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28: Interview with Nancy Nguyen Liles: Author, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, and Multiple Pageant Winner

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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August 27, 2020 4:00 pm

28: Interview with Nancy Nguyen Liles: Author, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, and Multiple Pageant Winner

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Welcome to Crossroads connection.

This is a show all about having conversation surrounding life ministries and culture on is a quick think you are friends of the Truth Network for airing this program and thank you for joining us and listening. Today I am Tyler, I'm joined by Andy, George, Andy, go ahead and tell listeners about our show today absolutely think so solid once again thank you to everybody who are listening right now on the Truth Network.

I am going to tell you something and tell you arty know this to be true this conversation that we had today with Nancy Liles is absolutely amazing.

It is fun hundred percent.

It is is is a fury of excitement and joy to talk to Nancy even really is an and you understand why just a minute Ami Nancy is a beauty pageant winner, both local and national, and national.

She is an author.

She is a podcast or she is a mom she's a business owner, first generation American generation American. Absolutely it is fascinating and above all things. Love Jesus so much and she is actually contagious so were asked to get a jump into the interview right now because this is a great time talking to her will I give as much time as possible.

So right now were going to go have a quick word from our sponsor and there were to jump into our interview with Nancy Liles asked yourself this question. Are you running the business or is the business running.

You might your teams grow. If your teams are driving the business forward.

Instead of you.

You are sitting on a wealth of untapped opportunity.

It takes courage to learn how to create a culture where your people are truly empowered on their seats, mining, Cheryl Scanlon, business and executive coach working together will go straight to your court challenges to sort through competing demands and realigned to your highest priorities for measurable results. Visit at sea number three

All right we are back from the break with a very very special guess that I am so excited to talk to you today Nancy allows you are here and were in the same room as I feel good post quarantine and yes this is great. We're talking this is Tyler's first time back like in the actual Neo in all six months is a long time.

Yeah, it feels good to be back. It is become aware that when you when you're back in with actual people and you're like, it's kind of weird yet amazing how quickly forget about you both. But I guess he things on TV about sporting events in the stadiums filled restaurants are filled like that happen during those going on.

It was not long ago but anyways Nancy, thank you for coming.

Then I want to talk you for a long time. Honestly, you're part of a church or crosses fellowship of more than that. There's just something about this is it's it's contagious. It's awesome and your cell leader, your mom, your wife, your beauty pageant winner you're an author, business owner, a pastor like a pastor when you got it. I would get Sam a husband and father you you you lady yeah you thinking Tyler thank you, but we're in the middle of sodium from royalty love. I love you so Nancy, you are not from the United States and swatches tells little bit about how you came here first.

It's a the little I know.

Listen those either listening today this is this is facets, it really is. So where you are listening from you and enjoy the so Nancy, what, where you're from and and how did you get here to the United States a summer that I think you sound that you have any lasting Tyler left yeah my dad was in more and when ending. He sat in their people cc stories in history about people escaping by Bell. My parents were those people got an 9 foot window while 40+ refugees, and they just that we got a cow. While labor dizygotic out yeah they floated five days in the ocean.

Oh my goodness. Not sure which direction diesel mechanic by trade. Therefore, they help have boats and the Philippines while the airline inherent correctly is the US.

They are also Danny helped her about my mom and me in the Philippines. Okay, I'm not sure where my birth certificate moron and Philippines looking up a technology center.

Now I was born there and learn all that I can well St. Raphael church appeared in Paul's new sponsors to America are you kidding me while I'm still very close to that her son actually did my writing for the part that her father part and they are still here family-style here. That led me.

My parents have a six weeks old arty airport came here with my little red suitcase. We still have it and I remember them telling me they gave my parents a box of uncle Ben's rice 90 means making in this box will coming to America story.

We grew up here and we slept on floors before I could even get a career and living in this park on Burbach here near changing me because I drive by still remember my bike trail place. I fouled the pool really good memories of growing up in the trailer park in Buffalo relative to well what what a fascinating Vietnamese then flee basically to the Philippines and don't run away and up here in the United States at six weeks old, said six weeks old so you basically grew up here in the Raleigh area switch schools you did you go to Raleigh. As you can get a good night elementary through elementary carnage. Not all diversity Carolinas you can get. Then we went to the same three schools are the same buses and I never knew well. So, how did you actually meet your husband. Then in so you probably knew of him or something.

