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29: A Message of Hope

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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September 5, 2020 9:00 am

29: A Message of Hope

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Welcome to Crossroads connection is to show all about having conversation surrounding life, ministry and culture on is a quick think you are friends of the Truth Network for airing this program and thank you for listening today.

I am Tyler and I'm joined today by Jamie Jamie how are you doing it's good to see you and is always under by the one and only Andy, George, Andy, how are you I'm doing great, thank you for direction and welcomed everybody who are listening and tuning in right now from where your listening from here on the Saturday we are welcome you and it's always honor to have you join us on this program and so brother well how you doing I am doing really good. I was glad to be here with you guys do another episode of the show and were in the same room again. We are that that's a rare thing nowadays yeah it really is.

I got my mask right here.

We are ready to go and yet we want to bring you 27 minutes of pure ministry joy is the that's the goal. You know what I should like our tagline electives about life, ministry and culture that pretty well and I will talk a little bit about where we are. This is in September we made it September. This is the burn months but you never know burger.

I think winter is coming. Yes, I think that it is it is.

Although the beginning of September and Raleigh felt like July is really hot, but we are in the burn months which typically is fall right everything fall launching school football sports pumpkin spice know all end of August I saw pumpkin spice stuff already starting to come out of court yet it's too early. That's my and your listening in the car right now might not know this but my car still does not have any air-conditioning got it fixed and some driving in the summer months with my windows down and get it from moving. If I stop moving that it's bad news, but by member driving and I said I went through and got a coffee and I saw the pumpkin spice stuff. I'm just ripping and just melting in my car going too early to say that that's not a way, way too early, but what is it is fall time and that means for us as a church and many of the churches that are listening and in the area here.

That means that typically this would be our fall launched yesterday fall launching Sunday morning classes Wednesday night classes all want students different ministers men women ministry. All those things and now it is still fall launched but it looks just a tad different. Lastly, there is because we been in seven years of coronavirus feels like it does. II felt that the other day were I was like it's been seven months and I feel like it's taken seven years away from me but but it doesn't say here's the thing. It doesn't mean that life stops right now lately keeps going and stopped in the church is still going church is not canceled. It's not close but it still looks different still looks different. So I want to say this, that if you do not have a home church, and you want to get connected. This fall we actually have a pretty good lineup of programming ministries. You can go to that is and go ahead and visit that and you will see our lineup of things that we have we have something almost every day of the week. Virtual we accept virtual studies happening. We have live in person Sunday morning and online services as well but is just a little bit of a different time, but here's the thing. The vision God gave us as a church and what Jesus gave the disciples and us to do as the church is bigger than anyone building and that's bigger than anyone church your name in some way that we need like an amen. But now some good Christian knees buttons that you can push say to get some good things like that or the Seinfeld you just make the quartering to the board and you just go and make my bass guitar, but the vision that God has given believers is to go in the world and preach the gospel. That doesn't stop does not stop because it was having world around us and the stuffers is a church as well either.

So that was pretty good. Yeah. And speaking a lot really believers across this nation are watching their cities hurting right now and I was so grateful for your recent sermon he preached. It is called a lament for my city and course. It was just a happy timely because like I said, were seen.

Cities really hurting right now so will what would you like to share with us about recent sermon he preached. Yet it was a very timely one were preaching on the limitations you know lament is to mourn the weep and you have Jeremiah who is writing this book and he is he's known as the weeping prophet because he see in the city being torn apart.

I see the city being in captivity. The Babylonians come down. They do state is ravage the city and the take away captives as remnants of still remain, but still exist and and he see in this and he in the middle of five chapters of Lamentations right in the middle. In chapter 3 in the first two chapters are very much. You'll condemnation the judgment of God. The last two or, the future and income of the things are to happen, but in chapter 3, he's able to muster up a message of hope and I think that that really spoke to me and as were preaching to the Bible because you know you both know if you listen to this program since January 1 were going to the Bible together as a church and so we preach out of where we are and so were now into the major prophets as were preaching through them and I just want to stop for minute and and preach a message on the title lament for my city and really truly what spoke to me quickly was in Luke chapter 19 Luke chapter 19 Jesus is approaching the city and as Jesus approaches the city he comes up and says when he drawn when he drew near the since all the cities so that he wept over it, and you think about Jesus. Why would Jesus weep over the city and then he answers that he goes the it says saying the words that you even you had known on this day the things that make for you peace but now they are hidden from your eyes and Jesus is in the sense that if you, just knew who I was and what I was able to bring you and the peace I could've brought you and your families in your city, but it's hidden from you and Jesus still again, it doesn't didn't stop Jesus's mission didn't make him stop. It makes him go to the cross and and so III preach the message, two parts the first part was based out of action.

