. My Masters degree ministration which led me to services for 11 years and really place.

It was a combination of all the things my career and it was my dream job and I really just couldn't say no. You know what is wonderful. If I think back of all the people we been talking to over this some more than half your now on this episode on this program. What I love is. It seems like it always has a way to match people's gift sets with their passions and their career when it comes to that's the best with it happens that all these years prior set you up and lead you into the role now. So what is exactly your role in title at Haven house executive officer services and my role is managing the operations of the organization, but frankly I did easy work like working with the kids are doing the really hard work that we have a staff of about 60 employees that are working with some of our most marginalized wake County. So let's talk about Haven house. So for people who do not know what Haven houses. What is it with the mission and vision behind it and in the hubby behind right mission is to help you be safe, supported and successful and we really want. We just believe that all you need to have 60 Seo services we been around for 47 years. He started small as an organization that was. It was working with kids place to go really came in the community together and said we have these kids have nowhere else for them to go and so that sort of origin we have developed programming research is what works best for 11 different programs work with kids in multiple different ways but primarily are homeless you say we have the only shelter for kids 10 to 17 this part of the state and we have during this time of being closed is still serving can send staff that are doing great work as a place of safety for kids in our community. Staff do street outreach work that are working. Looking from the streets with program for kids that are homeless that are 18 to 24 there in the streets in need of their first place to live. Kids that are really at risk for criminal justice system all the way to consider deeply involved in the justice system that is our work in this population often cross groups is like I said earlier, most marginalized US with supportive services needs things that we can do to support while you know the hearts because you think of homelessness. Often times you will think about the kids or use you think of the adults that you might see around their city and and while just even just to hear you say homeless youth from ages would save tens of 17 notice to think about that for a moment. It's gotta there is the answer why this is so need an important dude and I will put you on the spot. If you have this, it's fine, but do you have any kind a number or statistic of how many homeless youth. There are just here in our city schools collect the big number and growing and growing significantly over the years since too many were right, whatever the number is what you heard. I heard two different age groups of just understand the program little more you imagine 10 to 24 so what is the full age range that you are working with is a 10 to 24 hours a 24 relation programs are for that are 18 to 24 start as early as six with the 11 programs you know I'm sure that you know a little about each of them in and what's going on which one which one of those 11 if I just if you pick one right now to just talk about a little bit more.

Which one of the 11 is cut on your heart. Even right now in the season that Warren pick your favorite child in this search hearing will be. There's this place where people are being story of our being seen as when you're 18 years old job and it's really hard right now right young person. These are the kids that were working with the kids that were were seeing on the streets. Kids that are trying to scoop up our servicers around help get them to a place where the souls walks around the street outreach that age that 18 to 24 age of what you just talking about so walk me through the high level of you identify. Here's a 18 to 24-year-old on the street walking through the steps that you will have in place to help them find a place where they can stay for them so kids are there cares services. We are going kids are. They know a lot about where kids hang out what is our goal is to engage the long-term interesting history is typically an article like immediately what is your emergency.

Here's a water bottle worries help make sure that giving them information that we talk tomorrow like were like let's figure out where we can talk tomorrow or next week wherever whenever you contact us anytime you have a crisis line. We are we are really trying to engage them for the long term and try to really get them engaged to help them, whether be our transition place program which is but we also partner with all the other stations in the community to help the shelter tonight or if it's something more long-term journey thickly takes a while to get fixed interest space to really get it and said there there really will go above and beyond that story behind this is a good time. You know when you work with last year with posted on Facebook something that made us think that he was hurt himself and said we are staff our staff know the kids letters that they were concerned in our staff then spent immediately. I got my car looking for and contact all the people that we all worked with went to the place where we would stay. We contacted his friends. We contact another provider saying she see that she call after a lot of looking and so we got one of our clinical staff to go out immediately and it was it was we were able to intervene and help make sure he was stabilized and then really get him to a place of safety and not necessarily the job of our staff what whatever it takes to make sure that our kids are safe and are feeling safe and are supported said that's just an example of like these are folks look for kids there for them if it's really an obscure need today, what are partners who has this lambert and make sure that you feel supported so incredible to hear. I imagine in your line of work, especially with the demographic there's pilot heart wrenching stories, and so when the when it actually works the way that you hope it works is the one that you hang onto a lot that's wonderful here so talk about the where Haven house is now and what are some of the things you're hopeful for as you move forward in the sum of the needs or some of the future endeavors that you're looking to hordes with Haven house a couple things I can place them in ways that things could support us that we are neighbor assess one of 200 organizations in the country for we are eligible for $25.40 organizations to get $25,000 to our website go to the support section there is anything website real quick for going for the role of C work work what really is no pullover first thing to go to heaven real Haven house and box for us now very easy way to help us work right now we are in the middle. There's probably never been a more important time to support. Actually, we are campaign to raise about $200,000 to what we need to work this year and said that's that's an important part of who we are seeking website as well. Great.

Otherwise, our organization is actually said it will building in the next few months so we will have needs to connect with groups, church synthetics like yours to help us with that process to be a big terribly far from your your orders where you were you moving to spring for a simple very good will be January beginning in February. As far as it affects one or snacks or that sort of thing you need for kids to fill out a volunteer for and coordinate that's an easy thing to talk to me about volunteering. So there's financial needs of the people can fulfill there's material and food and snacks.

What are a few ways that people could actually come help searcher you know you are doing with unique niche and some to be a very tough one.

Were a lot of training, and professionalism is going to it, but is there room for people to come and just serve somehow will be a few of those reduce a little bit right now is created shelter shelter like cooked meals like the freezer is always a landscaping landscaping need a lot of help with that.

Like Beeson, physical on-site kind of things we have a program called career options everything that we also keep a list in their career. So when we work with kids. These are justices that are what we know is helping kids envision their teacher really helpful way to think about, you know, if you want to create the technology feel a lot of kids don't know what that means right there. And so we keep a list of career willing to allow our kids to interview to talk to them about their career and their career and we let's connect you with seeking to understand what that world is like really helpful that was interested in the field and so we worked with restaurants, literally.

They spent three hours with just talking about what it meant to be met with him and you can shop you can help us. You can watch your looking for a job and talk to time where that's giving that resource is a really important thing this kid laughed like incredibly inspired another opportunity for Texas to say email attorney. Whatever I would like to be on your list of folks that you can recapture will that's in trouble. Michelle such a powerful powerful organization helping a very real need love which said earlier, you a lot of times your meeting the needs of the day in order to bridge a longer relationship and what a great model to be in that so firmly listening. Again, we should go to Haven house and lots of ways to get plugged in lots of ways of supported Michelle. Again, thank you for all your doing a thank you for your time today and thank you so much for the support absolutely.

Thank you for joining and listening to our program today and thank you to Crossroads Fellowship and the Truth Network for making Michelle possible.

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