The word, what did you guys meet officially fish limited stock really okay dear one day I'd already gone to Chicago did grad school and came back to me. He said, scratching my head thinking. Not quite sure launched his business and I'm not sure we have time even talk that somehow I caught my eye and we had one date to Cosco my glasses on our first date. Yes, I can see when I get up to one Cosco and I was that month. They were married years later in two babies later.

What a great great great day Cosco so I get my closet so tell me Nancy how does how does a girl from overseas come here with very humble beginnings and up in beauty pageants and high school. My mom went to Vietnam to visit indigo often think about my family and my mom is away modeling school. Mind you, here's a girl with very crooked teeth unibrow acne face walked to the hunchback and he modeling school and me.

Sure, the Monza waste and negotiate when you called me. She came back she said are you guys doing modeling school is great because Emily perfect 95 pound cadre and modeling is not going to be my client probably at that time the land is most interested in my speaking skills and walking straight.

I was like in the hunchback I didn't have the confidence to stand straight up and after year modeling school in India model tends into my first pageant in the junior team Raleigh kidding I won this overall photogenic picture from carnage. Okay, let's go to Florida for my first national junior team pageant.

All this means that this is so much fun and meet friends for life, and I realize that pedantry is all about service you going to pageants because you have something that means something to you and it's usually something philanthropic and you get to bring it to the charges and if you really brings a lot of light to your project, the heart of pageantry service. That's fantastic and so how many pages have you one. I don't now I would say that I won congeniality six times on the floor. Really, the love and oneness corporate America. Okay, let's talk about that as you read a book okay this corporate America like that. It was during my rain I never use that you know that what I was writing through my array is so normal.

Normal world what what with your minions kingdom go in your is awesome. So 2011.

This corporate is this corporate America right you want to hold the whole Homer you you ruled the country in 2011 for this. That's pretty, that's what she is and there's different businesses they made to Josh Carolina pageant will figure pageant is rodeo. There's all kind. So right before this corporate America. I actually was hit by a car outside my store and had a broken collarbone. Well weeks praying thing really hurts.

I don't know what you pay attention to by thinking about this had a broken collarbone. I can't do pageant and that time in your stealing a bone you hear God like regular please let the market so he let pageant had so much fun. I represented North Carolina and as Ms. corporate America.

I was able to travel and speak and be a conference that my mission in life is to really promote entrepreneurship at Lovett business.

So that's I saw a picture of you with the White Sox maybe come on you like to buy the coolest person I know. I can imagine for for 10 Nancy talking NBA players, how amazing is that not sure though if you know that not texting was really neat because I found that internship and Craigslist, of all places line and encrypted wowing intern with the White Sox Illinois support service for the White Sox door. When I throw the ball players cannot office is right beside it. Dream job for two seasons I was a girl that passed the pay check out all the food and beverage vendors in these opened up because of the interest of right so you're you're doing this in these doors open up for you to do this on so tell talk about your book so I have in front of you here.

The title is the networking diary. So tell me about that long NBA school I started as a vice president at the Indian Association and I was getting a major leadership and change her these questions how do you network know does not meet the Google that says she can't make eye contact.

There's more to that site that book 7 had like a highly effective and Anne Frank diary okay so in this in mind that much. Did Allah thinking outside the networking diary principles real life stories and it's on Amazon. It cannot 2011.

It while it's pretty fascinating and so it's it's hard to keep up with you in a good way you did good on so many just drop them in there like the silly things on talking about like it's pretty festering so you have a you have a leadership MBA is a registered as well as a graduate from NC State/wait a second, fastest-growing Spanish speaking county United States and it's a nice beautiful language of your major was Spanish. Yes – if you get a chance even learn a little bit got it you are going to find a lot love it that because some lady rottenness PD piñata to our elementary school girl never seen piñata and when Kenny came out. I said whatever culture I'm majoring in and it's been so helpful to connect to different communities in different languages and asked me to bring a lot of unity in this world when you try to pick up language so that that's pretty amazing and so so following timelines of 2011 Ms. corporate America to get married up. What about 2 to 3 years after the 14 get married and know you also have a local business, your souls put a little plug in for that, since most people are listening here in the Triangle area to talk about your your business. You have here is my parents American dream. She dealt the ground up hurricane Fran came through 96 okay mileage that corner 6 Barclay Forest Rd. I tell locally as we are sitting on top of old Kmart facing the former debts were rats that were sweet tea, just a T sometime and my vision is southern player family here, place but our mission statement is sharing God's love their service and beauty facet retail.