It's what can we actually do so. It's not enough just to say while the triangle is suffering. I will what were we can do tonight… Come and go out if we feel if we allow the Holy Spirit to break our heart for the city. We also knew that the Holy Spirit lead us in action. But then I started to think honestly what I was strengthening practical more than what we practically do what we practically do that can actually help and heal our city instead of possibly creating more damage to it, or more heartburn to it. And so what I did is I can break the message down the first piece is action. This is this is what we can do in the next part of the rent direction you listen to a clip of is going to be out of the message about what we can actually say what we can bring you the hope that we can bring cerebellar puzzlement here on this program for each of things that really go over, the five things we talked about.

And so if you listen right now if you're wondering what can I actually do that can actually help here are five simple steps that can help you. Love our city and and I hope that your heart is somewhat breaking for city that you feel that but here you're the first one is this is that we spend time with people we can't just hide in the little bubble we can just hide their homes.

I know right now right I am looking at Tyler, his face like that or go anywhere you love to go to Holland's are good.

Now I know were supposed to be the bubble so yes we are in certain bubbles and we are being careful but you people in your family and neighbors. You spew some.

You are so little work. Some schools are still open and if not the other ones could be opening soon there's neighbors with people's grocery store like were not totally totally isolated, but my thing is this how we going to reach people for our own people. And guess what you can do it virtually you know that that's been a huge thing for everybody. You will stay connected to people that have had like family reunions, virtually. There's been weddings and funerals are's church services. Virtually businesses are all most business are operating somehow virtually also does Nestlé mean you have to be in the same room with somebody but you gotta be an proximity test proximity when you're close to somebody you start to learn who they are right and that's the goal. This is the first and second one is the goal to listen in order to understand this is not happening very well now yeah yeah's revolutionary it's so simple, but people just don't do it yet, but the goal is to listen to understand because ostomy people that are listening just to speak, or the listening more.

More than likely there listening in order to yell yell out people yelling right now a lot of people yelling at each other and if it's not about coronavirus you little like 11 per example mass worker don't work LMP and sometimes just yelling at each other. Yet others yell across the thing is it as serious as we thought were not a series of 2000 all and it's amazing and we set as before. However, he becomes a scientist, a politician or theologian or theologian during this time and everything said there one of the other. And oh, if you haven't notice maybe try to forget it for 27 minutes, but hate to say that we are in an election season as well. So if you want you ready for some yelling and not listening. This is happening right now but what happened what would happen if we listen to people in order to understand and what that does. It does three things. It's a form of love. It's a form of care.

That's a form of respect so vital listen to you, not just the listen so that I can have my turn to speak but to listen to understand it doesn't mean that we have to agree right doesn't mean that we have to agree with whatever he standards me just say okay I guess that's the way it is. But you get a lot further when you actually love people care for people and respect people still spend time with people, listen the people. The third one is the pray for people.

Let's not forget the power and the importance of prayer that is so, and currently powerful that we are a praying people that we pray for people. We believe that God answers prayer that God that God moves in the prayer.

So what would happen right now. If wherever you are. Listen to this. If that person that is in your mind right now. Right everybody has some inner life right now that God has put there for right reason and a purpose, and maybe you don't like that person. Maybe they're hard. Maybe they're gonna like an unlovable unlikable person in your opinion, but what would happen if you just started, pray for them. You know and maybe that somebody is in your house. Maybe you're struggling with your marriage or your kids. But what would happen if we just commit to pray. Now watch how this works right. We spent time with people because he spent time with them were listening to them because were listening to them now actually know how to pray for them and how wonderful is the pray specific prayers over what they're actually going through and the fourth one is this. It's the find a way to serve somebody. I think this is true. If you want to be more like Jesus. Serve plain and simple came to serve not be served. So who want to reflect Jesus to the world around us that we gotta serve there's no way around that. But we don't talk about that person that got possibly put your life so listen to them on praying for them. I'm talking them I'm spend time with them now.