When you walking you're gonna get of loving you that we try to fill it with praise Muzak and locking ship.

I love it.

We see each other more than sometimes we see our families to get loving and positive and make people feel beautiful young time absolutely. How you been doing that I licensed my license got so many years while I paid my MBA and undergrad doing here. You just can't get away from being behind a chair. I just love people serving when you're in a service industry, you get to bring a whole lot you can tell me was just talking to you and you know people can't see you.

I'm sure they can actually feel connected build a personality they feel are coming through.

And so, sowere little bit so recently recently 2020 2020.

You have one yet another pageants will talk about that. Congratulations by the way I was watching it through social and like I know she was like, I can see that only Bill about it, This Universe When with Her Answer about Leadership.

I Love the Topic of Leadership in Europe. Lovett and John Maxwell Said You Never Lock into Organization Here – We Have a Shortage of Leaders That's Right You Get to Be in a Leadership Position A.K.A. Meaning, You Get to Be a Super Service Position Cracked up Your Leader and Is Looking for Mrs. Pageant Nodded and Married for about Six Years Okay Okay so Mrs. Pageant and I Never Thought I Would People That Don't Know Pageantry like to See Tyler Here yet Just Assume so. Mrs. like Miss America. This Is Just a Okay Forgive Me for the for the Simple Questions Those Are All Singles Miss America Red Nonmarried and Then There's a Whole Another Category for Mrs. Married Pageants Okay so You Are Pursuing That the Piece of Mrs. America to America and Mrs. Areas.

Single, Married, Got an Okay Version, and That Means That We Are All Five, Six, and under Okay in Your 410 Yes 410 Four You Feel like You're 65 When You Go like That. Yeah, White Sox Player, You, Your Personality, Which Is Also A Lot Of Anger Representing Carolina and They Selected Me so When You Going to Patty What Is My Pot Knows That a Miss or Mrs. Category All It's All Your Money Okay so It Is a Rain Same Exact Okay so Your Timing Right Right so When You're Going Feeling I Okay I Want to Represent My State or My Title and This Is My Pot and Mine Is Entrepreneurship Connecting the Content Right Partnered with That Brian Hamilton Foundation per Melt Inmates to Entrepreneurs and to Provide People Information That Eight Week Free Entrepreneur Course Online. Wonderful. Nothing Yeah You Nothing and Still Having Education Back Finish at Six Grade and I Was Hardly Time to Stand by Entrepreneurship. He's a Diesel Mechanic by Trade, Hairstyles, Nitrates, Heart and Hearing My Job Hope Open Entrepreneurship so I'm Trying with My Rank the Top Eight Week Free Entrepreneur Course to At Least Look at and See If They Had a Catholic Can Bring into the World of Entrepreneurship and so a New One.

Yes North Carolina Where We Were Waiting to Compete and Chicago.

Okay, We Were Going to Compete This Year Mimes out, and Time.

We Have All Got Together Online and Are Passionately Happy Team Kniskern Is in the Message Okay Simon That for A Lot Of These Young Ladies Are Competing to Be Their Mother. Everybody and so How How Does That Work. So Did You Have a Your Term Right Is of the Year in Year One Year Now Longer Rain for One Year and in the Meantime I Lunch the Podcast Showed Business and Beauty You Doing That's a Fairly New Right Always You 10 Years. Yeah Those Are the Best Thing You Are Thinking about for so Long and When the Time Is Right, so Here Is a Thing You Know II View What's Happening Right Now and I Love This Terminology Is Not My Borrowed from Somebody That This Is It's Not an Interruption. It's a Disruption Right so What Were Face Right Now Was Coated in All Our Lives Is Not like We Just Push Pause and Then in October to Hit on Pause and Everything Back to Normal Right. Everything's Been Disrupted, so Now's the Time for This. I Love Your Heart for Now's the Time for People to Think Why What's What's Next What's Been with Birth and Sodomy for Years As an Offer nor Hidden, or a Thought That I Haven't Done yet.

What a Time to Do That. So You Been on Your Mind for 10 Years and in Here No Right so This First Season. I'm Bringing on Clean for Business Owners and Believers Cyclonic Triple Being Our Love and Beauty Queens, Business Owners, Believers Have Because What Theology We All Work for the Kingdom of the Kingdom Mentality and Show You Here My Recorded Guy. He Was like Yours. Actually He Goes.

Now Go Change Be the Light Way Better Than I Say It Again. I Have Written Front about Only so It Also Is No Go.

Be the Change You the Light. That's How You and Every Podcast Ivory Pilot. That's Great. And so You Interview You Deposit Beauty Pageant Only Winners I Know You so Beauty Pageant Winners and Also Business Owners and the Believer and Then You Interview Them and Talk about What You Learned about so This Whole Journey Right.

The Soldier We Could Talk You for Hours of Work. Look at the Time Were Almost All the Time, Which Is Also What Have You Learned What Is Got Not Not Regularly Ask Better What Was Got Showed You What Got Teaching Right Now and All This Just Fine.

Your Inner See Somebody Saying When You Said I Think Your Musician Right.

Yes, I Only on Sunday.

Lately Is Baby Shark Is the Meeting That Said That They Figured out World Is Falling Apart.

It's like with Sharks like the Baby Shark Saw His Unleased like the Wrath of a Rat on the Leg Is Pretty True.

You're Living a Baby Shark Will Shock You Realize Okay Okay so What Is Inner-City Thought That I Heard That When You Said You Have To Find See Middle See Your Inner See You See That He Is Christ's Teeny Accent Very Hard Thing to Stay on Time.

So What I Do Mornings As My Wings Are Great to Get an Clone Possible by the Way, Because Your Husband's a Firefighter. Thank You and with You First Respond Right Now If Ollie's Home. So You Have To Figure out Okay.

You Can't Rely Your Inner See so Close on Right by Praising Using a Recently Truth Network in Listening to Dr. Mike We Tried and I Really Shaken, Not Because As a Leading Organization. You've Got to Find Interesting Stay There. So Nancy, We Are Just about a Time You Got Such a Heart for People's Ways for People to Get a Hold of You If It Is One up You to Learn More or Obscure Booking Your Podcast but Jim up a Place or Destination Is Get a Hold of You Have Questions about Leadership Ownership or Pageantry or Books or Your Rain on the Earth, so Is Her Way the People You Hold You Just Googling Nancy. I Only Ask Instagram Don't Lock It Sweetie. So, Instagram, Sweetie.

Nancy Is Google Nancy Nancy When It like You. Seriously, Thank You so Much for Already Got My Head for Chuck to Get Towards This with the Judge on the Actual Thing There like Last Year in the Life and Covert Head, but We Got Talk Off-Line about Can You Give You Your Leadership Skills Going for the Kingdom Here and I Want to Have You on Our Leadership AS Well, but You're Such a Joy to Talk to Think of What You Do Think for Your Heart above All Things, As They Grew Hard for God and and How Your Allowing Them to Use You to Reach People Reaching the Reach of People That I Lose All You Can Tell This or Not Bob Not Been a Key for Joining and Listening to Our Program Today and Thank You to Crossroads Fellowship Truth Network for Making This Show Possible. You Can Find out More Information about Crossroads

If this show has impacted you.

We'd love to hear from you. You can contact us at Thank you to C3 Advantage sponsoring this program. We look forward to having you join us on the next shell, your success as a leader hinges upon buying from your teams clear and consistent communication from you and strategic delegation. My name Cheryl Scanlon C3 Advantage helps you steward your most valuable resource. Well, improve retention grow employee engagement and generate higher team and individual ownership. The success of your organization begins with you depends on your team go deeper as a leader and watch organization further visit

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