Now I'm serving them in an area that I know they have a need in the fifth and final one which is my hope and desire for all of us is that we will eventually get to the point we can share our story with them you to share your testimony share who Jesus is in your life. So to me that is what we can actually do. If we if we truly are lamenting for our city and weeping over our city that a set of fighting a study yelling instead of doing things that are sinful in nature just won't happen. We do these things, people listen to them understand your personally pray for them, serve them and then share your story with them. I think if we do that II think that we be amazed at what God would do is so awesome that the conversation that we also have that incredible sermon that we were talking about earlier to get team. I really want to quit for our listeners. So let's hear a quick word from our sponsor and then let's hear more about this message that we were talking about taking the message of hope to our city. Perhaps you've asked yourself this question. Are you running the business or the business running you. How might your teams grow. If your teams are driving the business forward. Instead of you. You are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunity.

It takes courage to learn how to create a culture where your people are truly empowered on their seats, mining, Cheryl Scanlon, business and executive coach working together will go straight to your court challenges to sort through competing demands and realigned to your highest priorities for measurable results visiting three at sea number three to review limitations. Three. Five messages of hope starting verse 22. This is the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases again he's writing this as you see in his city resorted to rubble and fire and death and loss in the middle of the CSA in the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning great is your faithfulness. The Lord is my portion, says my soul there it is again my soul therefore I will hope in him. The Lord is good to those who wait form to the soul who seeks him.

It is good that one should wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord, the hope of my city sitting right here in this room, the hope of my city is this room becoming mobilized to bring five incredible message of hope as we in Raleigh watch our city struggle as we here in this city watch other cities in other places struggle. Here's the message of hope and would be for you this morning. Personally, in its early for the world around us.

The first one is this that you and I can hope in the steadfast love of the Lord because it never ends. I think often times as believers we hear things like that and we can't just move on quickly but you let that sink in for a moment what I just said that the first message of hope is the hope that God has a consistent constant flow of love for you that never ends. It doesn't matter what you do. It doesn't matter how evil you may be how much sin you've acquired in your life. The love that God has for you displayed in Jesus. It never ends.

It is Constance. What would happen if we took that message to a world that's hurting around us would have really took that message to somebody that does not feel loved. Right now will happily take that message to a worker to a neighbor that struggling wonder if anybody even knows that they're here and we can we get the opportunity and the privilege to bring a message that says there is a God who has an endless supply of love for you that never ends. The second message of hope that we see this when I I love this one says that there's hope that his mercies never end and not only do his mercies never. And here's the good news for me and for you is that their new every morning that God when I got up today that his mercy, his ability to give me something that I do not deserve was new today and it's going to be new tomorrow and the rest of the days of my life again. I just think of how much good news that is that it doesn't matter how much sin I've done in my past that doesn't matter how much sin I'm doing right now that if I can turn to the hope that is God, that his mercy is new today that God never looks at us and says I'm sorry you've got to hit your limit, etc. conversation this past week was somebody and I member saying this I can over the whole conversation, but I just remember all loud, say just something hit me. I'm so grateful of how patient God is that bills grateful for how patients God is with you and all your mess and all your stuff.

I'm so grateful that he so patient with me so grateful that his mercies are new. That's for me as a believer again. Can you imagine what that would do to somebody more than half of our city that did not have relationship with Jesus over 700,000 people in our city that don't know Jesus. Maybe the way you can imagine what happens when when they hear me for the first time that there is this God that Melanie loves them. But this is God is offering them hope and mercy. The third hope is this Jeremiah's is writing he says that his hope is in God's faithfulness. Jeremiah wrote this very carefully and wasn't in Jeremiah's faithfulness that wasn't in the world's faithfulness. His hope was found in the great is your faithfulness of God to here's the hope in that that even when I'm not faithful God always is faithful even when I'm struggling with my next step of faith. God is always faithful to his word.

God is always faithful to his promises. All these promises and all this word that is right here in the Scripture force.

He is faithful to all of it and he's just asking us to trust, hope, and it was reasonable for I want to come explain the fourth one carefully hope is found in more than just hope I'm explain. Often times we cannot just hope, in hope, I hope that God shows up or I hope that God is who he says is I hope it's gonna work out for the good, but instead, Jeremiah puts a qualifier on that. Our hope is found in him.

My hope in your hope is found more in just chance or luck or hope.

But the hope that we have is found, the person of Jesus.

That is our hope. My hope in your hope is not in a political party that's not your hope it's not the hope of all mankind does not rest on one election or one person the hope of all mankind is found in the person of Jesus against whites, kind, important that we get the message right the right message to the people around us that the hope that you and I have it's got a five, Jesus was the fifth, hope, and that's this the hope of our very soul and it's the hope of salvation, the hope, the message of hope that you and I need to bring to the world around us.

Since the hope of salvation. He says that a soul level that our soul seeks after everybody that's been born has a soul that's going to spend eternity somewhere. Everybody brings us back to the beginning when you think about that reality that everybody that you lock eyes with on this side of eternity.

Every single one of them, including when you look at yourself in the mirror.

There is a soul inside of that person that's going to spend eternity in heaven or in hell. There is no third option.

There is no waiting game. You don't just go to sleep for eternity. There is a real heaven and a real hell in the hope to get Sue eternity with Jesus cannot be found in anything other than the hope of the salvation that he gives to us. So as we look at our hearts break for the city and I hope that it does. As we look at that we take the simple axis of justly be around people just to get to the point, to share our story message. Though the message in the middle of our own city in our own town, struggling and hurting the message of hope is all to be found in the person's without love you to close your eyes and bow your heads here in this room is what mind knows you watching online, I wanted to send this morning with that hope. I certainly don't know everybody in this room and I deftly don't know everybody watching online, and I don't know where or in who you put your hope in Ellen over me this morning if you came in here and your life is a mess and you're hurting and you're worried and you're wondering how just point you hope in the hope that God's faithfulness in the hope and the son Jesus and hope and eternity.

Scripture says it this way, that if we believe that if we believe that in our heart and confess that that the hope and the truth is that Jesus saves us listen church, your souls, go spend eternity somewhere the soul of 1.4 million people in the Raleigh Metro area there souls are to spend eternity somewhere. Do you know where your souls turn and if you do then is up to us to take that message to the world around us, to give them hope. If you don't know this morning if you don't know Jesus.

Let me give you that.

Hope, say a prayer this morning, I invite you view don't know Jesus in your life. Or maybe you think you did a long time ago want to invite you back to that on invite you to pray this prayer with me and you can use your own words and if you don't know what to say. You can certainly echo what I'm about to pray. My hope and desires us now that you leave your with your head down feeling shame or guilt that you leave for this morning believing that great God great is your faithfulness in the hope of salvation through watching online, invite you to pray this as well. Jesus, I thank you for hope this, I thank you that despite what I've made of my life to this point that there is hope that my life I've been made my soul for eternity.

And right now she is someone I give my life to you that I want to invite that hope and I want to accept and receive that mercy and that grace and that hope of salvation of my life right now.

Jesus, thank you for going to the cross for me. Thank you for even given me hope in knowing who I am the Lord today become my Savior, my life.

Forgive me my sins, and Lord I pray that with the rest of my days for you. Thank you for it. In Jesus name, amen. Ellison as we begin to close this morning.

Obviously we do things look different now that we used to because it's the nature what's going on and all you watching online as well.

My desires. A pastor is to make sure that we help you with whatever next step you need in your life if you made a decision today to accept that hope in your life for the first time, or if you're wondering what your next step might be. It's real simple. We made a real simple for you to let us know that is simply this is a text that you can do real easy if you just text CRF next to the number 94090 you get a quick prompt with some next steps will I would love to supper with you if you this morning receive that hope of salvation. I want to know about it. Watching online, it's great for you to do and you can do that here in this room as well so that, would you mind all stand at your feet this morning. I have so enjoy. This is, just a car just blesses my pastor's heart, since all this happened about how we been in this pandemic. Seven years now so it's been seven years for sensing 067 months of feels like it's been years, but here we are, since this all happened. The Lord is, lettuces number six it's the pastoral blessing key for joining and listening to our program today and thank you to Crossroads Fellowship and the Truth Network for making this show possible. You can find out more information about CrossFit scholarship Crossroads not if the child has impacted you. We'd love to hear from you. You can contact us at

Thank you to C3 Advantage for sponsoring this program. We look forward to having you join us on the next shall, your success as a leader hinges upon buying from your teams clear and consistent communication from you and strategic delegation.

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